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Family car for family trips.

It's a foreign vehicle from japan. Parts can be hard to find for a foreign vehicle but if you know a used parts place it's easy to find what you need. Drives smoothly and can go long distances. Good travel car. Big enough for a newborn and toddler car seat. Good family car. If you keep up maintenance the vehicle will last a very long time. Automatic with power windows and a windshield wiper for rear window during the wet season. Cruise control feature is nice to have for those long distance traveling and long stretches of road.

- Jasmin S

A family-friendly car with a dangerous flaw.

I bought my 2004 Mitsubishi outlander used in 2008 and still often it to this day. For the majority of my ownership, I rarely had problems. However, in the past two years, my vehicle has started stalling randomly during very hot days. It is caused problems when I am sitting in the middle of the road with oncoming traffic headed my way. On the other hand, the trunk/ storage space is extremely convenient and has been otherwise great for my four person family.

- Rachel R

Excellent quality and service.

I bought in 2004 and I have never had mechanical problems, it is comfortable and all my cars have been Mitsubishi, I recommended to all people that brand of vehicles for their quality and service and prices. From me buy another car, I buy Mitsubishi because I trust in the quality. I must emphasize that I give it good maintenance every three or six month.

- Lilliam E

Mitsubishi Outlander is a Great car and would buy again.

Great little car. Sometimes has issues getting up big hills but for a 15 yo car it is doing great. I have had it since 2011 and have had no major problems. Just brakes but I live in a hilly area so all cars here need breaks. Moonroof stopped working and too expensive to fix on such an old car so can't use it anymore but that's ok.

- Patrice K

This car is old and isn't worth getting.

The car is really old and does not perform well. It vibrates a lot on the steering wheel. The air conditioning also doesn't work anymore. This also might be because the car is salvaged. The engine also stops sometimes so it is a worry that the car will stop one day if it is driven to far places.

- Nick V

I love how much my car holds and is able to haul.

My Mitsubishi is very reliable. Has over 200k miles and has needed very little service work other than normal tune ups. The capacity is great, able to fit a lot of items in it. Was able to move our daughter into her dorm with one trip. Also, love that it gets good gas mileage.

- Sonja S

Just a very good car. No major problems.

Never had problems with this car. 229863 miles. Only one tune up. Handle very good I am the mountain, snow and beach I would buy another even if is used and have a good Carfax. Drove this car 50 miles a day. Took on all vacations. Handles very good J.

- Jesse N

Outlander are good cars. Last a long time.. Very reliable.

No complaints it has 228,520 miles and still runs great. 2 brake job and 1 tune up. Dida lot of traveling in this car. Moved daughter to college. Used to load plants and other items. Plan on keeping still she no longer works.

- Jessie Ne T

The most important thing people should know is that it gets the job done.

I really like the spacious size and the gas mileage is really great. What I do not like is that it is an older model so there are issues coming up (as with any older car). I will stick with this brand for sure in the future.

- Jessica W

It is incredibly cheap to own, insure and take care of in general.

I love the size and comfort of my SUV. However, it is slow when it comes to acceleration. That is my only complaint.

- Kimberly C

Great vehicle to own!!!!!

Had car for over 10 years , no major issues. Love to drive it and it does great on back roads. Wonderful vehicle.

- Heather T

The reliable of the car and last long and not break down

The car runs great, and reliable. The only think is painting and not too many powers. The space is quite narrow

- David P

The vehicle is an amazing vehicle, I usually drive w my father in the car.

It is a spacious vehicle. It drives quite smoothly. The air conditioning unit in the car works splendidly.

- Judy F

its comfortable and i feel safe. i love my car and feel good having my kids in it

i love that its so good to me after all these years. but the ball bearings break a lot.

- Jessy D

The most important thing others should know about the vehicle is that that it is spacious.

I like that my vehicle is a crossover. It is very roomy. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Adriana L

Great Car! Would love to buy the newest model of the car. Great for hauling stuff as well as for comfort. Over 300,000 miles on the car and it's still going strong!

Perfect for those who want the hauling power of a truck but the comfort of a car.

- Craig S

This is a great family vehicle, this vehicle can get you where you need to go safely.

This is a great family vehicle. it has been a great vehicle.

- destiny a