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The Mitsubishi Outlander is efficient, durable, and versatile with It's usage of space.

I love that the Mitsubishi outlander has a huge tank to allow it to travel long distances. The Mitsubishi Outlander is also spacious enough to have multiple luggages when traveling or transporting something big. It's medium size allows for the Mitsubishi Outlander to fit in most spaces when parallel parking. One downside is that the Mitsubishi Outlander only has air vents in the front, so back passengers do not get A/C and warm air until the whole car is cool/warmed up.

- Alexis S

A nice and dependable vehicle.

The car is a very good dependable car. Never had any major issues with it. I did get in a head on collision and rear ended at the same time and it saved me. The only thing I have been concerned about is the fact that the airbag didn't deploy. My other issue is the fact that the roof has rusted and needs to be painted. It has a great amount of room even for adults in the back seat.

- Alison M

Great family car for 4 and all the essentials we need for our outings.

It is a great family car. It's not too big and it's not too small. I like the feeling of it. Its spacious, and it has just enough room for me and my 2 kids. Plus toys in the back or for their bikes and all that outdoor essentials. It has cup holders in all the right places and it's not too high tech for me I can figure it out easily and I know what every button does.

- Vanessa D

I really like that it�s all wheel drive and that it comes with a top rack.

Rusts easy, the wheel hubs go around 150k miles. The oil in it is pure synthetic and should stay that way which means oil changes aren't cheap. It doesn't get great gas mileage. It also isn't great for off reading. If you are looking for a daily driver though it's not bad aside from the gas mileage. Over all though it's a pretty great vehicle.

- Tyler G

A very reliable car. Always starts in cold weather.

My car is very reliable. It starts in the coldest weather. The engine makes noise at high speeds. I get great mileage. It also shakes a little at high speeds, which brings the comfort level down a couple notches. The 2006 model does not have a lot of bells and whistles; but overall a very reliable car.

- Jerome C

Spacious practical car with dependability, economy, reliability line

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the sun roof, the lights, roof rack. I like how I can put standard gas and oil and it has 120,000 miles and it is running great. The trunk space is spacious. The biggest and best part is having room and the air conditioner goes through the whole car.

- Karen V

Love my Mitsubishi Outlander.

While the vehicle is roomy and comfortable the ride on the road is quite bumpy, and the defrosting does not allow for the side view mirrors to be cleared. I cannot figure out how to properly and safely insert a child's car seat - the hooks are available on the seat but not the anchors.

- Shelly C

Mitsubishi outlander SUV 2006.

I have own my car for 4 year and oil change and tires is all have done it has been a good car I have no problem at all with this SUVs. I have had one of my side back windows broken by someone mowing yard, and the windows alone cost $500 so I guess that is the only downside to it.

- Paula K

2006 Mitsubishi outlander se AWD which just reached 100,000 miles.

Very dependable vehicle as long as suggested maintenance is kept up with. Only had two major problems which was oil pump and drive shaft u-joints which both were replaced. Other than that the vehicle still runs and looks good for only having 100,000 miles being that its a 2006.

- Miguel R

My outlander always starts.

My Mitsubishi outlander is great on gas. It always starts (even in extreme cold or extreme heat). I haven't needed a lot of repair work done. It is very comfortable. However, at high speeds it shakes a little. And it rattles a little. It has great cargo space.

- Jerome C

I like that the vehicle is up off the ground.

I really like the ride, height off the ground, head room, cargo. Space, heated seats, ease of some engine repairs, cup holders, and turning ratio. I do not like gas mileage, can not see out the back like I would like for safety sake, and I can hear the road.

- Mitchell C

It is not a gas guzzler while still getting great mileage.

This car has been reliable with very few technical issues for the past 12 years. As long as you are on top of general up keep with the car it will last a long time. It drives smooth and good engine as well. We had to get the brakes fixed after a decade.

- Rebecca C

There is no air condition in the backseat

I love how well and consistent it runs, even after 12 years! I do wish it had air condition in the backseat. I love the size and the dark interior, however, I wish the interior dash lights were a bit brighter.

- Rebecca H

Reliable and comfortable to drive with decent gas mileage.

Over 12 years of owning this car I have had zero problems. It runs smoothly and gives ok gas mileage. Only complaint is that when it's idling, it makes a lot of noise.

- Flo P

That it is a hefty car that can withstand accidents. You feel secure inside it.

The model is a little older, which means it has had a lot of problems over recent years. The AC breaks often. And there is a low gas mileage.

- Catherine L

Great for off-road driving.

The Mitsubishi outlander is an amazing SUV. There is plenty of room and drives great. I haven't had any issues as I have only had it a year.

- Michelle Y

150,000 miles and still going strong!

It is a good size vehicle. It has good handling and gas mileage. But it is older than I like to drive. But it gets me from place to place.

- Chris F

Good for students, singles and couples but find something else for a family.

Not enough engine power and not enough space, gas mileage could be better.... Reliable, has not had many problems, nice interior.

- Trey D

Mitsubishi outlander 2005 suv

Great performance and handling in all road conditions. Functional and spacious interior. Excellent family car.

- Kristi M

It is all wheel drive and handles well in snow. It has great pick up.

We bought this as a used car. we have had it since 2010. I am the primary driver. I love this car.

- Sheryl W