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Fully Loaded 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

This car has amazing features. It is fully loaded and has all the extra bells and whistles. I really like that the side mirrors can close in and out, and that they close automatically when the car is locked so you don't have to worry about people bumping into them at all when walking by or opening their car doors. One fancy feature I didn't even know was possible yet, is the "auto" windshield wipers. What this does is it has some kind of sensor to monitor how much rain is actually landing on the vehicle/windshield and adjusts automatically to the speed necessary. I haven't had to test out the heated seats yet though (I purchased the vehicle in this summer in Arizona). I really like the convenience of the extra button on the driver and front passenger side doors so I don't have to dig out the keys from my purse every time, especially when I am holding my baby at the same time. This button will sense when the key fob is near the vehicle and will lock/unlock the whole vehicle by just pressing the little button on the door handle. What makes it even better is that it will not work if the key fob is actually in the car, instead it just beeps at you to let you know that the "keys" (just the fob really) is in the car, so no more worrying about locking keys in the car.

- Sarah R

Very sleek and roomy! Every sports Mom�s Dream

There are a lot of great qualities I love about this car. It's very nice looking on the outside. Inside is very nice and roomy. I really enjoy the fact that there is a huge area in the back for everything I need to carry around on a daily basis, ie. Softball equipment, field hockey equipment, all the fold up chairs and umbrellas I may need for all my kids games! But when my girls want to hang out with friends and I get the privilege of carrying them around, all I need to do it put up the 3rd row seat. I LOVE how easy it is to put the 3rd row seat up or down. I've had vehicles before that were very complicated to manage. It's roomy all around and my kids love it. The only challenge is the legroom in the 3rd row seat. I just need to put the smaller kids back there. I would definitely buy another Mitsubishi Outlander in the future.

- Patricia M

My outlander is very affordable and rides nice.

My outlander is the first new car I have bought. I do recommend that if you are looking for a family car you look into an outlander. Space wise is nice, has a three sitter so if you don't need it, just put down and you have more space. My outlander is eco mode so it saves be a lot of gas. My outlander is red in color, which to me it stands out more. I have seen them in other colors which I don't like. My inside is all black, not leather but regular clothes and it is really hot inside when summer comes. You really don't feel the car when you are riding, which I love more. And for that I love my outlander.

- Yvonne G

Safety features are fantastic

I've had no problems with the outlander. I love the safety features! I drive out of state at least once a month and it's been wonderful. The cruise control is amazing. It slows the car down automatically when you are getting close to another vehicle. The lane departure feature is also wonderful and has actually helped correct where I'm at in the lane (it barely ever goes off now). It's a very comfortable SUV. The third row seating is cramped however and is definitely not a good seat for adults, if going more than a short distance. I wouldn't mind having an automatic back hatch too.

- Lisa J

Luxury and comfort in an affordable price.

Mitsubishi Outlander is spacious and comfortable for a family of 5+ members as it has 7 passenger seating. Super all-wheel control technology gives maximum traction with four drive modes like normal, snow, lock and AWD economy mode to handle various conditions. It is one of the fuel efficient standard in its class. Adaptive cruise control is better than the regular cruise control. The rearview camera provides an image on the screen of what is directly behind the vehicle. It is comfortable with luxury features in all way possible.

- Test T

Driving my Mitsubishi outlander makes me feel safe because of the extra air bags.

I absolutely love my Mitsubishi outlander. This is the third one I have bought. The car has an extremely high safety rating. The seats are comfortable and there is lots of room. I got a tow hitch and roof racks when I bought the car. My current car is black with grey interior. My previous ones were black and a really cool bluish grey color. There is a third row of seats that can be added if needed. I have only used the third row a couple of times. The car handles well on the highway and around town. I also get decent gas mileage.

- Cathy R

Handy for moving & great gas mileage.

The outlander sport is a very functional vehicle. It maneuvers well and is able to haul a lot of items as well. We have moved a couple times since getting this vehicle and it has been crucial for us. Its compact enough for easy parking. It's not the fastest but it does get great gas mileage. I have had an issue with the ignition thinking the key is still in after it is removed. The dealer had the part replaced but it has done it again so I will have to deal with that this summer. Otherwise the outlander is a very well made SUV.

- Danielle H

It gets great gas mileage, it looks nice, has all wheel drive and has an excellent warranty!

I love my Outlander because it has All Wheel Drive, it drives well, gets great gas mileage and it looks nice. I LOVE the backup camera. I love that it has a third row! I have 3 kids and it's a tight fit. It's hard for my son to get into the back row. He has to get in through the trunk. The trunk space is quite small and there's not room for a stroller with the third row up. This isn't the cars fault that I have 3 kids but it still makes it hard. Ha ha! Overall an excellent car. Just hard with 3 kids in carseats.

