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It fits all my kids and family.

I love this car/truck. It runs really well never has any problems. It's great on gas. It has enough space for me and my kids. It has lots of trunk space for traveling. It rides nice on the highways. Also great for transporting thing. It can also be used to ride through mud and over hills. The only thing I do not like about it is that I does not have and AUX cord or Bluetooth for listening to music. It only play CDs and the radio.

- Charmaine S

It is a very reliable and versatile vehicle.

We love the size and reliability of the outlander. It gets great gas mileage! The leather heated seats are so easy to keep clean and comfortable as well. The cargo area is perfect for us to transport groceries and also loading is a breeze. We also enjoy the option of the fold down back seats making the vehicle even more versatile! The outlander handles well and is a smooth riding vehicle overall.

- Lori S

Reliable outlander with great sound system.

My car has been very reliable and have enjoyed it greatly. It came with a DVD and great sound system. The only issue would be the check engine light is not reliable since it comes on and back off with no action taken. Probably occurred after maintenance at a non-dealer. It is been a great travel vehicle with plenty of space to carry everything we need.

- Karen P

Amazing. That all that I can say.

My vehicle is amazing. I hadn't have problem with the car. I really love it. I bought this car used; but in good conditions. The vehicle has good power and it is secure. If I have the opportunity I would buy another one. Another one new. I love the big vehicle in the Mitsubishi outlander has the excellent dimension to my family.

- Mel D

Mitsubishi outlander. Very comfortable, roomy and reliable SUV.

Very reliable. Only real problem is that the Bluetooth does not work. The outlander is extremely comfortable and reliable. I love the tailgate, I find it very useful. There is plenty of room. I do not like the automatic service reminder but it can be programmed easily. My next vehicle will be another Mitsubishi outlander.

- Linda D

Economical luxury SUV that does not disappoint.

It handles well. I like the way the interior is designed with an extra cup holder for the driver in the dash to the left of the steering wheel. I like the music server that keeps your CDs on a hard drive. As a 6 cylinder, small sized SUV, it has enough power to accelerate and is reasonable on gas mileage.

- Anna F

Crappy made car that always has problems.

My car is horrible. I've had nothing but problems with it. The sway bars had to be replaced, my catalytic converter is messed up. I get a recall notice for the car about once a year. It's ridiculous. I would never recommend a Mitsubishi to anyone. I wish I never bought it. It's a waste of money.

- Elisabeth M

Love my outlander: why my 3007 Mitsubishi outlander is the perfect vehicle.

Roomy enough for our family of 7. The leather seats are super comfortable and the heat/cooling system works very well. The radio and navigation system are an added bonus that I greatly appreciate. My kids love to sit in the way back which is surprisingly big enough to accommodate car seats.

- Susan R

2007 Mitsubishi outlander, a good choice for families.

The 2007 Mitsubishi outlander has great acceleration. The chairs are comfortable, and it is to readjust them. I have had no issues with performance. The fuel economy is average. However, it has a lot of cargo space for it is size, especially if you have kids and need that extra room.

- George S

The Journey of a Mitsubishi.

It is an older car but it performance is very good, I keep the maintenance up on it and good tires. It has a third row seat, and plenty of space for seating. At some point and time you have to do maintenance on the sunroof. The back row seats fold down for more room for luggage.

- Robin L

Relax and enjoy your safe ride in your Mitsubishi outlander.

The back seat provides sufficient leg room for the passengers. There is an additional seat behind the passenger's seat for additional seating. There is plenty of storage room. Additional space is available by dropping the passenger seats. Safety is tops with multiple air bags.

- Darlene K

2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.

I haven't had any problems with my car. It's a smooth ride as long as you keep up maintenance. It's good on gas in my opinion and it is reliable. We brought my car brand new over 10 years ago and I do not plan on trading or selling anytime soon. I absolutely love my car.

- Felicia G

Good reliable vehicle. Trustworthy is it is middle name.

Has been a reliable car. Little maintenance other than normal oil changes. Had some headlights go out more often than usual. Good vehicle over all. Sometime later have issues with defrost not turning on all the time but might be because of switch. . Good gas mileage.

- Ron M

Mitsubishi outlander xls is an incredible SUV.

Super comfortable seats with heat. Sunroof and accessories are all very nice. Roomy yet compact. I can fit 5 children comfortably!! Leather interior, easily foldable seats and good on gas. Audio system is of excellent quality and many different outlets for charging.

- Susan R

2007 Mitsubishi Outlander - Roomy and comfortable

My car has been very reliable. I've had no problems with it. It has been comfortable for my family of 4 for the last 11 years. With the ability of the back seats to fold forward, we have been able to fit some pretty sizable items when needed.

