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Would be the aux, iPod adapter and the Bluetooth connectivity.

The mirage is a great compact car, the maintenance and upkeep is very budget friendly. You can actually fill up the gas tank on empty with about $25 depending on gas prices. You worry about oil changes and tune ups about every six months and that can run you between $35-$100 depending on where you go. It is a really reliable car. The comfortability may be the only issue because it is a rather small compact car, so long road trips would not be ideal in such. Since it is such a small car the engine is very close and actually very loud. If you don't have your radio turned up the entire ride you can literally hear your engine at work. Your back seat is not an ideal back seat, so passengers may feel uncomfortable and cramped during the ride. The cushions are very firm and give you sense of sitting up.

- J B

Great on gas, multipurpose compact car!

Great car. It is so fabulous on gas, I get about 40 mpg! It takes a second to pick up speed but once you get going it is fast. The engine is kind of loud though so you need to have your speakers on high to hear the radio. Heats up and cools down pretty fast. Comfy seats, great windows, pretty spacious in the car. Not a family friendly car though. Cannot fit car seats properly with a taller adult driving. Also only certain types of strollers can fit in the truck. Definitely better for an older family using booster seats/older kids, or for two people. Makes a great commuter though because it is so good on gas.

- Diana C

Good car for getting around town.

The car is extremely fuel efficient, but pays for that by being light weight and noisy. Also, it handles fairly well on snow and ice, but does not stop well. The tires are poor on snow and ice. It is quite comfortable, which is usually a problem as I sit too tall to see well out of most cars. Because of it is small size and shape, it is not always easy to tell how close you are to other objects. I just always assume I am not as close as I think. The car is very easy to maneuver in and out of tight spaces, with a very tight turning radius. The perfect car for running around town.

- Rebecca A

The truth about my mirage.

Loud rumbling that you would associate with a car issues, turns out it is just general manufacturing. Air conditioning and heat slow the car down. One of my favorite things about this car is the ability to squeeze into tight parking spots. Brakes have to be replaced ridiculously often, the tires are difficult to find and often expensive once you do. Due to the make of the car air filters are also extremely difficult to locate. The car is not an American car so the parts are difficult to come by in general.

- Billie D

Great Little Car With A Few Things To Consider

The Mitsubishi Mirage is overall a very dependable car and has served me greatly in a rural setting such as Vermont. The MPG is very appealing at about 35 MPG, the heating/cooling system works wonders throughout the year, and I greatly enjoy the Bluetooth system that recognizes voice commands. However, maintenance can be a hassle as tires have proved to be incredibly difficult to find. It is also a very light car so traversing into a snowstorm is not highly recommended unless time is on your side.

- Jackie S

Best gas saver for your dollar.

I wanted a new car (it was when I bought it) that didn't break the bank and had an amazing warranty with gas mileage above 35 mph. My Mitsubishi fit all of the criteria and I have not had a problem with it. I now finally need to get a new light bulb now that my car is 3 years old. But it is covered by warranty. I love that it has Bluetooth and I have all the basic features. I did not want fancy as I am in my car for like 15-20 on average a day. But seats were also comfortable.

- Heather S

2015 Mitsubishi mirage is a gas efficient, compact car that is easy to drive.

Great on gas and fun to drive. Plenty of room, spacious for a small car. Easy to get around in. Haven't been in any accidents. Could be better about tires, have to put air in them often. Features include USB port and phone charger. Does not have Bluetooth which can be annoying. Nothing else to complain about. It is good for city driving, not recommended for rural areas. The wheels are very small and would not be a good car for snow or harsh weather.

- Sara A

Small reliable fuel efficient get around car.

It is small, fuel efficient and gets the job done. Like I said it is small so I wouldn't recommend it to tall or large person's. It performs as one would expect a 3 cylinder would perform, but the engine is not where performance issues arise. It is a very light vehicle which makes it very susceptible to strong winds or winds thrown off by passing semi trucks. If it is just being used for back and forth within a local area then it is very reliable.