- Cindy E

Reliable in rain, snow, or sunshine.

I have had my outlander sport in October of 2016 and it has been very reliable! I bought the car when I was living in Illinois and the 4 wheel drive came in handy with the past few rough winters. When I relocated to Arizona, I chose to drive across the country in my outlander and it handled the trip extremely well. The back seat and trunk are spacious enough that I was able to haul several suitcases and two dogs! My outlander is also Bluetooth compatible and I love using it with Spotify on my phone.

- Kirsten B

Quality, reliability, practicality.

I bought the Mitsubishi after previously driving a luxury SUV. I didn't feel like I was downgrading much at all. The biggest difference between the two is the carpet. I'd recommend the rubber floor mats to keep the carpet protected. I really like how the outlander drives, handles, and it is been very reliable. The interior feels spacious and there is plenty of cargo room. Having the 3rd row was the deal maker for me as we often have extra kiddos in the car.

- Jamie G

Good vehicle but poorly placed vents

No vents in the back. Overhead compartments fall out easily. Bluetooth can be a hassle at times. It's a very quiet vehicle when running and the rear view camera is very helpful when backing up. Seats are very easy to adjust. The wiring underneath makes getting objects that fall down there a big ordeal and small open spaces between the seats pose a threat for phones and other things falling down to where you can't reach them.

- Selena C

Sporty roomy classy vehicle.

My vehicle is compact but very roomy. I love the 3rd row seating. Dual airbags, its eco and great on gas. Easy to put into 4-wheel drive just by the push of a button. Heated seating. Push buttOn Starter therefore no fumbling, with keys. Backup camera with very spacious clear view. Bluetooth through stereo system. The vehicle is very sharp and classy looking and I have been very pleased with the overall vehicle.

- Sharon B

We could not have made a better choice.

This is a very comfortable vehicle. I have a bad knee and it is very easy to get in and out of. We take this to work and on vacation. Most of our driving is on the interstate and the ride is very comfortable. There is very little outside or engine noise. We have two large dogs, about 65 pounds each and this vehicle id large enough to accommodate them and whatever luggage we take. I would definitely get another.

- Michael G

I love the safety features of my outlander!

The outlander provides a smooth and quiet ride and is stylish to boot. It has fantastic gas mileage and has enough cargo room to carry several teenage soccer players and their gear. I love the optional automatic braking and lane assist, they really help me to feel safer driving my vehicle. This vehicle has all the bells and whistles and is a dependable SUV that will not break the bank. Thank you!

- Sheri S

Eco Mode! Saves has and great for the environment

This car is really good on gas mileage! This vehicle includes Eco mode so it's great for my car and the environment! This car has 3 rows so it was great for a road trip we didn't have to take an extra vehicle. Trunk space is great only when the 3rd row is down. Overall a great vehicle. I haven't had any maintenance issues with it and I've had it for about a year now. Greatly recommend!

- Taylor H

Love the space and comfort is amazing!

The hardest thing is finding accessories, we want a bug shield for the front hood. Hard to find anywhere but a dealership. Comfort is amazing we didn't want flashy but got leather heated seats and front as well as rear cameras. Love the lane departure warning for long trips. Huge cargo space we have 2 large dogs and they fit comfortably along with fishing and camping supplies!

- Angela W

I love reverse picture in our car. Helps me know how close or far a is car.

My car works great, however it only has vest in the front seats of the car. So when it's hot out, when have to put AC on before we get in. And I wish it had power starter kit. Other than that my car runs good, and we trip in this car. Fits my family fine, however the 3rd roll seats is very cramped. Little kids would have to fit back there. I don't recommend adults.

- Sarah A

My outlander has not disappointed me yet!

There have been a couple small recalls on my outlander that were taken care of. The performance is great, perfect for carrying kayaks and other outdoor activities. Back seat is nice and spacious great for big dogs and of course little ones. Other than the few small recalls I have had problems with my vehicle. Would absolutely recommend test driving!

- Lauren J

It is a great value. There are a lot of great feature for a reasonable price.

I like the height of the vehicle. I feel like I can see over smaller cars and get a better view of traffic flow. I like how it handles. The steering is easy and it has a great turning radius. I like the large touch screen. The backup camera is easy to see and alerts me when I am close to the objects behind me. I also enjoy the leather heated seats.

- Michelle A

Good outlander! It gets me to where I am going and is dependable.

Very satisfied. Previous auto was a Kia Amanti. I loved that car. It may not have set up higher when you got into it but it was a good heavy car when roads were bad! I wish Kia still made Amanti cars. The outlander is good. So far no problems. There is a recall on a latch that we need to get repaired but we have not had any problems with it yet.

- Mary P

It is a good family car with all wheel drive, which is important in snowy weather.

