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Great vehicle for a couple, fuel efficient comfortable smooth ride.

For the most part I love my outlander sport. It has been a reliable vehicle my comfort in the car is nice I have heated seats that I like. The features my vehicle have are heated seats, cruise control, fog lights, keyless entry, push start, power windows, automatic windshield wipers, volume control on the steering wheel, outside temp, and more features I am not sure how to name. There is ample leg room in the back seats (room for grown adults). The few things that I dislike is not much room in the hatch for going on a trip with four people and luggage room for whatever we packed and put back there.

- Christine O

Very good in sport mode. I like the way the car drives the most.

The Bluetooth feature in the car is very convenient. It connects to my phone as soon as I turn on the car and can start playing music immediately if the car is on Bluetooth mode. I love the way the car drives, it is very smooth. Gas is very easy to refill and also has a very roomy trunk and back seats are able to put down if needed. Ac and heating always works perfectly and never had any problems with them.

- River H

Jinxed with a side of cloudy future I loved my sunroof but within a month there was s chip that caused several cracks.

My car was great at first but within the first week,, the vehicle was rear- ended by another truck causing $30,000 worth of damage. It seemed once we got our vehicle back from dealership ,, it didn't run the same after this. Constant issues all the time including the transmission needing replacement, hub assembly in right rear wheel. Not to mention, the sensors were always lighting up on panel board.

- Jme C

Highly recommended sporty SUV

I purchased this car about a year ago from a Mitsubishi dealer. Used, one owner, and in near perfect condition. Higher mileage than I would have liked, so the price was adjusted accordingly. I've driven it through rain, sleet, snow, extreme heat. Anything. And it runs like a champ! The interior is sleek and spacious. I recommend his car to all of my friends.

- Jaclyn O

Gas cap that comes with car is weak and the tires are not reliable in the rain.

Reliable, good on gas, but I have tried different branded tires and the car drifts on water no matter what. I am not sure if the axle is weak or if I need to try another brand of tire, but this is the third tire brand I have tried. Also, the gas tank cap that comes with the car does not keep the emissions and makes the check engine light come on frequently.

- Erin R

Overall a pretty good SUV.

I really love my Mitsubishi outlander sport. It is the perfect size me. I love the added comforts of the heated and adjustable seats. It is quite good on gas which is fantastic. The one thing that I am not a huge fan of is that there is not much power to it. But I know you cannot have good gas mileage and a fast car so I gladly take the good gas mileage.

- Allison G

Things I love about my Mitsubishi. Would definitely buy one again.

I really haven't had any real problems with my car. I get the oil changed regularly. I've had to put brakes on it but I consider these normal. I love the way it handles. I don't need. To worry when going around curves. It goes good in the winter. Only used 4 wheel drive a few times. Also love the extra. Seating. Comes in handy when I have the grandkids.

- Mary B

Good SUV with comfort issues.

Car handles well and is good on gas mileage for a SUV. However, seat fabric is not made for the climate where I live - it is hot and even when it is covered with a towel or cloth, it still produces heat enough to cause shirt and pants to be moist with sweat. There is also a huge blind spot on the driver side making left hand turns hard.

- Tracy E

My ride: my car has many safety features that adds to its value.

There are not any problems that I have with my vehicle. I used my car for moves for both near and far and it has always been very reliable. As long as you keep up with the maintenance of the vehicle you won't run into any issues. One of my favorite features on my car is the panoramic moonroof and the sound system it came with.

- Sinead K

Style, comfort, reliable, affordable!

I absolutely love this car. It is the perfect size - it drives like a car but has the room of an SUV. It has my two must-haves of instant Bluetooth connection and heated seats. The steering wheel has music and phone controls on it for safer hands on driving. I have not had any major problems with the car, it is very reliable.

- Kara M

It has adjustable headlights! It blows people's minds.

Very comfortable, mine has adjustable headlights and automatic wipers which is lovely. The only problem I have had so far are issues with tire pressure- any temperature fluctuation overnight means my tires need to be refilled. I have had the tires changed while I have had this car and it has remained an issue.

- Ali K

Its is very nice. The highlight is awesome. It is so spacious and roomy.

It runs really well. It goes on the road really good. It runs pretty fast. It's a white vehicle. It has four huge wheels. It can fit two car seats. It can fit up to five people maybe fit 6 if you do it right. It is roomy and fast. It is really pretty. Gas is really good on the vehicle. It take regular gas.

- Nissan P

It is clean, sleek and spacious.

