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The exterior is stylish and holds it looks.

Great car no major problems gas saver handles good in snow and ice comfortable ride great stereo Audio system plenty of interior space for four passengers owned a galant before I like the service. Handles really well on different terrain and climate excellent gas mileage. The only thing that could make it with a smoother ride would be better shocks and suspension would be nice if it had more insulation to soundproof it more so otherwise I am happy with the performance.

- Rae T

That it is a safe vehicle with excellent handling.

I love that it is a four-wheel drive, an adequate size, it has comfortable seating, Bluetooth, it is turbo charged, with a responsive engine, and it has a sleek look. After having this car for six years, it has not given me any maintenance problems at all, in a way, it has been a loyal vehicle. My only complaints are that it does consume a significant amount of gasoline, and that the cabin can be quite noisy.

- Sarah L

My car does get good mileage per gallon.

I like that I have a USB port for listening to music. I like that I have ecoboost. I like that I have heated seats. I do not like that I do not have automatic lights, that I do not have power locks, that I do not have digital mileage where the miles are displayed in numbers not me guessing where I am and I do not like that my radio does not display what a song title or artist are.

- Jennifer A

The lancer has interesting features.

My car is reliable, since I have had it for 8 years now it really has not given me much problems or it does not shut down when I am driving far. When I am driving far the gas lasts a good while before I have to fill it up again. The seats are really comfortable to sit in.

- Celine S

It looks like a sports car but it is a four cylinder car.

I love how my car looks like a sports car but it is a four cylinder. The paint in car is expensive but it looks very nice in the sun. I also love that I can control the stereo through the steering wheel. I didn't like that I had to install the Bluetooth system.

- Karen H

The ralliart has aggressive lines.

No issues ac Bluetooth airbags back up sensors good choice and reliable it is never left me on the side of the road. I like the color option octane blue I have blue courtesy lights and led dome lights from the factory. Drives good I will be a repeat customer.

- Ronnie M

The Evo is know for there power and great handling.

Car is very reliable. Has great power with the turbocharger. Racing seats with heated option is a plus. AWD for winter keeps drivability great in the winter. Great space in the vehicle to fit 4 adults comfortably. In screen nav. system, auto climate control.

- Victor A

It's a vehicle that suits my personality well.

The Lancer is sporty and sleek yet having a but of space and compartment room. It gets better gas mileage than most sport sedans and handles very well. My only dislike would be the availability of parts and service when encountering maintenance problems.

- Jerran K

An interesting detail would be the flash drive capability that I have through a USB port in my glove box so that it is out of sight.

I like that I have USB capabilities as far as being able to listen to over 200 songs on a flash drive. I like that I have heated seats in the front. I wish though that I had automatic locks and lights and access to satellite radio.

- Jennifer A

If you want a great car for a great price, a Mitsubishi is the car for you.

I've always loved Mitsubishi cars. This is actually the 7th Mitsubishi I've driven. I like how they drive. I really like the way they look. The prices for a Mitsubishi are affordable. And they are quite dependable.

- Jose I

It is good on gas and food for the price.

I like the sporty look of my vehicle. I also like the affordability and cost of gas. I somewhat dislike the interior of the car I feel like it is outdated.

- Sabrina R

Gas stays in the tank for a long while.

I like that it is always in good running condition. I like that it is very updated for It's age. I like the color of the vehicle. I hate how small it is.

- Cassandra J

Lots of room. Great style and comfortable. All wheel drive is the best feature that it has to offer.

All wheel drive. Great gas mileage. Simple controls for stereo, great trunk space. I got black, which isn't the best color for summer because it's so hot

- Kyli S

What I love about my sports car.

It has great acceleration. Its sporty but not too sporty. It corners really well. It costs a little more than an average car but I don't mind

- Matthew C

Mitsubishi Lancer the good and bad

It's been a good vehicle problems with battery and rear end noise have been a negative about the vehicle. I like the usb and phone sinking

- james t

The car will last since it's a Mitsubishi. I have not had any problems with normal maintenance

Car had a great yet simple Black interior. It has a powerful engine and drives very smooth. It is sporty and has a attractive body.

- Joshua M

It is has great seats that recline comfortably.

I have no complaints on my vehicle. It does the job and does it well. It is a great car and will drive it until I no longer can.

- Rebecca F

Is high quality and good value. Compared to similar models is by far a better option. I'll seriously consider Mitsubishi for my next car purchase.

My vehicle is highly reliable. Is very fuel efficient and low maintenance. Also has a solid body making it a very safe ride.

- Miguel V

Quality, long lasting, good on gas.

I got the vehicle back in 2012. Since I have had it. I have had very little problems with it. It is also good on gas.

- Pamela B

Fuel efficient city driving

I like my Lancer because the price wasn't too high. It hasn't given me any issues yet. It's sporty yet does It's job.

- Doug o

Mitsubishi Lancer 2012. I really like the radio

I really like this car. it runs smooth, the radio is beautiful and I really love the color of the car as well.

- Tara D

gets me from point A to point B with not problem

other than a transmission recall, it has been reliable. I regularly maintain it and i'm at over 130k miles

- michael c

It is good and economic car.

I love it, do not hate anything at all. Love the color, love everything about it. I do not dislike my car.

- Leslie A

Owner of a Very Sexy Looking Car

My vehicle models a race car. I have put upgrades on it to get it some beautiful looks. Car rides smooth.

- collin c




It's very dependable in all weather.

It's AWD. Great gas mileage. Great handling & suspension. It's dependable.

- Bre s

Its very reliable would go anywhere in it. Great on fuel

It's a very dependable car. Great gas mileage. Cute little sports car

- Crystal J

I love the color of my car. The trunk is very spacious. I would LOVE my car if it had automatic lights. That is the only feature that is missing for me.

The transmission went out in under 1 year and had to be replaced.

- Jonette C

I have not had to any major repairs and it has been so reliable for when we travel. Great on gas mileage.

reliable vehicle and cost effective. perfect for a mid-size car.

- Sherry P