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I really don't know what I can say it's the most important thing.

I really like my car because It is small, easy to drive around. It is really spaceful from the inside front and back. Can easily fit 5 people. I haven't really had no big problems with it. The only thing I can say that I don't like is that it is small from the front of the car. sometimes I need to be careful with certain bumps but other then that it is great.

- Maria V

Recall was taken care of quickly and friendly.

My 2011 lance is a great car. It has great gas mileage. The Bluetooth connection is easy to navigate and is reliable. I absolutely love the sunroof that my lance came with. The black fabric interior has held up extremely well over many years. The recent recall was taken care of quickly and everyone was really friendly.

- Kate B

Smooth fast fun and reliable lancer.

My vehicle is awesome! Its fast, smooth. And reliable. The features are great as well with the sunroof and heated seats its keeps me both warm and cool. Also I love how my car lets me know when maintenance is required or tire pressure is low. Everything is so clear to understand in my car.

- Tracy G

The Mitsubishi lancer sport back is a great choice!

I really like my car. I have had it for 6. 5 years and haven't had any real issues with it. It is reliable and has always ridden very smoothly. I love that it came with such a great warranty and has a lot of great features that help the driver and add to the comfort of everyone all around.

- Ashley P

The seats fold down and the back seats fold down.

My car is very good on gas mileage and has great pick up and is able to hold a lot of people and carry large things in it. I love it because it still looks brand new and drives like a new car. I get is serviced regularly and drive it everywhere. I would definitely buy another Mitsubishi!

- Peggy L

I enjoy how you add your phone to the car and it is hood for hands free.

The lancer is small and save really good on gas. The lancer have problems with the battery, it is not a good idea to sit in your car with the radio on. The car will run hot going 80 in the highway make sure you get it check out all the time. It is easy to drive.

- Jasmine W

Great reliable car for first time buyers.

My car is very reliable. I have been very lucky that I have had my car 8 years and have only needed to do basic maintenance on it, like new tires oil change, windshield wipers etc. My Bluetooth sometimes takes awhile to connect but otherwise it is a great car.

- Haley B

It's inexpensive and runs great!

I love my Mitsubishi Lancer! I loved my last Mitsubishi, which was a 1998 Mirage. I traded it in for my present car, and couldn't be happier with it. It was inexpensive to purchase and maintain, it performs well, and is quite durable. Thank you, Mitsubishi!

- Ric F

Its fast and the turbo is awesome.

No problems, great for winter driving. Three options push button: tarmac, gravel and snow. Great performance with paddle shifting, full auto and manual transmission options. Interior is basic no frills. Seats are super comfortable.

- Jo B

It's simple, safe and really just comfy and smooth! You can zoom and zip, but is still roomy.

I absolutely adore my lancer! It was my sweet sixteen car and I got it brand new with only 12 miles on it. Now it had 100,000 miles and in 7 years I have had absolutely no problems except needing a new battery after 4 years.

- Anne R

You don't really spend a whole lot of money on gas.

My car is a red Mitsubishi 2011 Lancer. This car runs well, hasn't given me any problems and gets me where I need to go. It has bluetooth as well which is new for me since my past cars weren't the latest.

- Anthony A

My car has been very reliable and I've had no problems.

I'm very short so this car is perfect visibility for my height. My car has been very reliable. The only problem I've had is with the buttons on the steering wheel for volume and changing stations/songs.

- Melissa H

I really don't have anything interesting to say about my car.

I've had problems with the tires being too low in the colder weather, but it isn't really the car's fault. I had the bottom panel, cheap plastic come off. It's a decent vehicle, but nothing special.

- zach l

The most important thing i would say is the gas mileage the car gets.

I enjoy the gas mileage i get on my vehicle, i only have to fill up once a month. I like the way it handles while driving. I dislike how small it is, wish i would have gotten a bigger car.

- becky b

Well i think the most important thing for cars right now would be gas mileage. We are destroying the environment, and It's one reason i want a new car.

I like the way it looks. I like that it is a four door car. The spoiler on it looks great. I wish it got better gas mileage though, it it has had electrical issues.

- John D

My car is reliable and stable

I really enjoy the reliability of the car. There have been no issues with performance. The Bluetooth is the only issue that this car has. It is terrible

- Chris M

It is a manual and has Bluetooth.

It is a good reliable car does not offer much in the performance aspect but it handles well and gets rough 26mph I have no complaints with my lancer.

- Justin B

I do the typical maintenance never had any problems.

No problems besides buttons on steering wheel are messed up. Always runs well if you take care of it. I have had no major issues in 5 years.

- Jordan W

It's a Sportback, a great reliable family car.

It's a Lancer Sportback and a great reliable car. The next one will be either a Lancer Evolution or something with All Wheel Drive.

- Terence D

It is very reliable vehicle that is also fuel efficient.

I like that it is very reliable. I wish that the finishes were a bit nicer. I have owned the vehicle for 7 years with few issues:

- Joe T

The parts to keep the maintenance up are very expensive.

The performance and style is great. I love the way it feels when you drive its low like a sports car has that sports car feel.

- Sharon G

For the most part, it is a very reliable vehicle. It can take a lot of stress.

I like that it is durable on a day to day work week. I dislike that parts are becoming hard to get. I like driving this brand.

- Jose R

Fun, sporty, and reliable

My car is very reliable. I have not had any major issues with it. I have the GTS which performs great and is fun to drive.

- Tony C

It has a very sluggish acceleration.

It's underpowered. The computer system has Its own quirks. There's been so couple recalls on it as well.

- Eric H

Great on gas, and seems like a safe car. no problems yet

no complaints. I have had this car for years and it has not given me any problems

- amber c

It's one of a kind. That people who own that type of car tend to trick them out.

I love my car so much. I love how fast it can go. I wish to accessorize it soon.

- Lourdes R

Mileage saver excellent performance

Fast easy to maintain, love the design, no complaints, to low sometimes


the most important thing I would want to know about a new car is safety

this is a good car. it runs really well. there was no issues at all.

- Shu W

It's a very good, economical car.

It's very comfortable. It is sporty feeling and has good pickup.

- Jason H

that it is dependable and fun to drive

It is cute and sexy and an awesome vehicle

- trent B

Sporty car that turns a lot of head.

- Jordan S