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Excellent family SUV. A great dependable vehicle for 2 or more for a safe ride.

I love the Versatility of the vehicle. You can transform it from loading up with cargo or people in a matter of seconds. I have lots of grandkids, with the outlander I have room to seat all of the comfortably. Plus, everyone has their own cupholder. If you have kids you know how important that can be. I appreciate the back up camera, what an insightful invention. I really like the hands free Bluetooth feature. Talking without distraction is a really good safety feature. The ride in this vehicle is very smooth. The seats are very comfortable. For those of you going green, this is an economy vehicle. I keep mine in the eco mode. I cannot say enough positive things about my SUV, I love it. I know there are features I have not highlighted and its because I cannot remember them all at the moment. Are there things I do not like, a few. There is not a lot of legroom in the third row seating, but it's okay for young kids. There is not a lot of cargo space if the third row is up. Would I recommend this vehicle? Definitely, the positives far outweigh any of the negatives.

- Debbie A

Mitsubishi pros and cons.

I love the Mitsubishi outlander. It is comfortable. A few features I miss are the automatic trunk opener and the changing lane alerts which I had in my Nissan pathfinder. It has three rows, and when folding all the seats down it is a little bit tricky and you have to take the headrests off, which is annoying. I usually lease, but I bought this car because it was cheaper to buy than lease. It did come with 100, 000 mile warranty. Two free oil changes and tire rotations a year, which was a nice perk. It has heated seats, leather and navigation. I have had no problems with the car. As I said above, just missing a few features that I loved in my Nissan. Hopefully Mitsubishi will take these factors into consideration. It does have a feature that my Nissan didn't have which I love. The mirrors turn in when the car is locked. So far no problems with the car. The features you get for the price of the vehicle is definitely worth it.

- Theresa P

Mitsubishi is an awesome awc vehicle!

I love my Mitsubishi. It handles extremely well in the snow and was a main reason for purchasing a awc vehicle. It fits 7 which is perfect for me, just do not expect to go on a long trip because there is no trunk space left once the 3rd row is up for suitcases or bags, unless everyone packed super light. The Bluetooth works best when your phone is connected. Not too big of a deal, but if unplugged, the volume for phone calls is awfully low. The front seats are comfortable for long drives, but I wouldn't want to be sitting in the 3rd row, save that for little ones. I get decent mileage going up and down the mountain each day (between 13-16 mpg), but I wish I got just a little more. Freeway driving gets about 28-32 mpg depending on the length of the drive. I love the heated seats in the front and so do my passengers. This is an excellent vehicle and I have recommended it to many!

- Jessica S

Do not buy a Mitsubishi Outlander.

We have had multiple issues with our Outlander we bought brand new with only 10 miles on it when we test drove it and had an issue with it in the shop three times for a brake fluid leak issue with less than 15000 miles on it. Then we have had issues with our defroster needing fixed within the first 6 months. We have had issues with the backup camera staying on even after being put in drive the ac/heat unit will change itself without being touched every now and then. We periodically smell a burning wire smell coming from under the hood right by the glovebox area and shop has no explanation as they say they can not duplicate the issue. We will never buy another Mitsubishi vehicle again as our friend who bought one a few months before us has also had several issues with theirs also and they got there's brand new also like us.

- David S

100, 000 mile manufacturer warranty.

The vehicle rides very smooth and as an amazing anti-lock brake system. The gear shift is easy to use and the radio and Bluetooth compatibility are easy to use as well. The vehicle has not had any mechanical and what is more impressive is that it offers an 100, 000 mile or 5 year warranty. The only thing that I don't like is the comfort of the seats. The seats are very hard and after a long ride, my back and rear end tend to hurt. The radio and speaker system is also sub par. The speakers don't have the best sound and quality. Also the display seems very basic for a 2017 model. Lastly there is no auto lights on the model that I have. Like I mentioned before it seems that it would only be fitting for a newer car to have some of what I would consider basic features.

- Tia J

Mitsubishi outlander gets great mileage, is hard working, and is a great value.

