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Great car that can be sophisticated and/or sporty!

I've had my Lancer for four years and I still love it like the first day I drove it out of the dealership. I bought my car used and was looking for a four door car that could be used as a mom car and still have that sporty vibe. One thing I really love about the car is that it's a small vehicle but you can still fit three regular size passengers in the back. Most new cars have gotten much narrower and after the second passenger it becomes a tight fit. Performance wise my car has been a trooper besides me forcing to go a bit faster when I'm late to something and has only needed the routine oil changes and transmission fluid changes.

- Edna A

Well it's quite comfortable and durable with low cost and maintenance and use.

Well the car is very comfortable, drives fine and does not have any issues. I bought it from a dealer and I have used it for about 3 years now and it's still running just fine even with a high mileage on it. Gas wise its very cheap and fills the tank for about 30-35 dollars last well too. Lights and other car functions are still working fine since I bought it, I still get it checked every 3 months for engine and oil checks since it has a high mileage and since I usually drive on highways for long distances.

- Brad N

Overall, the car does have its problems, but it gets the job done.

One of the problems that I keep facing from driving this type of car is that whenever I am on a red light or stop sign, the engine seems to roar, it happens regularly and at times would turn off. The air conditioner does take awhile to turn on. Another thing would be that whenever one is stepping on the pedal, one would be able to feel the air conditioner being on, when in fact it is turned off. This is probably due to the heat, having an overheated engine.

- Jesse M

Mitsubishi lancer a car you can drive.

The 09 lancer is a very reliable vehicle, gets about 28 mpg and mine has a variable transmission which means it does not shift gears and that makes for smooth acceleration. The suspension is a little rough but mostly in the rear seats. While I have had a couple of recalls on certain parts, mostly it's been an acceptable ride and I would say it's a good car.

- Robert W

Lancer Review- 2009 Model Year

Great car. Love to drive it everyday and has been reliable. Sometimes maintenance is an issue. With certain transmission fluids having to be replaced every 30 thousand miles. Good on gas and has decent pick up for a four cylinder engine. It's sad that Mitsubishi stopped making these cars. They are sporty and feel fun to drive, like a rally car.

- Mark M

My vehicle is silver and not too big but not too small.

The car is good for the size but I wouldn't recommend if you have multiple kids. The technology in the vehicle is not the most advanced but it does well for it is job and has yet to let me down. I have had to replace the headlights and taillights of the car multiple times because they keep going out but other than that this car is very good.

- Ben R

The Mitsubishi lancer is very reliable

The 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer is a small comfortable reliable car. This model is great for a single individual who does not have children. The engine has held up for 10 years. The response from steering to wheels is great. I do not like how easily the body is injured. The outer body is very easily scratched, dented, or dented.

- Chandra S

The lancer is a nice performing and smooth riding vehicle.

The car really has no major problems, I haven't had any trouble out of the engine or transmission. It's a smooth ride and has a little power when you want to get up and go. I would recommend a Mitsubishi to everyone. The motors are solid and I feel like it's going to last me a lot longer than previous vehicles I have owned.

- Dylan B

Very durable, easy to upkeep, good gas mileage.

Very durable and comfortable drive. Gas mileage is really great. Road noise is a little bothersome but bearable. There is a lot of trunk space and a lot of back seat space. The panels on the door are kind of weird and they pop out at times and the clips that hold the pieces together break very easily, so watch out for that.

- Summer D

The title of my review is smokey the lancer.

I have had transmission problems before when I first received it. The paint on it is ridiculous the hood has rusted and I was told to me that was a major issues with those cars. If I had known I may not have brought it. You would think it being a 2009 it would have a aux port it does not I looked everywhere for it.

- Tiffany W

A family heirloom for sale.

2009 Grey lancer. 91, 000 Miles. Mpg 48! It is a great little car. It handles great. Gas mileage is awesome. We purchased it from my father-in-law. It has spunk. Here in Texas the speed limit on expressways is 70-75 mph. It has no problem keeping up with the big boys. The price? Priceless. Call for details.

- Morrie M

It look amazing like it's going fast when its not moving.

I have never had any major problems with the car. It is extremely comfortable. Performance is a little lacking. More power would be nice. But it handles great and the ride is very smooth. Fit and finish is good and interior and exterior wore well. Great gas mileage. It is a little noisy inside.

- Kyle S

Great value car with good gas mileage and built to last

Easy to do it yourself maintenance. The car rides well and has required the most minimum maintenance of all our cars. We invested in a new car battery and have kept up to date with the oil changes. The car currently has 107,785 miles on it which has averaged to about 10,000 miles per year

- Oscar R

My car is stylish and fun to drive.

I love the styling of my car, I think it is very sporty and fun to drive. Very affordable for the power and features. My car has all of the factory upgrades which I like. It's getting a little older and I am having to make some repairs. I wish the paint held up better to the sun.

- Nathan D

Overheating dash problems

Very reliable car. Good for road trips. I have some power issues with my car. If you use too many electrical items, the dash can overheat. Seats are comfortable and the inside is nice and spacious. Wood paneling is very nice and classy. Small but good for a beginner car.

