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The outlander's positives outweigh negatives

The car overall is good quality, however, there are some dislikes. As for the likes: the body style is sporty and sleek, and the interior is nice material-wise and easy to clean. The car is also very roomy (seats seven),and is great if you have little ones. I have the back row down and is plenty of room for strollers, suitcases, even a bike (not all at once). The back window is really wide and makes for a clear view, although if you try to look out the side windows it becomes a giant blind-spot. There's a back-windshield wiper which is a nice feature, as well as radio controls on the steering wheel. The AC unit in the outlander is possibly my favorite feature, Florida in the summer can easily heat the interior well into the hundred degrees, the AC really has some power and cools the car down in no time. For the dislikes: being a 2015, I thought the outlander would be a smoother ride and have a more upgraded radio display. It is the most basic model, though there are many basic 2015 SUV models with Bluetooth and driver assistance etc. The cup holders are oddly far in the front of the dashboard and can become distracting at times while driving reaching around for your drink. Performance wise the car takes a bit to accelerate, and while there is an eco-feature which would be listed under likes if it didn't slow the acceleration twice as much. It is also a bit of a louder ride both inside and outside, the engine noise is a bit of a bother. Overall I would say I'm happy with the outlander.

- Kathryn L

2015 outlander sport as review: my thoughts.

Cons: performance is definitely lacking. The acceleration is slow and the eco boost function seems to make the vehicle lose power randomly when it is in automatic. It still runs, never shuts off, and was recently maintained, I have the check off list from the dealership that it was checked over and parts replaced as needed, oil change done. It is a cut model, so the best acceleration you are going to get is if you put it in the cut version of manual. Also the number of parts that needed to be replaced by the mechanics when I checked the paperwork from the dealership worry me. I am glad they were replaced but if I were to purchase it new, I am not sure I would have felt safe. The smaller issues are that it does not have an AUX port and cannot connect to my phone through Bluetooth. It can for my friend, which leads me to believe it only works for a few phone models. The lines of sight through the windows is a bit limited but they do not bother me much. Pros: despite the interior reviews elsewhere stating that it is low quality, I really actually like it, both the seat type and covering. It has the fold down seats and fits a decent amount of cargo for its size. I have a 2007 lancer as well, and the transition from that to the newer vehicle felt natural, familiar. I know it is a personal thing but if you like Mitsubishi, it is a plus to not have a big adjustment between vehicles. The handling is decent, not much to say past that.

- Nona K

My vehicle is ideal for a young family or upgrading from a car to an SUV.

I love that my vehicle has different options for driving in different weather conditions. It has heated seats and places to plug in your mobile devices. It has a backup rear-view camera which is really nice and has helped a lot in tight situations. I do wish that the screen was a little bigger, I do not like that fact that it does not have a sunroof, and I wish it had seat coolers instead of just the heated seats. It is spacious, but the extra two seats in the back could have just a tad bit more room because if you are not a little kid, you are not fitting back there. I also wish that the middle seats would go all the way down because it makes it hard when you have a card load and you try to put things in your trunk and they do not fit because your seats will not go down.

- Morgan B

I like the Sirius XM radio and it has it is own jack to charge the phone.

This vehicle I bought brand new off the lot. I haven't had any problems with it. It is a 4 door hatchback with plenty of trunk space. It comes with extra tire which is regular size not the normal doughnut size. It also come with it is own jack so you do not have to buy your own. Catered to women with the 2 cup console for our coffee and water. Also has Bluetooth connection with it is own jack to charge your phone. It has Sirius XM radio and CD player. The engine is v6 and I believe I get 35 miles to the gallon highway and 28 city. Oil changes are every 6 months instead of every 3 months and you must use premium gasoline for the engine to run smoothly that is the only downside. Everything is wonderful. I love my Mitsubishi.

- Pamela E

Great car with amazing features.

Very comfortable ride and rarely makes me car sick. Most vehicles I ride in make me carsick but the ride of this car does not. It came with great features that make me feel safe like the back up camera and controls on the steering wheel which keep me from getting distracted. Spacious back seat and trunk area. Keyless entry is very convenient and works well. Great air conditioner and heat. Love the heated seats. So far we've had no problems with the car though we've only had it 2 months. We bought it used from a great local dealership. My favorite part of the car is the color. It is a sparkly blue that you do not see many of so it stands out and gets noticed in a good way!

- Anna C

Reliable family crossover.

I really love my 2015 Mitsubishi outlander. It drives really smoothly, the leather interior has held up well over the past three years of driving even with children in the back seat, and it has been really reliable. I love that the third row folds completely flat to give more "trunk space" in the back. I wish that the second row would fold flat as it does not go completely down. The camera is also not as advanced as the newer models, and can sometimes be difficult to see when the sun is shining into the car. Overall, I love the outlander, and when it comes time to buy a new car, I would probably consider upgrading to a newer model.

- Tabatha G

Eco friendly SUV, great on gas, very sleek, good for first time driver car!