I love my Mitsubishi outlander. It is a very good 7 passenger vehicle for the price. I have felt the four wheel drive, ice warning and handling features work together to prevent an accident. I find the interior and exterior pleasant to look at. The gas mileage is great for a 7 passenger vehicle. I get 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. I am able to fit my daughter, son-in-law and three grand babies with car seats and luggage. There are small things on the interior that seem to wear a little quickly, but for the price I am not complaining. I moved myself from one state to another and made three trips stuffing the car completely and it handled the loads perfectly. Over all I am very happy with my purchase.

- Kathy L

Excellent fuel mileage, fun to drive, and Sirius XM radio!

I love the fuel mileage - it's excellent! I like the way it handles, and I like that the 3rd row of seats folds down for more storage in the back. I like the heated seats, the Apple CarPlay option, and the overall feel of the car. I don't like the fact that there's no CD player (although it sounds like all new vehicles are going that direction). I don't like that you have to physically turn the lights on and off. I'm used to them automatically coming on when needed, and this car doesn't do that. Our dealer said remote start wasn't an option for this car, although it's listed in the brochure. I think that's an important option to offer, and one I'd take if I had the chance.

- Stephanie P

All the bells and whistles and looking sharp.

My vehicle is amazing. From the heated seats to the Rockford fosgate punch sound system, every feature has been exceptional and very much used. I test drove many different styles and makes and nothing compared to the value of the outlander with all of the features included. Living in Colorado at the time of purchase, the push button all terrain or snow modes came in very handy and the seat warmers were a lifesaver on frigid morning drives to school. As a mother of three, seating for seven was a game changer and the ability to lay down all the seats and pack it full of concession stand supplies made me the mom of the year to my band kids.

- Harley H

Very smooth ride, a very dependable vehicle with an awesome warranty.

I think it is a bit smaller than I am used to in an SUV. Great performance vehicle, but not as tall and big as I like it to be. I would like it more if it had more leg room was a bit wider to feel roomier inside the vehicle. The cargo room is not as big either. Most of these things you do not notice until you own it and drive it every day. I think it needs to just be amped up in size. The endeavor they phased out was amazing! This one just cannot compare to the vehicle it was! Should bring it back, I would have bought one of those! My suggestion is to test drive many others before settling on this one!

- RHonda M

The back up camera is the best thing they ever did.

So far I have had the outlander about one hundred days. I bought it used with about 40 thousand miles on it. I love the backup camera it makes my life so much easier. It is also a very pretty car and the heated seats keep my bottom nice and warm. So far we haven't goon on any long trips as we are an older couple but it always starts and so far runs very smooth. I still haven't figured out all the stuff on the radio screen and will not use many of them. It is geared toward a younger crowd, and I do not like the push button start I prefer a key. But other than that I love it.

- Patricia E

Great economical family vehicle.

The car is a good vehicle and I love the dependability of a brand new vehicle with warranty. Our car is great on fuel with the eco fuel use system, especially on highway driving. The only problem we had was the brakes locked when applied sharply to avoid an accident I expected the abs brakes should have kicked in. The dealer checked out the brake system and found nothing wrong. My car hauls my two teenagers and baggage easily and comfortably. I am pleased with the car.

- Tammy G

The Mitsubishi outlander is a perfect car for a 2-person 3-dog family!

We absolutely love our outlander, the interior is so roomy and sleek, and the drive is really smooth even on bumpy roads. My favorite thing is that the SUV notifies us when routine maintenance is due, like when it is time for an oil change, and it tells us exactly how many miles until we're out of gas. I know these may seem like standard features for a car but our last car was really basic so all of these features are a great upgrade for us!

- Gena L

Very safe, fuel efficient car.

I have never had any problems with my 2017 Mitsubishi outlander sport. It drives very well. It has great fuel efficiency. It does have synthetic oil like most new cars, but oil changes do not cost a lot. My car can fit up to five passengers total, which is a good in between size vehicle. It did not increase the price of my car insurance every month, even though I went from a car to an SUV. The Mitsubishi dealership I dealt with was amazing.

- Sabrina T

The comfort, fuel efficiency and nice smooth ride.

My vehicle is reliable and great on gas. Its a basic model with none of the high end features though feel as though they are not necessary. It has 4 wheel drive, leather seats, no sunroof, great radio with Wifi and Bluetooth which is more than enough. The vehicle handles great and has a smooth enjoyable ride. I have owned many high end vehicles in the past and this rates right up with all of them without all the unnecessary features.

