2004 Mitsubishi Montero Owner Reviews & Problems


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My vehicle is the perfect family vehicle for us.

I really love my Mitsubishi Montero. It has all wheel drive which really helps us to get to where we need to be in winter when there is snow and ice. It goes smoothly up hills and mountains. It also does good on muddy or unpaved roads. There is plenty of room for five people to comfortably sit. There is also a lot of storage room in the main back of the truck. The Montero drives smooth and is easy to handle.

- May H

Mitsubishi Montero build for comfort.

Comfortable seating in front and back. Ample storage room. All wheel drive to get through snow and mud as well as climb hills. Seats five comfortably with two in front and two in back. Has a am/ FM radio and CD player. Storage available in the console and glove compartment.

- Me H

Review of my vehicle. Comfortable, room for storage, fits 5, all wheel drive.

It's comfortable to ride and drive. Plenty of space for five people. Lots of room in the main back for storage. All wheel drive lets you drive on rough terrain in snow, mud, or hills. Have not had any problems with this vehicle. Will need new tires before winter however.

- May A

The back seat folds down and creates a massive open area for trunk storage and then easily raises back up to create your third row for passengers!

I absolutely love that I can fit all 6 of my children into my car! My one biggest downfall is that it is rough on gas usage. It rides smoothly and has had no issues since I have owned it, but I wish it were better on conserving gas!

- Aerian S

I like my 2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport overall. It has had a few cosmetic issues that bug me sometimes, the main issue being my seat belts don't retract very well and then they get stuck in the doors. Other than a few little issues, this has been the longest I've ever owned a car and I have no plans on upgrading any time soon.

The most important thing others should know about the 2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport is that when you need to refill the rear window windshield wiper fluid, it is in the back on the right side after opening the trunk.

- Anthony R

Stays strong and goes the extra mile

I love the way my SUV drives and looks. I love the color. It is getting older and having a few issues with the a.c. working and the radio fuse keeps blowing so i don't have radio

- Rachel W

It's extremely reliable! Its ran with the check engine light on for 3 years now and nothing's broken down on it, yet. Not too many problems, just my lack of maintenance for it.

I love it. It's gotten me from point A to point B for five years now. It has over 200,000 miles and it's still kicking. Great car!

- Chris B

Take me where I need to go, reliable.

Its a truck I am not to fond of truck I am a Toyota kind of girl, my son talk me into buying it cause he wanted to drive it.

- Suzette S

Reliable but can use some upgrades

The vehicle last however it's not meant for tall folks and has a tip over warning which matters for safety

- Jessica A

It's been a really safe vehicle

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it's spacious. I like that it's been low maintenance.

- Larry C

Our SUV is a Dependable Tank! Recovers well from issues, easy to maintain.

It's a tank. It has survived through so much and is still going. It's the perfect size for our family.

- Kimmee M

it's perfect for any weather or season whether it be summer, winter, rain, snow, or mud

it drives smooth, have had no problems so far, looks really cool, and is all wheel drive

- adams a