I like the heated seats, and that it has the possibility of 3rd row seating, and I like the amount of trunk space. However, if we increase the seating to utilize the 3rd row seating, there is no real trunk space left. Also, I do not like that there are no air vents in the rear of the vehicle, only in the front driver/passenger area.

- Sarah A

Back rows are not spacious.

Even though the car sits 7, both rows are not spacious, especially, when you are using a car seat. There's not a lot of trunk space when the third row is used. Not much power behind the engine. The seat warmers are a nice touch and so is the dual heat/ac option. If you really need that third row I would probably pick something else.

- Jamie L

It features a 7-inch touch screen, HD Radio, a six-speaTruePrice is better.

My car is really good. Features are very easy to use, comfortable. Automatic features too, music connectivity is easy. Seats are fully automatic with heat inside. Space is more than enough in my car. AC is really faster. I don't think there is anything which I dislike about my car. Whenever I drive it smooth..it has sensors too.

- Namarta R

Mitsubishi Outlander: great value.

It has great gas mileage It seats 7, but the 3rd row seats back seats are small for tall people. It has features like Bluetooth, a backup camera, dual controls on the heater and air conditioning, heated front seats, hatchback, and a key fob. The car is a great value for the price. We wanted 7 seats, but also good gas mileage.

- Michelle C

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is a great car to own

I really like that it has two extra seats. We have two kids and the car seats take up three spots. I would prefer there be a bit more room for legs though. I'm not sure how they would fix that though. It makes me feel safer because it is a little bigger. I love all wheel drive because it makes it easier for us to get up hill.

- Eugenia G

Good car, lots of legroom and good value for the price.

I actually really like my car. For a small SUV is pretty roomy. However, I prefer a bigger vehicle. I believe it is a good solid vehicle. The only problem I have seen is so many recalls. Need more room in the back for storage. Mitsubishi has been great to me. I will probably purchase there larger model in a year or 2.

- Robin C

Love the Mitsubishi outlander sel model

This is my second Mitsubishi outlander. Got the sel model so I could have all the extras I wanted. Heated leather seats, sunroof,Sirius radio no key entry. Love it I decided to get the things I always wanted when I upgraded from a regular Mitsubishi outlander. My next car will be the same sometime in the future

- Peg A

Comfortable, reliable, spacious, heated seats; it is a perfect midsize SUV!

Very reliable vehicle, I have had mine for two years and absolutely no issues. Comfortable, spacious, great mileage, and heated seats. It is has Bluetooth, with a touchscreen system for music. Tracks your mileage, makes you aware of oil is low or tire pressure. 4WD is great to have especially for the wintertime.

- Ashley S

My opinion of my 2016 Mitsubishi outlander sport.

I have a 2016 Mitsubishi outlander sport it has a 5 speed manual transmission, I hate first gear it is just too short, you have to immediately shift into 2nd gear and it can get dangerous when you are trying to get into traffic. Other than that its powerful, nice quiet interior, very open and comfortable.

- Brian D

Hands free Bluetooth system.

Mitsubishi Outlander is a safe and comfortable car that goes the distance and will definitely last you! It is safe, affordable, and the perfect size for a family or just you and your partner. Mitsubishi has great services for cars and amazing customer service always there to help for all your car needs.

- Hannah M

Mitsubishi has comfortable family vehicle.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable. This past winter we had days that were -15 degrees and it would start with no problem. It is very comfortable with plenty of legroom. It has a 3 row set which comes in handy quite often. The heated seats are a plus, and I'll never have another car without them!

- Betty A

I am in love with my Mitsubishi outlander!

I have had zero problems with my car since I purchased it in December 2016. I really enjoy driving it, its small and comfy yet roomy for my family of 5. Gets great gas mileage using the economy feature button on the dash. Easy to turn off and on as needed. Seat warmers are a plus on cold winter days.

- Cheryl C

Mitsubishi outlander 2016.

My outlander drives very well. Gets better gas mileage that I thought would. I usually get 29 around town and 35/36 highway. I enjoy how sporty it is while also looking very classy. It is a very comfortable car that is able to hold 5 people. My spouse is 6 foot 4 inches and he has enough leg room.

- Kelsey M

Great price for a great SUV.

I love my new outlander sport. It was very cost effective and is very reliable. I feel very safe while driving and transporting my kiddos and family around. The SUV has a lot of room and space to hold whatever you could think of buying. I would recommend this car to others in the market for SUVs.

- Carey L

Dependable and reliable but boring. Favorite part is that 3rd row

My car is reliable. It does not have many features like some of the new cars but I am excited about my backup camera, heated seats, and third row. The third row is super easy to get up and down allowing for more room as needed but when the seats are in use there is very little trunk space

- Jenine A

Fun family vehicle with optional third row.

The Outlander is very comfortable. I Can't wait to use the heated seats in the winter. It has a sunroof, Power liftgate, All wheel drive, Eco mode. The only thing I am wary about is sometimes you have to really press the gas to speed up. The sound system and radio are also good quality.