The vehicle is very comfortable for a single person or small family, very smooth steering and great gas mileage. This vehicle is very eco efficient and very reliable. However, for it to be on the newer side of vehicles (newer than 2014)., some of the features are lacking and basic. For instance the vehicle lacks multiple accesses to open the trunk, no back up camera for this particular vehicle, settings are pretty standard, not even steer drifting available. While this vehicle lacks some of the better qualities other newer SUVs may have it is sleek and cost efficient. Great for a young even first time buyer.

- Renee T

The perfect size and companion to your everyday needs.

I drive a 2015, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and I love it! It's the perfect size, not a huge SUV and not a small car. It holds 5 passengers very comfortably and when there's no passengers and you drop the back seats down there is a ton of space to carry cargo. The fuel economy is great as I get about 28 MPG on the highway. My car has over 100,000 miles on it and I have had 0 issues with it. All I have had to do is the regular maintenance (oil changes, regular check ups and tire rotations). It has a rear hinge recall and the dealership took care of that with no issue.

- Daniel S

Great on gas but horrible blind spots but smooth ride.

I really like my car and all that it offers it is a comfortable ride. However. It has a horrible blind spots and kind of small for a family. But it is a smooth ride and great on gas. As much as I love my vehicle I wish we would have opted for the third row seating instead of two but the. Again that means the trunk would be extremely small and it is already sort of small as it sit now. But the car does not lose value once of the lot like a lot of cars do and for what I paid for my car it was a great deal.

- Miranda F

Reliable, basic SUV for its size and price range.

It handles well, is pretty reliable and reasonably comfortable but not the most comfortable. It is useful for our everyday errands and some smaller trips. Once we moved out of nays it has been very difficult to find a qualified mechanic. My husband and I would both like bigger and more comfortable seats, a bit better gas mileage and a bit more “pep” on acceleration. It is a solid, compact size SUV so it is pretty much gives us what can be expected in its class of vehicle.

- Charlotte A

The alerts in the car are amazing.

I appreciate how much went into designing this car. I drive three younger girls around and my partner back and forth to work, I have never had any issues with it. I love the amount of alerts I get (when my tire pressure is low, when there might be icy roads, even if one of my lights have gone out). It dings when you only have 2 gallons of gas left and again when it gets to only 1 gallon. It is nice to know exactly how far you can get without it breaking down on you.

- Andrea T

Most comfortable vehicle so far!

I bought this vehicle used, but it was the most comfortable vehicle I've ever been in so I knew I had to have it. Regardless of any issues that it has, for instance the windshield wipers are messed up front and back, it needs new shocks because I feel every bump, there is also this rattling noise when I go above 70mph. It doesn't matter though, I still love this vehicle! So I believe the next time I go car shopping, this will be the make and model I buy.

- Williams W

Not super large SUV and comfortable.

I haven't had any serious issues with the vehicle aside from a few recalls. However, none of these recalls were anything too severe that required more than 2 hours to be taken care of at the auto shop. Gas mileage is pretty decent. I like that the seats in the back can go down to expand trunk size. This was very helpful when I was moving and had to fit a lot of things in my car. Only thing I wish is that there was GPS on the touch screen.

- Erika M

Quality control seem lacking.

I am starting to have some vehicle maintenance issues including 'vehicle maintenance required' light which shows 'engine running lean' and air conditioner needs a recharge. Also, the interior handle above left driver window has popped out and will not stay when popped back into the holes. I have owned the car five years and expected it to stay in good condition longer than this amount of time.

- Mark N

Great for college students: seating, music, gas.

I love the car. It drives really well and gets great gas mileage which is important to me as a college student. The sound system is nice but I wish it had a touch screen display as I had a bit of trouble originally connecting my phone via Bluetooth. The other problem I have with Bluetooth is the sound is delayed so it is hard to use for a phone conversation but works well for playing music.

- Emma H

Having Bluetooth makes it so much safer to talk on the phone.

This is my 3rd Mitsubishi and I love how they perform, they are reliable, comfortable, and nice looking. My newest one has Bluetooth so I can hook up my phone with my songs, a GPS is also included. I have a back up camera in my rear view mirror which I have never had before. There is a place to charge your phone and the cargo space is definitely more than enough room for me.

- Janet S

Loving my non gas guzzler!

I absolutely love my car. It has seat warmers and the air is super cold! It has a great radio stereo system. I get approximately 25 miles to the gallon city and 32 miles to the gallon highway it is affordable and takes maybe $40 to fill me up if I am on empty. The only problem I have so far is how expensive the oil change is because it is a runs on premium everything.

- Hayley F

Works for my family and I am happy.

It has so much room in the back seat. I love the sea warmers on cold days. The sunroof is a nice touch and the ds gear is nice when your going up hills, or you just need a boost to get in front of another car lol. I do wish the 3rd row had more leg room luckily my little one is small enough to sit back their without complaining too much that she needs more leg room.

- Pearl F

2015 Mitsubishi outlander sport is perfect for long distance road trips!

In general, I really enjoy my 2015 Mitsubishi outlander sport. It does very well with long distance road trips. Gas mileage is not great with inner city traffic- that could be said with most vehicles. I enjoy the comfort of the car along with the seats in the back that go down- perfect for idea trips and 2 big dogs! My Mitsubishi is 4 years old, and runs very well.

