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A nice black and gray SUV with 16 inch rims and tinted windows.

It is a reliable truck good on mileage need to keep maintenance on it so it will keep on rolling. The features are wonderful and good on gas. And a sporty looking vehicle. There will be problems with the starter, there will be problems with the alternator, there will be problems with the oil pan filter, there will be problems with the valve covers, their will be problems with the valve cover gaskets, there will be problems with the intake, there will be problems with the intake gasket.

- Mark G

My very first vehicle I bought and paid for by myself and truly a blessing!

I bought my Montero sport from a used car dealership about 7 years ago only having 1 major tune up, replacing tires once and replacing the alternator after 2 years of owning this vehicle. This vehicle has been to San Antonio, Texas, Oklahoma City 4 times from my home which is approx. 350 miles one way. Dallas, Texas several times with absolutely no problems. We just keep an eye on all gauges, oil and water I would buy another just like it if I could and would recommend any Mitsubishi.

- Tammie K

Mitsubishi montero sport-the comfy midsize SUV.

The cons for this car are that it overheats easily, and parts are expensive because the model is not made anymore. The pros are the size, comfort, gas mileage. The car is a great sized SUV and the seats fold all the way down which offers tons of room for sleeping, furniture, moving, pets etc. The car also has tons of storage spaces which is awesome. The look of the car is adorable. Great sized SUV.

- Laura K

Storage lots of little places to store stuff.

It runs great. . Lots of storage room lots of spots to charge phone etc. . It handles great ride is smooth. . Tows great pulled 2000 lbs. an hardly knew it was there it handles great in dirt and sand never got stuck. Luggage rack is great had 500 lbs. not a problem tinted windows are great. Stereo sounds great. . Loads of room back seat has a console that let's down.

- Eunice H

I like the fact that it has a high profile. It has served me well.

It is reliable but continues to have minor problems. I've took it out to the lake and enjoyed driving to different places across the country. Overall it has been a vehicle that I would probably buy again. My children drive it around town and it has gotten them through some ruff weather situations. I do not worry when they drive it to short distances.

- Michael G

It's better for families of 4 or less. The back trunk space is decent but not as big as you might think. The tire wells get in the way.

It is a black midsize SUV, I've had it for 12 years and has been a dependable car until lately. It was a great car for about 10 years, decent size and great for moving bigger items. Now with a family of 3 it is too small and has broken down many times in the last few years. This is disappointing because it has less than 80,009 miles on it.

- Steve K

durable, long lasting, powerful

This vehicle has been very reliable to me. I've had it for about 7 years already and never gave me any issues until now but are just lack of maintenance on my side but nothing too big. It's very comfortable, family size with extra seats and extra space, very nice car for traveling and road trips. Amazing features as well. I love it

- Ruby V

The rear air and heat along with third row seating.

This is the best vehicle I have owned. It has taken minimal maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotation, etc. It has been a very reliable vehicle for me and my family. The rear heat and air conditioner and third row seating is great! I feel very comfortable driving this vehicle with my two small children.

- Elizabeth B

It is very reliable oldie.

Its an old model so if it is not maintained regularly it will break down. It runs pretty smoothly. It is reliable because I do take care of this vehicle. The only problem I have is that it needs an oil change more often than most cars. It is a pretty okay car for its age though.

- Stefanie R

Compact SUV that is a great daily driver

The car is extremely comfortable, and reliable for my day to day commute. The car has little to no issues despite its age. The only complaint I have is that it tends to burn through gas quickly, so I find myself at the gas pump often. However overall it is a great car.

- Felix L

Reliable Montero sport. Roomy and comfy.

Needs breaks and its shocks are bad. Has leather seats so they are comfy. It has new tires. It has a 6 disc changer and auto key lock. The truck is very roomie. The windows are automatic. . It is a four door SUV. There is a little rust by the tires. Enjoy.

- Annalise H

Mitsubishi Money Guzzler!

My 2003 Mitsubishi montero sport has been a money guzzler. I have put over five grand into this car in the last two and a half years. Once one thing goes, everything goes. Parts are expensive and hard to come by now that they have outsourced to japan.

- Corey C

The one most important thing people should know about my car is that it is really bad on gas.

What I like about my vehicle is that it's reliable and I know that I will not get stuck anywhere. It also has a lot of room for my kids. The thing I dislike is that it gets really bad gas mileage.

- Latisha A

Its good if you do not have kids.

Space wise it is comfortable. Since the vehicle is old has a details (mostly tech wise) that are outdated, rusty and needs numerous repairs. Also it is expensive to repair and purchase parts.

- Beth R

One if the most roomy and comfortable cars out there

Zero problems the cars performance is excellent also has been very very reliable the car is extremely comfortable especially on long trips plenty of leg and storage room

- April H

You can move plenty of things inside that SUV so long as you situate it correctly/

very roomy, i like the huge open space in the back. i like the look, style and feel of the SUV. Not great on gas, but good enough that i keep it.

- raven s

Its 4 wheel drive, seats fold down for more hauling room inside.

It's an SUV very comfortable 4 wheel drive. Just right size overall. Very roomy inside can haul lots stuff. Steers and drives great.

- Roberta. L

It is very dependable. It starts and runs like a dream. And it is a workhorse, AWD, roomy, heavy duty.

I like it because it is roomy, you can do a lot of things with it, and because it is very reliable. It is kind of a gas hog though.

- April C

The safety features are great.

My vehicle is safe. It is high off the ground. It is nice looking. I feel comfortable driving it off road and on the highway.

- Amanda D

Reliable 2003 Montero sport.

I really like my car. It gets decent gas mileage and it is really roomie. I also like that it is not a bulky SUV.

- Annalise H

It is paid for and has not lost to much value.

Dependable, versatile, nice looking given it is age. Hard to find some inexpensive replacement parts when needed.

- Tom F

2003 Montero sport loaded and clean!

Leather interior, sun-roof, a/c, fog light, wood grain interior, power windows and power locks, tint windows.

- Tony W

It is very reliable and a tall car.

It is reliable (i have had it for 15 years). Good visibility with the large windows. The height of the car.

- Nina J

With this vehicle, the alternator and electrical system goes out a lot.

Alternator goes out often and it burns to much gas. Earlier model vehicles have this problem a lot.

- Nadia M

It is good safety wise and comfortable. Easy to maintain.

I like that it fits my need. Easy to maintain. Very combiner and reliable.

- Savita R