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Mitsubishi Montero can last forever - great car!

Mitsubishi motors makes great cars - I have driven my Montero sport for over 18 years and it has lasted over 290k miles. It is a SUV with leather seats and ample space for transporting luggage, shopping bags, groceries, etc. as well as foldable back seat to load bicycles or large bulky items picked up at Costco. The only downside to the Mitsubishi Montero is mileage per gallon - which is between 15-18 within the city, perhaps a bit better on the highway. With gas prices rising, it has me thinking about buying a new or certified car replacement like a crossover SUV. Service on the Mitsubishi Montero is fairly standard & not as expensive as you might think - the Japanese makers built a great line of cars and I haven't had any mechanical issues outside of normal wear & tear expected on most cars.

- John S

The little engine that could.

Its older so problems are expected. It performs fairly well and is still very comfortable to drive. It can take off-road very well, still. Plus, it doesn't have horrible gas mileage. Since it is old, the vehicle does not want to start all the time. If the engine is too cold it will stall occasionally.

- Aubrey M

Somewhat held up car but still works well.

It's a simple vehicle just gets me from point a to point b. It used to be a huge gas saver but now it is pretty much bad. However the paint and body of the car held up very nicely. It's just wearing down. The reliability is not bad but when it needs an oil change it heats up tremendously.

- Gustavo L

My Mitsubishi awesome car.

Most reliable car I have owned very good on gas awesome for all weather types here in Reno. It was passed on to me from a family friend I have had it for 11 years now and I would not give it up it takes anywhere I haven't had a serious issue with it to date.

- Ana N

It can't fit 3 car seats, but otherwise it's great SUV

It drives like a go-cart and I can get in and out of trouble. The only problem is that the back seat only fits 2 car seat and soon I will need room for 3. It's very comfortable for me to drive. I'm 5'2" and weigh 120 lbs and it fits me like a glove.

- Sarah H

It saves gas and drives terrific.

It seats a lot of people comfortably with its all leather interior and 7 seats. It's also not too big so it can drive easily..... The only downside is getting parts due to age..

- Sharon H

It is very old, but it still runs and gets me where I need to go.

I like that it has held up for three years. I don't like that it leaks oil. It also has a bad suspension that will be expensive to replace.

- Trey B

It is a very durable vehicle.

I don't like the look of it. I prefer more of a Explorer look. I don't like that parts are expensive because it is a foreign vehicle.

- Vanessa O

I've always loved this car since my sister bought it. It's nice to have freedom.

Black limited edition, sunroof but old. I actually got a compliment on it today. It was passed down to me from family.

- Samantha H

SUV the best describe. Very nice to drive it.

I leave my vehicle. It has all power. Convenience and comfortable. Wish it still new but its too old.

- Liza A

looks I love the way it looks

looks and it drives great I would buy another one today

- deb C