- Jessica S

Great vehicle for average person to get to and from work.

It gets great gas mileage, and I have not had any major issues. One of the things I don't like is that it has very little power when it comes to going up hills. It handles very well otherwise, and has great turn radius. Love how efficient it is for day to day driving.

- Mark A

Four door sedan with good stereo system

The lancer has positives like sporty look for a four door and good gas mileage. Down sides is it is very noisy, lots of road noise and the low profile tires are not meant for Illinois roads. I've replaced more tires on this car then every other car I've owned combined

- Rebecca M

Mitsubishi lancer. Love it

My vehicle runs really well. I drive a 5 speed manual and it's pretty fast. It has tints on all four windows a spoiler and just had the brakes done.I plan on getting it more tuned up. I have had this car for two years and hope there's many more to come with it.

- Ian B

The great blue mobile and fantastic lancer

I have not had many problems at except with the gas tank door spring broken. I had it replaced and it broke a few days later. The battery caused some issues and car wouldn't start. Not sure if it was the battery or car but needed to be replaced multiple times.

- Rebekah B

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer review

Very reliable If you take care of it properly. Very good on gas mileage and very smooth to drive. The car is very comfortable, especially if you have to sit in it for a long period of time. It's surprisingly good in the winter months too if you're careful.

- Colin K

My car is a stick shift and even though I don't like it, I am happy that I am driving a stick shift and that's why I picked it out

My car is really not the car that I wanted to have. I dislike that it does not have leather seats, I do not like its color, and I honestly think it's kind of ugly. But it gets me from point a to point B

- Dana Sofié R

The car is very quick and low maintenance.

I love how fast it is. My only dislikes are that the car could be better on gas, I frequently have to put air in the tires, and the paint peels easily. The car is very low maintenance.

- Jon C

Reliable, comfortable, every day car!

I have not had any major issues with my vehicle. I like how quiet it drives, does well in snow, has a great turn radius, comfortable driving, and also is very good in gas!

- Cherrie L

For the price, you can't beat the style and efficiency.

I love my car because it is sporty and looks good. It does decent on gas and has lasted me a while. I've had no problems with it and it is reliable

- Jake B

If it's for long work commutes it's going to drain gas.

Perfect vehicle. Nothing wrong with it. Meets all my needs. Not good on gas. Comfortable. don't like the white that much would have preferred red.

- Darryl A

It saves you money on gas.

I love the fact that runs really good on gas. I also love that is a small sports car. . I don't like that is not spacious enough for many people.

- Jackie S

The thing I was most excited about with my car was the stereo system.

My lancer is a really great car. I have had hardly any problems with it over the years. It gets great gas mileage and is just a really fun drive!

- Matthew H

Ten years later, I still love it!

I've had this car for nearly 10 years and have never had any problems. It's reliable and practical with a little bit extra for comfort

- Ariel Q

The car has great mileage and can save people lots of money for years.

The car run great with a smooth ride on the freeway. The mileage of the car is unbeatable and overall the car performance is great.

- Moses L

It could be the tires but it is not great in the snow.

Really no issues, very sturdy car. This is my second mitsubishi and both very reliable. Comfortable interior, sporty exterior.

- Jennifer B

Perfect vehicle and runs and drives great gets you to and from places.

It's perfect it runs great good on gas don't have no problems with it and I use it everyday to travel across state lines.

- Kelly S

The spoiler is nice. The stereo system is great.

It has really great gas mileage. Its small and compact. I love the sporty look of the vehicle. I enjoy the trunk space.

- Jodie S

Wish I had a Camry again.

TPMS light won't go off, check engine light comes and goes, transmission overheats sometimes, isn't a typical trans

- Pamela H

It's a lancer and it is fast.

I love that my car looks fast and mean. I don't like that it's starting to make some noise under the hood.

- Jake W

One of the best running cars I have ever driven.

Has run perfect for every single year I have had it. Nothing has ever gone wrong with it and I love it.

- Caleb H

It's reliable and I have never had any problems with it

I have no complains, I never had any problems with my car and I have been driving it for over 10 years

- vasi R

It is a very good car, and I had it for 10 years with no major mechanical issues.

I had several recalls, and also had the fob serviced many times and it keeps breaking again and again.

- Lia L

It has room for a family of 4, it's pretty good on gas, and the sound system is good

Like: interior space, sound system, sleekness Dislike: loud, tires are expensive, trunk space small

- Renee Z

It has a lot of space inside the car. It get pretty good mileage

I love the color I've never had any major issues Wish it had built in Bluetooth

- Leslye T

Quick, sporty looking car with some cosmetic upgrades like window tints, spoiler, and a louder exhaust. Great on gas. CVT transmission and rides like a dream.

The evolution edition of the lancer is known for rallycross. It resembles one.

- Austin L

Gts package not worth it.

Is not reliable. Transmission shotty. Bluetooth doesn't work anymore

- Mike Y