- First W

My very first, brand new vehicle that I love!!

I have a 2015 Mitsubishi mirage. I have experienced no problems in the 3 years I have owned this vehicle! It was purchased new and it was an excellent choice. It gets great gas mileage, but my only complaint is it has a 9 gallon gas tank. It is a small car but is a four door, hatchback. It is very comfortable and has many options. I wouldn't buy another mirage because they made some changes to the vehicle that I do not like, but I love my car!!

- Janice D

For a small car it can go pretty fast without the guzzle of so much gas.

Engine power is good however this cars front window is prone to cracks and it is prone to mold within the car. The safety compartments are reliable like child’s lock and the seatbelts work sufficiently. When left for a certain amount time in park the battery may not be as quick to come on. Make sure you have a portable jump start just in case this happens if you decide to take public and let your car rest a little bit.

- Ken F

Looks good, too, and did I mention how comfy it is?.

I like that it is a four door vehicle and the door can be easily unlocked if you lock your keys in the car, with the right tools. I do not like how when you connect your phone to the Bluetooth the volume is really low and you cannot turn the noob to change that, even if your phone's volume is all the way up. I do like how ever how small and compact it is without making it uncomfortable.

- Ben H

A Small compact speedy car

The mirage is a small compact 3 cylinder vehicle which is great on gas mileage but not idea for tall or larger individuals. it is surprisingly fast for such a small engine. And it is only as reliable as the maintenance one keeps on it. As for features it's pretty basic with radio, CD player, heating and cooling. As stated Earlier it isn't very comfortable for tall or large person's.

- Alvonte W

Small, comfortable, efficient.

I bought the car last year. I had no problems with it whatsoever. It is a smooth ride. It is very gas efficient. The small size makes it easy to fit into small parking spaces. It is roomy enough for riding with other 3 adults and have enough extra space for shopping bags. I am very pleased with my Mitsubishi mirage. I highly recommend it to all interested people.

- Ana P

My car is a purple color and it is distinctive.

This car handles nicely around corners and it is great on gas. Being a small car in the highway can be a little pushes around but it can be handled. It is a small car but the trunk size is compatible with a midsize car. I have not had any issues with my car there was a recall on a small part but I'd didn't seem to be a safety recall other than that I live my car.

- Laurie H

Mirage: the best economy car on the market.

I have had no problems out of my car. The gas mileage is great. The car is not spacious but it is comfortable with soft seats. My car is equipped with Bluetooth, which makes it easy to talk on the phone while driving and control music while driving. My car is very reliable and the only thing that I have had to get replaced are brake pads.

- Whitney H

Great small SUV/vehicle very efficient and economical.

Very efficient and economical. Low maintenance low on gas mileage. Serves as a SUV with rear seats that go down. Great performance and reliable. Will let you know when something is going wrong. Very comfortable for a small vehicle. Downsized from a 4 door sedan to a 4 door small SUV the size of a cooper. A great looking vehicle also.

- Dianne D

The 2015 mirage is an okay car.

I go through tires constantly, do not know why, I have had to buy new tires 4 times in the last 6 months. Also the gas mileage sucks, I have to get gas every other day driving about 45 miles 2x a day. The only thing I really like about it is the Bluetooth music and calling feature. The way it drives is also really rough and choppy.

- Samantha B

The Mitsubishi mirage is the cutest, most efficient car.

Not a lot of problems, I regularly have to use belt dressing which can be tedious, and which means I will need to replace a part soon. Aside from that it is a very reliable car, I am the most please with gas mileage. I typically get 45 mpg, cannot complain there. I use my car to travel frequently so that is been the main priority.

- Emily W

It is not the most beautiful, but it gets the job done.

This is my first car. I purchased this mainly because of Its fuel efficiency. I went on a trip to Oregon from California and had to refuel only three times. The car itself is just okay. It gets me from point A to point B without issue. It's a five seater, but I fold the backseat down to give myself more room to transport stuff.