- Holly M

Comfortable, roomy and good gas mileage.

The Outlander is a very comfortable vehicle as far as sitting, etc. It rides well. There is a sound like a window is cracked some when I am driving. It handles very well and gets good gas mileage, especially on the highway. I love the 3rd row seating for when I have my grandkids. If I do not, I love to put the seats down for all the extra storage space.

- Melanie L

Economic, convenience, comfortable.

It is one of the safest small SUVs there are. It's comfortable to drive and easy. I love the back up camera and the push to start. However I wish there was a bigger trunk. Do not lose the key fob though because they are very difficult to replace. I like the seat warmers in the cold months. But wish there were vents in the back of the car for my daughter.

- Kelsey V

This vehicle handles very well in all weather conditions.

I like my Mitsubishi outlander for Its handling and style. I like the size it is perfect and allows me to view all my surroundings with very minimal blind spots. The handling is very comfortable and responds well when needed. I like the MPG that I get with this vehicle. I don't really have any dislikes except maybe things that I didn't option into.

- Robert M

Good car for the price paid.

Love the warranty that came with it. Service department is great. Has had a few recalls but taken care of by dealer. Needs better headlights. More interior color choices would be nice. Windshield wipers are weird. Right side goes off the window. Power seats on both sides would be nice. Power up windows on both front windows would be nice.

- Lori K

Nice car to own overall. I’d recommend it to others.

I really like the way it drives. Things that bother me is the back opening is smaller than the interior so many large items that would’ve fit in the back opening had it been the same size as the interior, will not fit. The air vents broke almost as soon as I bought the car and I wasn't the cause. The vents shattered internally.

- Mary Ellen B

Great Family Car with Plenty of Space

I love the heated seats and how smoothly it drives. Shifting is easy and it functions as either automatic or manual. My favorite feature is the additional radio volume and station changing buttons on the steering wheel. My biggest complaint is that I feel that i replace the brakes more often than any other vehicle I have owned.

- Brianna F

My thoughts on my vehicle.

I enjoy driving this car. However, I wish there were more compartments. I would like to see a small compartment where the registration could be placed for convenience. Both backs of the front seats should have holders. But the vehicle itself rides smoothly, economical on gas and the cost of replacement parts are reasonable.

- Lynda C

Overall the car is great for a young family. You can fit a lot in the trunk.

There are a lot of blind spots while trying to change lanes. No air going in the back and the kids get hot easily. You can't comfortably fit adults in the back. Two adults maximum in the car. I do enjoy the push start/keyless entry and the space in the front seat. The trunk space is good when you don't need the 3rd row.

- Breezy H

Small, but huge on giving the best ride.

I love my vehicle because it's a SUV, but not huge. The hands free system is terrific and I like that both seats in the back lays down. Gas mileage is also great, but it doesn't really distinguish whether it takes Regular Unleaded or better. With Regular it does start to run funny, so it's best with 98 or better.

- Madison E

Small SUV with 4 wheel drive.

It gets great gas mileage, it is a little small tho..Very basic radio, seats are just ok, it is sporty and cute. I like the height of the car, not too low, gets me through the snow in mn because of the 4 w drive. Still getting used to the small vehicle size, the acceleration is a bit slow but it gets me around.

- Kara E

Has nice handling, very smooth.

It is reliable and has good handling, and decent features. These has a decent stereo and sound. No fog lights or heated seats. Bucket seats are comfortable, and the cloth is easy to clean. There are enough cup holders for four people. Good options in the dash and console between seats for charging phones.

- Katrina S

One of the few models that still offers a manual transmission.

Not very good in the winter. The inside sound when driving is very loud. Love the way it handles. Very good on gas mileage. Plenty of room for packing for trips. Pretty good visibility. Sound system is good. Am hoping that newer models will be less loud and will have a quieter ride with less road sounds.

- Celeste B

A nice car to drive but the back door opening is too small.

Broken air vents within weeks of purchase. Runs smooth, rear view camera. Heated seats, nice sound system, Bluetooth, can take calls hands free through car. Rear window opening is to small for the interior capacity. Back hatch area needs to be as wide as the interior so that larger items can fit inside.

- Mary Ellen B

Our 2015 outlander sport has been dependable and economical. Highly recommend!

The 2015 outlander sport has been a very dependable vehicle. We have driven the vehicle 122, 00 miles and have not had any major problems. Would highly recommend any Mitsubishi product as we also own a 2006 Galant and have 195, 000 miles on it and have had only minor and relatively inexpensive repairs.

- Jeffrey G

Our vehicle is a small to midsize white Mitsubishi outlander sport.

We have had our outlander for about a year. So far it has been excellent. For a four cylinder the engine has plenty of get up and go. We have had to use the 4wd on several occasions in the snow it is excellent. The only issue is having to get the car serviced usually means going to a Mitsubishi dealer.