I like that it is small but spacious. I often go car camping and it is perfect, enough space without feeling like I am driving a tank. I like the sleek design and how it handles. It meets all my needs. It also seems to be very safe and it is very comfortable whether on a long or short road trip.

- Nicole B

Not too expensive. A good looking car. Enough room for 2-3 people.

It's a nice car but after a couple of years it feels like the transmission isn't working correctly. It's only a 4 cylinder but the pickup is really bad. Feels like I can't get going. Once it gets moving its not bad but feels like it takes forever. I've heard they are known for trans problems.

- Barbara N

Mitsubishi outlander 2013.

Has lots of room for my 2 children. Roomy trunk that is big enough for groceries and the strollers. It has great gas mileage. Handles well in both the snow and in the rain. Haven't had any problems with it. Its comfortable for my family of four. Would definitely purchase a Mitsubishi again.

- Angela D

Compact and gas saver. Good for travelling long distances.

I have had problems with the door locks, and the windows, other than that the car runs good. It is a hatchback car compact and good on gas, easy to park in tight places. Good for traveling because of the gas mileage. I like the tinted windows in the back, and is roomy to be a small car.

- Mary B

My overall thoughts on outlander.

The car is very comfortable. It really drives well. Biggest complaint would be that the Bluetooth is slow to connect. This means that I start the car and it takes several minutes to connect. The third row seats are small and uncomfortable. Both issues should be considered as minor.

- Mike W

Outlander sport is a good buy for a small family.

Haven't had any problems with the car. Could use more rear seat legroom and would like more cargo space. But does everything it was designed to do. Excellent mileage. No performance issues. I bought it used and it already had the inclimate weather coatings and weather tech mats.

- Tom W

The car has an led dashboard.

It is nothing special, but so far no major maintenance. Only 40, 000 miles on it. It is cool that it can be programmed to tell me when my next oil change is due instead of having one of those distracting stickers in the windshield & that it says "see you" when I shut it off.

- Chris H

Mitsubishi Outlander has a Pop up third row and 4 wheel drive

Small silver suv with 4 wheel drive and a pop up third row, capable of carrying up to 7 passengers. Very reliable, I bought it new and I have had it for seven years with zero issues other than typical maintenance. Drives really well, especially in ice and snow conditions.

- Kristin P

Mid size SUV with plenty of cargo space, and fits nicely in parking spaces

I love how compact it is, but still holds 5 people comfortably and has plenty of cargo space in the back. I do not care for the CVT as it sometimes takes a while to accelerate. I do like the sunroof and navigation system. They make driving convenient and comfortable.

- Patricia T

It is a very nice and reliable vehicle just too small for my needs.

The performance is great I have had no issues. The oil changes are very expensive. It is very compact for an SUV. It is small. My kids are very scrunched in the back. The trunk space is decently sized though. I love the Bluetooth features. I just wish it were larger.

- Dylan C

Cars sensor problems that aren't covered even though the car has 45,000 miles

It's all wheel drive, go on gas and is kind of roomy. I have been having problems with the sensors. The first one was the tire pressure, after I got new tires. It's only got 45,000 mile not passenger side Dr sir doesn't work,and the door open Dr sir keeps going off.

- John Y

Most interesting detail is the sound system because the sound system is good!

I really like how my car gets good gas mileage and it is just a really dependable car. I have taken my car from Texas to California and it did very well. The road trip was very comfortable and I would do it again in my car because it was honestly such a fun trip.

- Danielle M

Compact SUV, great on gas, great extra features, easy to drive.

I haven't had any issues with my car since I purchased it, besides routine maintenance. It's almost been five years I got new tires this year, new battery. The cloth seats are the most frustrating as my previous car had leather, it is much harder to keep clean.

- Beth M

Great all wheel drive and spacious.

Great for driving in the New England winter because of the all wheel drive. Lots of trunk room and higher off the ground. Great for a casual cruise or getting somewhere filled with potholes. Lovely interior and great design. Fits plenty of people comfortably.

- Bianca S

Mitsubishi outlander - it is okay.

Performance is really good. Comfort not so much - fabric on seating is not comfortable in fact it is hot and causes unnecessary sweating. There are also huge blind spots on the driver and passenger sides - where the windshield meets the sides of the car.

- Tracy E

The most important about my car is the good on gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because of how it drives. I also like my vehicle because of the gas mileage. I dislike my vehicle because of early problems that lead to long term situations. I also dislike my vehicle because it is not big enough for me and my family.