- Ashley N

Great dashboard and great features

It has great control easy to use Bluetooth can connect simple and fast. Has heated seats and dual side heating and cooling. It can pick up fast and can last on gas for a 6 cylinder plus has great mileage to the gallon. The only thing I don't like it's back seats don't go back to far

- Matthew G

I love the backup camera, that is a must it has got me very spoiled to it.

It is a great car no problems, just not enough room for a car seat and a dog traveling. It is comfortable in the front seat, not so much in the back. The very back seat is like for a small child. Drives very good very dependable. If your looking for a new car this is one to buy.

- Jerry P

Great vehicle for the family!

Great family vehicle! Comfortable leather seats. Has heated seats which I really love. Bluetooth radio. Side windows automatically Ford I. When you lock the vehicle. Runs very well. Has 3 row seating. Only complaint is that when the third row is up, there is no trunk space.

- Alyssa H

The outlander is the only SUV for me.

My outlander is the best SUV I have ever owned. I get great gas mileage, low maintenance and plenty of cargo space. It also has a large roomy interior and an awesome sound system with Bluetooth. I also enjoy they push start verses having a manual key to turn on my vehicle.

- Jessica L

Mitsubishi outlander SUV 3rd row.

Good but small. Has heated seats. I like the stereo system. It is very clear. It has backup camera. Seats are too high. You cannot see over them. The color is brown which not my favorite. It is good on gas. It is a 4 cylinder. It has a third row but it is very small.

- Van F

Loving the Mitsubishi outlander sport.

I love the Bluetooth enabled calling/music. It is higher up on the ground so it does not feel like I am sitting on the ground while driving. I love the heat and love that I can change the radio station/skip a song/change the volume without moving my fingers that far.

- Lisa M

The fact that it has Bluetooth.

It performs excellent, very comfortable, roomy enough. Great gas mileage. Driving long distance is comfortable and smooth riding. Very low maintenance, not expensive to maintain. Has great pickup. Comfortable enough for 4 people to sit in and a lot of luggage space.

- Cheryl A

Extremely well made family car.

My car can switch from 4 cylinder to 6. I love the rear view camera and stereo system. Extremely comfortable with lots of legroom. Also has a third row seat. It can also be switched from automatic to standard and has an excellent navigation system. Truly great car.

- May M

Mitsubishi Outlander Review!

Very good reliable family car! Lots of room for my family! Good for road trips! Love the Bluetooth radio and backup camera! And if we have a bigger purchase fold down the back and you have plenty of room! Recommend this car for any small family! Won't regret it!

- Sade J

It is a comfortable and safe ride.

I like the Bluetooth connection, the sunroof, and keyless start. I also like how smooth the ride is and quiet the engine is. I dislike how there is no actual ignition if the keyless remote battery were to die. This would be beneficial in case of an emergency.

- Kelli H

Lots of room! We have 4 children ages 15-20 and there is room for all, even the really tall kid!

My most favorite feature is the ability to raise the driver's seat. I like being able to see better in traffic. I do wish that the car would "remember" my seat setting so other drivers could adjust the seat to their needs without worrying about changing mine.

- Erica S

Not your average soccer mom car.

Nice and roomy. A good amount of cargo space, smooth ride, decent gas mileage for an SUV this size. A lot of options come standard. Wish there was a navigation system. Good color selection. Like the heated seats during the winter. Will definitely buy again.

- Elizabeth D

Drive really good likes it a lot no complete.

No I like it and I would buy it again comfortable roomie lots of storage very nice inside and outside of the car no keys need to start looks nice likes the rack on the also moving make it easy like how the seats lay down enjoys it more and more I drive it.

- Lori L

It gets great gas mileage, and seats 5 people very comfortably.

I really enjoy driving my car everyday. One complaint that I have about it though is the way that the air circulates. I feel as if the middle row does not get enough air. I have never used the third row but I feel as if it would be really hot back there.

- Kacie H

It okay car to have to get you from point a to b.

I like that it has third row seating.. I do not like that it does not have a lot of room for the second or third row.. I also do not like when the seat belt locks on me while I am driving and trying to see if cars are coming from my right or left side.

- Sheryl S

Totally what I wanted in an automobile.

This sel model has everything I ever wanted. Bluetooth, backup camera, sunroof, heated seats, keyless entry handsfree phone setup, Sirius radio. It rides well, has a great dealership for service. I love the dark blue color as it hides the dirt well.

- Margaret A

Could be better but not the worse

No issues. Car drives nice, great highway miles to gas ratio vs driving through city. Small inside, not much room. Air doesn't circulate well through car unless really high. This makes it difficult for anyone sitting in the backseat to feel the air.