- Brad W

I like having all the radio/volume controls on the steering wheel.

Great in the snow, a lot of room. A great ride. Love the Bluetooth. Beautiful color!! I feel safe out on the road, while driving this vehicle. Great viewing area out all of the windows. Tailgate is light and a lot of room in the back. I like the floor pads can be changed out for the seasons.

- Linda G

It is great for a small family, 1 maybe 2 kids max. Once you it half a tank, the gas goes fast.

I love the size of my vehicle. I am single with no kids and it is the perfect size for me. I wish it had a sunroof, better gas mileage, heated seats and I also wish it was AWD. Overall, it has been a great vehicle so far. I have only had it for just a few months so hopefully it stays great.

- Courtney S

It has great breaking and does not drift back when stopped on a hill.

I do not like that my vehicle does not have a sunroof, nor does it have automatic adjusting headlights. I like that it was Bluetooth connectivity and automatically connects with my phone when I turn the car on. I do not like that it does not have a rear view camera to aid when backing up.

- Michelle C

Family friendly vehicle.

This is a great midsize car With many options and very family friendly. The only downfall is there is not enough space for luggage and seven people. I love all the different settings for the different road conditions. It also has an eco-friendly setting that helps save gas on long trips.

- Mila L

Highly recommend the Mitsubishi outlander sport.

Performance is great. 4wd is amazing handles the snow perfectly. Great on gas. Smooth ride. Trunk is huge. It is not roomy in the rear. Love the headlamps. Sound system is stock but has awesome sound. It is a 4 cyl so pick up is not super fast. It is definitely has great stock features.

- Jennifer D

Very reliable and dependable.

This vehicle is very comfortable for my husband and I we can carry most anything we need to, performance has been good and we have not had any mechanical problems with it at all - we keep the oil changed and serviced as we should - I think this vehicle will last us for a very long time.

- Linda L

GREAT CAR - reliable SUV!

the tires that came on the vehicle only lasted one year. The car has been a great car, little issues. Been very happy with the car. Easy to drive and very comfortable. Have just had to do normal maintenance. I have only had to replace the oil and get the tires and brakes replaced.

- Pamela U

Hid headlights and lowering to prevent blinding others.

My transmission went out a couple years ago because of a factory issue. After that I haven't had any issues with my vehicle. It has heated seats- great for the winter. It also has Bluetooth connection, which is easily connect upon starting the engine. Gets good gas mileage as well.

- Vernon A

Great car for a middle class family.

Very dependable, reliable, safe and very comfortable vehicle. Nice price and accessories provided by the company. The company has a great warranty that comes with the purchase of the new car. This car provides great transportation for me and my family with a very low cost upfront.

- L W

Most other manufacturers make a style like it looks wise.

The performance is fine. The cvt transmission is a bit to get used to. I wish I would have chosen a vehicle with more options as this vehicle has none. It's a very common style of car as there are many that look similar. Most manufacturers make something very close looking to it.

- Pamela B

I like most about the car is the backup camera and the heated seats.

I have had 3 recalls on my car already. Also since having a baby it does not have that much room. The back seat is not even roomy enough for the car seat, now no one can sit in my front passenger seat. Other then that it is a great car. I like how it drives and the look of it.

- Caitlin R

Great car for parents of twins.

I love it, it's a compact SUV with a lot of space, have twins and it's just perfect 2 car seats and still can fit 1 more person in the back, in the truck I can easy fit my double stroller, gives you great mileage per gallon, modern and very affordable service like oil change.

- Annette S

A review from a current owner.

Good mpg, cost effective maintenance. Maybe needs better materials on interior. Reliable. Needs noise reduction. Engine is loud.. Needs airbags on back of vehicle for passenger safety. Needs also an updated console and more accessible parts. Screen for this year is outdated.

- Jesse L

Mitsubishi outlander good car.

It is a comfortable car. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. It does well in the winter. It has heated seats and dual heating. A third row can be pulled up for extra seating. When the third row is down it has lots of trunk space. It has slush button to start the car.

- Alexis B

Very nice vehicle very reliable and rooming.

Love the car has lots of room just loves how it drives just overall good vehicle really good gas mileage. Very easy to maintain. Keep oil change and will have a good car the only thing is when winter becomes the check light comes on and when summer hits it comes on again.

- Denise H

Third row is wonderful. Lots of room.

It is great on gas mileage, does not have good get up and go. It even is great for around town. I believe it gets about 20+ mpg on highway. The third row is fantastic for long car rides and for hauling anything you might need. I would recommend this car for any family.

- Brandy S

Our family traveling SUV.

My car gets great gas mileage and very comfortable for my son and boyfriend all to ride in. We even have enough room for all of our luggage to fit in the back because we take my car. If you're into sports you can travel with your sport equipment on top of your car.

- Sarah W

It's safe to drive. Has airbags anti lock brakes and is great in the snow. That's important n vermont.

I like that my vehicle is 4 wheel drive when I need it to be but I can choose it to be econo, which is 2 wheel drive to save on gas if I want it to be. I love that it's an suv but not so big I can't handle driving it. I also like that it's white. I love white cars.

