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Mitsubishi, great starter car, excellent performance

My biggest problem with my car has been the tores, nails in them, tire pressure issues, but that more of a tire thing. Otherwise I love my car, breaks a the beast in all the cars I have used. Quick and right there and reliable, light touch and they are there or in emergencies the stop on a dime. Love the Ac, and living in Arizona it's really needed, quick to cool and stays cold for the whole right be it a 20 minutes or a two hour drive the Ac is perfect. I love the size o travel with my big dogs and the all fit and move as needed. I can put a lot of things in the car as need for a dad or for trip. I have packed it full for a day trip for dog sports, fishing events or weekend trips and I always have room to spare. Seats are comfortable but stain easy being a light gray color, I have space for 5 in the car sit comfortable for long drives. Great cars to help teach driving, parking and in general driving safety. The radio and speakers are great can be quiet load being only on a level 15. Overall my favorite car and most like the brand k will stick too in the future.

- Jacqueline L

Reliability is the most important thing others should know about my car. It runs in the hot midwest summers and the cold midwest winters.

This is my second Mitsubishi Endeavor. The car has proven very reliable to the very end. I drove my first one to almost 300,000 and plan to do the same with this vehicle. Very little maintenance outside the regular oil changes and tune-ups. The performance is outstanding and the SUV is very comfortable for all who drive it. I would purchase another one if they were still made.

- Fran I

Easy to drive but a few problems with repairs.

I really like driving this car. It is big but not bulky so it is easy to control. The extra space is very convenient. The stereo works well and there are seat warmers which is nice. I have had a lot of problems with the wheel bearings, though. I have replaced two of them twice. However, I did buy the car used so that may have contributed. Overall the car is very reliable.

- A F

Reliable vehicle, easy to operate

This car has been in my family for many years, it was passed on to me when I got my license. It's reliable and I feel safe in it. I have over 218,000 miles logged and it still rides like a dream. The only issue is that after several years, the wires in the driver side door have needed replaced and the cooling system needed fixed.

- Noelle S

Great car but may have issues later

I love the size of this vehicle, and it is a very comfortable. Love the room in the back seats, especially the leg room. The only thing is that it starts shaking past 70 mph and it feels off a little. The air conditioning started not working here as of late, so I have to leave it on when turning off the car.

- Michelle S

Spacious and dependable vehicle ever.

My 2010 Mitsubishi endeavor is the perfect family vehicle. Very spacious and dependable, I really do not have any problems with this vehicle being it is a used vehicle. Last owner kept up with engine and oil. Tires and inside and out vehicle. So as doing the same. My endeavor runs and looks great.

- Brittany F

Endeavor is a good buy for the money.

The vehicle is very reliable. Performance is good. Gas mileage is low and a lot of noise when driving. Maintenance cost is low. The comfort is modern. Good buy for the price range. Style is moderate. I would buy again but the previous version, montero sport, was much better made and better buy.

- Anthony C

It handles well. It isn't terrible on gas mileage. It rides comfortably.

I love the way it drives and the way it rides! I dislike that pulling the latch to unlock the door only works for the driver's door. I dislike the pressure sensors on the tires. It has a CHEAP paint job that started peeling almost immediately! There are also other quirks.

- Doug C

It's a great and reliable SUV.

This is my second Endeavor and I like it because it's low maintenance. It is a reliable vehicle. I like having an SUV for travel and safety. The only dislike is the gas mileage.

- Jennifer N

Heated leather seats, back up camera.

My car has no problems. It is a great car that drives really smooth. It has a backup camera and satellite radio. It has leather seat and they are heated.

- Michon C

this vehicle is the best!!!

I really love my Mitsubishi, this car gets up and goes and is perfect size for the family. I have had no issues on the vehicle and I have over 123,00000


Keeps running with low maintenance. The catalyst converter cover comes loose.

Con = It is rusting out. The AC compressor keeps failing. Pro = It gets good gas mileage for a vehicle its size. It is very dependable

- Rick I

It is dependable and low maintenance

I bought it used several years ago and haven't had any problems with it at all requiring a maintenance shop.

- Karen P

It's great for long road trips, you should keep good oil and gas in it to keep it on the road.

My car is awesome. It runs perfectly all these years later.

- Laura W