- Felipe D

It may be small but it is totally worth it.

My car is perfect for a person that does a lot of traveling as the price to fill the tank is super cheap. It has all the features I need to ensure that I can use my tech in a safe manner while on the road. Love the color I choose it stands out in a sea of cars. Also its small so I can get into spaces other cars might not fit.

- Davina C

My little-bitty, gas-saving car,

My car get great gas mileage, better than anything I have ever driven. It is small and easy to handle and it has great get up and go. I love small cars. It is the first Mitsubishi I have ever owned but I do not think it will be my last. My only problem is that it has weird sized tires that need to be specially ordered.

- Jane H

Perfect for long commute, very economical car, gets great gas mileage.

This is our primary vehicle for our daily commute to work. It is small and gets great gas mileage, which was the primary feature we wanted when we purchased it. We mostly really like it. There is a lot of road noise when driving and the trunk is very small. It's a 4-door sedan, but the back seat is tiny and cramped.

- Cindy R

Its great on gas mileage, but poop when you have to go more than 60.

The vehicle for me is a bit small, I am use to larger vehicles. However it is wonderful on gas mileage so far is very reliable. I do drive a manual and its the easiest clutch I have driven. My biggest complaint is it is only three cylinders. Meaning it has no pick up and hits 4000 rpm on the highway in 5th gear.

- Courtney M

The service and overall details is great.

It is a very economical and reliable vehicle. It gets approximal 50 miles to the gallon. The service department is excellent in their service and knowledge. Of the vehicle. My wife and I are pleased with the vehicle and the warranty which cannot be beat. My wife drives the car daily and has nothing but praise.

- John G

Someone who wants convenience style and all around good car. I recommend it.

It's small so maneuverable, good mileage, stylish, hatchback so easily accessible. I owned 8 cylinders before for a cylinder car it has good pick getting on the freeway. People. Sometimes just to ask me what kind of car that. It is. Performance is good. I keep all the fluids changed on a timely schedule.

- Paul D

Cute with great gas mileage but not great.

Computer fails often lights come on and off for no reason. Breaks get gummed up in the snow. Bad handling in any kind of weather. Car does not want to start in cold. Not a lot of space 4 adults max. Not a lot of storage. Does bad in wind basically blows away. Good gas mileage. Aesthetically pleasing.

- Sophie B

Small energy efficient car.

I love my little car. It is very practical and gas efficient. It is small enough to find parking everywhere. On the other hand it is slow and the engine makes a louder noise than any regular car, maybe because it is a three cylinder. Also it warms up very fast but it is not very good in snow weather.

- Claudia L

It's cheap on fuel and can fit in most small parking spots .

well It okay for getting a round in the city , because of its small size but if you need to go in to the mountain you need to look at something better . on top of the tire light never goes out and the trannys slipping on top of if anything hits you the body parts just can't take any hit or dings .

- joel f

My great car and why I think so.

Price was right gas mileage is wonderful great for road trips and around town upkeep is easy and fairly cheap trade in value is good sales people were great l. Great for tight spots and traffic jams xxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxxoxoxoxoxooxoxooxxoxooxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxxooxo.

- Angel W

You can spot me in my mirage.

I have not had any issues whatsoever with the reliability of this vehicle. It gets wonderful gas mileage and has plenty of space. The interior is comfortable and all the features are up-to-date. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants something dependable, and economically friendly.

- Dawn C

You get what you pay for.

The car is only 3 years old but is constantly giving me issues and items that should be under warranty are not. It is a get what you pay for vehicle. The tires have to be special ordered and of course they will cost more because of this. I would not buy another one if it came down to it.

- Amanda P

It is so tiny it is like a little go kart but it has great engine power!

I really appreciate having a smaller car. You can fit in any parking space without worry and your situational awareness is heightened because of how little it is. The only complaint I would have is the tires have to be special ordered because they're so small so they cost a little more.