- Desiree S

Cute car, but has bad mileage.

It does not ride very well, I do not like that the brakes squeak. There is no backup camera or advanced radio. It is also very small. Does not get good gas mileage either. It is very hard to vacuum and that makes it hard to clean. The trunk is also very small.

- Karri S

The color choices are a plus.

The Mitsubishi outlander sport has been fantastic. There's a lot of room and even more room when you fold the backseat down. It rides quietly and smoothly, is very comfortable and decent on gas. The outlander sport is also great in the snow with 4 wheel drive.

- Katherine M

The Mitsubishi outlander "sport" is a great vehicle with a cool "sporty" look.

The Mitsubishi outlander sport is a good, around town car. It is pretty good on gas and I like the rather sporty look to it. We recently took a road trip but, as it is not a heavy car, there was not a lot of comfort for long trips and was a bit noisy as well.

- Nancy D

In short: it is my fantastic scarlet-red, hot-rod beauty.

I love the performance. It handles well and the mileage is not bad. It is quite a reliable vehicle and surely you're going to enjoy it, too. The only problem I have is the seats are not too comforting. But that might only be my issue. I totally recommend it!

- Elliott L

Mitsubishi outlander benefits.

It is a beautiful SUV with a vibrant blue color. The interior is very comfortable and the features such as Bluetooth are very nice. The gas mileage is good in comparison to many other SUVs. Very low maintenance. I am able to haul large loads in this vehicle.

- Megan N

Great in snow and long distances.

Great in the snow and comfortable in long distance. We have had for three years and no worries. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking for a new car or SUV. In my opinion is a family friendly car or SUV very reliable. And affordable car.

- Sandra T

That the car is not rated for towing but it does have selectable 4wd which most suvs do not.

I love that my vehicle has selectable 4wd which most SUV's don't. I Like that the vehicle is cheaper compared to most competition. I also like that it gets 30 mpg. Lastly I really like that it has a naturally aspirated engine so it is cheaper to maintain.

- Connor R

Look up the recalls, reviews and do your homework before buying any car.

Four recalls, the car has major delay and jerks when you try to excel, the seats don't go up and down, the auto cruise light stays on, the repair/ time to maintenance light stays on, after reading the reviews, I wish I would have bought the Nissan rogue.

- Nancy C

Hands free system and all terrain driving!

The Bluetooth function is an excellent feature so you do not get distracted if you need to answer a phone call while driving. The optional four wheel drive makes it easy to get through any type of weather condition! Overall, this is an excellent vehicle!

- Jill M

I love my outlander and all that it has to offer. It makes great family car.

No problems so far, does great in the winter with traction control. Great gas mileage. It is very quiet and it also has Bluetooth technology with phone capabilities. It also lets you know if something is wrong and when it's time for the yearly tune up.

- Amber G

I love my Mitsubishi Outlander

Performance is approx 32 MPG on road. Approx 24-25 MPG around town. Love the heated seats!! Push button start, Bluetooth is great! Lacks power on hills though/2.4 L Engine. 3rd Row is excellent for family use, quite spacious, little small for an adult.

- David H

Slow, great gas mileage. Great features.

My 2015 Mitsubishi outlander takes a little bit to speed up. Overall I love the drive and gas mileage and features. No aux input which is very inconvenient but everything has Bluetooth function nowadays anyways. Study construction for the most part.

- Brisa G

It's easy to drive and has a great look. The technology in it is also useful

I don't have any complaints about my car. I like the look of it. I actually have an outlander sport, but that wasn't an option. It's white with a black sunroof top. I also know that it holds up well in an accident from having the same car before.

- Ashley C

The vehicle is a car but feels and handles like a truck leaving you feeling like you own the road.

I love the way it dries. It gets amazing gas mileage. The few things I don't like are the high seat backs which make it hard to see past when merging or changing lanes and the visors. They do not extend out like other cars to block the sun.

- Heidi R

This car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

I love the good gas mileage. I love the Sirius Radio, the GPS and the color. It is a little small but I guess that helps get decent gas mileage. I think the glass top is ridiculous so I really miss the sunroof I had in my old car.

- Nicole B

It was the best deal for the money I have found in SUV's in a long time.

I love the handling, the mileage, the length of time between service needs. I dislike the way it handles in the snow. I am used to 4wd, and this is front wheel drive. I had to get better tires to get it to handle decently at all.

- Diane M

Perfect size with great mpg and awl.

I have 100, 000+ miles on my outlander sport and it still drives like it is brand new. I have only had to do regular preventative maintenance. The awl system is amazing and has kept me safe in high waters and snow situations.

- Daniel S

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander sport

My vehicle has a very smooth drive. The acceleration is a little slow but that's expected from a 4 cylinder. There have been around 3 recalls since I purchased my vehicle last September. It feels bigger inside than it looks

- Lauren B

Best value SUV/Crossover with a third row seat.

Not comfortable for long drives. The check engine light always comes on, even after it's serviced. I love the affordability of the vehicle and the fact that it has a third row. It gets really good gas mileage.