- Tae A

A stylish SUV with a good warranty.

It has a good amount of space for storage and is comfortable and stylish. It is pretty roomy on the inside but is not too big. Mitsubishi does a lot with the warranty if you buy it brand new. They fix rust and a lot of others things are covered fully.

- Samantha H

The car is very comfortable especially when we go on a trip.

I like the fact that it is easy to drive and good on gas. . A couple of things that I do not like is 1 the side view mirror on the drivers side has a blind spot. The other complaint is I am sorry the seat and back door are not electric.

- sandra P

It is a very good value for the money and is a reliable vehicle.

I dislike the third row bench seat because it is not roomy at all. I also dislike how loud the road noise is while driving. I like the fuel economy. I also like the ease of use for many of the features.

- Deann G

Everyone should know that this particular type of vehicle is excellent on gas.

To date I have had no problem with my vehicle. It runs perfectly. In order to report this you must maintain regular oil changes. I did have to go to the dealership to get my key battery changed.

- Melody C

Love my Mitsubishi Outlander!

The only issue I have had with my Outlander is the AC not working correctly. Bur Other then that I absolutely love mt Outlander. It performs amazingly and it is a great vehicle for my family.

- Sabrina E

Ruby Red, Hot Tamale, Beautiful moon room for long travels

Really Nice family truck. Good on gas also it's an Eco car, drives really fast and has a lot of room for kids family etc. Its Red with rail racks on top for traveling, kayaking, camping.

- Quanesa T

Good compact car for a small family. Gets okay gas mileage.

My kids really like the skyview sunroof. I like how it drives. The only thing I don't like is I've accidentally switched it to manual because the bottoms are right by the steering wheel.

- Shi O

It is great in the snow with 4 x 4. You will be happy. I sure was.

I like the gas mileage it gets and the way it performs on the road, love just about everything about it except , finding out that we haul a lot of stuff. Therefore it is to small. LOL

- tami h

It has a great fuel economy and a lot of space. We love this car!

I love this vehicle. It has all the space of an SUV with the fuel economy of a much smaller car. This is very important to me because we travel a lot of miles back and forth to work.

- Kayla S

The Mitsubishi Outlander is an SUV with lots of trunk space. It's very comfortable and fun to drive and has four wheel drive.

Runs great and gets great gas mileage. Great features for a much more affordable price then most SUVs. Would definitely buy another when it's time to look for another vehicle

- Stephanie F

Great vehicles. Driver-centric design, and strong vehicle performance.

It is great. Very comfortable for the driver. Like most Mitsubishi vehicles, it is very well made. This is a great car to own, and I plan on staying pretty loyal to them.

- Patrick N

One happy driver, crossover

The car is comfortable, good on gas, drives nice. The mirrors are in an awkward position and make it a little more difficult to see. They make a blind spot.

- Ronda K

Fuel pump goes out. Had to replace two already.

I like the side mirrors and the extra seats. I like the color of the vehicle and the interior. I also like all the extra features like being Bluetooth savvy.

- Kiara W

The most important thing that people shows know about my car is that you open the gas cap with a lever by the feet of the driver.

I like the size of my car. It fits my family and my needs without it being too big. Only thing I dislike is that it's acceleration isn't the greatest.

- Craig S

It's very dependable,good on gas. I never had any major issues with repairs

I never had any issues just 3 recalls its a great car to own. The ac works great the bluetooth and has great pick up. I think it's roomy for 5 people

- donna s

I love the pull up third row seating. It has room for me to stow things, but can have 7 passengers when needed

I love the seat heaters, the moon roof, and the ability to put up a 3rd row of seats when needed, but to have the extra cargo space other times

- Sharon O

It is fuel efficient and is a good midsize vehicle

I like the size and style of the car itself. I don't like how little room there is between the front and back seats. I like the gas mileage.

- whitney s

It looks and drives great, perfect for road trips with comfort and style.

I like the size of my Outlander-Sport. It is small and has decent gas mileage however I can transport large items like a washing machine.

- Lindsey T

Fun to drive! Easy to operate.

Runs well, drives well, looks very appealing, no mechanical issues in 5yrs. Of ownership. Body is very aerodynamic. Fuel economy is good.

- Gary D

That it gets decent gas mileage.

It has 3 rows which is great when you have a lot of kids to get around places. It is not to big or to small. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Lindsay U

Reliable smaller sized SUV with large blind spot areas

I have a had time seeing vehicles because of a large blind spot the pillar creates. It is reliable and moderately comfortable on trips.

