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The speed increases quickly, and I am never left without the power I need.

My car has not really had any major issues (knock on wood). Besides getting in two different accidents in the time that I have owned it the car has run great. It is not too peppy on the gas but it does react to your touch. It is pretty good on mileage, I mostly drive highway miles and I fill up once a week. I take care of the oil religiously and I am sure that has helped with the upkeep. The car drives great, the steering is very responsive, yet not jerky. The radio reception isn't that great, but I suspect that's the radio and not the car. I have cloth seats and they are very comfortable with a very roomy backseat for children. The trunk is very large, good for grocery runs and shopping sprees. Overall, great car. Totally would recommend for a commuter that puts a lot of wear and tear on the car.

- Olivia G

No major issues, overall a pretty decent car.

I haven't had any crazy maintenance issues, just the simple regular maintenance. Drives well, feels comfortable, but I am not very picky. I care about getting from point A to B without it breaking down and this car has been good about that. The only thing that is a little irritating is the AUX button is hidden from anyone that drives the car that does not know the trick of holding down the CD button.

- Katie E

that is in excellent working condition with no major problems to speak of and that my automobile is very reliable

My automobile doesn't have a built in GPS , a backup viewfinder and other fine particular features that I would like to have on my next vehicle purchase. I very much like the fact that I have driven over 100 thousand miles with my Galant with no major repairs like the engine or transmission so that is a satisfaction that I take seriously.

- John V

2012 Mitsubishi Galant review.

I love my 2012 Mitsubishi Galant! It is a midsize car with plenty of room to sit comfortably. It is a 4 cylinder car with the get up and go power of a v6 or v8. My model is stock and I think it is great! I do not think you need all the bells and whistles to enjoy this car. It is a 4 cylinder with amazing handling as well as gas mileage.

- Melissa F

2012 Mitsubishi galant: great midsize car.

The 2012 Mitsubishi galant is a great vehicle. It is a 4 cylinder which really helps saves on gas. It has cloth seats, which are quite comfortable. The 2012 galant has great traction control. A great midsize car with a good amount of room. I really like the fact that it has an air pressure sensor to know when tires are low.

- Melissa Y

I love how great it is on gas mileage when traveling and how spacious it is.

I do not have many problems with my car, and the problems I do have are because of me not being careful and watchful. The performance, reliability, comfort, and features are amazing. As long as you take care of your car it will take care of you. I recommend this car to everyone I know are looking for a car.

- Nisha M

For a car it has a lot of space on the inside as well as in the trunk.

I love my car.. But my bumper is messed up so I need to fix that. As long as you keep up on maintenance.. Mitsubishi’s are awesome cars! I would get another Mitsubishi f I got a second car. I've never had no problems with the car… and only have had to do preventative maintenance….

- Tammy T

Great family vehicle. Comfortable.

My 2012 Mitsubishi galaxy has a 3.2l engine. Power windows and locks. Cruise control. I like my car it is a great family vehicle. Comfortably sits 5 people. Great on gas mileage. Air and heat work great. Only thing I wish it had was an aux port to put be able to play my phone up to.

- Brandy A

Only looks nice on the outside, under the hood is horrible!

Do not really care for this car. The cabin noise is often so loud it's hard to hear anything, for this car being a 2012 it sure is falling apart and needs lots of work done. Once this car breaks down I plan on getting rid of it, looks nice on the outside but the inside is horrible.

- Marianna B

Mitsubishi, very reliable. This is my second one.

I have had no problems with my car. Performance is still good. Comfortable but not as tech savvy as I would like. Had to replace tires about 3 times. Get maintenance done in timely manner so therefore car is running good. My key alarm is not working properly but not a big prob.

- Linda T

Mitsubishi Galant- maintenance.

Considering I have a 2012 Galant it has yet to give me any issues. The maintenance has been great with the normal oil changes and tire replacements etc. Going strong with almost 5yrs I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is just looking for the basics and mileage.

- Pauline C

A car that makes it worth your money.

So far I haven't had any problems with my car. It is been very reliable and it is very comfortable. It is very economical with the gas usage. I have 2 kids and they fit perfectly with their car seats on the back since it is very spacious. My family and I love our car.

- Pearl M

I drive approximately 700-800 miles a week for my work, and my car is reliable.

I like that the vehicle is safe and that it has a spacious interior as well as a spacious trunk. The vehicle is quiet as well. My dislikes are that I do not get great gas mileage and the car does not have a great pick up (takes a little long to get up to speed).