- Zenobia W

A three row vehicle for under $20,000! Family car for a steal.

We love the price we paid for what we got. It is the most cost effective 3 row vehicle on the market. The look is extremely sporty, but it still functions great as a family car. Gas mileage is incredible. The seats are not incredibly comfortable.

- Jordyn N

Outlander sport, lots for little

It's a good vehicle with many extras at a low price that also has a great warranty. The only thing that I would say to improve is back seat passengers doors are always locked would like to be able to open without having to push the unlock button

- Tracy S

It is a very reliable car that has huge benefits like the gas card.

I love the drive and the ability that it is an affordable car. I was able to get a 10 cent discount card that helps me with the gas costs. Also, I was able to obtain free oil changes for the initial first four oil changes. Everything helps.

- Suzanne B

It is a 3rd row vehicle and can fit 7 people, however if you do have all 7 people in there it has little room to move.

I like that there are 3 rows of seating, however I do not like that when you have the 3rd row seating up there is no trunk space to put thing. Also I do not like that 3 car seats ( booster, baby carrier or regular) fit in the same row

- ed b

My Ride: Has good gas mileage

I enjoy my vehicle on a daily basis, it is a comfortable ride and has different options of the type of ride, as far as normal, snow etc. However I wish there was a little more acceleration when at a complete stop and start to go again

- Liv v

It is push start so you don't need your keys in the ignition to run but you do need to have them with you at all times and it can be confusing.

I love the size of the vehicle. It has optional 3 row seating which gives us plenty of space for hauling objects or people. I really like the push button start. It does not have power seats or remote start which I wish it did have.

- Skylar M

The relative unpopularity of the Mitsubishi brand presents a price and warranty advantage over the competing vehicles in the class.

I like the low price on the Mitsubishi midsize SUV and the general features on the car. It only lacks the new technical features available on the GT model for 2018. In particular, I wish the vehicle was equipped with Android Auto.

- Henry C

No trunk space with third row down.

I like the features my vehicle has. I love the leather seats since they are easier to keep clean and I also love the heated seats. My one complaint is that it is a little small. When the third seat is up, there is no trunk space.

- Alyssa H

It is a midsize SUV, spacious, and good for a small family, and pets.

We have had very little issue with our vehicle. It is very reliable, comfortable, and great for long road trips. It has simple features like: ac, radio, and Bluetooth, etc. A/c and heater both work great. Seats are nice as well.

- Mathew G

It's most likely the best value for its money for any car in the equal segment

It is a reliable car that gets me from point A to point B. It has a modern style that ensures people will take notice of my Mitsu. The features inside of the car keep me happy and allow me to enjoy my music with a peppy drive.

- Jeff K

Drives nice and smooth. No back seat vents.

Lots of recalls. Not as big as we expected it to be. We also leased it and don't like having to watch miles. If you get one flat tire you have to replace 2 tires instead of just the one that is flat because of 4 wheel drive.

- Tiffany H

Lot's of passenger room great family vehicle good on gas! Easy on the pockets and easy to maintain.

Easy to maintenance good dependable family vehicle to travel in for road tripping.. Good on gas got a lot of Miles per gallon traveling as I speak on this vehicle compares with Toyota RAV4 but less expensive we love it.

- Loni M

It has a great ride and easy to drive.

I love the size of it, the way it drives and gas mileage. It's easy to drive and has plenty of space for traveling but not too big around town. When I buy a new vehicle it most likely will be the same. No complaints.

- Debbie W

it's reliable, it gets good mileage, and comfortable to drive and handle

this is my second mitsubishi the last one was a sport Montero it lasted 15 years and 180000 miles, in the 15 years I only had 0ne tuneup, 2 sets of brakes 3 batteries 3 1/2 sets of tires and two tie rods replaced

- william r

This vehicle also has a 3rd row to fit a large family comfortably

no complaints, but it is a great vehicle. I can transport kids and all of the sports equipment. I have also folded all seats down and was able to fit quite a bit in the back including long pieces of furniture

- jen w

The speakers are loud and fun to listen to the music and enjoy the ride

I like the back up camera of my vehicle and I don't have to look back to check if there's a vehicle coming on my direction. What I don't like about my car is it's hard to press the remote to open the car.

- Rhoda P

How to make a good car great.

I would like a prettier interior. I added apple carplay because it didn't have it and every car should have apple carplay. It needs more storage space. It is really a great car for the money, overall.

- Laurie H

It has great gas mileage.

The best thing about this vehicle is that is has great gas mileage, especially highway driving. I also like that it has a third row but you can keep the seats down if you need more storage or space.

- Eryn C

Nice safety features. Decent fuel economy. Fun to drive.

I like that it is set higher than a sedan. I feel like I have more control of my driving with the 4WD. Fuel economy is decent. My only negative is that the cargo/trunk area isn't as big as it looks.

