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It is very reliable and cheap to use car. Little maintenance.

The vehicle is not very comfortable but it is reliable, safe. It is cheap to use. The vehicle is very easy to operate. The heating system is very efficient. The cooling is very pleasant. It has a radio with CD player. The CD player has some issues. It does not have the top sound quality but it is simple to use. It would be good if the car would be electric. It thing that the gasoline engine will be replaced with engine using electricity only. In that case, the vehicle would create zero pollutants. Also, the smog check would not exist anymore. In general, the car is simple to operate. It is very convenient car to use inside the city to do simple errands like shopping. The trunk is large so it fits luggage, wheelchair, or bags of sand and soil. The interior of the car has nice water bottles holders not only for the front but also for the back seats. The bad thing is that the car does not provide more support for arms. The car is good to be used in the dry and wet weather. It provides very good stability in the heavy rain. The car has the best feature. If you need to locate it and push the button it honks. There is always stress in life and people need to locate the car fast.

- Milena G

Mitsubishi lancer, more than an econobox.

Reliable, steady transportation. A little basic, to be sure, but it wasn't designed or priced to be a top of the line vehicle. Previously owned a Ford Focus, and the lancer is a much nicer car overall. Better finish, power, and overall styling. Definitely does not have the feel of an econobox. Fun to drive, and although it is fifteen years old, the design still looks fresh. Interior is comfortable and spacious for its class. More legroom than the Focus, and ample trunk space. Gauges are basic, but at least it has a tachometer. Gas mileage is decent. 28 in city driving, 35 in mixed city/highway. Only thing I have had to replace is the serpentine belt; not bad for a car with 130, 000 miles. Would definitely purchase a Mitsubishi again.

- Todd V

Lancer Evolution is an awesome car to own and drive!

It's a lancer Evolution 8. Performance is outstanding. Recaro seats are very comfortable for me. Never had any major problems that aren't related to normal wear on a vehicle. I've had to replace the clutch, ball joints, wheel bearings, CV boots, and a few sensors. But all normal things on a 15 year old car with almost 200,000 miles on it. I love my car and will keep it and drive it till one of dies.

- Michael A

My lancer was given to us with the hubcaps zip tied to the wheels.

I love my lancer. It's not as stylish as some other cars but it is incredibly reliable. Also since it's an older model. It's extremely cheap at local dealers. Unfortunately since it is an older model the radio Bluetooth function is outdated, and the ac is eh at best, and when it's hot outside it is like a sauna inside of the car, but in terms of functionality. I couldn't have asked for a better car.

- Craig W

Lancers are not the best car for winter driving.

The Mitsubishi lancer is a nice reliable car, however there are a few things that are flawed. The heater and air conditioner do not perform at top quality. The windshield defrosters take forever to work and do not blow anywhere near where the windshield wipers sit to help keep them Ice/snow free in the winter. The parts to repair when needed are outrageously pricey.

- Laurie T

Gas fills up with $25. Runs smooth. Parts are cheap.

The Mitsubishi lancer was my first car and I have had to fix due to previous owner not taking care of it however I do not regret buy nor fixing this car. It has been so useful and I do no plan on selling it even though I can get a newer car. It saves me gas. I fill up my tank with $25. It also runs very smooth and has a high speed of 120.

- Jasmine R

What I love the most about my car is the gas mileage and speed.

My car is very dependable that is one of the reasons why I love Mitsubishi. My little car has all the room that I need. It gets me from point A to B. I have had some problems with my car but with it being 2003 it was expected and they weren't a major problem. I had them fixed easily and it was easy to find the parts to fix the car.

- Sadie K

Great and reliable first car.

I love how compact my car is. I love that my car has lasted me as long as it has. I have had my car for almost 6 years and have only had to replace the tires and breaks. I dislike that my car does not have cruise control or an AUX cord but those are not deal breakers. Overall this car was a great first time vehicle.

- Kayla P

No Complaints with my Lancer .

My car is still running great after regular maintenance. The belts wear out kind of fast but at over 160,000 miles I have no other complaints. I also brought it in for a few recalls, they replaced my cross arms for free so that's nice especially for such an old vehicle. I was surprised when I got the notice.

- Jacob M

The functional car for a small family.

I bought my car used one year ago and have used it very frequently. It currently has about 170, 000 miles and runs like a champ. It is very functional which is all I really car about. It is comfortable enough, it runs, it gets decent gas mileage and is everything I could want at the moment.

- Raven L

My car give us the comfort that we want in a car.

Actually I don't have problems with my car. Its old but it works great. It's how you take care of your car that make last long. When it comes to comfort. Its fine. My daughter loves to ride it. And its fast. My family and friends loves my car. Cause it nice even though its old.

- Claire Y

It is a really fast car, handles awesome on the curves, just hugs the road.

I own a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. It is an all wheel drive vehicle. It has been pretty reliable without any major problems, other than having to install a new clutch. I would not recommend driving it in traffic as it is stick shift and it could get pretty annoying.

- Alejandro a

Beautiful old car. Very safe and comfortable.

I live my car. It is very safe, because I have been driving for years without accident. Is very comfortable. I love beautiful silver color of my car. There nothing special about this car because is relatively old. , but I like it and a I have a lot of memories driving.

- Kristina C

2003 lancer and does it stand the test of time.

An older model it is harder and harder to fix. It starts to rust and harder to find the parts. It use to be more of a reliable car when we first got it (I guess like any car) but once we hit a certain amount of mileage it became difficult. It needs constant repairs.