- Emily B

Our Sylvie the cutest car around!

She is such a gas sipper! It is roomier than it looks. Great trunk space. It is a 3 cylinder so a bit slow out of the gate but once she gets going, she is gone! Easy to drive, easy to park. So much fun! Even hubby like driving it. Looks cute and is a great fit for my daughter and I.

- Je K

Good price point, but you get what you pay for.

Great gas mileage, but lots of road noise. The radio does not turn up loud enough to be heard over the road noise. Tires are not durable at all, I have replaced 8 in about 2 years. Bluetooth stereo is nice. USB port, too. Car sometimes has trouble getting up to speed quickly.

- Tori H

The perfect car for me: easy to park and reliable.

My Mitsubishi is the perfect car for me. It is small, which makes it really easy for parking. It has only a three cylinder engine so the engine is not as strong as other cars, but it works just fine. I haven't had any issues with it since I bought it, so it is been very reliable.

- Abigail T

Perfect for a small family.

The only thing I do not like about it is that it is too small for our growing family. The car is great on gas mileage and perfect for a small family. Another issue I had with the car is the cost of the tires. Since they are so small they are not made a lot so they are expensive.

- Davina C

Reliable, excellent gas mileage, smooth driving, dependable car.

My Mitsubishi mirage is a very reliable car. Very good in gas mileage, good for work. Maintenance is good and affordable. No problems with this vehicle. Very comfortable and very easy to drive. That one thing that I love the most it practically fits in any tight parking space.

- Carolyn F

Dependable automobile reasonable price.

Nice little compact automobile. Gets great gas mileage. Looks clean. Would be nice to have cruise control. Gets me efficiently from one place to another. Is much roomier on the inside than you would expect. All in all I am pleased with the value. I would recommend this car.

- Virginia G

Great car for the money and gas mileage.

My car is very dependable and great on gas. With proper maintenance it has proven to be the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is roomy, is considered to be a five door including the hatchback. I have taken a long road trip and it has made me happy even more since buying.

- Jackie P

Mitsubishi mirage: perfect car for short people.

This car is small, but it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have yet to have any problems with this car over the last two years. The most I have had to do is take it to the dealership for an oil change a couple of times a year. It is fuel efficient and very cute.

- Andrea D

This car is very small in comparison to other enormous vehicles. Not safe.

I love my vehicle, it is amazing on gas because its a 3 cylinder car. It is a cute hatchback with enough cargo space in the back. However the car itself I have learned to be very unsafe. I love that it is small and accessible but it is too small to not be dangerous.

- Sarah L

It is efficient with gas.

I love my vehicle it is a three cylinder car so it does have a slower push, so it is not easy to make a quick turn in front of other cars you have to take your time. Gas is really good, I can put $20 in my tank and it fills my entire tank and lasts a full week.

- Marissa G

Great to get around in locally.

Very small in size. Gas tank is small so it seems like I am always filling the tank. Mileage is good though. Would not suggest car for interstate driving. Great for local transportation. Easy to keep clean. Brakes did not last long before I had to replace.

- Fran M

Great miles to the gallon.

2015 Mitsubishi mirage is such a reliable and trustworthy car. Gas mileage is great. Perfect car for first time drivers. Such an easy car to take care of and maintain. For the Mitsubishi mirage being small on the outside, it is very spacious on the inside.

- Mandy M

Details most effective that my vehicle gets 40 miles to the gallon, its 4 door.

Haven't had any problems with this vehicle yet. It runs great and is excellent on gas. It is very reliable the comfort in the car is amazing. My vehicle handles very well on the road and since I live in the mountains it handles even better on these hills.

- Jay J

Cute car, great gas mileage, lacking in pickup.

It is a good car, we really love how great the gas mileage is! It is cute but it does take a while to get up to speed. It has great trunk space and room for the size of the car. We really like the car overall, especially the great gas mileage and style.