- Heidi R

Car in a rush and great car in a rush. .

It is a good car but it was not my first choice. I needed a car asap and went with I could afford. Would of preferred a SUV. A family car. But when your put in a predicament and got less than 24 hrs to find a car. It works. And can always do better at tax time.

- Carolyn R

Goes beyond 250k miles, great vehicle for price. Reliable.

Paint fades, very low maintenance, just routine stuff. Lasts 260k miles or more easily. Make sure to change timing belt brakes wear very uneven. Speakers are great, comfortable seats. Quiet engine, heat shield rattles, cleans easy, heater motor fails easy.

- Lisa D

Well it is the car of the year!

This car gets great gas mileage, it is been a very good car. Comfortable realizable car. Pearl white in color. Only have replaced the front and back breaks nothing else has needed to be replaced. It is my second Mitsubishi Galant car that I have owned.

- Karen R

Mitsubishi Galant 2012 black 4 door sedan

This car is very reliable and we haven't had any problems with it. I love that it has the click in system for car seats in the back. It fits 5 comfortably without car seats. The trunk space is very large. It has a CD player and an AUX port.

- Jamie H

Has 132, 000 miles and I have had no major problems since purchasing it in 2012.

My Mitsubishi Galant gets very good gas mileage. It rides very smoothly. It is a small to medium sized car but it very roomy inside. I have 132, 000 and have had no major problems with it since I bought it in 2012.

- Val M

It is easy to get to the speed that you desire.

This car is a very reliable car and drives very smoothly. One thing I do not like about it is the gas mileage that I get on this car. Other than that, I really have no complaints about it.

- Erin K

My car drives very smoothly.

I love my car, Its very comfortable since I have a bad hip it works great for me. It's great on gas and very reliable. I have owned my car for 4 years and have never had a problem with it.

- Denise P

Great reliability in so many ways

It's been a great car in so many ways. Comfort know matter how long you drive. Great on gas mileage. Air conditioning that will freeze you out. Greatly sound system. Cheap to maintain

- Clint H

That the car is absolutely great on gas and to get where you need to go without any issues.

I like that it is very good on gas. It surprised me with how much get up and go it has. My only complaint is that since my family has gotten bigger the car seems way to small now

- Kristen N

It gets me to point b from point a with ease and it has heat and cooling.

My galant is red in color which is something I like. I have nice comfortable seats that support my back. The car handles well. The car gets good gas mileage.

- John L

it' get a good gas mileage while also having enough room for everyone.

I dislike how to seems to take awhile to gain speed. I like that it's pretty roomy in the front and back. I like the automatic locks

- sonia s

Reliable, fast, and very comfortable for long trips.

Love my gallant. Very fast, reliable, and comfortable, even after 6 years! No problems ever! And the ac and heat still work!

- Sabrina C

The breaks are very touchy. And it's hard to find the headlights

I like that it had low mileage when I got it. I like that it had power windows and locks. No complaints or dislikes

- Witney L

It is expensive and luxurious.

No updated features on the inside of car. Needs USB ports navigation digital CD DVD as well as TVs inside the car.

- Sophie B

There is nothing interesting about my vehicle. It fits my family perfectly

I really like my car because it get me from point a to point b. It is a very reliable car for me and my family.

- Katelyn A

Dependable car that's great with gas

My car is a normal 4 door. It is dependable and rides smoothly. It's good on gas but it's plain looking.

- Ellonia C

it is my baby and I will cry when I lose it

It is a reliable vehicle that I have had for a few years. It is midnight blue and has a nice set of rims.

- andrew M

It's a black, 4 door sedan

This car is very reliable and comfortable to drive. I would recommend this car to my family and friends.

- Bia C

Nice a to b car and would recommend.

Nice car for the year, smooth ride. Easy to maintain and fix. Good trunk space., and roomy interior.

- Joe F

It's just my way of transportation. I don't think anything is really important about it.

It's an older car so things end up adding up. Needs a lot of changes. Big for a sedan.

- Elena C

It gets decent mileage and the 4 cylinders run like 6.

Purchased it new. Keep it maintained and have not had any issues with it.

- Joy A

Reliable car with good interior space and trunk space

No complaints. We actually love our car. No serios issues with it at all.

- Tea R

It is reliable and runs good and I would recommend it

It's good, reliable, hasn't needed to get anything fixed since I got it.

- Kaspar A