- Michael M

Even though it is a 4 cylinder it runs very fast and saves a lot of gas .

I love the third row seating! I also love the fact that it's still compact enough to save on gas. One thing I despise is the fact that there's no air conditioning vents in the back for the third row seating.

- April T

It is great with gas mileage while still having enough power to get around

I love the keyless entry and start options, it makes it much easier to get into my car when shopping. I also enjoy the sleek look and how well it handles. There is plenty of space for my family and stuff

- Emily D

Don't buy one- spend your money on something else.

It has been nothing but headache. Bought it brand new and has had problems since day 1. New transmission in it at 43,000 after repeatedly telling the dealership there was something wrong with it

- Leeann P

I haven't had any major issues. Only minor.

The only complaint I have is the quality of the visors/mirrors. Almost instantly the screws fell off after the visor was adjusted. Everything else is great. I love the third row seating option.

- Lore L

It is the best car I have had to date.

The car’s overall performance is excellent. I haven't had a problem with it since I bought it. The air conditioning is fast, the bass on the radio is perfect. The brakes on the car are fast.

- Corinne B

During a time where gas prices are at an all time high, you'll need a car that can perform and can save you tons of money on gas. Look no further!

The Mitsubishi outlander is an excellent vehicle. It can be driven manually or automatically. It's an SUV but on the smaller side. Has a rear view camera, bluetooth and is really easy on gas.

- Mitchell w

The Mitsubishi Outlander sport is a good car for the money.

I really like my vehicle. I do feel like the gas mileage could be better for its size - it is very small. My least favorite thing is that the seats are extremely uncomfortable on long trips.

- Ashley A

That it's a safe, economic choice.

I like that it has safety features like having a rare camera that shows if someone is behind you when in reverse. I wish it had a little more power and better gas mileage. Like the price.

- Erin S

It's just about perfect in every way.

We have a great dealership, the price was right, and we have never had a problem with it in almost 4 years of ownership. The only thing I don't like is that it takes bumps kind of hard.

- Beth C

It isn't for the not-technically-inclined. My vehicle has most of the bells and whistles that you would want if you know what you are doing.

I like my vehicle because it fits my needs. I can fit my whole family in it. It is good for the region I live in because it has 4-wheel-drive. It isn't as expensive as other vehicles.

- Cherilyn H

It may be overpriced for what you get.

I purchased a 2015 blue outlander. I dislike how it is small. I dislike that I may have to upgrade to a different car if my family increases. The car seems to be soft on the outside.

- Jennifer S

It's a great vehicle for small families! Big enough for comfortably, a family of 4.

I love that it has an optional 3rd row, because we have used it. I also love the backup camera and bluetooth. We need more room, however, but that is not the fault of the car itself.

- Courtney R

Outlander sport, a small but comfortable family suv

Small sporty style that has great around town gas mileage. There isn't a lot of legroom in the outlander sport back seat. I love the cars simplicity in this age of complicated cars.

- Heather F

Dependable reliable vehicle.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. It is dependable with good 4 wheel drive. Rides good on roads and in snow. Vehicle has good power, has good features and is comfortable.

- Lisa C

It's reliable and a very comfortable drive, I'm comfortable driving long distances in the car.

I love the size and that I fit well in the car. It has been reliable and feels safe when I drive it. With it had more luxury options. Has a lot of outside noise when driving.

- Alison S

Small dependable suv for families

Nice small suv. Fits my two kids comfortably in the car seats. Possibly have room for a third. Not a lot of trunk space, but adequate for basic items. Runs good no issues yet.

- Angela B

That it's a mid size SUV which has good ratings and highly recommend and have never heard anything negative on this type of vehicle only positive.

It's a red 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.I very much love the color,the price when I bought it & the low miles on the car which was well taken of by the previous owner.

- John P

It is 4wd and is a compact SUV and it is also made locally in Illinois.

It is a smaller compact SUV. I do not like the size of the vehicle, I wish it was a little bit bigger. I do like that it has 4wd and limousine lighting with a moonroof.

- Kristy R

All around awesome vehicle.

I've only had this vehicle for about two weeks but I'm in love. I feel safer and more in control than I did in my previous car. It's comfortable and handles wonderfully!

- Steph C

It is a safe vehicle and looks real sporty for a lower price than other sporty looking Crossovers.

I like the smooth ride of the crossover. I also like the size not too small or too large. IT is easy to park and has a lot of space and is easy to park and drive.

- melisa h

Transmission is not reliable

I have had multiple issues with the transmission. Transmission has been completely replaced and had to be serviced two additional times since then within a year.

- lesley f

It's small, yet roomy and gets around great, and gets great gas mileage

Love most everything about my vehicle...the technology, the get up and go, great gas mileage. Only thing I don't like is the size of the "trunk"/luggage area.

- Lori A

Outlander is a great driving SUV. All wheel drive and on demand 4 wheel drive

My Outlander Sport is great. I love the size. I also love that it sits higher than a regular car. It navigates easily and has good pickup for a 4 cylinder SUV.

