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My current vehicle is Mitsubishi and was released in 2018.

I have leased my car on Dec 2018. I haven't faced a problem since it is closed to 2 years. The performance is quite impeccable with many add features in it. This one has a phone and Bluetooth connectivity which are inbuilt into audio speaker. In terms of reliability it is quite efficient which is good for driving long distance. Done my diagnostic and oil change this year. There were no issues during diagnostics and all the parameters of the vehicle are in perfect condition with no technical glitches and accident. Overall the vehicle is in good working condition. People who are looking for small size car with reliable, performance and efficiency I would recommend them to go with Mitsubishi mirage. This car is good for people who are first time buyers and beginning to drive for the first time.

- Anand K

2018 Mitsubishi Mirage review

The mirage is an all around great vehicle to drive. The seats are one of the most comfortable that I have sat in, which makes driving one of the most comfortable experiences. The 'bubble' like windows and windshield make sure you can see what is going on around your car at all times, almost no blind spots. The car is amazing on gas and only takes about twenty dollars to fill it and keep it going for a long time. Even if you are low in gas it tells you how many miles you have left to drive before you are empty. Also, switching gears is easy. The car is a stick shift with zero resistance. You don't have to yank and pull as hard as you can to get the car into different gears, it is a very smooth process. Overall, the car is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Lyn S

Compact and fuel efficient. This is an excellent, reliable commuter vehicle.

The 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage has been an excellent commuter vehicle for me. It had reasonable price tag and I purchased this to be my main vehicle to drive on my 2+ hour commute daily. With a 9.2 gallon tank and an average of 48 mpg this car has saved me so much on fuel. It's a relatively basic model but it does not lack in comfort or technology. I love the touch screen display, Bluetooth, and rear backup camera. The seats are comfortable and for a compact car it does not feel cramped at all inside. A pro and a con is the small engine; while it decreases the weight of the vehicle making it more fuel efficient, the acceleration is a little sluggish, but as someone who doesn't care about being the fastest car on the highway this doesn't bother me much.

- Clarke W

Cheap, reliable ride for the money.

My car is affordable and gets pretty good gas mileage (it is a manual shift). But, there are many standard amenities. I haven't even had it a year and my tires are already almost threadbare. The wheels are very small which makes every dip in the road a potential rim bender. I have replaced one rim already as well and really need to just get bigger rims/wheels all the way around. I like the rearview camera. My sound system is alright but the Bluetooth function does not always sync like it should. Just really needed a cheap ride so this car fit the bill.

- Dawn D

My Mitsubishi mirage g4 sedan.

I love the 2018 Mitsubishi mirage g4 sedan because well several reasons, you get 43 miles to the gallon highway you get 40 miles to the gallon city, it is comfortable for a small sedan, it has a large space of trunk space, it has a great stereo system factory, although I do plan on adding more, it has advanced technology to wear if you spin out the vehicle will go into brake mode by itself, it is built to last Mitsubishi have a reputation for going over 300,000 miles provided they are properly maintained.

- Marques G

Go kart, Because she is the smallest vehicle I have ever owned.

There are not many problems with this vehicle, the performance is amazing in the way of gas mileage you get 43 miles to the gallon highway 40 miles in the city, the reliability is amazing as long as you keep up with all the scheduled maintenance, it's not the most comfortable vehicle out there but For the most part it's a great vehicle over all, not many features in my particular model for example I don't have cruise control.

- Marques G

The reality of the purchase over time not what expected.

Doesn't get the gas mileage expected and is very small. Am unable to use back up screen do to glare from windshield. The emergency flasher control can get annoying. Passenger can play with as driving. No really good place for beverages. Where located in door hard for drive to get to as he/she driving and the holder under dash is small limiting even average size beverage contains. Is great for small cans.

- Gregory S

Inexpensive and a great ride!

Love it. Drives great, very roomy, holds a ton of stuff. Love that it has backup camera even though it's the basic model and has all power windows. Awesome on gas. I get 38 miles to the gallon. I use mid grade only and it's around 20$ to fill it up. The sound system is great as well as the hands free works so well. All around this is the best bang for my bucks that I have ever had in a vehicle.

- Stefanie F

Mirage g4 is my first car.

The car has a smart system allowing me to connect with carplay which is great. It is a comfortable car, with great turn radius, and amazing gas mileage. It also has a sports mode for when the car needs more get up and go. The only downside to the car is that it does not hold a lot of gas, so even though gas goes a long way, you still have to fill up pretty often.

- Taylor P

A great, practical little car great for daily commute.

My vehicle's gas mileage is its biggest draw, with a consistent 38-40 mpg even in the city. I was hesitant about the CVT but the pick-up and go is not as bad as I was expecting. I have no problem getting up to speed on the highway and the visibility is great. My only complaint is that it does not have cruise control. Overall it is a great little car.