- Kris M

Great economical car. Wonderful gas mileage and a surprisingly comfortable ride.

It is a great little car. It is very basic but it has all that I need. It is sometimes a little scary to drive around big trucks since it is so small some of them don't seem to see me too well. It is surprisingly peppy for such a tiny car.

- Linda S

Great gas mileage. Bluetooth capability and cruise control settings.

When the vehicle is turned on the engine makes a real loud clicking noise. When merging onto a freeway the car takes forever to speed up. The car on the other hand has great gas mileage. Car features Bluetooth capability and cruise control.

- Courtney W

It is fuel efficient. Can go for a bit on a tank of gas.

I like the fuel efficiency that I get with my car. The technology in the car is Bluetooth capable and I do not have to use my phone while I am driving. I love using my hatchback. One of the things my husband does not like is the size.

- Michelle P

Very reliable gas friendly vehicle.

My vehicle is really reliable. No problems to date. Very gas friendly. My only complain is that it is a little slow and gas tank is small. You can fill tank with 15 dollars. Very good family car if family has 3 to five members.

- Jesse C

Great gas mileage, cute, zippy!

I love the gas mileage on this car! It is a little bit stripped down, not a lot of fancy features but it is zippy, cute and the gas mileage is amazing. Overall this is one of the best cars I've owned and I really like it.

- Kris J

It is a very affordable second car for our family. Mechanically sound and Mitsubishi has a great maintenance program.

It's only a three cylinder so the air conditioner doesn't get very cold. Also, it barely has the power to go up the incline in the parking garage at work. Otherwise, I love it. Very economical and the price was right.

- Jill M

The mileage is the best, it is only about $15 to fill up the tank.

My Mitsubishi Mirage is great! I love how eco friendly this car is and how it is so cheap to fill up my gas tank! It is a small car, but pretty spacious inside and the backseat goes down for more trunk space if needed!

- Jill W

Just make sure you have space for your kids or pets if you have any.

The car is really good in gas. It is tiny but pretty roomie. It has a small trunk but the seats go down for anything you need. The horse power is a bit low and should of been improved. Overall it is a good car.

- Jenny M

Cassie little review on car

I have a Mitsubishi mirage and the year is 2015 it's a four door with a hatchback. The color is purple. Great on gas and doesn't cost a lot to fill my car up. I get oil changed when needed very good upkeep

- Cassondra K

She's not the v-neck sex icon you want to spend the night with, she's the normal, kind, considerate woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Mitsi is a great little car. She's small and easy to control, but you still feel safe. In fact, I like her so much that my top consideration for my next car is another Mirage. No complaints at all.

- Brandon F

she is a pretty color and that's what i love most , i get compliments daily. the card is good for the price

love the color (magenta) i love the compact size for parking I love the gas efficiency i do not like the lack of trunk and storage space the rims bend easily and the hubcaps have all come off

- shalisa p

Economy, efficiency, low price

Pro: Great gas mileage & lots of features for such a low priced car. We save a ton on gas and the car is pretty comfortable to drive/ride. Con: Body seems flimsy and easily scratched/dented.

- ctb b

The gas mileage is awesome. You can go all over town without filling up.

I love the color, the ease of driving and parking and especially the awesome gas mileage. I hate no cruise control and uncomfortable ride. It was very inexpensive but also feels that way.

- Julie A

The most important thing about this car is that it is budget friendly.

Nice small car. Inexpensive to repair. Budget worthy monthly payments. Reliable. Roomy trunk. Nice sound system. Keyless entry and start. Very roomy interior although it is a smaller car.

- Christine H

It has great gas mileage, whether in town or on the highway.

Nice compact car but roomy enough for four people. Great gas mileage. Very quiet engine. Is only a three cylinder, so it takes a little time to get to the speed limit. Great compact car.

- LaNell R

Small but efficient little bug.