- Kathryn E

Great car with a smooth ride but space is needed inside.

It is a gas saver so that is a plus! Only drawbacks are the 3rd row takes away from trunk space, and the middle row only has 2 seat belts instead of 3. Very smooth ride and push to start are a plus.

- Kevin H

The doors are very sensitive. You have to be careful opening the doors.

What I like about my car is that it has Bluetooth! But sometimes it sucks and never connects to my phone. The seats are really comfortable and the air conditioning does not take long to get cold.

- Brittany S

The safety rating on this vehicle is great and is one of the biggest deciding factors for my purchase of this vehicle

I love the Traction Control when the road is wet, The Miles per Gallon are decent for a 2.4 Liter engine, I love the Keyless Entry and the Push Button Start. The ride is comfortable and smooth.

- Marcus B

I think It's poorly made. I've had 4 recalls in 2 years.

I like the color, the size is ok. I hate that it doesn't automatically lock. I hate that my led headlights went out after a year of owning it. I think they went cheap on paint, and windshield.

- Lisa L

Safety is foremost the best thing about our outlander.

The safety features is our number one like, the ease of handling, seat accommodation is also one of the reason we bought this car. An average of 26 mpg is one of the least things we like.

- Carroll F

It's a stylish looking car that gets great gas mileage and is one of the most affordable crossovers

It is reliable. It gets great gas mileage, more than any other car I've driven. It's a crossover so I have the 4 wheel drive option available but it's not a large, inefficient vehicle.

- Robin V

It has a lift gate, it handles well. I like driving it!

It is nice and roomy without being too big. It drives well and maintains well. It looks nice when you are driving it. It is fun to drive and very comfortable. A nice road trip car.

- Marianne D

It is an affordable and reliable vehicle for a small family.

The versatility of the vehicles is phenomenal and it fits my small family. The vehicle is reliable and has great fuel mileage. At 50000+ miles and we have experienced no issues.

- Manuel C

A lot of car for the money. With AWD, 3rd row, and amazing gas mileage you get so much for the price.

It has been a great vehicle. Great price. 4 wheel drive. Wonderful gas mileage. Enough space for everyone with 3rd row seating. It does everything I need it to do.

- Kelly S

Very comfortable & reliable vehicle!

I love my Outlander Sport! It is very reliable in all types of weather. I haven't had any problems with it at all. I bought it new and I keep up with the maintenance.

- Nikki G

Good small family vehicle

Nice small family car, good mpg and cargo space. It would get a 5 but I have the base model which didn't have as many of the nicer features that I originally wanted.

- Steve F

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

I didn't like that the car didn't come with SiriusXM radio when we purchased it. The 3rd row is a little complicated to operate. The vehicle drives pretty smoothly.

- Megan M

Gas mileage is decent. . Good cargo space.

It is fairly good on gas and handles pretty well. I would like it sit up a bit higher for an SUV. Could be more special features for price, but overall a good car.

- Jennifer E

It is an affordable car. Very inexpensive but a great car to have. Great starter car

Great on fuel efficiency, great motor, nice looking car. I dislike the fact that it is very small. It looks like any other car. Design has not changed in years.

- Lorena E

It's very roomy and has great mileage and also is very safe.

It's the perfect size for being a crossover. It has a fold down 3rd row too which is awesome. We really love it and will purchase another when this lease is up.

- steph m

Excellent gas mileage especially in economy mode.

No problems very reliable very good gas mileage would highly recommend this vehicle this is the third Mitsubishi I have bought I recommend them to my friends.

- Peggy C

It is a great vehicle. I love that it can be customized as well.

No complaints. I love everything about the vehicle. The sleek exterior and roomy comfortable interior, as well as the vehicle's performance are all great.

- Denise T

It is a great small SUV with plenty of room and great fuel mileage.

I love how economical it is. A real gas saver. It also does well with maintenance needs as well. I would like for my trunk to be self closing and opening.

- Alexandra S

Great gas mileage but comfort is lacking.

I have not had any problems mechanically. The comfort is lacking greatly. The seats feel like I'm sitting on cardboard so road trips aren't very fun.

- Lauren S

My car is very cost efficient, reliable and enjoyable to drive.

I love the way my vehicle drives and handles on the road. I also like the gas mileage it gets, it is very economical for me to drive on a daily basis.

- Marie M

It is great in the snow but my tires don't seem to last as long as I think they should or what the mfg suggest. It gets great gas mileage. I had an auto start put in by the dealer and it quit working and they wouldn't fix it even though it had just been a year. I wish I had paid attention and got one with heat controls in the rear. I will next time. It has been one of my fav vehicles so far though.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage for the rural area I live in. I have to travel long distances and up hills so it is pretty good considering that.

- Tina A

It get 29 mpg on the highway.

