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The most reliable vehicle we have purchased.

This car is old, has over 200,000 miles on it. We have replaced the starter and the ignition went out recently. That is all the maintenance we have done. The car runs great. It does not look too good anymore but the engine is still in excellent condition. This car has outlasted every other car we have had, even a brand new Kia. My husband drives the car everyday and other than the basic starter or ignition problem, is very reliable. I would definitely purchase another Mitsubishi in the future. I cannot believe how this car has ran and how low maintenance it is. Definitely the best beater we have ever purchased.

- Sarah M

Best galant in my life. Love it.

I have had hardly any issues with my galant. Other than basic maintenance, I had to replace my alternator. It is very comfortable to drive and performs like a dream. Would definitely recommend purchasing one. I know I will be looking into upgrading to a new model when the time comes for me to trade my current vehicle in.

- Tara R

I bought car used 6 years ago for 3 thousand and still runs fine.

Slight oil leak is about the only problem I have had with car in the six years I have owned car, other than that I have taken very good care of my car. It rides nice and everything still works good on car and I would recommend this type vehicle to anyone interested in buying a car.

- Stephen L

An amazing family car for an amazing family.

Very reliable and comfortable. Has Bluetooth radio installed. Transmission and engine are good. Has great pick up speed. Love the look of the body. Seats are extremely comfortable. Great gas mileage. Cruise control is great. Gas pedal is easy to press and so is the break.

- Hayley Y

It's a good color and runs.

It has nice rims. It's good on gas and good mileage. It's a good first car and gets me to my places and work. I like its color and its a comfort car. Needs a paint job but its fine. This is my first car bought with my own money. I like that its good and cheap on gas.

- Jessica S

My car is a silver beauty, . It has nice lines and comes with a quick v6 engine.

Oil issues, car keeps turning up with oil leaks always has issues when it is cold outside. It idles funny and burns through gas more than a car that small should. Also has a really bad exhaust leak, and sometimes smokes comes through the ac vents.

- Taylor S

My 2001 pearl Mitsubishi Galant.

My 2001 Mitsubishi Galant has been a reliable car during the years that I have owned it. I had a few things done on it, but for the most part it has been very reliable, pretty good on gas and I have no major complaints.

- Mary W

It is dependable. The only expensive maintenance I had to have was new tires and a control rod bushing and tie end rod.

It is dependable as long as I keep the oil changed. The seats are comfortable and the design is good looking. I am the second or third owner and even though it has 165,000 miles it still gets me where I need to be.

- Allie H

17 yrs and still going...

Air and heat work great. very reliable and excellent gas mileage in town. fabric seats have lasted years with a lot of use. I love that everything is within reach of driver, no stretching or leaning!

- jennifer c

It is very reliable even if it isn't much to look at.

It is an older car that still runs very well. It is not much to look at but is very reliable. It has a lot of miles but we keep up on the maintenance and I hope it still runs for several years.

- Ran G

The Most Resilient Car You'll Ever Own.

My car is so reliable and resilient!! I have been in an accident with it. Had to replace a few parts. But for the most part she can still make the travel of 4 states.

- Erin H

It is great on gas and rides smooth.

Older model so does not have all of the abilities a newer car would carry. However, I like the idea that because its older I do not have car payments.

- Alicia T

My car is not reliable. But it's pretty good on mileage

I like the size of the car and the familiarity of it. I also like how quickly it heats up. But it barely runs now and it's terrible

- Victoria S

It is very reliable and runs great.

It runs great for it is age. It is very well made. It was very affordable. We drive it everyday and barely have any problems.

- Kimberley J

A reliable great running vehicle

I've had my galant for 10 years and used it a lot on the highways. It still runs great and has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Timm G

Reliable car that has traveled and is good with city driving

Comfortable driving, not many repairs, reliable family car, fairly good on gas, look forward to driving it for years to come

- Emily P

Galant's a pretty reasonable option

It's old so there's quite a few problems, mostly with the air conditioning and difficulties with the windows.

- Hannah K

It's very reliable. You will have little problems with this car

This car is very reliable. I have come across few problems with this vehicle. A must for any new car buyer

- Hudson B

The Mitsubishi Galant is an economical vehicle to run, and cheap to purchase/maintain.

It is economical to drive. It was cheap to purchase used. The motor mounts could have been stronger.

- Gary R

If it was not maintained properly you will have a lot of maintenance down the road.

The alternator goes bad every year & it leaks oil. Only good things are the cold a/c & the radio work

- Satish R

Reliable overall vehicle. Never any problems. Cheap initial cost and cheap ongoing maintenance cost.

Great vehicle overall. No problems whatsoever. Very fuel efficient. Cheap initial price.

- chad h

The age of the car is 18 years and still looks good. It runs great and only needs minor upkeep.

This car has a really good engine made by a great company.

- brad p

It starts everytime, cheap on gas

Very reliable, it's just old. Runs great

- Nathan D