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I think everyone should know that although it's not a huge car on the outside, it still has an incredible capacity to carry cargo, both in and on top of the car, and it's pretty durable.

Correction- I have an Outlander Sport, but there was no option to select that from the drop down menu. I absolutely love the panoramic moonroof with adjustable brightness track lighting. I love that it came with Rockford Fosgate sound system with built-in factory stock subwoofer. I like that it is a 4-cylinder engine so it's pretty good on gas and it has AWD. I don't like that there have been SO many factory recalls on the car and that pet hair is so hard to get out of the sport cloth seats. My only other problem is that it takes synthetic oil, so each oil change I get costs me about $100. Otherwise honestly I don't have any complaints.

- Tyler H

Both reliable and fun to drive.

I love my car because of its extremely good handling and responsiveness. It has a small turning radius so it is easy to park and maneuver. While it has a small footprint for exterior making parking more convenient, it is very roomy with plenty of both head and leg room inside in both the front seat as well as the second seat with good storage space at the hatch. It is very reliable and low maintenance. Plus it features a great sound system with an onboard music server. I really enjoy the moonroof too. The heat and air conditioning respond quickly and the heated seats are wonderful in the Midwest winter.

- Dawn W

A great crossover for everyday driving.

The Mitsubishi outlander sport is a delightful car to drive and great for winter driving. The ability to switch between four-wheel drive and front wheel is invaluable. The turning radius is about where it is to be expected for a crossover--poor but not too poor. There's also a lot of great features for being a 2011. The DVD player, CD player, and the panoramic moonroof are a hit. I will say that it does not handle as well as I wish it did. The gas mileage is not the best even at low speeds. Still, I enjoy this vehicle.

- Holly B

Outstanding outlander sport SUV.

With barely sixty thousand miles and no issues with engine or transmission this sport utility vehicle runs like it did brand new and is the most reliable used vehicle you can imagine for the miles. . With four doors and bluetooth enabled the entire family can ride in comfort and style. There is plenty of space for storage and front folding rear seats to move any medium or large sized items. As a four speed transmission this model gets great gas mileage and is environmentally friendly with the eco assist engine.

- Dave B

Get eco friendly gas vehicle with featured nav system.

The vehicle has not had any major problem. In the 7 years, I have only had to replace a battery. It has been reliable. The feature I like the most is the nav system because it offers much more. I like the maintenance feature which helps me keep track of when items should be taken care of in the future. The comfort is okay. If I were to buy another model I would choose lighter interior since items seem to get lost among all of the black interior.

- Lucinda L

Mitsubishi outlander sport.

This car is very reliable and get pretty good gas mileage. I have owned it for over a year and it was even used when I got it and it still runs great. I have noticed that since it has an automatic eco setting that is always on, that sometimes going up a hill will slow you down a lot more than it should. I would recommend the more expensive oil change also because regular oil burns through this car so quickly.

- Samantha N

2011 Mitsubishi outlander.

I have never had any problems with my outlander sport. Very comfortable, easy to operate and feels like an extremely safe car. Love the power features and the Bluetooth feature for pairing with musical devices. It is great for long drives and the manual "wings" for gear shifting is a great feature, especially when driving through the mountains. Maintenance is very low and inexpensive.

- Morgan L

It is a gray four door. SUV vehicle. It's very roomy.

I like the space inside the vehicle for comfort. I seats adjust to lean back. I like the head rest while driving. I do think that it burns a lot of gas. I like the key lock automatic doors. I like the space and extra seat space in the back. The vehicle rides smooth. I like the way the vehicle sits up high compared to a smaller vehicle.

- Esther K

Why I love my Mitsubishi outlander.

Very reliable, I have never had a mechanical issue. Regular servicing ensures performance is up to par. I drive 500 miles per week therefore the vehicle is a workhorse. The tires are a special size and sometimes has to be ordered. It is keyless, a feature I like because my keys are always lost somewhere in the bottom of my bag.

- Dee A

Spacious interior, good fuel economy, great safety ranking.

This vehicle has amazing extra space in the back seats, the trunk has plenty of space, drives very well in any weather, has heat seat for passenger and driver. Has a great radio system, very economic in gas per mile. Great for families or first time driver. Very safe to drive. One of the best cars I have driven.

- Susy M

Best average car ever, be different.

There is not a lot of power in the engine. Essentially there is no pep, when I try to accelerate, there is not much going on in the hood region. Overall decent car. Safe and easy to drive. Base model stereo is not great along with the speakers. But I have driven over 100k miles and it still runs pretty smooth.