- Richard L

Fantastic gas mileage family car.

I enjoy my outlander. It runs very quiet. It is reliable. It has amazing gas mileage. The interior is very attractive and the console is very high tech. The third row however is very tight. It works well for a child but not and adult, and the second row has limited foot space. When the third row is up there is no trunk space. I also miss having a digital read of my speed, a digital compass and a digital read of my tire gauge.

- Robyn C

Best, affordable crossover!

I absolutely love my outlander. It is a very comfortable ride. Smooth driving. Very reliable. It is a smaller version of an SUV but it fits all my needs. Very roomy hatchback which is great for groceries, luggage for traveling, moving items (especially with the fold down seats). Plenty of legroom in the back seat. And it gets excellent gas mileage, which was an absolute must for me. I plan on having this car for a long time.

- Amy W

Lack of vents in the back seats of the car.

We really like it. We do have a couples issues w/it though. There are not any ac or heating vents to the back seats. So one of our kids gets carsick & that's an issues, with the lack of airflow. The other issues; is the Bluetooth. It always pairs the phone. I deleted the connection because most of the time i don't want my know connected to the car. If the cars on, & i walk w/in 10 feet it will connect.

- Caleb S

Good features poor sounds.

I like the rear view camera and the push button start features. I wish there was a useable AUX hookup, I have tried multiple times to stream music from my phone but cannot link to the radio without using Bluetooth which is delayed and lower quality. I do get great gas mileage, I expected to increase my gas budget when switching from a two door coupe but that has not been necessary.

- Michelle M

It does amazing in all kinds of weather and has a lot of cool features.

I like my car a lot! It does great in the rain and snow and has a lot of features that I love like a backup camera and apple carplay. It also has a lot of extra room which is great for growing my family in the next few years. The one thing I wish my car had was blind spot detectors and I wish that it would beep if I was backing up and someone was pulling up behind me.

- Kayla K

It has a fantastic backup camera!!!

I bought this car on New Years Day of 2018. Was a great deal since it was a previous years model. It is SOO new! Drives great. Gets good fuel economy. I like the blue tooth and I love the back-up camera. It has a nice TV screen in it. The air-conditioning is super nice and has a great climate control. Also heated seats. Great car. I have NO complaints on it.

- Regina M

Do not look down because it is one of the cheaper models. It is a great car!.

As far as the outlander goes, I love the touch screen, steering wheel controls, and third row seating that folds down, it is wonderful for a family of 4 or 5 with small kids. My dislikes however are the lack of space. We ended up having twins and with two car seats and two older children everyone's a little cramped for space, which leaves a lack of storage room.

- Nicole H

Economical on gas for a small SUV.

The performance of the outlander 2017 is top notch. Great on gas. Very reliable. I love the look of the vehicle and the third row fits 4 adults 2 children very comfortably, I am sure y o you could fit more but the 3rd row is for small people. I have driven this vehicle to south Carolina from FL twice with no issues whatsoever. Very happy with my choice.

- Crystal S

Mitsubishi outlander is the best vehicle I have ever had.

My outlander drives so smooth. It is very comfortable. It has a 10 year/100, 000 mile warranty, which is the main reason we bought the car. It has a backup camera. It has a sunroof. It has a USB plug. It is keyless. There is nothing that I do not like about my outlander. I have had it for a year and a half and I still absolutely love it!

- Lynn H

Nice vehicle for your money.

No problems at all with the vehicle. Very comfortable, easy driving, controls are easy to access. Perfect for long drives. Mine is a standard issues. Wished I had heated seats and sunroof. Not a lot of legroom in back seat for passengers, but it is manageable. Easy to access the spare tire when I needed it. Jack is a little wobbly.

- Marsha M

Excellent driving experience.

I love my car. It hen drives good. It is very comfortable. It has plenty of room to carry items because the shelf in the back comes out. When the shelf is in, it hides anything you have in the back. I like how my apple phone connects with the car. The only regret I sometimes have is the fact I did not get 4 wheel drive.

- Mary W

Fun, sporty, and can take you anywhere.

This is a sporty SUV that gets you around anywhere. It is not so large that it takes up too much room and it is an easy transfer to this size of vehicle from a car. It is a fun car to drive, very comfortable seating, good gas mileage, and room to haul luggage, groceries, or whatever else you may need.