It's a small hatchback that's only meant to go from Point A to Point B. I have driven her out of state with no problems. However, it's a 3 cyl so she doesn't go fast or merge well.

- Mandee G

44 miles to the gallon on highway easily possible!

It has amazing fuel economy, runs great around town and is small and easy to drive. Also has been fantastic for longer cross country trips as you hardly have to fill the gas tank

- Beth Y

Fits four people comfortably.

It gives great gas mileage. Has lots a truck space for a compact car. Not great for long distance travel. You will have to fill up quite often. Engine parts are clearly labeled.

- Rick K

It is cheap to fill up the tank.

What I like about the car is, it's small but comfortable. It is good in gas and has the eco option. What I don't like is, since it is light, in winter time it is not that safe.

- Stephanie R

It belongs to me and I like it. It is very good on gas and it handles well on the open road. I usually stick with Ford Models but went outside my comfort zone and purchased this car and so far not disappointed,

Love it the right size for me plus its good on gas. The style looks very good and it drives really smooth. This is my first car that's not made in America and so far so good.

- Shirley R

it get over 40 miles to the gallon and is very easy to handle.

i love the gas mileage. i love the very low mileage it had when we got it. i love how easy it is to handle. only thing i don't like is that it does not have cruise control

- george t

The fuel efficiency is well above average compared to other cars.

I dislike the color and the torque. It doesn't have a lot of power or speed. I do like the gas efficiency however, I can make a tank of gas last at least a week.

- Natasha T

My car is reliable and fuel efficient.

My favorite aspect of my car is the fuel economy. It's very good. I do wish it had a built-in navigation system, but for the price I paid, I can't complain.

- K K

I like the size of the Mitsubishi Mirage. It's easy to drive and has decent gas mileage. However, it's difficult to repair due to it's smaller than average size tires and I've been having issues with it wearing out. Additionally, the navigation system sucks.

One of the most important things people should know is that it is easy to maneuver in all weather but winter. It's tired are small and it's engine is weak.

- Carrianne L

Adorable car that drives well.

It is a compact car. Small in size but enough room inside. It drives smoothly. Picks up speed quickly. It is efficient and cute. I enjoy having this car.

- Virginia S

It is not stable on the road during the rain or wind. The car has a tendency to sway back and forth.

Rims and hubcaps come off easily and the car is not stable during windy and rainy weather conditions. Otherwise it is a cool vehicle and great on gas.

- Briana R

It is really safe and reliable.

I love that is it is small and easy to miniver. My car is comfortable. My car is fuel efficient. The only complaint is I wished the ac worked better.

- Brittany L

Reliable gas friendly vehicle

Very reliable vehicle. Very gas friendly. Has given me no problems to date. My only complaint is that car is a little slow and has a small gas tank.

- Jesse G

The car gets excellent gas mileage--even better than the manufacturer estimated.

This car gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive. I feel that it was a good buy for the price. The dealership is easy to work with.

- Anne M

My car is efficient, well-made, and holds up well.

My vehicle is small and compact. I love that I can fit into tight/small parking spaces due to its size. It also saves money on gas, eco-friendly!

- Iruka S

Great gas mileage for a cheap price

My car has a 3 cylinder non hybrid engine. It gets 50 mpg on the highway. I love my car because I can drive the whole week on 3 gallons of gas.

- Larry G

My car has great gas mileage up to 40 miles per gallon.

I like the color(blue), and it is really good on gas mileage. I say I get about 40 miles per gallon. It fits my two carseats in perfectly.

- Norma M

There is plenty of room in the front and in the back.

I like that is saves a lot of money on gas and that it does not seem like a small car when I am driving it. I wish I had a newer version.

- Patti J

It looks luxurious and so good

My vehicle is good in quality. It can run so fast. I use it everyday for going anywhere I like, such as going to work, shop and etc

- ayu S

It is a great car to drive. Does well in all terrains.

I like the gas mileage and the pretty color. I dislike how cheaply it is made. I also do not like how expensive the parts are.