- Chandler S

Family and pet travel vehicle.

Vehicle has great gas mileage and very few issues. Easy to take care of and easy to clean after my two dogs. Lots of room for my Saint Bernard and easy to travel with since seats can go flat. The drive is smooth but after so long the shocks go out. So far mine is at 136k miles and still going strong.

- Brit Z

Great size and comfortable.

Love the push start and features of the outlander sport. The size is great for our family of 3 needs. Great for to/from school and long trips across country. Gas mileage good. Only complaint is the dealership for service left our area so must drive further than what I would like for service.

- Kc F

Good car minor issues. High miles .

The car is a good car! I have drove it across the country twice and made number of trips. I have about 150,000 Miles on it and really haven't had any problems. Right now I am having issues with my front brakes, some electric issues in the card, and my drive side door is catching water.

- Amanda L

Cool looking Mitsubishi Outlander.

I love my roomie SUV, it gets great gas mileage. I have a great warranty. I wish it had the extra seats in the back. I wish hands free would have been included in total price. The ac could blow colder. It makes a lot of wind noise because of the cool front grill, I do not like the noise.

- Leticia D

If you drive it sensibly, you will get good gas mileage.

I like it because it is a roomy car for people I like it because if you only had 2 people in it, you have enough room for "stuff". I dislike it because if you have to use the 3rd seat it can be uncomfortable for the people in the 3 seat and you cannot have extra "stuff".

- Judy O

Good family vehicle, check it out!

I really like this car, it is dependable and rides well. It also handles well in the snow. The interior is comfortable, but not luxurious, and offers lots of room for everyone. The 3rd seat is nothing more than a short ride fix for a little kid but still works.

- Karen M

I love this car! Seems basic, but has some quality features.

4 cylinder automatic transmission with up/down shift paddles on steering wheel. Powered sunroof, Bluetooth, automatic windshield wipers with rain sensor. Automatic headlights with sensor. Purchased with only 11, 000 miles on it, and it has been very reliable.

- Matt B

It has been ranked consistently as one of the safest crossovers.

I love having the 4 cylinder turbo for good gas mileage with strength. I like the SUV height off the ground. My only two complaints are there is no dual ac system for the back rows and the third row is a jump seat as opposed to a full third row.

- Apryl H

It is smooth to handle. It is a type of car that can go at incredible speeds.

I love the fact that I can come to Bluetooth with ease. It is a sports outlander so it also drives pretty fast and the breaks are smooth. Lastly, I enjoy the build of it. It is not a van but it is not a small call either. It is just perfect.

- Samantha D

The gas mileage is the most important thing.

Like that it gets great gas mileage. Dislike the dark interior of the car. The only complaint is with the dark interior I feel a little boxed in. Maybe if I had purchased a sunroof I probably would not feel as boxed in as I do.

- Lou L

It was only made the year I purchased! Distinct color. It represents me to a tee!

My vehicle is a sport. Not too big, yet not too small for my family's lifestyle. Fits five people comfortably. Has nice truck space. I love the color. I don't like that it takes longer than most cars to accelerate.

- Nicole Y

2011 Mitsubishi outlander sport

2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Very reliable. Great on gas. Average 28 mpg. Owned car for 6 yrs with now 98,000 miles. Never had any mechanical issues whatsoever. Great features for the price of the vehicle.

- Rachel D

This vehicle is great for small families.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle, other than a couple of minor recall notices. It's very reliable and great on gas. It also has some modern day features, such as Bluetooth Technology.

- Marcia B

It makes you feel safe! A car reversed into mine and the dent popped right back out, multiple times. I like that.

I like my vehicle because it has bluetooth capability and for me it's spacious on the inside. I don't like that I can't really see over the steering wheel so sometimes I have to use a pillow.

- Alyssa T

It's comfortable, reliable and has great gas mileage!

I love the size- it's perfect for our little family and is big enough to accommodate groceries or other big purchases. It's comfortable, runs well and gets great gas mileage.

- Meg L

People should know that my car is very reliable and durable

My car has heat warming seats and the gas mileage is about 26 miles per gallon. The comfort is good. I would the price is a little high per features. The car is very reliable.

- Jenna K

It is reliable. It is kept up to date on everything from the tires to the brakes.

My vehicle has yet to have any recalls unlike many cars on the streets. It is reliable and works best for me. In addition, I feel comfortable driving short or long distances.

- Jay H

Good gas mileage and dependable car.

