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Grocery getter that�s suitable for college students

The 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander has been a very reliable car and haven't had many problems! It's a v4 engine so the mileage per gallon are higher than most SUVs. As for features I like how deep the car is inside the roof is higher up than most cars. In the back there's ton of room to store things including a indent in the floor to store more. It also has a tailgate that folds down making packing large stuff in the car easier! I have the one with leather seats and while it does get hot in Florida it's nice to have the leather for cleaning ease!

- Christian D

Great running 2009 Outlander

Performs very well, even in rain and snow. Had the car for 5, almost 6, years and never had to worry about the car not starting or having any running issues. Seats are like race car seats, so while I find them comfortable, others may not. Can link my phone via bluetooth or an audio cord. Currently having issues with the muffler and the air conditioning.

- samantha h

Overall I find it to be a good vehicle.

Overall this vehicle has been good. Tires are expensive because of the sensors. Gets good highway gas mileage. Lots of recalls. It has enough room for my family and all our luggage. I have also hauled many things. I do not like the in town gas mileage. I appreciate how quickly it warms up in the winter and cools off in the summer.

- Jessica H

Great overall for any size family.

Really no issues beside exhaust had to be replaced in 2016. Love the sunroof and heated seats. It even has a tailgate you can put down to fish or just hang out on. No serious issues and very durable. Fits everything I need baby and dogs! Gas mileage is good! Sound system is great! Even room up top for kayak or storage.

- Samantha L

A few mechanical hiccups, but overall love our vehicle.

We loved our car, until we expanded our family. It is a hassle to get to the third row. Our ac has gone out twice, and we already had to put 3000 to fix some mechanical issues since having this vehicle two years. We do love the way it drives, and how we feel safe in it.

- Kayla G

It has a lot of cargo room.

It is comfortable to drive but the Bluetooth is hard to program. The programming system is too complex. Other cars are easily to use. Usually one button to push programming. This system taking multiple functions and it does not erases old phones if you switch numbers.

- Colleen R

Great engineering, good capacity, reliable and good on gas for its size

This Mitsubishi outlander has been a tremendous vehicle for long trips and just getting around town. It seats 7 people if needed and has good towing capacity for small trailer. We bought it used but have had to do minimal maintenance on it.

- Amy R

This car is truly a wonderful car. I always feel safe and I think it was a great value for the money paid.

I love that my vehicle is a crossover. A lot can fit in it but still manageable for my young children. I love that it's still a smooth ride just like when I bought it. It doesn't need a ton of work which is nice. It's very reliable.

- Kirsten B

Moonroof great. Very comfortable when my sixteen began driving. Family friendly.

Problems with ball joints several times. Now that I am in high mileage I am experiencing starter problem, as well as a front end alignment. But with over 200, 000 miles. I would definitely purchase another one.

- Janice K

Outlander economic for families.

Spacious, silent, fast response, good for families. I have had a lot of issues with the electric of this car. Radio and GPS stopped working from suddenly. In an overall a very economical and good car.

- Markus M

Amazing car for family with few problems.

Pros: smooth driven, comfortable seats, economic, beautiful design. Cons: have had several issues on the electric of this car, radio and GPS stopped from sudden, not very silent.

- Markus M

It has been very reliable and has not needed many repairs.

I like the size of the car. It has a sunroof which we love. I wish it had a third row. I also wish there were air vents in the back seat.

- Amanda E

Its a 4 cylinder so good on gas, but is still a 4 wheel drive.

Fits the whole family. it's a 4x4, and its paid off. 3rd row seating. Side airbags. Could be bigger, and I would like front and rear ac.

- Eric D

It is a very dependable car.

I like that it is very cheap on gas. It is very spacious for all kids. I do not have no problem with the car.

- Kelly K

Nothing extraordinary about the car. It gets us where we want to go.

It has been reliable with very little car problems. Interior rather cheap. It gets fairly good gas mileage

- verna E

drives nice and good sound system. very safe for me and my family

like-4 wheel drive and good gas mileage bad: a little small, I don't like the gas level gauge

- brooke f

The paint job is messing up just like the Galant I owned.

It is very roomy. The paint job on it is messing up. Drives really well.

- Crystal C

Good fuel economy, comfortable ride, very few blind spots.

Good all-around crossover vehicle. Comfortable ride. Good factory audio.

- george c

It's a great car to drive but the hands free doesn't work

It gets great gas mileage and is large enough for the whole family

- Sarah C

the security and safe life

I like because is big space. Is security. and not are expensive.

- yazmin L

It is a smooth ride not much bounce

It has good back support and rides very smoothly

- Patricia S

Excellent, quality SUV with all the extras.

I love this SUV! Has all the bells and whistles.

- Jeff w