- Lee S

Efficient car with good gas mileage and reliable functionality

Car runs extremely well with no problems with engine performance. Only issue is a service reminder light that never turns off.

- Griffin S

Do your homework on this one.

Just bought this car and already having issues with it. Definitely will do more research before my next vehicle consideration.

- Amanda P

It's bigger on the inside than it looks.

I just wish it was bigger. The gas mileage is good but want a biggest trunk for more stuff like groceries and camping gear.

- Liz W

It is really great on gas/mileage. Compact but still roomy for transport

I like that it is great on gas, is eco friendly and compact. I don't like the pick up speed when starting out in traffic.

- Jackie P

That gas prices don't matter if you have a fuel efficient vehicle.

I love the affordability on gas. I also like how it handles in the winter. I dislike the lack of amenities in this model

- Eugene B

high MPG is a great advantage in a high cost gasoline state like California

3-cyl vehicle which gives 39-48 MPG, better than many hybrids give, plus it was the cheapest car in America at the time.

- mark s

It's great for college kids. I think as a family car you should choose another option.

I don't like how small the back seat is. I did like the price and the gas mileage. I also do not like the tiny trunk

- Michelle F

That it is too small and too noisy.

The vehicle is too small. The vehicle is too loud cannot hear the music. I do not like the size and just not right.

- Shirley C

The fact that i can literally drive for about a week back and forth to work on 1 single full tank of gas which costs me $20 dollars is amazing.

My vehicle is great. Great on gas, easy to drive, very reliable, super comfortable and has amazing sound system.

- Jamiell J

It is awesome. Great around town car.

Gas mileage. Sporty. A bit small for trips. Easy to get into tight spots. Tires hard to get. So are brake pads.

- Angel K

It has great gas mileage and it's really easy to learn about it.

I like the gas mileage and ability to maneuver; I dislike the small size and inability to drive off road.

- Max B

It is a great car if you just need something to get to work.

The car has great gas mileage, cheap to fill up on gas, but acceleration leaves something to be desired.

- Samuel S

It is very good on gas and easy to drive.

I like that the vehicle is small. I like that it is good on gas. I don't like that the vehicle is slow.

- Trinity S

It has good gas mileage but the tires are very small and the car in general is too small.

I like The gas mileage. I dislike How small it is. I dislike The car payment. I dislike the tires.

- Jeryka E

The Bluetooth connection for your phone

I like the Bluetooth connection that my car has. I also like how spacious it is for a compact car.

- Joseph f

It's a small commuter car that gets good gas mileage

A small commuter car that gets good gas mileage but able to move stuff with the hatchback design

- Nicholas R

It is a 3 cylinder so it's good on gas but has a small trunk

I like the gas mileage. I like the price. I like the color. O wish I had more trunk space though

- Kalley B

The fuel efficiency factor.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size because parking is a breeze. It could use more power.

- Christine L

Gas mileage is very good!!!!

It gets roughly 50 miles to the gallon. It could be a bit bigger. It's a very nice car.

- Greg h

It's tiny but it can go a long distance!

I dislike that the console isn't touch screen. I love that It's great on gas

- Valerie C

Buyer Beware if the brakes go before you leave the car lot

It is good. The SUV gets me everywhere I need to go. It was also Cheap.

- Mark H

it gets great gas mileage. it is dependable and economical. it was reasonably priced.

it gets great gas mileage. it's a good commuter car. no issues with it.

- mark m

Price of the car, and the gas mileage.

Has good gas mileage. The price was right. Gets me where I want to go.

- Louis S

it is a tiny car without much get up and go but handles great

it gets great gas mileage. easy to handle. too small.

- emily r

Great gas mileage. Very secure and driveable for winter driving. Much more space than looks.

It has great gas mileage and is small but very safe.

- Lisa T

it's great in gas and takes me a long way on a tank

have no complaints about my car absolutely love it

- ne s