- Lyndsay H

Good family car, yet it has no external surface to temporarily rest things on.

Great family vehicle! Spacious, sturdy. One problem. Chassis design does not allow for setting anything on the vehicle in the case you need to free up your hands to secure a child or something else in the car.

- Melissa B

It is a very safe and comfy family car. If you go on countryside trips often, this is your car.

I like the space it provides inside. It is also very durable, it's taken its fair share of hits. My only complaint would be with the engine parts not being so durable, but I guess it's in part due to age.

- Neil H

It is a reliable and safe family car!

Comfortable seats! Perfect amount of space and storage for a family of 4. Drives so nicely, suspension is not rough or bumpy but you still get that keep feel. Very comfortable and cute!

- Samantha J

Good car, parts hard to get.

The biggest problem with this vehicle is getting parts. The nearest Mitsubishi dealer to me is over 50 miles away. Thankfully it's been a relatively good car without many breakdowns.

- Cherie S

good on the road and very trustworthy. i will be getting the same vehicle soon, next year, after the electric has gone through its first year

i love my car, i only hate that it is not like a saturn when someone or something hits it. people have left scratches and dents. i hate that the paint is peeling

- janine p

My Mitsubishi Outlander is grey

My Mitsubishi Outlander has been very reliable reaching over 270,000 miles and still going. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a car

- Liam W

It was reliable. It lasted for years without any issues.

It has run fine for several years. Everything messed up at one time with the engine. It gets me to work and back home only. It is on its deathbed.

- Sandra W

they are made very very well, with a lot of pride.they are all over the world,and they have a good overall quality

i like the four wheel drive,i like the interior,i like the looks,the motor has a lot of pep. i dislike that the radio has stopped the play of AM


Outlander keeps rolling on little gas.

No major problems, get good gas mileage, and for the time period all accessories work fine, the only problem is the a/c fan gets loud at times.

- Joe S

It was extremely reliable up until 150k miles.

It has jerky acceleration. Higher than average road noise. Parts are difficult to obtain for repairs. Due to its age, repairs are constant.

- Ariel J

It is comfortable to drive in with four people and can haul things pretty well

I love the size and that it does not feel like I am in a minivan but it is not low to the ground like a car. The cargo space is great.

- Stacey B

The car has a noisy engine, almost like a sports car. If you're into that sort of thing. I like my Mitsubishi in the color I have

The window still needs to be fixed because the dealership didn't tell me that it didn't work. But other than that I love my car.

- Caitlin M

It not to big and not to small.

My vehicle is very roomy and has a third row seat which is very good for children. Great performance and good pickup. Love it.

- Robin M

Perfect height to get in and out of

No aux nice seats good gas mileage sturdy roomy for multiple passengers poor headlights cd player if that's what you're into

- Lilly L

it's a great mid size car, seats fold down to make more room

i love the size of it and that fact it's great on gas. i havent had to have much maintenance on it. it's very dependable

- lynn j

It's got cold air and very durable.

Like all the room but it is pricey on gas. I think the car runs great and haven't had any real problems with it yet.

- Suzanne S

very dependable and looks great

I love how dependable it is. I also like how comfortable it is. Another thing I like is the great mileage it gets.

- Dawn F

Outlasts all the competition

Has held up well. Over 300K miles. Replaced the starter twice, and the battery a couple times. No other problems.

- James P

It is reliable. I drove it in the snow for 10 months and back to florida.

The car is easy to drive with good gas mileage. Storage in the trunk is great for carrying items to the beach.

- Susan N

Great in snow or rainy roads.

It has enough space to carry multiple items and an extra third seat for additional passengers. Easy t drive.

- Darlene K

It runs great. It's in great condition.

I love my car. It's old but still runs very good. The only thing I wish it had is a way to connect my phone

- Daelee T

i like the fact that it had a built in dvd player, although i wish it had headphone jacks so the backseat passengers could listen quietly insteading of needing the car radio. i like the sun roof. i dislike the fact that it takes 89 in gas. it can really add up quickly when gas goes up

It takes 89 in gas instead of the normal 87. there have been some recalls on the car about the sunroof

- Takeeta S

It is all wheel drive. It does not handle quite as well as a Subaru. It's still a good car for the money.

It's an all wheel drive vehicle. It has a third row seat I can fold out. And it's a nice car to drive.

- Nog C

Great car. Excellent in all weather

My outlander has been great in all weather. Fantastic in the snow. Dependable, roomy, comfortable.

- Karen O

This is my third Mitsubishi in 25 years. They are made very well. I love this make of automobile.

Made very well. They hold up and are easy to maintain,

- Robin D