- Kathryn S

Vehicle handles excellent with a great turning radius.

Turn radius is excellent. Smooth ride and handling. Good features for the price point. Paint could have been of higher quality and has had a safety recall.

- Patrick L

The one thing is it is great on gas.so that's a plus .

I love it .It's very good if you do a lot of winter driving the roads get bad around here something but overall it is the best vehicle i had and i love it.

- Becky F

It only has AC in the front seats and not the 2nd and 3rd row.

I love how it feels compact, even as an Suv. I love that all 3 car seats fit in the second row. However, the suv doesn't have AC in the second or 3rd row.

- Briana C

It is a four by four vehicle.

I think we need a bigger car, I luv the color I am able to get in and out of it easily, the interior is easy to keep clean and I luv the back up camera.

- Elizabeth M

It is very comfortable and handles well. It looks great.

I like the third row seating. I don't like the amount of legroom when using the seats. I like the comfort. I like the way the car looks and handles.

- Susan S

That it looks and runs well. It gets decent gas mileage and comes with a good warranty.

I like that it fits me. That it doesn't have too much tech in it. I also like the gas mileage...not bad for SUV. Some room for improvement though.

- Misty W

A very good reliable vehicle.

Good mileage, very comfortable, ample headroom, reliable in winter, has fog lights for added safety and I have added remote start to the vehicle.

- Henry G

A great affordable option for people looking to have an SUV but still get good gas mileage

I like that I have 4x4 option. I like that the car is great on gas mileage and is affordable. The interior dash could have been better planned.

- joelle e

It is wider inside than most, making it a comfortable riding vehicle.

The gas mileage is average, the performance is average and the inside is larger than average. Making it a long distance vehicle for comfort.

- Bart S

It gets good gas mileage and has room for 7 people.

It rides well and has a lot of room. the third room seating is very small and not much legroom. Has a lot of good features with bluetooth

- Monica D

This car may have you going back to the dealership ofen.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive and is small. My main complaint is that it has had a lot of recalls so I fear it's not made very well.

- Chris T

It's pretty boring so there's nothing interesting or worth noting about my car.

It's a pretty standard car. there's nothing special about it but it serves it purpose. I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone though.

- miranda p

The four wheel drive system is truly amazing.

The car runs very well and I have not had any problems so far. It rides a bit rough but the four wheel drive system is terrific.

- John D

Better than I expected. Good room for driver and passengers.

Small but roomy inside. Handles smoothly and gets good, but not great gas mileage. Small engine leaves it feeling underpowered.

- MatthewE E

This car has great features with a good price and good warranty.

Is it up higher, it has 4 wheel drive, the gas mileage is good, the push button start is good, and I like the heated seats.

- Arlene H

It is good on gas mileage.

Like the gas mileage I get in town and on the highway. Hate the size seems to be to small, wish it had more room or bigger.

- Deborah S

The car does not have the best pick up speed. It accelerates not as fast as you think it would.

I like that the car handles really well. It is on the small side, but it has proven to be reliable and efficient with gas.

- Brandon G

Great midsize suv for mothers

Excellent gas mileage. Additional safety features. Optional 3rd row seating that is great when the kids have friends over.

- Susan J

4 wheel drive is great in snow.

Performs great in the snow, great mileage, holds a lot of baggage, went on a long 14 hour trip and was comfortable riding.

- Sandra T

It has back seats that fold down giving additional room.

I usually get pretty good gas mileage. There is plenty of room inside. It is automatic with the option to go semi manual.

- Jessica S

How spacious it is and how dependable.

I like the size. It gets great gas mileage. It is the brand I have trusted for over 20 years. I like everything about it.

- Danielle B

It gets great gas mileage.

We have had no problems with this vehicle and the size is great for everything we need to carry.. We have no complaints.

- Linda E

All wheel drive is excellent in the snow.

Comfortable, great ride especially the all wheel drive. Bluetooth built in is a nice feature good size for traveling.

- Brian H

My husband chooses the car.

The a/c works great and the mpg is also good. What I do not like about it is the handling. It has slow response time.

- Pamela B

Good Gas Mileage and Extra Seating

Easy to drive and has a light frame for better gas mileage. Good for families with an extra third row for seating 7.

- Kass S

It is an affordable car for sporting.

It can fit all of my sporting equipment. Spacious but not big. Not too small either. Does not consume much gasoline.

- Angelica G

Vehicle has no pick up, very rough ride and many mechanical issues.

It has had at least 5 recalls, broken down once after only having it for 6 months and it is an extremely rough ride.

- Lisa L

It handles really well and gets decent gas mileage.

Plastic interior parts scratch too easily. Would like more leg room in back seats. I really like the way it handles.

- Laura M

The features are very basic. But it is reliable.

It is a reliable vehicle. It is simple and does not have all the bells and whistles. It also does not have 4w drive.

- Alex R

This car has a lot of features.

My car is comfortable, easy to drive, there are a lot of features, i like the rear camera, i find it safe to drive.

- Tania P

Very reliable and comfortable car. Good gas mileage.