- Elizabeth H

I enjoy my car, the perks far outweigh any minor cons

The gas mileage is insane! I love that the most. Its super cute and tiny for zipping through traffic. Cons is no cruise control and while I think driving stick is fun, my husband is over it. Not the cars fault. A/C blows super cool which is another item on things I love as we live in Florida. It' a 3-cyl and even so I can get her to get up and go.

- Melanie A

Mileage. Difficult getting to proper speed once the car is at a complete stop.

Great mileage. Depending where we go, we only have to fill up once. The only bad thing that I have noticed, when you come to a complete stop, at sign or a light it hesitates to get to proper speed again. The manufacturer could have used a different type of stereo system in the car as well. Difficult to go from radio, CD, or other media outlets.

- Samantha E

Big advantage of my tiny car.

Mirage is a tiny vehicle and that is it main advantage because full the thank cheapest, is easy to park and the air conditioner work excellent. If you are going to travel all over the country and plan to do too much shopping you may consider renting another mean of transportation, but if you want to travel light and economic this is your car!

- Mercedes G

The Mitsubishi mirage is very easy to maintain.

My Mitsubishi mirage is very eco friendly, mileage for my vehicle is low and it only takes about 25 dollars to fill up my tank, depending on where gas prices are, I have had my vehicle for almost a year and all I have had done is an oil change, the car is not too small and it is not too big just the right size even to start a family with,

- Angela H

Great Mileage! Good size!

My mirage has great gas mileage. It takes $15 to fill the tank and I get about 300 miles per tank of gas. I can also go longer in between oil changes than most cars. Even though the car is a compact size, there is still plenty of room to store things in the hatchback. Despite it being small, my son's car seat still fits in the back seat.

- Shy-Ann C

A great little affordable car.

This vehicle is great if you want an affordable, reliable, just the basics car. This car has just the basic amenities such as a back up camera and Bluetooth. It gets great gas mileage and is great if you commute. It doesn't have a lot of get up and go so it's not for people who like fast cars. It seems to do good in the snow as well.

- Dolores D

Great on travel, bad on space.

It is an awesome car with great gas mileage however it's not so great on space when your family gets bigger, it's great for a family of 4 but not so much for a family of 5 and the trunk space is not ideal for a stroller. It's a great car for the college bound to a family of 4, after that it has to be traded in for something bigger.

- Dorothy G

Go buy a Mitsubishi mirage 3.

It runs on a lot of miles with very little gas for mileage. Comfortable setting family members for long travels to visit other family members in other states. My purchase was a great investment my family loves riding in it as much as I do. 250 characters are a lot of things to talk about something. I bought. Shouldn't be that hard.

- William S

Vehicle is a good budget saver. You do not spend a lot on gas.

Car is good because it is brand new but no perks. Very loud when driving and it takes a long time for ac to work. Performance and engine on car is poor. Drives smoothly on the road. The volume on the car is not loud enough. Backup camera is very convenient. There’s no middle console to place your forearm while driving.

- Martha H

The smoothest ride in town!

I just love this car!! It rides as smooth as any luxury size vehicle. It is smooth with turns and is sometimes so comfortable I feel like I am gliding along on the road instead of driving. The only problem I have had with it, is the little bulb for the interior light blew. Other than that, I have no complaints.

- Jennifer A

Mini perfection! Mirage is not a figment of your imagination.

Great gas mileage I do not dread going to the gas station. My family of four fits comfortably in the vehicle. Great highest mileage as well! We were in the market for something eco friendly and efficient and that is exactly what we got! We could not be more happy with our choice in vehicle for purchase.

- Ariel O

The car is great on gas. 20 dollars fills it up when on empty.

It's great on gas. 20 dollars lasts me all week. Its comfortable and spacious for a family of four. Unfortunately, I have 3 little ones, so it get pretty tight in the back for them. I don't like that my vehicle doesn't have cruise control but It's a small detail. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with it.

- L D

The fact that it has trouble on hills.

It is a smooth ride that is excellent on gas. It is gets about 37 mpg and I spend so little on gas it is crazy. The only thing I could even complain about is the 3 cylinder engine. But it only gives you troubles going uphill if you are blasting the a/c. I'll honestly have this car until it falls apart.

- Sara M

Really good car with great gas mileage.

No problems. Great on gas mileage. Very comfortable. Awesome color. Great on road trips. Would buy another but love this one. I love the fact that you can sync your phone hands free. Like the functions on the steering wheel. Love the backup camera. Would let friends know good car to buy great on gas.

- Pearl F

Surprisingly equipped vehicle with most of the upgrades of more expensive cars.

I haven't had any real problem with the car.. my only complaint is that as short as I am (5 feet) and with vision that now requires more light, the dashboard is very difficult for me to see and I have yet to figure out from the instructions how to brighten it so I can see how fast or slow I'm going.

