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My favorite part of the vehicle is the Bluetooth system.

The car is decent sized for being a small car. It has good trunk space. I wish it were slightly bigger just for comfort purposes but it suits my needs fine otherwise. The sound system is pretty good, though I wish it were louder in general. The Bluetooth system is really convenient. It allows me to take calls and listen to whatever music I want so I am not limited to the radio. The heat and ac work great, definitely keeps the car warm/cold enough when necessary. I wish that it had a screen with a navigation system; it is the only feature I regret not getting. Otherwise I love the car. It gets great gas mileage, usually around 35-40 mpg which is great; I only have to fill it once a week, sometimes longer in between. It never costs more than $25 to fill the tank depending on what gas prices are like. It is only a 3 cylinder engine but still has some get-up-and-go to it.

- Melissa G

A great car for a great price

The Mirage is absolutely amazing for the price. I enjoy so many of the features like the gas mileage, the Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel, the climate control (ice cold AC), keyless start and keyless entry. I've had very few mechanical issues in the years I've had it but having the Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance has saved my butt a few times. I haven't had issues with the comfort in the front seat even on long trips. My only complaints are the 2014 model not having a backup camera which is pretty standard today and the interior lights being orange instead of blue or another color I would like more.

- Heather K

Fuel economy makes it so worth the purchase!

I really love my car. It's small and doesn't have a center console, which can be aggravating because I don't have storage space in the front seat aside from my glove box. Everything else is great though! I love how roomy the back seats are considering how small the vehicle is. The seats fold down giving way to ample storage space for hauling stuff around. The gas mileage is my favorite thing though! I average 45 mpg and it only costs $20 max to fill my tank. It's awesome for a commuter car and being that it's Mitsubishi, it fit my price point too. Definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone in the market.

- Rachel N

Tall-people beware! There may not be enough foot room for you.

To be perfectly honest, what drew me to the car, besides the fact that it was a hatchback, was the fact that the seats had purple plaid. I enjoy smaller vehicles anyway, and it has a wonderful turn radius. I haven't had any issues with it. I used to have to drive it an hour to and from work, and it was perfect. I am not a huge fan of the Bluetooth calling as I have to yell for anyone to understand me, but it is great for using Spotify without having to be on my phone to switch the songs.

- Elizabeth B

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Review

This car is actually an amazing car for someone who isn't as experienced driving or for a first time buyer. My car gets 45 miles a gallon which is always awesome. I put literally $17 in my tank and that's gets it full. The car is ECO friendly which is always good. I save a lot of gas using that feature. It's a smaller car so I would not recommend if you did have children because of how small the back seat is but it's a great car.

- Thompson T

Reliable Mitsubishi mirage.

Performance, speed and reliability are great. It could be more comfortable inside, but it is not bad. It has good pick up and runs well. It is dependable, and the cost for maintenance is not high. The size is fairly good for a small car. It holds a lot more than you would think just looking at it from the outside. It only requires an oil change every 5,000 miles, which is more than previous cars I have owned.

- Regina N

What's good about your car? Could it be you?

I love my car. I have yet to have any major or even minor problems with it. The only thing that has happened was a tire blowout while driving on the freeway. Other than that the car is totally reliable. But I am sure a majority of that has a lot to do with how well the owner takes care of their car. I make sure I get an oil change right on suggested time. Plus I am way under the typical mileage amount.

- Jennifer H

Great cars, plenty of room for 2 250+lbs men to sit in the front!

We have two 2014 Mitsubishi mirages. One is a standard the other an automatic. Both have been reliable and we get 40+mph during the warm weather. They are both great in the snow. Even though they are small cars we are able to get the 3 grandchildren's car seats in the back seat. After 4 years, we have just replaced tires and standard maintenance. We love the cars and highly recommend them.

- Debbie F

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a very safe, reliable, and good looking car that has great gas mileage.

My 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage is the best car I have ever owned. It might not be very fast on acceleration, but I have never had any technical issues, it has never broken down on me. It looks tiny from the outside but surprisingly very spacious inside. It's very easy to work on. It gets great gas mileage, and it also has bluetooth and backup sensors. Overall, a 10/10 car in my eyes.

- Madison L

A cute, reliable everyday drive!

I love the size and dependability of my car. I wish it had cruise control (as driving long distances is very tiring without it) and that there was a mirror on the passenger side ceiling flap. It feels a little basic on features, but it has everything I need for everyday driving and gets great gas mileage. It does have a little trouble accelerating quickly.

- Erica H

Great gas mileage, no get up and go.

The vehicle has great gas mileage and is overall a great car. The only issue I have with it is that you have to time pulling of places perfectly with traffic as there is absolutely no get up and go to the vehicle. Also, and it is done this since the first day I bought the car brand new, if the ac is on then the car is slow to pick up speed as well.

