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Green mamba mirage: the beat up outside that holds treasure within.

It feels like I am driving a go-cart, and it is easy to see around. It is pretty old with some repairs, still creates a slight noise. Have had this car for about three years. The car gets me from point a-b. Has not broken down on me yet. I find it to be a fun car to drive. The radio goes out sometimes. Just have to re-enter the code when it does. There's some weird stains on the ceiling. This car has so much character. I'd give it a thumbs up!

- Stephanie P

This car is great for students

This is a good car for high schoolers and students in college. It wasn't the most expensive car to buy but it has been pretty reliable. This is really helpful when you don't have a big budget for fixing cars and things like that. It also gets pretty great gas mileage which is helpful for smaller budgets. In the end though, I would get a better car once it is within my price range.

- Kelsey L

A 2001 red Mitsubishi mirage, in good condition, has good a/c.

Even though my car is from 2001 it gets great gas mileage. It usually takes no more than 20 dollars to get a full tank. And because it is an older car any problems that it might happen wouldn't affect how the car runs. Since my car does not have power locks or windows they can still be used even if there is another problem with the car.

- Davis M

How my car runs now after almost twenty years old.

It's red 4 door spacious trunk. It is all manual so no electric windows you have to manually roll them down and manually unlock the doors. The radio works and comes with CD player but the volume knob doesn't work. The speakers in the front are blown so sound only comes from the back and the a/c doesn't work,

- Crystal C

It is 2 doors, green, and save gas by saving me money.

I love my car because it saves money on gasoline. It has all the required features of an economic car, although I had a minor car accident back 3-4 years ago. I crashed a car in front of me, making my car have the hood all crashed. It is costly because there is not enough cars of that car running around.

- Alma H

Sounds like a Mirage but it's really true!!

My Mirage has been and still is a wonderful vehicle. I have not had any major problems at all (or minor problems either!). I have done regular maintenance and it has paid off. The only negative I can think of is the paint job. The paint is coming off and looks terrible. No other complaints.

- Lisa B

Its comfortable, small, and decently strong.

Because of its age, the car unfortunately has a few issues. We've had a big issue with the egr sensor not turning off, despite replacing all possible parts several times now. Aside from the issues, the car drives well. It has not broken down on us, though sometimes I feel like it could.

- Britt A

Mitsubishi mirage de, small car, big trunk.

The car runs great. Just sits to low to the ground. Sound engine, good gas mileage. . Plenty of trunk space. Has am/FM/cd stereo. Anti theft stereo. Power will does, power locks, dual airbags. New tires, not very roomy inside the car. Small, cramped seating.

- Brenda B

Very reliable, very few problems. I would definitely buy another.

This car has been great, very reliable. I have had the average issues, battery, tires. I keep the oil changed on a regular basis. I would definitely buy another Mitsubishi.

- Laura R

Reliable, good on gas vehicle

Even though my vehicle is kind of old, it's very reliable. I've had it for almost 2 years and I haven't had to fix anything yet.

- Nath V




It might be ugly but it is reliable and takes me where I need to go.

It is very reliable. It does not waste gas. It has cold ac. It is old and has rust. It gets me where I need to go.

- Phillip G

Very reliable car with very little rust for an older car

Basic vehicle with no upgrades to it. Very reliable. No mechanical problems. Only issue is it's low to the ground

- Rosalie L

My car is the toughest car.

Amazing even though I am insanely hard on her. Great mileage. Easy and cheap to repair. Cheap insurance.

- Kaila F

It's cheap. If it dies I won't be too terrible upset.

It gets me too and from work. That's about all I can say about it. It's cheap.

- Donald M

great gas mileage and has good looks

great gas mileage, dependable, looks pretty good for It's age

- trudi c