- Blank A

It gets me from point a to b.

I like almost everything about it. I do not really dislike anything about it other than the color. I would change the color if I could.

- No R

Excellent quality vehicle

It is a very good car with a very nice sound system. Th manual mode is useful in certain situations and feels natural without a clutch

- Anakin S

Even though is car is smaller in size, it drives like a truck which is pretty nice. I really enjoy that aspect.

I absolutely love my car! It is small but the perfect size for me and my family right now. It is very dependable and easy to maintain.

- Ally M

The brand of my car is top rated and it's popular among all ages.

My car is reliable and stylish. It doesn't need a lot of work and it's super cute. I picked my car carefully and not for anyone else.

- Becca P

It is reliable, easy to handle, and is spacious enough for a variety of needs.

I like the size and gas mileage. It has ample cargo room and spacious interior. I have not had any mechanical issues since purchase.

- Kathleen G

It drives nice and handles well in snow and is a beautiful vehicle

Dislikes: too small, no hatch release button, no voltage or oil pressure gauges. Likes: Appearance, Bluetooth, hands free calling.

- ed h

Very Dependable easy to drive. Reasonably priced. No problems since i bought the SUB

It is AWD and pretty good on gas mileage. Roomy but seats could be a little more plush. Dependable no problems since i bought it.

- Debbie S

it is reliable and is good on gas. it is an amazing car and a good size

very reliable. I love this car. it is very good on gas. about 25 miles to the gallon. I drive a lot so the millage helps save gas

- Grace M

Safe vehicle for a family!

safe in all road conditions! Very easy to maneuver in tight spots! I love my vehicle! Big enough for a family of 5 comfortably.

- Danyell Q

It is very reliable and has held up well over the years.

I like the room/ space it has. I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I do not like the towing capacity. I do not like the color.

- Tina G

It is a tool. It is not a pet.

It is a car. It goes from point a to b. It is a tool. I have no feelings about any of the tools I own including this one.

- Anonymous A

It has air bags in every direction.

I love the heated seats and the 4 wheel drive. I wish it had a backup camera in it and some sort of navigation system.

- Julie W

Perfect size for a small family like mine.

It has been very reliable and easy to handle. It is small considering the big trucks out there, yet spacious for me.

- Clari P

There is nothing important anybody needs to know.

There is nothing I would like to say my vehicle is a vehicle and gets me by day to day. . . Can't complain bout that.

- Megan V

Perfect for me-road tripper

My vehicle is very comfortable and cute. It is just the perfect size for me and is perfect for frequent road trips

- Rebecca P

Great gas mileage and great in the snow.

It's great. Great gas mileage. Good in all types of weather. The interior is very nice. My favorite car so far.

- Heather R

The one most important thing about my car is that it is very spacious.

I don't have any complaints. I love my seat heaters. I love the large moonroof. I love the size of my vehicle.

- Ann M

Easy to handle, good gas mileage, sporty looking.

I like the size and handling ability of my car. There is nothing that I do not like about the car. I love it.

- Cherry C

It is a great car....good for everyday use....looks great too

It has been a great car. I get good gas mileage. It still looks new. It is just the right size for me

- Linda C

It is fairly loud on the highway. It is quiet on normal roadways

Interior is okay, but dash is bulky and dated. Not many interior features. Bluetooth is buggy.

- Josh W

compact like a sedan but tall like an SUV. good on gas.

the remote start is annoying. and the the keyless entry doesn't work like i feel it should.

- kari r

It is a device to get me from point a to b. Nothing special but is dependable

I haven't had it long enough to make a true judgment about it but I do enjoy it

- N H

comfortable, quite, easy to drive, and there are YouTube videos to help with working features.

good ride, lots of room, quite, good sounds system. Gas mileage could be better.

- Charlotte T

This is a comfortable vehicular. I would recommend the outlander.

I like the Bluetooth system. The keyless entry works great. The car rides well.

- Mike W

I have no complaints of my vehicle I love everything about it

It like brand new and everybody likes the looks of it looks like it's mean

- Wanda G

It is comfortable and sturdy.

It is small yet durable. It gets good gas mileage but not a lot of extras.

- James B

It's a stylish economy car.

I like the size. I like the options. I don't like the cloth interior.

- Kim S

Its smaller than it seems on the inside, but still has decent storage.

It has decent gas mileage. Good storage and is reliable.

- Mike A

My little red car... Reliable great gas mileage and roomy.

- Beverly A