- Margaret D

Best car ever I love our new car because it has so. Many safety features.

We love our car because it has a feature where we can use the phone without being on it. Plus great GPA and we can see as we are backing out of the driveway. I never thought I would like a small car but this car has bet my expectations. I would recommend this car to anyone looking to get a new car.

- Michelle S

Small, economic and great performance of Mitsubishi mirage g4.

Small, compact but with so much space at the same time. Comfortable to take short trips. Excellent by gas! Fits luggage and shopping bags perfectly! Small motor and yet it is incredible it is performance on the road! Simply love it! Lights feature work great at nighttime to see properly the road!

- Selene M

I love the basic model and safety in my mirage g4.

It is the basic model but I love everything about the way my Mitsubishi drives. I always feel safe as I go to each destination and it also gets great gas mileage for a three cylinder car. The interior is pretty easy to keep clean and wipe down. Important while having a toddler in the car.

- Rachel L

Overall gas efficient, reliable and easy to drive.

No problems with the vehicle so far however it is small so safety is a concern. There has been times that I am on the road and someone merged as if the vehicle is too small to see. The space is in the car is pretty spacious considering it does not look like it from the outside.

- Rose A

Perfect commuter and family car

I love my mirage. It's cute, affordable and gets great gas mileage. I commute to work and I'm able to spend less than $20 on gas a week. It's got a surprisingly roomy back seat for a compact hatchback. My friend who's 6 foot 4 commented on how comfortable he was back there!

- Breanna J

It is new so it will safely and reliably get me from point A to point B.

I don't like that the car feels very poorly made (plastic on the doors and interior fell very "cheap"). Though a manual transmission, the car has "little power." I believe for the amount I paid for the car, I could've gotten a better car with a different manufacturer.

- Jeremiah C

Wonderful car, only one concern.

Sometimes my car makes a weird clicking sound when I turn it on, I've owned it for less than a year which is worrisome. Regardless, I do love my car. It drives smooth, the push to start feature is awesome and I think it has decent space considering it is a hatchback.

- Mariam R

The gas mileage is unbeatable. I fill my gas tank probably every other week or so.

I love the gas mileage it gets but hate that it is only three cylinders. I am willing to trade speed for better gas mileage but worry about the lifespan of a car with only three cylinders. The price is great but parts of the car seem like they were made cheaply.

- Wallina S

The Mirage has great comfort and extremely amazing gas mileage.

I love my mirage. I have to travel to work everyday and the gas mileage is amazing. I fill up about once a week and I travel 30 minutes one way to work, five days a week. I feel comfortable in my car and have not had any problems in the year that I have had it.

- Amanda K

It�s white with black inside

The gas mileage is really good also it runs smooth when driving it I love the size of the car. You can drive for a decent amount of time before needing to refill on gas. I love the camera on the back when backing up. It may be small but it has plenty of room.

- Kim H

Mirage car 2018 that I bought.

I love it, I get the best gas mileage and got the best interest percent, the car is a little small but it is a great car for a single person, I really enjoy me car would not trade in, the car is great for everyone and the dealership is great to work with.

- Cynthia C

Despite it's small appearance the Mirage can transport quite a bit and provides a decent level of comfort not usually found in compact vehicles.

Small,compact, easy to drive and park. Great fuel economy, modern features such as bluetooth and rear camera, all while being budget friendly at under 10k brand new. Comfortable for its size. Can transport a fair amount for a compact car.

- Kendra F

I think the best thing about my mirage is the gas mileage I get.

I love my mirage. It is small, compact, easy to drive, seats 4 comfortably & gets great gas mileage. Starts up immediately no matter what the weather is outside. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a small car.

- Angie B

That it's very adorable and it gets extremely good gas mileage. It also has Bluetooth in it, so it's the ideal car to take for a road trip. The seats are very comfortable too!

The only complaint I would have about my car is that it doesn't get up to speed very quickly. But I really can't complain about it because it gets 40-50 miles per gallon! Plus it's a pretty blue. Overall I love it < 3

- Lindsay S

The company goes above and beyond to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied.

This vehicle is a compact car with numerous options. The gas mileage is incredible. Mitsubishi is a very reliable company with excellent customer service and satisfaction.

- michelle M

Easy to drive, looks small but spacious inside.

It is a good vehicle for my day to day use. It is very easy to drive, safe, compact and stylish. Not to mention it is not as pricey as other vehicles within it is group.

- Sandra S

Not much power. Not good for areas with lots of hills.

Put 15000 miles on had 0 problems. Very reliable. Comfortable ride. Vehicle has very little power but good gas mileage. No features really. About as boring as they get.

- Dana W

It will allow me to reliably get from point A to point B.

