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It is not the best vehicle. My fiancé and I will never choose Mitsubishi again.

Paying it off from a friend and it looks new but everything is falling apart or breaking down. First the battery then the blinkers just stop working. Was told it may be electric issues still need to get it checked out. And then the tire blew out while driving and pretty much exploded and it popped off the bumper along with all the plastic on the front and side popped off. And the gas goes through like crazy. It almost seems like it reads wrong.

- Savannah B

Mitsubishi makes great, reliable cars and SUVs.

I have had no problems with my 2014 Mitsubishi lancer since I purchased it in 2016. It's a great car, runs well in rain and snow. It gets great gas mileage. For a sedan it has a large trunk and back seat. It might not be a good buy if you have a larger family but it's a nice, affordable and reliable car. And if you are into customizing your vehicle the lancer is a great choice.

- Brooke G

Fantastic, reliable, safe and comfortable!

Great. Fantastic. Easy to maintain. Safe. Love it. This car is amazing. It has kept me safe and has been very reliable. I love it so incredibly much. Buying this car would be the best purchase and investment. To maintain this vehicle is the easiest thing to do. It is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone considering or thinking abhor getting a new car.

- Moses S

My car is a good economy car that is good and reliable driving around the city.

My car when you go a certain speed on the freeway it tends to cut off if you go a long distance my seats are comfortable it has good gas mileage it drives really smooth it has a quiet engine it is reliable I like the radio I wish it would go a little louder it has good hands free options has a CD player auxiliary.

- Phyllis H

These cars will last forever.

Mitsubishi's last forever at least 250, 000 miles. This will make my 10 Mitsubishi that I have owned. Mitsubishi are low maintenance. I have driven all three models. Galant, lancer and have driven the pick up truck. I especially like the pick up truck. I am thinking of buying another truck .

- Wes C

The convenience of this car is amazing.

This car is great! The Lancer evolution is a car that is visually nice and gets great reactions from my co workers. It is also very big making it great for driving things around and taking friends to place. Trips such as beach trips are a great situation for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

- Hao P

Great car good on have let me down.

It comfortable just don't have no pick up and go. Have to ease into it. Have no problems and the performance is great on gas. And very reliable. I recommend anyone to get it. Just get all the features. (Bluetooth, SiriusXM, MapQuest, and also when it tell you what street you are on.)


My lancer is a bright Hawaiian blue which looks like an Evo but is not.

Vehicle is comfortable, reliable, and good on gas mileage. I drive it every day and have not had any issues. Sometimes I feel like the car struggles to accelerate but I probably need to get it serviced. I wish the seats would raise and lower but I like everything else about the car.

- Violet M

Excellent braking system.

Awesome steering and brakes with all basic car features. About 25 mg/hw and 30 mg/side. Cons are airbag recall and heavy maintenance needed (new battery, alternator, catalytic converter and muffler; may vary per vehicle though) nice size compact trunk. Overall good first car.

- Tatiana G

The Mitsubishi Lancer has a lot of power for what seems like an ordinary everyday car.

My Lancer has 4wd and has a lot of power for a car without a turbo or larger engine. It allows higher RPMs before shifting. I also love the amenities of heated seats and mirrors. My complaint would be some of the plastic is rather cheap and breaks easily during maintenance.

- Bethany D

I wanted a SUV but my boyfriend at the time was no don't do the SUV get a sedan.

My vehicle has zero problems for a used vehicle its amazing runs smooth. Goes 0-60 in minutes breaks within seconds. Great attention to detail pearly white all black interior. Very spacious trunk as well as inside the vehicle. Has an AUX port as well as a USB port.

- Camila D

The car is reliable and quite maneuverable and compact. . And easy to drive.

The problem with this lancer is the transmission oil cooler. Cause it overheats occasionally. The only solution is to add an aftermarket transmission oil cooler. There are several brands that are compatible. The prices are pretty expensive but are easy to install.

- Jesse C

Its sporty. So there is that

I haven't had any problems with my car. I love it. I would recommend it to anyone. Great and reliable. It features spoiler. Black pain. T seater. Cvt tranny and overall is amazing going and no loss of speed. I give it 9 out of 10. With 1 to grow on. Great Work

- Lindsey K

Wish it was an evolution.

Basic, cheap make, wish I never stepped foot into Mitsubishi. Company will not refund warranty even though I do not even use it. Your better off going somewhere else or getting a clunker off the road, insurance for this vehicle is expensive.

- Georgie A

Know how to do basic maintenance and when and where to get them done. Basic stuff

I like this car. The gas mileage is great and I often take it to North Carolina. It has been overall a great and dependable car. Only issues is comfort and style with little to no speed. Transmission seems a little loose

- Eric R

Best car I have ever owned.

I love my car, have had it for years! Never left me stranded, no problems, haven't broke down (not even once), great on gas and I love the sporty look! The only downside is remember the car sits low so be careful.

- Jessica G

That it looks really sleek and provides a smooth ride.