- Gigi A

High performance sedan for the car enthusiast.

High performance turbocharged sedan. Fairly reliable and requires high maintenance. 4 doors, spacious interior for the type of vehicle. Decent trunk space. High performance brakes, suspensions and motor. Aggressive styling and aerodynamics. Good gas mileage.

- John M

Lancer 2003 love or hate it.

The car is not a bad car I got mine used and there are problems with the front end. I keep going through tiers iv had it worked on more then once. That is why I give my car only a 2. If I would have got it with no problems then I think I would love it.

- Brandy R

Reliable vehicle for those looking for a budget vehicle.

I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. It has been trouble free other than addressing scheduled maintenance. I have 125,000 miles and have replaced the shocks, tie rods, struts and timing belt and water pump. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Carlton O

Amazing car to buy and you should get it

Honestly we have rebuilt the car and it runs amazing for how old it is. I wish I had a newer car with more things but I'll be happy with what I have. I think our car is great and runs pretty well. If you are looking at this car, I would say to get it.

- Patricia G

A car for clowns because of the size and colour.

This car was given to me by my father so it was not the color I like. Its too small and too fast. It gets me and my family from a to z. The car is great on gas as well. And by it being a older model the radio is outdated. And it is a loud car as well.

- Mark R

The car is great for a single person to get around and start a career in. No bells and whistles, but a nice ride from A to B

The vehicle is fine, but it's a very slow car. I enjoy driving in a sporty style but this car is pretty bare bones. As for a fuel efficient sedan, it is very nice. I would recommend it over a lot of other cars.

- Zachery G

Maybe old but it works well.

I like the build and how my car handles. I love that it is a smooth ride and the speed up slow down and start is great... What I hate is the fact the AC does not work and the seatbelt gets stuck..

- Bobbie Jo K

It is a compact and standard sportscar and runs okay if you keep up with It's maintenance.

I love the fact that it is an a standard. I feel in control when I am driving. It is an older model so the car is beat down and there are many things that need to be fixed with the car.

- Yovela L

It's a really great and underrated car. They are simple and small but fun to drive

Its completely totaled but I'm buying the same car. The way the car was if i was in any other car i could've died in a wreck. But they are built tough. So I'm gonna get another one

- Michael C

very dependable transportation and good gas mileage

bought my 2003 mitsubishi lancer in 2014 with 117,000 miles on it for 2400. It now has over 160000 miles and has not had any issues. I'm hoping it makes it to 200,000 miles

- Roy G

Hate my car but it runs so it's okay

Constantly needs repairs check engine light is on currently as we speak it doesn't run very well but we're making it manage it does have near 200k mileage though and is old

- Taryn C

It is a very dependable car and great on gas.

This is the best car we have ever owned. It is great on gas and we haven't had to do much maintenance on it. With gas so high these days it is really cost efficient.

- Nancy B

I can rely on my car without worrying about not making where I need to be.

Ever since I bought my car I have had any serious problems with it I have managed to get everywhere I need to go ever since. Even though it is noisy it does the job.

- Christopher L

Great car except for some rust

I've had this car for more years than I can remember and it's been very reliable. I love the look of it too although it does have some rust along the wheels.

- Kathleen R

Rally car. It's the rally edition

It's a really good vehicle, run a great and don't give motor problems. I really like this car. I bought it used and I haven't had major problems

- Lizbeth R

It is low gas consumption car and reliable vehicle.

I own this vehicle fifteen years. It never had major break down.It only required oil change and regular maintenance based on miles driven.

- Mikhail G

Turbo charger is huge. Lots of power

It is a Lancet evolution which is nothing like the regular Lancet. It has four wheel drive or rather all wheel drive and a turbo

- Andrew G

It is a well built car as proven in the 16 years I have had it.

I bought my car new and have not had any major repairs in the 16 years I have had it. There are still original parts on my car.

- Carolyn T

Nice clean and durable no major issues.

No major problems with normal maintenance as required. Such as oil filter changes and tires other than that has good qualities.

- Alejandra D

Great working car with amazing mileage

I haven't really had any problems with the car. The AC knob doesn't work so you have to go under the dash to change it to heat

- Justin P

It may look old but it runs good!.

For the year and all the miles runs great! We've only had to replace the battery so far. We do need to fix the ac too though.

- Shannon G

It gets great gas mileage

I guess it's not really the vehicle I just wish I had a newer vehicle with more room and it doesn't have cruise control

- Elizabeth T

The Mitsubishi Lancer is a very well made and reliable vehicle.

It has great air conditioning and heat. The stock speakers perform much better than expected. It is mechanically sound.

- Alex P

daily driving car great gas

great gas mileage quality tire control great driving vehicle steering is very smooth dont have any issues

- Ken P

The fact it is good on gas.

I love my vehicle. She's my baby. It gets me from place to place. It is a great little car. Great on gas.

- Betty N

Always respect my car like you respect your own.

Like my vehicle. It takes me where I need to go. It is a reliable vehicle. No dislikes about my vehicle.

- St S

Can't think of what others need to know about it, other than it is a nice car for my needs

It is just the right size for me, and the dashboard is easily accessible.

- Adrienne F

It will not give you a lot of trouble. Maintenance is not costly at all.

It is great on gas. It is fast enough for me. It is easy repair.

- Sigmund T

the most important thing others should know about

sentences. What do you like and what I like about my vehicle is

- romi D