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Great car! No seat warmers though.

I love my car haven't had any problems with it. It is great performing wise, its fast and automatic which I love. Its reliable. It is comfortable as well I love that it does not have leather seats because they get so hot during the summer and really stiff during the winter. Both front seats can lean all the way back which is great for taking naps here in there. The only thing that this car does not have is seat warmers which I really miss from my old car. My car has thankfully never died on me. It is spacious and has a big trunk that way I can put beach chairs and coolers and stuff when I go to the beach which I do very often in the summer.

- Ruth M

Super stylish, kid friendly car with upgraded features.

My vehicle is a very good, reliable car. It is a great car if you have kids. It is sporty looking, in case you want a car to show off. The interior is super stylish, and it has serval touch screen features along great with a back up camera. The only downside to this car, is it does not sound like it actually ever shifts gears. It does, it just does not sound like it. So the car is always a little loud when you are driving it. Not too much though. It is not something that will make you wish you didn't get it.

- Lacey N

Great car, reliable, fun, fast.

I love this car! I got it a few weeks ago and it's such a nice car! It's very reliable and so pretty! I love the features of this car, the backup camera, the fact I can plug my phone in and play music or use my GPS, it also has a temperature gauge, I also like that it tells me how many miles until I need a fill up on gas. It's such a great car and I would definitely recommend it! It's got a lot of space in it as well!

- Hannah P

Great car for a good price

Good car, comfortable, reliable. Great warranty. Tech not as up to date as most cars built in that year. The metal for the car seems a bit low quality. The backseat is a bit small but small, but I wasn't too concerned with that, it's usually just me and one other person in the car. Overall it's a good car, I just didn't know that when I purchased it in 2017 I was unaware that it was discontinued.

- Shaun G

The car is great on gas, and is spacious for the size of the car.

I love that my vehicle is great on gas and is the perfect size for my fiance? and I. The only thing that I would change about my 2017 Lancer, is that the interior was not black. When we take our dog(s) with us, hair shows up instantly. Although it is a perfect size for my fiance? and I, it is not the perfect size for us two plus two dogs.

- Kayla L

The best part about the car is that it can be upgraded.

There are no problems with my car. I got it used and it is perfect for a college student. It is small and dependable. It is saves a lot on gas. It is small but very comfortable, it is a five seater with lots of room. I have a five month old niece, her car seat fits perfectly fine and there is still room for two other passengers.

- Amy R

Great all around family vehicle. Lots of room. Great trunk size.bluetooth hands free talking.

The mitsubishi lancer is a great family vehicle. It has lots of great features and drives great. I live in the country and this vehicle makes it up my long Snow covered driveway in the winter. I have not had any issues with this vehicle and the mechanics at 5 star mitsubishi are all great. Love everything about the lancer.

- Christina B

Review on the Mitsubishi Lancer SE 2017

Great car and reliable so far. This is my third Mitsubishi and I can say that for all of them.They're great on gas too, as long as your light on the gas pedal. Most Mitsubishi's have a good gas meter on the dash for tracking. The interior is stylish depending on the class of car, also good quality if you take care of it.

- John A

A bit smaller than most cars for its size, but very reliable. Regular maintenance is difficult in a since that there is a lot of covers on the undercarriage of the vehicle that does not make sense. Some of the interior is very flimsy and not vestry reliable. Wish there were more accessories integrated in the console.

- Jose G

My car has a plug and play turbo.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage and is high tech. I have the limited edition version for my vehicle so I have this nice custom interior and gas/brake pedals that make the car just that more enjoyable. The only dislike I would say is my 450 lb~ limit which can affect my gas mileage more than I had expected.

- Jeremy V

Runs well and to fate I have not had any significant issues.

So far there have been no problems with my car. The only h complaint I have is mileage. It is great on the highway but local driving uses too much gasoline. Performance and reliability are good and the vehicle is comfortable and runs well. I haven't had the vehicle long enough for any significant ideas to arise.