I hate that it is cheaply made and though a manual, it does not have a lot of “get up go. ”. I regret not looking for alternatives from other manufacturers.

- Jeremiah C

My car is a small compact hatchback that has a lot of room. Looks Small feels big.

For a small compact car it has a lot of room. Looks nice. Very comfortable to drive. I don't like that the roof rack is after market. Over all I love my car!

- Jennifer F

Small. Roomy gas efficient and sleek.

It is gorgeous color and has soft comfortable suspension. It is gas efficient and has a lot of room. My dealership made my purchase easy cost friendly.

- Dana D

The amount of money you will save on gas. I live 8 mins from work and for a full month I have only spent $30 on gas.

It's very small yet fuel efficient vehicle. Although it is not a hybrid it does have an Eco feature that saves a ton on gas. That's why I love it!

- Angela S

Fuel mileage. a the current price of gas. 43 mpg is worth the test drive!

It is roomy for a small car. Great fuel mileage. 43 mpg! Does the job for zipping around town! I would tell anyone it is worth a test drive.

- Mary W

Great mileage. Runs so smooth and quiet.

I am in love with my car. I wanted something small which it is. But so roomy inside. Gets great mileage. I truly have had no problems.

- Jane C

How great the gas mileage is both in town and on the highway.

I like the size of the car, gas mileage I get both in town and highway, the body and color. So far there is nothing I do not like.

- Rose C

Great mpg for the car. Nice size trunk for a small car.

Like the mpg on the car. I hate how slow the pickup is on it. Don't like that there isn't a armrest up front in between the seats.

- Margaret T

It was inexpensive but gets good gas mileage.

Good on gas and it is blue with little wheels and tires it has plenty of legroom and headroom the air conditioner is not to good.

- Mark F

It is an economical car and is great for short trips.

My car is super loud on the inside. I love the gas mileage and the price. The quality of the interior and comfort is very poor.

- Christine L L

It's a gas saver really. That's about the only good thing about it

It's just a tiny car, and there's not much room. There's not an aux plug in, and it doesn't like wind or water very well.

- Christian M

it does not climb hills well. shoot it s a 3 cylinder

it is not powerful, but all i need is a car to get me around, love the mpg, love the air, love the freedom no complaints

- Arlene B

It gets great gas mileage.

The vehicle is great all together there is nothing wrong with it. I absolutely would not trade my car for anything else.

- Jarred C

It gets between 35 and 40 mpg. Saves a lot of money.

Great gas mileage. Roomy for a subcompact. Only complaint is it's noisy. You can hear the road and wind while driving.

- Billy B

I dislike the color. Silver is a color for boring losers with no personality. I love the milage and the overall build of the call. I don't like the bluetooth system; it's just not great as far as clarity goes.

The mpg is fantastic! I get about 45 mpg overall, which is great for people who drive a lot for work (which I do).

- Athena B

It is very reliable on gas on both highway and city driving and it does cost to much to fill up

My Mitsubishi Mirage is a small but powerful car it's very reliable and excellent on gas in the city and highway

- Edward D

The car is very Good on gas and small enough to park in tight spots

I love that I still have the ability to move some pieces if furniture with my Mirage. I miss driving a stick

- Maria I

The car has many airbags and a back-up camera. It also has keyless ignition.

The gas mileage is awesome. It is a fun car to drive. My wife who is ill finds it easy to get in and out of.

- Gordon S

Mitsubishi Mirage Review

Great Gas Mileage Runs smooth The only downfall is that is feels super light so not good for snowy winters

- Becky F

It's nice to drive in the city because it fits in very tight spaces.

I like that it is a cheap car but it does not have any luxuries. I also enjoy being higher off the ground.

- Jessie D

It gets 35 to 41 mpg which is amazing for not being a hybrid.

I like how simplistic the interior is. I love the color and the smooth drive. I love the gas mileage!.

- Monica G

Good gas mileage and great price.

My vehicle is great on gas mileage it is a little smaller than I wanted but everything else is good.

- Cynthia Y

Great gas mileage. Horn sounds like a queef.

It is very speedy and efficient. But it makes me feel like a dweeb when I drive it.

- Haley S

It has great gas mileage, sometimes even getting above 45 miles to the gallon.

I love the rear view camera and the gas mileage. I dislike how little power it has.

- Erik A

The Mirage gets great gas mileage. It is very easy to maneuver

It is really good on gas and easy to maneuver. The downside is it is small

- Brenda B

Does not have a good safety rating but it does have good mileage

I love the gas mileage but I hate that it is so small and has no room

- Donna E

Its save money on gas. It Drives smoothly. Good for one person

It's to small.its to low because I'm tall .its not fast enough.

- India B

Don't believe the bad reviews. This is a great car.

My perfect car. Basic, economical, great gas mileage

- Jim S

What do you find in the performance of the vehicle you drive?

- Charlotte V