- Beaumont D

Overall it is small but very reliable.

My car’s acceleration is not the best. It takes the car a good minute before it can catch up to other cars. There’s no arm rest but you get used to it after a while. The Bluetooth is only for phone calls and does not work for music. I still haven't figured out how to work the USB since it is not just a plug and go type of USB.

- Destiny L

Great car!! Awesome mileage!

I like the eco friendly gas tank and the interior is spacious for such a tiny car. It gets good gas mileage and great speed.I like the color and the seats are comfortable. It's always reliable and very often problems cheap and easy to fix. I would totally recommend this car. It's worth the money and holds value.

- Kate K

Small economy car for single person household

It is way too small, hard to get anything more than a few bags of groceries in it. The engine has lag so it's always stressing it trying to go forward. Bare minimum conveyance, no cruise control. Ac doesn't have sufficient output so its always hot. Drives good on the snow though despite the small tires.

- Ally O

The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most economically friendly vehicles out there.

This vehicle is a wonderful economically-friendly car. It gets 40 miles to the gallon on an 8-gallon tank, and while its speed is not the fastest, it is able to travel long distances accordingly. It also seems to have some tire pressure issues, but I've had them few and far in between to notice.

- Chris T

Good miles per gallon, economic

It works well and is reliable. The gas mileage is very hard to beat at 44 miles per gallon. It does not accelerate very well, but that is understandable as it is a smaller car. I like the small size as I am not comfortable driving larger cars. It is cost effective, a very good first car.

- Emma U

Hatch space on long trips.

Turning radius is excellent, gas mileage is excellent, comfortable to drive long-distance the car works really good. Taking the car every year on a trip does really good on gas rides nice drives nice. Not much room in the hat but if you pack it tight you give yourself a lot more space.

- Sherry F

The mirage will save your gas.

This car has incredible gas mileage. It is a small convenient size, you can find a parking spot almost anywhere. It handles well, even in bad weather conditions. It is also not too expensive to work on. Even for it being such a small hatchback the trunk is still a convenient size.

- Kiley K

It's a good car. Could be bigger but it's okay.

I love it because of the gas mileage but hate how small it is. It could be a better car. It needs to be much bigger. I love it though. Its a normal decent vehicle. It doesn't have any bells and whistles but it gets me from a to b. It could be better, it's not the best but it's okay.

- Cheyenne J

A vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage which makes it so nice. This means that I do not have to fill the tank as often as I did my previous vehicle. The only two negatives that come to mind is the tire size is very hard to find at a reasonable price and the weight limit the car holds.

- Tammy C

Mitsubishi mirage, runs good, very reliable vehicle. It is a push start.

I love my Mitsubishi mirage. It is a very small car so I can squeeze into parking spots most cannot get into. It is quite spacious for a small car, very comfortable, and it gets good gas mileage. If maintenance is kept up this is a nice reliable car. Has Bluetooth compatibility.

- Marina O

My 2014 mirage experience.

Small yet roomy inside. Great pick up. Great on gas. Low maintenance. Easy to maneuver. Bought my car brand new although trapped into deal through dealer. Vehicle is dependable. Great for local and or highway driving. Parts are not overly expensive. My car has served me well.

- Pat G

Best small car for your money

I love my car. Good gas mileage and great interior, but the paint is peeling on the bumper. I would recommend this car. The only bad part is the tires are hard to find. Otherwise, this car is awesome. I think it makes a good family car. Better for babies than large families.

- Kate K

It is fuel efficient and will save you money on gas

I like how fuel efficient the car is, how easy you can adjust the radio, and I like how there is no built in navigation system. I don't like how it floods easily, and how dirty the chairs can easily get. The car is also easily scratchable from just the slightest scratch.

- Nicole B

Inexpensive car that saves you with great gas mileage!

I really like our Mitsubishi mirage. This car gets excellent gas mileage, way more than any other car I have owned. I have not really had any other problems with the car other than having to buy tires fairly often. Some parts are made pretty cheap but not had any issues.

- Jennifer W

Great gas mileage. I only have to fill up my car maybe once a week and it takes $18-$24 to fill it up. I've saved a lot of money with this car.

I love my vehicle. I bought it as a good college car and gas car. I get on average around 25-30 mpg. When I'm on the highway I get much better however reaching 40. It gets me around is very reliable. I would highly suggest this type of car to anyone who is interested.

- Tehya N

Great gas mileage no get up and go

Great car with amazing gas mileage. The only issue i have with the car is that it has no get up and go to it. Also when the AC is on it has a harder time picking up speed. This is not a lack of care for the car as it has been like that since i purchased the car.