Gets Great gas mileage. comfortable because it seats 7. It looks good on both the inside and outside. Controls for the stereo are not the greatest.

- James R

I love the radio. The radio is a nice simply laid out touch screen radio.

I love my car. I have a 2016 Mitsubishi outlander sport, and it is absolutely great. I love the room it has. It is normally really good on gas too.

- Kayla B

My car gives me the freedom to come and go when I want to.

I like that I sit up higher than a sedan. I don't like that it does not have heated seats like my last model. I like the fuel mileage that I get.

- Ivy L

Safety features are awesome. Has 7 seats if you need it.

No complaints at all. Love the space and capacity to transport 7 passengers and safety features. Great car. Already recommended to a few friends

- Priscilla F

It's very nice and is a great color.

I love the color and that it has four doors and a hatch. The only thing I wish it had is a built in gps and a sunroof. I love the backup camera.

- Lynn B

A nice every day crossover: I love the streamline of the vehicle.

You cannot hear the music until the volume is past 20, not much leg room, good on gas, looks very nice, sleek interior with decent cargo space.

- Shay R

This vehicle is child friendly and supports up to seven people. Also, can carry cargo.

This vehicle is trustworthy and durable. An awesome family car! Maintainable and serviceable. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone!

- Persephone M

It's a great car and I would buy another

Good gas mileage. Has four wheel drive. Bluetooth capability. Good size trunk. Had it for a year and a half and it hasn't needed any work

- Brie R

Great to own if you have small children.

Comfortable smooth drive extra legroom multiple CD changer USB connection spacious trunk space back row folds down for more trunk room.

- Shales B

I love how the backseat can completely lay flat which gives you amazing storage potential in the back when needed

This car is a great car. I love how it comes in great colors especially bright blue which I love. I have not had any major car problems

- Hillary H

Great sound system- and very reliable!

Our family car is extremely reliable. We love how well it drives and performs. One of the favorite features is the great sound system!

- Carol B

The Outlander has good quality for the price. Mitsubishi is worth looking at

THe car has low road noise on the highway. The ride is comfortable. the overall build quality is solid. WIsh it had a bigger engine

- Todd J

Looks smaller but has 3rd row seating and lots of room when you fold the seats flat.

My outlander is a crossover with 3rd row seating and a V6 engine. It is sporty looking and fun to drive. I love the way it handles.

- Jami W

Medium SUV Good mileage Great sounds

Nice running just a little small on the inside. Good gas mileage. Weight is a little light during the raining and snowing conditions.

- Greg H

Great Car For families!!!

I really love my 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander because it's spacious and comfortable. It also is quiet for such a big car and very safe!

- Ewelina R

Very comfortable would recommend.

I love the all wheel drive especially in the winter. I like the heated seats in the winter. Only thing I dislike is the gas mileage.

- Adora M

It is an extremely safe vehicle and is great on gas as well. The way the car handles and drives is amazing. Truly is a great vehicle.

I love the way the car handles and the ride is very smooth. My only complaint about the vehicle is the trunk space is way to small

- Destiny S

HORRIBLE TIRES! These tires pretty much for "looks" and don't perform well. After about 6 months they were almost bare.

Lot's of recalls. This vehicle comes with horrible tires. They can't even handle the rain very well let alone winter conditions.

- Rachel W

Doesn't lock automatically when put in drive. That is an important feature for me.

I like the space. The color is good. I don't like that it does not lock automatically when put in drive. It's a little plain.

- MaryEsther C

The outback is fun to drive, handles well and is engineered for safety.

I like that it is 3rd row seating and 7 passenger. Do not like that when the 3rd row is being used it leaves no trunk space.

- Kim B

My car is very economical when it comes to gas and the mileage.

I love the way the car drives. I dislike that the third row is not easily accessible. Overall I love the comfort of the car.

- Ana L

Good on gas, fits 7 people.

My vehicle came standard with third row seating. There are a lot of features for the price. It's nice looking and spacious.

- Danielle F

Mitsubishi Outlander. The compact has it all car.

Compact but has third row. Seats adjust but leg room can be an issue. Heated seats, Bourke tooth and back up camera a plus.

- Tracy J

It is very reliable for its age.

I like the fuel efficiency and it is reliable so far. I do not like that every little thing that touches it leaves a dent.

- Kris F

It has the largest moon-roof on the market and is a very sporty vehicle.

The vehicle is very sporty with the largest retractable moonroof on the market. I wish it had a slightly larger interior.

- Steve T

It's reliable and live to drive it.

I like the all wheel drive and the heated seats. Very comfortable for traveling. I dislike the poor gas mileage it gets.

- Adora c

Safety ratings are very high and high for car seats.

I love the size, safety, and gas. Love the colors, interior I wish there were more options. It's easy to parallel park.

- Michelle M

I can turn and park in places that would take other cars a 3-point turn.