- Bella S

Mitsubishi Lancer 2017 Review

I've genuinely never had problems with my car. It's very reliable. I haven't had any problems with it. I love that it's comfortable. I'm always on the go, so I basically spend most of my days in my car. I travel quite a bit in my car as well, but despite that my car still runs smoothly.

- Faith N

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer SE

Engine and warranty is amazing. Fair price. Cheap interior. Too much plastic in general. The vehicle is very spotty and attractive to look at. The SE trim level only enhanced the race vibe of the vehicle. The vehicle drives well, and is plenty fast for my daily driving habits

- Travis C

Its comfortable and good safe features and Its reliable.

I think it handles well. I've never had an issues break down or otherwise. I do wish some features like satellite radio came already installed in the car. I would have liked a USB port in the back and a backup camera. I feel my family is comfortable in the car on long trips.

- Stacy B

2017 Lancer review Mitsubishi

The lancer is a smooth ride with plenty of get up and go to it. I love the gas mileage and the safety features are excellent on it. The stock sound system is above average and my model came with a back up camera. The lancer is a vehicle I would recommend to anyone I know.

- Alexander E

Too expensive for what it's worth.

The boat-like of the car makes it hard to turn corners or hit bumps in the road. The shocks are just too touchy. The driver and passenger handles on the inside of the car on the roof the screws come out and the handle falls off. The interior is all plastic.

- Alexis R

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Limited Edition

I have a white 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Limited Edition with black interior that has red stitching. It is really good on gas giving me an average of 30 mpg.

- Jayden B

The safety features are a must, especially the rear view camera.

It is cute compact, good fuel mileage. Also my family fits comfortably, at once. The features are also a plus, very stylish.

- Denise G

The safety features are good

I like that I can have cargo space or seating when I need it but the last row seating is cramped and difficult to get into.

- Mari B

It's a rally racer, just like the color its: rally red.

I love everything about my lancer. Maybe better if had tinted windows. The interior is awesome, and I like the red color.

- Kelly V

It is a Mitsubishi Lancer

I like my Mitsubishi Lancer. It has a beautiful blue color. It has a flip as a spoiler and a great black inside.

- Susan H

It's a reliable car and it's a good brand of car.

I like that it saves on gas and does not cost too much to fill up. Normally to fill up from empty is 19 dollars.

- Lacey F

It's one of the best cats on the road, it can go forever if you take care if it.

I love you car, can't think of anything other then I wish it had better storage compartments and cup holders.

- Christine M

The cost of the car is reasonable and very dependable.

The performance is great and reliable. It has a black interior and blue exterior. It has a lip on the back

- Susan H

Stylish and elegant with a Sporty touch

It is awesome. Great performance. No issues at all. I would recommend it to anyone. Great on gas as well.


Had a collision with a deer and felt safe and secure in the process.

The gas mileage is great. I love the color of the car. I also love the service that I get at the dealer.

- andrew v

That the gas mileage it gets is awesome.

I love the body style. I love how sleek it looks. It has great gas mileage. It has a beautiful interior.

- Isabel V

sporty durable 4 door roomy

awesome performance good stereo better upgrades no problems reliable car good gas mileage quality brand

- isreal f

It is safe and reliable. Great on gas mileage. Very affordable.

I love my car. I don't think No would change a thing. One improvement I would make is a rear wiper.

- Jessie A

good public relation service

It's new and so far very satisfied. Good economy. All we need for transportation.

- peter M

It's a nice compacted size.

It's the best car,it drives well.It's the best car,it drives well.

- Priscilla T

Never had a problem since I bought it. looks good and is comfortable

It is reliable and gets good mpg.good customer service.

- Anthony S

low mileage, great performance, handsfree technology

low mileage, great performance, handsfree technology

- Pattie Z

Excellent quality and extras for the right price.

- Heather O