- Beau D

Gracefully Swift Black swan

It's a good little car to get you from point A to point B comfortably. The get up and go isn't as powerful as I would like it to be. But the ride is super smooth. I barely feel any bumps in the road. The car zooms over speed bumps and dips gracefully.

- Sydney H

Great gas mileage for a reasonable price.

The vehicle I have is a very basic model, so it does not have what you would expect from a more modern car--like cruise control. However, it does have an amazing eco mode, which really saves me on gas. I am usually in and out of the pump very quickly.

- Elizabeth M

Nice first car for first time drivers.

The car has a nice interior. Ac is pretty good and the mileage is amazing. The only problem for me is that the interior gets really hot quickly due to the weather and it takes the ac forever to cool it down. Seats are comfy and the interior is roomy.

- Sahara R

Affordable Compact Car That's Great on Gas

What I like most about the car is that the car is great on gas. On the highway you can reach 40+ MPG and in the city, 30-38 MPG. It's a compact car, so it's not very spacious. The pickup when going on the highway is also very sluggish.

- John G

It is a great economical car.

It is little and suits me. I feel it wraps around me and make me feel safe. It uses synthetic oil so less frequent oil changes. It was the right price with low mileage and my mechanic approved. As for my dislike--no arm rest.

- Alix H

My vehicle is super awesome, great gas mileage and It's super compact and there is not too much extra dead space, perfect size!!!

I love my vehicle, the color is fantastic, it's super compact and fits everything I need, perfect for someone like me, I love the hatchback for groceries, makes my life so much simpler, plus great gas mileage!

- Brittany G

This car really does have great gas mileage.

I love gas mileage. It pays for itself with the savings in gas alone. The size is a bit small. It is loud inside when running, so it is a low end vehicle.

- Jacqueline S

The gas mileage is amazing. I don't drive the most economical friendly and I still average 35+

It's small but gets amazing gas mileage. I love the bright green color as it makes me visible so I don't get hit. Friends love it too and it's very cute.

- Derek P

It's a brilliant color, between plum and pink. You can see me coming, and it's easy to find in a parking lot.

The, only thing I dislike is that it has a manual transmission, other than that it's a great car, with all the room I need, and great gas mileage.

- Candace G

Good gas mileage and that's about it.

Cheaply made. Not good customer service. It has had several recalls. The nearest service center is 30 mins away and they are not very helpful.

- Jessica T

The car does not handle well in sever weather. I bought the car for its color but others need to look at more than cuteness. The cars tires are much to small and i had them replaced with bigger tires.

It does not handle well in the rain and the parts are cheap and often break. The cars seats are uncomfortable. The trunk area is small.

- Laura J

Great gas mileage, easy to find parking, but horrible to drive in snow.

My Mitsubishi Mirage gets great gas mileage! This car is hard to handle in the winter, and feels like it's made out of plastic.

- Heather M

You can save a lot because of the gas.

I like the fact that I can fill up the gas tank with $15 to $20 every 2 weeks. I don't like that is a little weak the motor.

- Noemi M

It gets great gas mileage.

It is great on gas mileage. If I go lower than a certain speed it seems rough. It is very spacious for a small car.

- Kimberly J

The gas mileage the car gets.

It gets great gas mileage so you do not have to fill up as often. It is a very quiet vehicle. I would recommend it.

- Tam C

It has amazing gas mileage over 40 a gallon.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I do not like how small it is. I do not like that it is a hatchback.

- Samantha B

It is great for long trips but it waste a lot of gas.

It is good for the city, but too low. I like the color, the color is blue. My favorite color is blue.

- Ryan S

The Mirage is an affordable vehicle for me. I have it paid off and it gets its job of taking me around town done.

It has a good gas mileage. I love the bluetooth feature. The smart key is very handy.

- myka s

It fits my personality and it handles very well - even in the snow

Love the size and the room.... dislike the lack of pick up as it's only a 3 cylinder

- Teresa A

I can't reach 75 mph, so don't push me on the freeway right hand lane.

It is reliable. It gets tremendous gas mileage. It meets my transportation needs.

- robert g

great gas mileage, small size, handles great, priced right

the size is small but i still can haul a lot of stuff around, great gas mileage

- wendie v

The fuel economy of the car is great. The tank is small but gets really good gas mileage

My vehicle gets great gas mileage and has great pick up speed for a small car.

- William H

Economic fun car to drive

Comfortable and fun to drive. Economical on gas.overall a great little car.

- John C

This is the perfect car for my needs. It is small and easy to drive. With the hatchback and ability to put the seat down you can still transport a lot. It is also very affordable.

It is very affordable and the perfect car for someone without children.

- Kathryn C

It's great on gas and low maintenance

It's an efficient vehicle and gets great gas mileage.

- Courtney S

Great gas mileage and easy maintenance

Gas mileage is great when you get 55 miles to gallon

- Duane M