Like where the seat belt is placed. Easy to get it. Love the heated seats in the winter. A very comfortable car.

- Ceil R

The most important thing about my vehicle people should know is gas mileage.

I like how cheap on gas my vehicle is. I haven't found anything I dislike about it. No complaints at the moment.

- Betty G

It is a brand new car with low miles.

I like the space, temp adjusters, bluetooth, general comfort and safety. There is not really anything I dislike.

- Diana B

It is a very sporty looking car but it does great on gas. It is a great car for trips.

The car drives really smooth. It has great pick up speed. I like how spacious it is. The car looks nice as well.

- Matt R

Goes good in the snow and rain.

I like the push start, 4 wheel drive, and it is roomie. It is good on gas miles. I like the folding down seats.

- Britney F

It has great gas mileage and it is comfortable.

Great gas mileage. The interior is very nice and the ride is comfortable... Great driving experience overall..

- Rona L

Great value, good safety and gets the job done for a vehicle

It is a reliable low cost suv. Good space for storage and good gas mileage. Not many extra options on it tho

- Bob L

I like my car it does what I need

Comfortable good gas mileage no issues cute reliable runs good dependable small off ground roomy inexpensive

- Lori Z

Smaller SUV that will get you where you need to go in all types of weather

The one thing I love about my vehicle is that it will get me to and from work in the snow. Very reliable car

- Lindsay H

It is affordable to drive even in town.

The car is easy to drive, easy to park and is cute.. Very good on gas and very comfortable.. No complaints.

- Patricia C

Seat warmers make driving in winter better

Needed new transmission after 3 years, not enough power when accelerating. Not enough space in back seat.

- Joanna B

It is a very good brand of car. I have had no problems with it.

I love that I have a system called F.A.S.T key on my car. It allows me to never have to use my car keys.

- Raine M

I love the four wheel drive detail of my Outlander Sport!

I love my Outlander Sport. It's reliable in all of the types of weather we have in central Pennsylvania.

- Samantha A

Reliable, dependable easy to drive.

Easy to handle in traffic. Reliable all I've had to do is keep up with oil changes and normal services.

- Ana E

It has two extra hidden seats in the back of the trunk.

I have a Outlander and I absolutely love it. It's not too big and not too small. It's a 4 wheel drive.

- Thu D

Mostly I like the size and my sunroof. I wish the remote sound to find my car in a parking lot was louder. Plus because of the sunroof I don't have an interior light at night for the back seats! Love my auto wipers & heated mirrors plus my electric blue color!!!

I've had it for 3 years so far with no problems at all!! It runs great!! Customer service is great too

- Lori B

It's about your preference, I go for comfort before anything else.

No sunroof or moonroof. But all in all I really enjoy it. Not much get up and go, but I don't speed.

- Katherine W

Very dependable without much needed service.

Like that it's 4 wheel drive for bad weather Back seat is small and no leg room. Good gas mileage

- Linda F

When it shifts gears it is kinda jerky but very good on gas!

I love the size and easy on gas. I would change the engine. It does not have a smooth shift.

- traci b

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the size of it. I like the smooth drive. I like that it gets good gas mileage.

- Joe G

It is a reliable adult responsible car It was almost new it has all the gadgets

It is a little slow and It is too light on the snow it doesn't break very well

- Ava B

I have a small SUV crossover. I like the roominess of it and the height of the vehicle. It's perfect for a single mom with one kid. The only thing I dislike is the park assist beeping and that it doesn't have a backup camera. I love the hands free phone.

It drives really well and is comfortable. The hands free phone works perfectly

- Michelle M

It gets good gas mileage and that rides good

I like everything about it and there is nothing that I don't like about it

- Robin D

My car gets Good gas mileage and with the high price of gas, it's important

5-speed. Roomy and comfortable. Good gas mileage. Pickup is a little slow.

- Lynda L

It's mine. It has excellent mileage and have not had any issues

It's comfy, big, and has great mileage. I have not had any issues yet

- Ross F

Good gas mileage and reliable. Good for snow. Good for families.

It is fuel efficient. It is 4wd. It is big. But I want more space.

- Sara L

That it has very good gas mileage for being such a large SUV.

The navigation doesn't always work. The gas mileage is great.

- Antonio V

Seems to be well made good price good gas mileage good all around car

It's a nice little car runs good good for me and lots of life

- Kathy A

It's reliable and easy to drive. It gets decent gas mileage.

I like the comfort. I like the size. I like the reliability.

- Kathleen K

Fun to drive in snow or clear roads. Got it a great price.

Bright blue color.love the 4wd .The doors are a little thin

- Mark Z

It's reliable and drives nicely and gets decent gas mileage.

It is functional. Gets decent gas mileage. It's sporty.

- Jeff Y

that it has wonderfull gas mileage

I love the sirius radio and it has good gas mileage.

- cindy R

the way it handles on the road and enough space inside the car

I like the space and the way it handles on the road

- paula g

That it gets good gas mileage.

I like the size. I like the look. I like the cost.

- Sylvia M