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Great in the snow, lots of space in the back.

The only major problems with this vehicle is the check engine like comes on and off without any reason. It is an okay family car, however fitting more than 2 car seats in the back in not possible. It is okay on gas mileage, but not the greatest. I love the sunroof and the 4WD option for snow. Overall it is a comfortable car with lots of space in the back for grocery shopping, luggage, etc. It is a little gutless when it comes to getting up to speed. But it does have cruise controller so that makes a big difference for commuting or vacations.

- Mercedes R

Mitsubishi vehicles are very durable and great looking.

I love Mitsubishi. It is a very durable SUV. I have had only one problem with it. And even rough we also have a ford. I would rather drive the Mitsubishi. It is a very comfortable SUV. It is a 6 cylinder and has great pick up to it when want to go. Not like some cars that when at a stop light takes awhile to get the speed up. There wave only one owner before us and they took very good care of it like we are doing.

- Trina C

Overall a good, reliable vehicle for around town and off-roads.

I overall like it. However, there have been issues with the check engine light coming on and off whether the problem was fixed or not. I also dislike how difficult it is for a day person to change the front hubs. It does have great storage in both the back, and I love that the back seats fold down flat. But it does not have the top latch system for car seats.

- Mercedes M

Very comfortable, good gas mileage. Good car to own.

My vehicle has good gas mileage. It has very roomy seats and in the back. It rides very comfortable. I like driving it. I bought it used but it was one of the best decisions I did. I would buy another if I ever needed too. I would recommend to all of my friends and family if they are looking for another car. I am very happy with the one I have now.

- Jamie T

2001 Montero has great space for passengers and equipment.

The model I own is very trustworthy. It works well and warms up fairly quick. The 2001 Montero has a good amount of space inside for passengers as well as a larger back for carrying supplies. It has a convenient feature where the back seats are able to be folded, allowing either more space to be made or more seats for other riders.

- Elizabeth H

It has taken me to and from a wonderful summer job for 5 years now.

It is reliable but a little old. It is had it is troubles. We had to replace the radiator hoses and the fan clutch. It runs but we are not sure for how much longer the clear coat on the paint is fading and it is beat up from many wonderful adventures. I have loved this car and will be sad when I have to part from it.

- Jackie C

Wide, spacious, yet cozy.

Lately I have been having problems starting my car. It takes a few times to start the engine. Additionally, I have been having problems with my service engine light. It has been checked by a mechanic twice and they cannot figure it out. But my car is quite a bit older, so it cannot be perfect forever.

- Sarah C

The cost to maintain a car from 2001 montero can range from $1,000-2,000 a year depending on how often you use the car.

I Like the size of my car and how there is a lot of backspace to fit numerous of groceries and boxes. Since it's an older make I wish there was a screen where I could see navigation instead of looking at my phone. Another comment is that since it's old I dislike how everything is rusty.

- Tiffany S

2001 Mitsubishi Montero limited.

Computer issues. Love it I have got 100k on it but computer is not fixable. Love the size and feel of it and unique look. Feel safe driving it. Love the turn radius on it. Second owner. Reliable and strong SUV. Repairs are high costing but i’d do it if computer was not a problem.

- Donna G

The cloth seats are great, especially in the summer when it is hot.

It is old and it rattles. It doesn't drive well in the wind because of the shape of the vehicle. There are alot of problems with the belts needing to be changed out more frequently than necessary. But the seats are great, very comfortable. I like that they're cloth.


About my medium car it good car to have.

It medium size vehicle it fit all the family and it very good car but part cost a lot for it that it a car do not need if you do not have a lot of money to invest in it but other that it great car to have around you can take up steep hill and up they mountains.

- Jake L

It is the perfect family adventure vehicle.

Acceleration tends to not work as well on older models meaning it is slower up hills. The service engine light appears due to electrical problems even though there is no problem with the engine and does not need service. The brake light goes on for no reason.

- Margarita M

Older, but still good vehicle

This model is a very basic SUV, before technology upgrades were available. The drive is very comfortable and has aged well. With regular maintenance, I have gotten over 200k miles and keep a fairly high gas mileage considering the age and size of the vehicle.

- Connie C

Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Great car overall!

Positives: It has lasted for a long time and generally been a great vehicle! Negatives: Labor can be very expensive when needing any repairs due to the way the car was made. Also, fitting car seats are a challenge due to the way the back seats are shaped.

- Heather k

A great family SUV. Lots of room. It has very good gas mileage.

I have not had many problems with my Montero. The only problem I had was with the transmission. I had it fixed. Other than that I haven't any problems. I love how much room it has in all the seats and in the back end.

- Jamie T

Its very reliable attractively built and works great in inclement weather.

I bought the car new and liked the way it operated right away. I live in the north and it does a great job in the snow. It does cost more because of the gas and size but a great car.

- Diane S

So far, it is a dependable vehicle even though it doesn't have a hands free option without accessorizing.

I love the fact that it is still running. I like older vehicles. I don't like that it's previous owners didn't keep up the maintenance.

- Isaac G

That it carries a family with a young sons and his parents.

I like the size because I travel with my parents. It's good in snow,and,4 wheel, drive. I do not like the gas mileage on it.

- Kelly H

It's very dependable for the year of it.

It is 4 wheel drive, helps in the winter months. It has plenty of room. Very good on gas especially driving long distances.

- Donna F

It is rooming. It is a gas safer.

The back seats fold down so you can haul stuff. It's also rooming. You can fit 5 people comfortable. It has a radio also.

- Maria E

It is a really dependable vehicle.

I don't really have any problems. It is just time to get something with Wi-Fi and better features. Also need less miles.

- December V

It big and set enough people for big family and good on gas

If good car ok on gas leg big for me but good look vehicle and set 5 people and has big trunk enough room for everyone

- Elizabeth E

It very comfortable vehicle.

It is very comfortable and big enough for all family and run with no problem and it smooth ride for the family.

- Elizabeth S

The 01 montero is reliable.

I like the heater leather seats, the room, and the sunroof.. I do not like that the trim is starting to peel..

- Joy T

It runs as well as any older car

Shocks are the worst but it handles great good gas mileage and easy storage setup comfortable and relaxing

- Daniel B

It's dependable and don't require a lot of gas

I love my SUV. Its dependable and can go everywhere. I won't change it for anything.

- kare m

i love the size, back seats have a storage spot under them and they also fold completely flat. Trunk space is perfect!

it's great for kids! no kicking on the back of your seat! and great for traveling

- Kimberly R