This vehicle is a good vehicle. And has nice third row seats. We have had to put a little money into it for general labor but overall good car. Good gas mileage. Dependable.

- Ashley P

It gets great gas mileage.

to small for my family. We use the car a lot and it gets cramped sometimes with all of us in there. Especially if we are traveling and have all our stuff packed into it.

- Ashley M

it doesn't seem to be as efficient as it is because it does so many things and It's cheap

I like that It's a lightweight vehicle. It's a five passenger but with an optional third row seats making it 7 when we need it. for being a SUV it gets great gas mileage

- kristy B

It is sporty and fun with lots of room inside.

The fuel economy is much better than the Chevy Tahoe I had previously, which is a huge savings. While the engine has good pickup, it is a bit loud when it revs up.

- Nathan M

Smooth, Unique Push Button

It's a really good car if you keep up the maintenance. The upkeep is average for a foreign car. I've had my car for 7 years and I've never had any major problems.

- Takeia G

The car drives very well, and has plenty of room. Sometimes parts for it can be harder to find due to the kind of car it is.

I love the way it looks and drives. It drives great on the back roads and mountains where I live. I trust that it will get me too and from my destination safely.

- Katelyn H

It is reliable. It sits comfortable, even on longer trips. It is good for a taller person.

I haven't had any problems. Just done regular maintenance. I find it very comfortable. I like that the tailgate fold down, to make it easier to load my dogs.

- Doris S

Gas mileage is very important to me

The lightweight so the gas mileage is great! We have an optional 3rd row seats which we use a lot. It drives good in the winter and we live in New England

- Hannah D

Outlanders are very dependable and durable vehicles.

I love the way my outlander drives. It has the versatility of an SUV but is not bulky. It is very stylish. I feel that my car fits my personality.

- Jo L

this vehicle is the most reliable car i have ever driving!

I love it because It's amazing in the winter time and i'm not scared to travel in my car. Or bring my kids in my car i know It's reliable and safe

- Jessica L

I love my outlander sport due to all the extras that came with it.

I love the automatic windshield wipers. Also, the automatic climate control. I just set a temperature. Have push button start is really nice too.

- Jenny S

Dependable, small SUV equipped with style and comfort!

Love my Mitsubishi! Always reliable and the perfect size - nice and roomy for packing for road trips, but not so big that it makes it difficult.

- Lindsay G

An oil change is very expensive since it takes full synthetic oil.

I love the openness of the back, I do wish it had a sunroof and stow and go seats but for the size of my family it is a great crossover vehicle.

- Jennifer S

It is a quality vehicle!!.

It has been very reliable and dependable. No mechanical problems yet. I dislike that it does not have all wheel drive.

- Christina L

I love the space it has in the trunk area. I love that I can hook up my phone via Bluetooth very easily. My husband believes it's a little on the small size for him. I am a small person though, so it works great for me.

I would definitely say the Bluetooth capability. I love being able to hook up my phone and play music, books, etc.

- Merri S

It is very big and very hard to park.

I love the gas mileage. It's a comfortable ride. It handles very well in the snow. I dislike the hauling space.

- Christine R

It is very a dependable automobile.

There are no complaints I love this car.. It has been very reliable.. Have had no major work done to this car.

- Debbie A

It has a lot of mechanical issues and the warranty doesn't cover as much as you think it does.

Uncomfortable seating, not a lot of space. It does. It have a lot of power and does not perform well in snow.

- Kim P

it's been a good car for a vehicle i bought used

the car os a life safer however i have had trouble with the mother and the air conditioner had been a problem

- paula r

It is a very dependable car, that also it runs great

I love our Outlander, it is very dependable. It looks great. It also is nice and roomy without being too big.

- Dawn C

most reliable vehicle that I have owned

I like everything about my car. It is dependable and have not had any serious mechanical issues or concerns

- christina A

It is gas efficient. There is a lot of power for a 4 cylinder vehicle.

It is a sport model. I like that it is gas efficient. I like that it is big enough for my family.

- Tim S

It can be changed to 4WD.

I love that it's not too small or too big. The color of blue it is. The trunk is specious.

- Siera M

Good fuel economy , does well on highway driving.

Car gets good mileage. This car handles well and is low maintenance most days

- Lester P

I bought my vehicle used in 2015 however I find it very reliable and sturdy. It is a "sport" model and so I enjoy the higher performance features.

I love the bluetooth feature, auto coast feature and the acceleration time.

- Nadia F

Looks and drives great. It is easy to handle and maintain

My vehicle gets good highway mileage and is low maintenance

- Lester G