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Is fuel efficient and adorable, while giving you enough technology.

Not only is the Mitsubishi outlander sport a nice, affordable crossover vehicle, it is also one of the cheapest cars to keep up with in maintenance. It is a smaller SUV, but the back seats fold down in order to give the owner maximum storage space. The outlander sport has great gas mileage at about 26 mph average. This is great compared to many popular SUVs that are much more expensive and do not the same fuel efficiency. This car had been great for long distance drives, with its Bluetooth connectivity, telescopic wheel, and USB charging port. It's a great deal and I highly recommend this car.

- Beth M

Mitsubishi outlander sport is worth the buy.

My vehicle has push to start which I love. I never have to worry about finding my keys when my hands are full. There is not much power to the motor so it does take time to get up to speed when getting on the highway. It handles well in snow so I have never had issues with this. The headlights are really bright which helps to see on dark roads. I do wish it would lock the doors automatically when driving and unlock all doors when put in park. Other than that though I have been happy with my car.

- Blair M

Decent but could use improvement

good, smooth ride. having some structural and mechanical problems, but it is older. needs to have a dome light over the back seat. needs a key lock for manually entry (should the need arise) in more than just the drivers door. decent space available for small suv. would be nice to have a pouch on backside of both from seats for kids to put books in on both sides.

- Sarah P

Mostly reliable family car, but has trouble with age.

Very spacious, durable (was rear ended twice within six months but the bumper is still intact and damage is not noticeable), safe and comfortable. However, at seven years old, starting to have transmission trouble that mechanic is having a hard time figuring out, not amazing mileage but acceptable, heating and air conditioning takes awhile to kick in.

- Sheri B

For an SUV, it has great gas mileage, a reliable reputation, and great cargo space.

My vehicle operates great. I like the fuel efficiency, the general reliability, and the fact that it works when I need it to. It's been great to maintain as a car and doesn't cost too much everytime I take it in for a simple oil change. I guess the only thing I don't dig is the current color (fire engine red), but that can be changed.

- Chris W

Proud owner of a 2012 Mitsubishi outlander sport se.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle. It's great on gas, runs well, has a great sound system with a panoramic roof, all electronic features, can be driven in 2 or 4 wheel drive and has a hatchback and plenty of room for storage. It also has heated seats and can fit 5 people even though back seat room can be a little limited.

- Jennifer U

Very reliable and fuel efficient. Cheaper to fill it up with gas than it was a mini van.

My car is very reliable. I traded in my mini van for something fuel efficient and safe to travel to visit my family in another state. It is very good on gas. There is a hide a seat in the back and the only thing I don't like about this car is the lack of trunk space when traveling with a family of 5 on vacation.

- Jina L

Outlander will put live you.

I have had no issues at all since I have had this car. It is very reliable and is great on gas. I purchased this car used and was concern but I have had it for 4 years now and it runs perfect. I just recently replaced the battery which was not expense. It has lost of room and a third row if needed.

- Valerie C

Great economically sound vehicle.

Have not had any problems. Any recalls were always handled professionally. My only issue would be the drive to a dealership. The SUV handles snow very well. It has 3rd row seating that folds down for more storage. The sound system rocks. My children enjoy the ride. Gets great gas mileage.

- David K

Spacious and a fun car to drive on a daily basis.

I enjoy the space and size of the vehicle, and never have to worry about not having any room. It is a very comfortable drive, and you can listen to radio (am/FM) up to 6 CDs or AUX cord. The engine can be louder than normal, I call it my lawn mower but I love driving it on a daily basis.

- Alex B

The car has nice seats, but is small. Do not get it if you have dogs.

The car has never had any problems. The ac stops working at times, but that's not because of the car. It is very comfortable and definitely reliable. I have only had to get the necessary check ups and never have had to conduct anything extra. Good car 10/10 would recommend.

- Kelsey W

This vehicle is very mechanically sound. I have never had any issues with this vehicle.

Great roomy vehicle. I have not had an mechanical issues with my vehicle. The gas mileage is great. The folding third row seat is my least favorite feature of this vehicle. Its difficult to set up, provides little room and is very uncomfortable to sit on.

- Chelsea F

Great car nice ride very responsive.

I have owned my car since 2012. Outside of regular oil changes and tires there has been little to no maintenance. The car is very responsive when you step on the gas. Love the two piece tailgate with a large upper hatch and the small fold down seat/gate.

- Albert M

Outlander is affordable even with many upgrades.

The outlander has a lot of options that are affordable that would have cost $10, 000 more on the Nissan pathfinder. The only negative is that it is so loud inside the car that I cannot even hear the radio at a normal volume. Other than that it is great.

- Margaret D

One of the most important things to be is having a car that's going to last and I think the mitsubishi Outlander fits the bill.

I love the feel of SUVs and I also really like Japanese cars I think they're very reliable and safe. I totally trust driving around with my kids in it. I have had a few more mechanical issues with this than my Toyota but for the most part I'm satisfied.

- Sara H

The most important thing to know is that it takes a more expensive oil and parts are more expensive

I like that's it 4 wheel drive. I like that it has heated seats and easy to drive. I like that it has a decent stereo and cruise control. The only thing I don't like is that it drives loud, when sitting in car it's not a quiet drive.

- Carey B

It stinks to drive in the winter.

I like my outlander because there is plenty of room to transport my family, and whatever we need to take along. It is also easy to drive. The only negative thing about it that it does not get very good gas mileage.

- Diane C

It is safe and reliable safety should be the number one thing

I like it because it is 4 wheel drive and has lots of nice electronics. The vehicle is a safe and reliable car. It has a third row seating so it has plenty of room for kids. There are no complaints I have.

