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Comfortable and convenient

My Mitsubishi Galant has been the best car I have ever owned. The only problems I have ever had with it r minimum. One thing I had to do recently was get a new starter. The car is almost 9 years old, and this is the most expensive I've ever paid. The seats are comfortable, the features are nice, and I really enjoy driving this car. The style is my style and the color is red. One problem that I did have with the car when we first got it was the battery. I'm not sure why but battery acid gets on it

- Tonya S

Mitsubishi is the way to go.

The paint is chipping only after 8 years old. Also the transmission is starting to go out. That means the car is done for. I do like the color of the paint. I like how the car runs. I also like the interior of the car. The trunk is very large which is very important when you have a child.

- Isabel N

Mitsubishi Galant not a lot of reviews so here's this one.

The paint color was really nice when I first got the car. Now after 6 years the paint has faded tremendously. The brakes seem to be the worst problem. Needing to replace pads and rotors every year. that's not normal. Also the transmission is just about had it. That means the car is junk.

- Isabel M

Its made for short folks.

I think that it's great and I wouldn't change 4 too much about this fine japanese made vehicle. Them dudes are short but sure can make a fine vehicular motion machine. They could make them a little bigger I mean I know they are short but geez. Some of us need some dadgum leg room.

- Billy B

Glides through the streets as smooth as silk.

Very reliable but also very basic. Drives very smooth and only had few minor issues. No aux-cord capability are kind of a turn-off for today's auto entertainment use. Big car, lots of space, huge trunk, big enough to fit a few bodies and/or transport dope.

- Lebron J

Well the backup camera is great the trunk is really big will never buy another.

Break problems tires too expensive car to low for me back seats to smaller wastes a lot of gas it is rotting around the wheels paint is chipping had problems with the lights had a lot of problems with fuses the car trembling when you hit a certain speed.

- Juan C

Gas mileage is great and it's not a gas hog!

Very big - drives nice. Very basic car - wish it had more tech stuff for a 2010. Does not have a place to plug in your phone. Wish it had cup holders in the backseat. The front has lots of legroom. It does get cramped with car seats however.

- Danielle L

That it rarely gives me any issues, it is just that it is time for something new.

My vehicle gets me from point A to point B, since I have the white color, I think it is chic and looks as if it is a nice vehicle. I dislike the cloth seats, that there is no aux port on the radio

- Hannah S

It's easy and affordable to maintain.

It meets my basic needs. It gets me where I need to go and is easy/affordable to maintain. My biggest issue is that it's older and doesn't have the bells and whistles that newer models have.

- John B

Sometimes my car will act up even though we can't find anything wrong with it.

I don't like how it doesn't have anywhere for an aux cord. I don't like where the cd player is placed. I do like my car because it is my first car. It gets me to where I need to go.

- Visa D

It's somewhat big for a mid-size car, which feels nice on the highway, but can be hard to park (especially parallel park)

I like how it gives a nice ride. I also like the color of it. I don't like how hard it is to parallel park. It is hard to tell where the car ends and begins so i have to be careful!

- Ellen A

Not very many on the roads; not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Good overall engine; no major repairs. Very spacious interior. Been running strong for over 8 years. Gas consumption could be better, but expected with an older vehicle.

- Anonymous T

Durable, great gas mileage, low maintenance, no major problems.

No service problems, high mileage, great gas mileage, no complaints. Had to replace battery, tires, oil changes, general maintenance. Runs smoothly.

- Deborah S

The color are so beautiful for Mitsubishi.

Hard on gas. Heat and air conditioner don't work good and I need a bigger car for family size. Super hard on gas. The transmission is going out.

- Debra M

The back seats conveniently don't fold down which is really awesome

It is a nice vehicle I loved it since the day I bought it I have no regrets on buying it Mitsubishi is a good brand and always has been

- Austin S

Excellent choice and reliable

Very excellent car have had absolutely no problems with it only regular maintenance. Car has over 160000 miles and purrs like a kitten

- Daniel B

The great gas mileage and

It is nice and great on gas there is so much room it is like a minivan but still stylish amazing car best on I've ever owned

- Austin H

Gas is great on the car do not have to fill up that often.

Very basic, no auxiliary plug, but quite reliable and decent on gas mileage which is good because gas is expensive.

- Terry H

Take care of your vehicle with proper service and maintenance.

No complaints. Used car that has over 200,000 miles. Hoping to get at least a year of driving out of it.

- April P

It is a good car and it runs good and very good on mileage.

I like that it runs good and it has good it has good gas mileage and there is nothing I hate about it.

- Jennifer B

I don't see very many others on the road. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

I like that it's been running great for the better part of 8 years; no major problems.

- Chue T

It rides smoothly. That's really it.

No major complaints. Reliable, but very basic.

- First F