I have come to love the superior turning radius of the Mitsubishi. It is got power for the freeway and it looks sharp.

- Cynthia M

Smooth, feel safe in it. Roomy.

It has enough space for travel. I am able to easily reach my children in their car seats and I love the smooth ride.

- Sonya S

Safety record and safety rating is good.

Needs more engine power. Available options are expensive and third party ones are hard to find. Overall a good car!

- Matthew W

It has cup holders between the seats in the back.

It has the right amount of room inside and in the trunk. I like that the back seats can lay down for extra hauling.

- Eunice T

It has many modes and good sound. Easy breaks and does not jolt when in drive.

Have had no problems so far with the vehicle but the plastic make of the car is really easy to damage with weather.

- Joanna M

That it is a very good car to have economical fast and safe.

I like 3rd row seating and heated seats. Size of vehicle is perfect.. There is not anything that I hate about it..

- Heidi M

The Outlander is a very dependable vehicle,I just need a small truck

Hard to see over the hood and hard to back up.Not enough room to haul stuff.other than that it is a nice vehicle.

- Brenda H

Good value. Not overpriced and you get lots of extras.

Great vehicle. Lots of room in back for hauling stuff. Good on gas. Good looking. Love the heated leather seats.

- Ilene G

The Turning radius for this type of vehicle is great

I like the amount of room Love the ride height The turning radius and maneuverability is great Wish it was 4x4

- Arthur C

It is a good SUV and I am very comfortable in it.

I like that I sit a little higher. I don't like that it does not have seat warmers. I like the gas mileage.

- Morris h

Great car to buy. It's not that expensive

I have no problems with this car. It ride great. It's has a lot of room for me. Good on gas. It's comfortable

- Tanesha T

The 3rd row seating of 7 passenger vehicle

I like that it has 3 rows of seating, but don't like that when the 3rd row is up there is no trunk space

- Kim M

The warranty offered by Mitsubishi is only 60, 000 miles or 3 years.

I have had my car for 2 years and love it. Have not had any problems and it has always been reliable.

- Alex O

The SUV comes with a great warranty and is very reasonably priced.

It has a great warranty. It seats seven people. It has great cargo capacity. I like the way it looks.

- Gordon G

drive ability .. acceleration is slow but hugs turns pretty good , was good in winter

like the room gas mileage .. do not like the tranny .. do not like the acceleration. like the awdc

- keith l

It is a very nice gray shade and it includes a feature called a 'shark fin', which is very fun.

It is very compact and easy to park. It allows for 5 people to sit comfortably. It had a shark fin.

- Emily L

It is dependable. I have never had any issues. It is a very solid vehicle.

I love the interior design. I like the comfortable seats. I also like that it is efficient on gas.

- Jody D

Gets great mileage like a Honda.

Runs well. Gets good mileage. Has seat warmers. Only complaint is it's a single CD in the radio.

- Michelle S

I have owned 2 in the last 5 years, and they have been very dependable

Dependability, gas mileage, and ride. I also like that it is AWD and goes good in the snow

- Tim M

the one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is eco friendly

Wish it had a sunroof and automatic seat movement. That's all. Everything else I like

- colin t

It has 4 wheel drive which is needed here in the winter.

I like that it is very plain and simple with not a lot of gadgets to distract me.

- Donna E

It works well for our family right now for what we need it for.

Could use a bit more room and also climate control in the second and third rows.

- Salky D

comfortable to ride in and roomy allowing for extra seating in back.

It's a roomy car. Has an extra row of seats in back. Very comfortable to ride in

- Michelle B

that it has third row seating and it gray

it was new and has third row seating. the color it wasn't the car i wanted

- sheryl M

There is third row seating. Also there are no vents in the back to cool or heat.

I like that it's big enough for my family to fit in. I don't like the look.

- Jordan L

They get great gas mileage and go really good in the snow.

I love my car. It goes really good in the snow and gets great gas mileage.

- Tammy L

It's a good size suv specially if you can't drive a huge vehicle then this would be the suv of choice.

heated seats, DVD player, push to start, push lock, third row seats.

- rachel G

Affordable family transporter

Lots of room for family. Fairly comfortable. Pretty good on gasoline

- carel L

It was a great price and I love it

I love this car. It has great gas mileage and is very eco friendly

- Kristen C

I like the compact size. The crossover features. The roominess.

Its roomy and safe. It is highly safety rated. Nice size crossover

- Jenna L

Great value for the money. Reliable and dependable. Low maintenance

I love the design of the car. I wish it felt a little more sturdy

- Tammy R

Nice sounds and cool aircon. I love to drive the car

Gas is expensive and I full tank every week. Nice and slowly

- rhoda m

It handles great on the road and get really good gas mileage.

I love how much space I have in it. It get great gas mileage

- Katrina S