- Dusty H

Mitsubishi Outlander is good but lacking

It's been a reliable vehicle but the quality is lacking. The paint is chipping off, the undercarriage covers are falling off and the interior clips and fasteners have broken from simple use.

- Larry j

I don't think there is anything anyone should know about it.

It is a dependable vehicle, but it is a basic model. It doesn't have any bells or whistles on it. I wanted a new car and I didn't look around enough before I bought that one.

- Michelle A

Gets good gas mileage gets around good in the winter.

I love my car no major mechanical problems good price did develop one little rust spot on the passenger rear door but overall really reliable dependable vehicle.

- Tracy W

Cost of maintaining the vehicle is very cost effective.

It makes weird noises but it is really good on gas. I have never been stranded even if my gas is very low. I can take it on long trips and be very comfortable.

- Chelsea K

It's a reliable smaller vehicle .

Four wheel drive is great. You can hear the wind some so it's not a very quiet vehicle . Gas mileage is not that great . Probably 22 as an overall

- Rosetta H

It is great on gas and miles.

My vehicle has not given me any trouble as far as repairs or anything. The only dislike I have is it is getting to small for my growing family.

- Valerie M

It is just as good as the more expensive cars.

No complaints I love my vehicle. I would not have any other car. I brag to people all the time about how good the car is and how inexpensive.

- Sharon K

I like/love the gas mileage. I wish there wasn't as much road noise. The Bluetooth doesn't work for hands free.

It works well for my needs on a day to day basis. It is small enough for easy handling, large enough to fit 3 kids or my 2 dogs in the back.

- Tammi J

It is great for trips. The expanding seats have made traveling a breeze.

I love my tailgate and the mileage it gives me. Parts are also decently available. My only dislike is the financing I have had to deal with.

- J D

4 wheel drive availability. Roof rack availability.

Love the 4 wheel drive availability. Love that it drives like a car. Hate the small space inside. Did not get roof racks with purchase.

- Miranda W

After 6 years, starting to have more maintenance problems.

Good size, performs okay (some transmission problems), black interior not the best for pets, overall comfortable for long trips.

- Sheridan B

The security and stability.

Love my outlander for the comfort and security.. The sound system is great too!.. I love the style of the SUV.. No complaints.

- Theresa P

It is economical. A good car with a great price.

My car is very comfortable. Has never failed me. The a/c broke and had to replace it but other than that I am very satisfied.

- Christina G

Stylish and sleek, rather affordable and decent customer service.

Became rather noisy suspension and engine after two or three years and do not feel the traction is the best for winter roads.

- Lisa D

For what it is, it's a very good vehicle option. It's reliable, somewhat comfortable. Only complaint is not enough road noise dampening

It's a very good vehicle for what it is. Reliable, somewhat fuel efficient, came with a 5 year warranty that is now expired.

- Randy S

It rides well and looks great!

I like the style and functionality of my vehicle. I dislike not having an extra row of seats. I wish it was a little bigger.

- Adam L

I love that my family of 6 can fit in the car comfortably. I love that i can bring groceries home in one trip and i still have room for the kids. I don't like that the extra seat doesn't have a lot of padding, but if we put a pillow down it seems to work out just fine.

That it is very easy to use, and all of the chairs and seats are easy enough for my kids to do themselves without any help.

- Angela M

My car has four wheel drive, push start, remote start, and heated seats.

Good gas mileage, comfortable, everything I need. I do not have anything I dislike about my vehicle. I have no complaints.

- Lyndsey C

It drives nicely. The pedals feel very responsive to the amount of pressure you put on them

I would be happy with any car, probably; I am young. I like the gas and stop pedals. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Abb K

Spacious, comfortable, clean and well maintained car

I really love my car, it's super comfortable and I feel that all my needs are met... I have never had problems with it

- Darilen R

This car is safe and dependable.

We have owned this car for 2 years. We have had no severe issues just the normal problems. Runs good and good on gas.

- April H

Overall the Mitsubishi Outlander is a great vehicle.

It is very economical, fuel wise. It is also very spacious. Overall it is a great vehicle and I would buy again.

- Rachel K

that it's a very comfortable ride and gets good gas mileage

i like that my car is comfortable. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like the overall shape of the car.

- lilly s

It doesn't feel like high quality.

I love the size of my car. It's roomy inside. However it feels cheap. It doesn't feel like it's made to last.

- A d

My car is very fuel efficient and well save you money in the long run

My vehicle has a lot of room which is very nice, it has feint well drive, and it has an awesome sounds system

- Austin W

Mitsubishi Outlander base model is just ok

This is just a base model so there aren't many features on it. It performs well and is reliable though.

- Kumail A

My car gets great gas mileage and is very reliable, I have never had any problems, as long as I take it to garage and get oil, filters and annual check on it.

Great gas mileage, when i am on the highways, I can go long distances before having to fuel up again.

- Jan J

The shifting paddles on the steering wheel.

The only concern I have is how loud the engine is. Other then that this is one car I absolutely love.

- Denise W

It's cheap and easy to maintain but slow to drive.

It's cheap to maintain. It's good on gas. It's a manual transmission but it's very slow

- Ashley S

It's always dependable, never has any problems and I don't have to do hardly anything to maintain it.

I love everything about it except for the way the front end looks.

- Melanie S

full sun roof and great speakers and the gas mileage

i love the gas. i love the full sun roof. i love the speakers.

- sheri u

I love the way it handles, the sportiness of it, the design

It drives well. It is quite comfortable despite being compact

- Kristen C

My car is very Reliable and drives well. It is great looking

I like its reliability. It is comfortable. It is economical

- Cherry C

The engine seems to be very loud other than that i

Space, in the back of the vehicle for the kids....

- Lisa J