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The best SUV you will ever buy.

It has its problems because it is old but it holds together after all its been through it does not look the best but the engine runs great it still needs more work but this SUV is the most reliable one you can buy and it's very comfortable also if you want to haul something this is your SUV as the seat folds down and it give you a lot more space for stuff plus anything you cannot fit on the inside you can strap to the top with ease.

- Ricky L

Nice features inside the car.

I really enjoy most of the features of this car. It is very spacious and had nice upgrades like heated leather seats and a sub roof. I enjoy the 4WD and the 3rd row seating. Plenty of storage in the trunk. I have had to do some major repairs though. Replaced the engine and need to replace an expensive part with the braking system and the vacuuming system. Overall I enjoy this car and would recommend it.

- Macy M

Spacious vehicle made to comfort anyone.

It can drive anywhere on any type of road. Huge trunk or 3rd row seats. Amazing speakers. It runs forever on one tank of gas. Tinted windows and heated seats for amazing comfort. The brakes have never been that great. But overall I would definitely suggest this car to anyone who asks about it. I have had it for 4 years with no problems whatsoever.

- Tye C

Comfortable but money hungry.

It is a vehicle that requires a lot of upkeep. We have had to put 1000s of dollars of work into the car. Performs well if in tip top shape but it's hard to keep in tip top co edition. Love the comfort and convenience of it being a third row SUV but not oversized. Mechanically it has a lot of issues that pop up frequently.

- Julia W

A highlight of this model truck will be the space it has.

I love my truck!! It's perfect for me because I have 3 children and I usually like taking long trips. It's very spacious, easy to drive. I've been having it since 2009. A couple of fixed parts I've put in it but nothing major. It's a little hard sometimes to find the proper parts but it's so worth owning this truck!

- Marisol M

Good amount of room but the electrical issues are insanely frustrating.

When we first got the vehicle it ran fine but over the years we have had all sorts of issues with it. Gas mileage leaves a little to be desired. We have been having electrical issues and that has been the most frustrating. We really like how much room we have but with all other issues we don't approve.

- Amanda M

Family comfortable with 4 wheel drive.

Had very few repairs, just basic repairs, comfortable ride, plenty of room to ride for adults in the back seats. Great mileage for an SUV. Have been on several long haul trips and been very comfortable. Has plenty of trunks space. My family of four rides comfortably and can pack for extended vacation.

- Robin M

Large, safe, family car that is good for trips, moving, people.

Very big. Lots of space inside, can comfortably fit 7 people with trunk space. Good for moving. Very safe. Can hit things/curbs and not feel anything. Huge sunroof and windows. Lets lots of light in. Handles in the snow very well. Rear control heat and cooling. Seats are easily adjustable.

- Jess G

Reliable and strong and dependable.

It is a strong running high performance vehicle very reliable great on gas mileage, no known common issues have done minor oil leak repairs passes smog check runs strong, lots of space very reliable vehicle great for daily driving use has strong engine and lots of life runs long distance.

- Cheyenne C

I love my Montero Sport. It's my first SUV

The car itself is horrible on gas mileage. That's my biggest problem. I fixed mostly everything. I got new tires and axles, new blower motor put on my car. Nothing else broke down on me. This is actually the most reliable I ever had thus far. I haven't had any major problems with my car.

- Rosser N

The third seat is terrific and the back door is big.

It is very spacious. And it is perfect for a family. As I always am driving my kids around to their events. Very reliable and would totally buy it again. Love the huge sunroof. The back door opens and has so much space and also has a third seat. Love it

- Maria G

It is not gas efficient for in town driving.

I like my SUV I enjoy driving and like being able to see over other vehicles. My grandchildren like having room in the back seat, and rear area for all their school backpacks and sports equipment.

- Mary B

Highly recommended vehicle.

I love the extra height of it as I live in a state where we get a lot of snow. The seats are very cushiony and comfy. Lot of room for the whole family.

- Rhonda F

The one thing they should know is how durable it is.

I like the Montero. It's very good on gas mileage. The size of it is just right for me. I got it used but it was in pretty good shape for it's age.

- Linda B

Lola Montez, my reliable Montero

My Montero is a very reliable vehicle. It is a V6, with AWD, and has the ability to tow. She may be a little old, but she still runs like a champ!

- Barbara G

My car has hauled a lot of people, and a lot of tools. It has always been dependable.

I like the fact that it sits up higher. I like having lots of room. As It's aging quite a bit now, it seems to be using quite a bit more gas.

- Sandra R

It has full time 4WD and I have never gotten stuck in the snow.

I like that it is an all wheel 4 wheel drive. It is a good vehicle to have. I don't like how small the cab is, it is a little cramped.

- Cynthia R

It's very reliable and very spacious as well. It was really ahead of its time

My Montero is a go anywhere vehicle quite literally. It has a limited slip diff in the rear and both high and low lock transfer case.

- William Z

It's a good driving reliable car.

It gets good gas mileage. It has enough room to carry 4 adults and room left in the back for storage. Its comfortable and reliable.

- gary M

Mitsubishis are durable and they won't break down that easy.

I like that it is big enough for my needs. I don't like that it wastes so much gas. I like that it doesn't break down easily.

- Alexis S

Happy camper login it in idaho

Great reliability. Roomy cargo. Fits 4 comfortably for long trips. Solidly built. Mitsubishi has not let me down for 15 years

- Linda E

It is a great car and it is very roomy and drives smooth.

I like it very much it is big and has plenty of room the trunk space is real big it drives smooth the radio and air work.

- Connie M

you get great gas mileage for being over fifteen years old

It is reliable the tires are the best you can buy the seats are adjustable you can install a car seat in the back seat

- Evelyn C

Runs great really reliable

No auto tensioner on the belts. You have to do it yourself or they sure know as they get old! Otherwise reliable

- Chris B

Its cheap to buy but hard to keep going.

It needs work always working on it. Eats gas like no other. It's very loud. I do like the size of it though.

- Samantha G

It is paid for and insured.

I love the SUV feel. I do not like not having more seats. I like the sun roof. I like having the big trunk.

- Rebekah G

It always feels like I have a flat, even though I do not.

It is too old. It does not have the new features. It has a lot of maintenance issues. It is kind of smelly.

- Brenda C

Good family vehicle. Great in inclement weather and very dependable

None great car runs well and never have had any motor issues

- Lyss N

It works and gets you places.

Even though it needs work, it gets me where I need to go!

- Haidee M