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Our amazing 2000 Mitsubishi Galant.

I have no problems with our vehicle. Never has had leaks or any issues with it. We've owned our car for over 2 years. I will always highly recommend Mitsubishi cars as they're great cars that'll last a long time if they're taken care of. Our car is a simple vehicle but definitely is very reliable!

- Katie L

2000 Galant worth every penny I have put into this car!

I bought the 2000 galant in 2005 used condition. During the last 15 years of ownership the car has only needed standard maintenance and the vehicle has been my primary daily commuter. Worth more than blue book value in my opinion. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in buying a used car!

- Monica L

Good, reliable car to get around in.

Driver’s window falls down, it came off track. Heating and cooling works great, but only blows towards the front passengers. Very reliable vehicle, even drives good in the winter. Does not slide around or spinning tires. It has a little sunroof, which is perfect for summertime.

- Jayden C

The ups and downs of my Mitsubishi Galant.

My Mitsubishi handles well with speed and curves, but has electrical issues, dash crack due to weakness in material and catalytic converter problems. It has also developed a leak due to structure weakness on roof/door contact. It has also developed rust on back of trunk.

- Kim W

Great gas mileage, low cost repairs.

It very easy to drive, good on gas and on parking, economical to run, cost very little for repairs, great gas mileage. The body is just starting to rust will probably need a paint job. Doesn't'. T have to many miles. Very nice looking car, originally bought brand new.

- Eileen P

Old but reliable. It takes me where I need to go. Could use some work.

It needs new brakes and a manifold replacement as well. It does tell me when I need gas, it is always mark empty. The interior is clean but could use some TLC. It drives well for a $600 car. It makes weird noises every once in a while but it still runs.

- Chris D

Mitsubishi Galant: all the reasons not to buy.

I have has one issue after another with this car including the fuel injection system, the air conditioner, the electrical system and also the stereo and battery. I also believe the transmission is on its last leg as it jerks around 65mph.

- Brittany L

It's fun and smooth riding. It is good on gas.

I like how comfortable i am sitting behind the wheel. I love my sunroof and how sporty the car feels. I do not particularly like how hard it is getting out of the vehicle because the car sits so low.

- Lisa G

My Mitsubishi galant is great on gas.

My Mitsubishi galant that I drive gets me anywhere I need to be but. I have 3 kids in car seats an it is way too small and not enough room for us.

- Donna D

It's old, but it's stable and reliable. Not many cars can boast that feat.

While it's old, it has lasted for a while. It's still going strong after 18 years (and some maintenance). It's no frills, but it's reliable.

- Ernesto C

It is easy to keep clean!

I feel like I have already done this survey but anyways I love my car its good on gas it is pretty an it dang safe keeps me from walking.

- Megan R

It doesn't break down and drives well.

Rides well and doesn't break down. It doesn't break down a all. Very reliable car and has been passed down from a couple of people.

- Edward S

It is good on gas mileage --that is my most important thing

I like that it is good on gas mileage. I don't like that it is small and could be disastrous in case of an accident

- Adonica B

Reliable though it is old.

Never breaks down, only a few problem over the years. Would like a larger car that handles a little better control.

- Curtis M

My vehicle can use more updates

The acceleration of the car is a little to slow for my liking I wish the radio bass was a little bit more louder

- Niecka P

It is 18 years old, but it has VERY low mileage. Good gas mileage.

I love the look. Pretty good gas mileage. Old but stylish.

- Sonya B

I love my car it is perfect for me and my family. I have no problems with it. Very reliable and comfortable

It is a very good car gets great gas mileage and stylish

- Yolanda T