I like that it looks good on both the outside and the inside. I dislike that the vehicle is getting kinda old, especially in terms of technology. I also don't like that I've had a few mechanical issues with it.

- Devin H

It's reliable, drives well, good gas mileage, few problems.

It's a very nice looking car. It runs great, never have any problems with it. This is the second Lancet I've owned and I am very sad to hear they have discontinued it. All around great car.

- Maria N

It is important to know how to operate the AWD switch.

I love the slingshot transmission, you cannot feel the car shift gears. It is good on gas. It's great in the snow, it is AWD. I love the sound system, heated seats and mirror defrosters.

- Megan M

Great compliments for the gold rims I have.

4 cylinder, Economic fuel, 4 door sedan, white, looks like an evolution, it's fun to drive, feels like a lawn mower car provides no power output. You can take it off my hand if you want

- George G

BEST CAR EVER- Seriously go buy a Lancer

Love my vehicle! Have never had any issues with it, although it takes synthetic oil that can be a little more expensive than regular, but other than that it's WONDERFUL.

- Sarah C

It has the power it needs for a small car and plenty of room for 5 people.

It is great on gas mileage and enough room for my family. The vehicle has a cvt transmission and it seems a lot different than the regular transmission.

- Justin K

It is reliable and we are at 88,500 miles.

I like the size and gas mileage. Dislike: the paint job. It is peeling. The cabin is noisy and some of the tech features are not activated.

- Michael F

Hasn't been a money pit like most cars

has run really well overall. some rusting issues.emissions system has also had some issues but does not impact performance or driveability

- Keith K

Car looks better with rims.

Drives like a lawn mower, fuel economic, not fast, wish it was faster, to expensive, insurance is to expensive, squeaks to much.

- Georgie A

The car will run for a many years. These types of cars last long on the highway and local driving is great on gas.

The car is good on gas. The color is great and I love the size. I do not like the black interior with having kids and a dog.

- Mel K

gas economy and quality with good price

after 4 years It's remains and looks like new is very efficient in gas and very comfortable interior and very big trunk

- carlos C

very pretty and smooth riding and u can not look keys in car

nice running car good on gas rides really nice on thing about this model is electrical issues cooling fans quit working

- billy s

I love it as it is, I just wish the AC would work better.

It gets good gas mileage. Have had problems with battery cables and breaks which were rather expensive to repair.

- Lindsey P

It's a good car at a low price point that gets good gas mileage.

I like that the gas mileage is very good, but I feel like the materials on the interior are cheap and don't last.

- Heather L

very good on gas. i only have to fill up once a week.

i love the way it drives smooth. it is very efficient on gas. most of all i feel it is safe for me and my kids.


You get your money's worth. It is comfortable and reliable.

The 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback has many conveniences of a higher end car with a reasonable price tag.

- nicole h

It's comfortable for being a small compact vehicle.

Great for a base model car with plenty of features. The wheel alignment gets knocked out easy on it though.

- Ken T

It gets great gas mileage, I average about 30 mpg on my commute to work.

It's a great car for gas mileage. Handles well. Due to the type of transmission it's not good in deep snow.

- Bob S

Just a great car. Love it

It's a great car love the four wheel drive in the winter. Heated seats are very nice also. Lots of power

- Don F

This car gets good gas mileage.

I like smaller cars. This is too big. It does not have a tape player but does have Bluetooth capabilities.

- Amanda C

Amazing! 12 out of 5 stars!!

It is reliable in all weather, comfortable to be in during road trips, does amazing on gas. Amazing car!

- Riss M

It is one of the most reliable cars there is.

My vehicle is so reliable. My vehicle is safe. My vehicle is spacious. My vehicle is simply perfection.

- Marissa M

It is reliable. I have over 150k miles on it and i don't have plans to get rid of it

It has been a very reliable car. I love the style and how it looks. I don't dislike anything

- Agned C

It's nothing to mess with. Inline 4 engine with upgraded fuel injectors etc

I like everything about my vehicle. My vehicle makes me who I am, and I'm proud to own it

- Dillon R

It's family friendly and great on gas, it is very fast.

I love how good my vehicle is on gas, I don't need to fill up my tank as much.

- Kirstie D

It handles very nicely. Gets good gas mileage. Is very sporty looking.

It handles very nicely, with a smooth acceleration and brakes nicely.

- Marguerite L

It's manual transmission.

I like the manual transmission. I hate the gas mileage.

- Adrian H

It a fast car and is a cool car,everyone would love to have a car like that one

It's a small car but is great. It black and beautiful.

- Billy P

The gas mileage is great. I can drive 400 miles before I have to fill up

Terrible in snow or heavy rain but great gas mileage.

- Gia T

It gets great gas mileage around town and highway.

Great gas mileage. Good storage. I like the color.

- Christine G

It's a great road car and it's gets great mileage.

None, I like my car just fine. It's a good road car

- Barbara L