- Ida S

The back up camera is very helpful when you can't see obstacles in your way.

I love the outlander. I've owned the car almost 2 years and it drives smooth. Love the backup camera. It fits 7 people and the back seats fold over if you need room for groceries or other things. The outlander is a very good family car. It has touch screen stereo. Seats are very comfortable too.

- Sylvia G

Great vehicle for the price.

Great vehicle for the money. This is my third outlander sport. drive is a bit noisy on some roads. Gas mileage is great. I get a lot of compliments on the color, which is called quartz brown. People tell me that my outlander sport looks more like a luxury vehicle than just a compact SUV.

- Valery M

Great Mid-Sized SUV for a Reasonable Price

I have an Outlander Sport, and so far it's been excellent for the price, which is actually quite low for this type of SUV. Mine has Apple CarPlay, which is really convenient, it gets good gas mileage, the seat warmers are rad, and overall it handles well and is comfortable to drive.

- Evan H

Mitsubishi Outlander sport is affordable and a family car!

It is an easy ride, gets great gas mileage! It is good in the snow. There is really no giddy up to it, though. If you are looking to take off quickly, this probably is not the car for you. It is comfortable, and good for a family. Overall, I like my car! I really have no complaints.

- Sarah H

Simplicity of my outlander:).

I love the space, reliability and simplicity of my vehicle. Although it is a techy car-it’s still easy to understand and maneuver!:) My backup camera is one of my favorite features. It comes in very handy. I also love how easy it is to fold down the seats for more transport space!

- Raven S

Great on gas. Warranty 100, 000 miles. Nice car for road trips.

Good on gas, drives nice. Great warranty! Bought the outlander sport. Has the lighter interior, using seat covers I bought online, they are working great to keep the interior clean. Has multiple cup holders which is nice in the back seat. Divided folding seats are very convenient.

- Darlene L

My vehicle is awesome!!!!

I love my vehicle. I used to drive a 5 passenger vehicle but with 5 people in my family we had to finally upgrade to something bigger. I have driven my vehicle in snowstorms and rain and have had no problems at all and I love that I also save on gas too. Great vehicle all around.

- Rachel H

Excellent safety features.

I just bought the Mitsubishi last week. I feel safe with the multiple airbags but I have a front end collision the engine drops out of the car and will not crush me. The price was very reasonable and well within my budget. The SUV rides smoothly and is comfortable seating.

- Darlene K

Outlander: the pros and cons.

Does not have much horsepower, good on gas(highway miles), no room for luggage with third row up, no ac in the back two rows just the front, inexpensive, drives well, nice style, lower end price wise for SUV's, and it is 4WD with a button to turn it on from the inside.

- Gabby B

Great vehicle for a family of 4.

Great in the snow, very spacious for my family of 4. Love the color and style of the car. The interior is very easy to maintain, and the seats are very comfortable. I love the optional 3rd row seating. The trunk has plenty of space for a small stroller and groceries.

- Christine D

Nice vehicle for the family.

This vehicle is a decent family car. It has heated seats, which are great. Third row seating folds down when not needed. Very comfortable ride and good gas mileage. My one big complaint is that when the third row is being utilized, there is absolutely no trunk space.

- Alyssa H

The android app, car is roomy, !The trunk you have to open manually.

The car is spacious, and pretty good on gas. The two wheel drive however has no torque, comparing to gt. The 30 mgh on the hwy is economical comparing to other SUVs. The android app is great but has glitches. I live how all the seats fold flat. Overall I live my car!

- Margaret L

The Mitsubishi outlander is a great SUV.

Mitsubishi outlander... Sleek small SUV with 3 rows of seat, heated front seats, rear camera, fog lights, and is a very comfortable 7 passenger vehicle, with many great features, and at a very reasonable price. Good family travel SUV that gets excellent gas mileage!

- Carrie S

The highlight of the vehicle is the eco mode.

Very comfortable and reliable vehicle. Touchy on the gas and break but a smooth ride. Very nice eco friendly mode and Bluetooth connections. 6 seats and all the back seats lie down. Small trunk. Great gas mileage and very nice rear view backing on the front monitor.

- Sara S

Rough rider, feels dangerous to me.

It rides very rough, on the interstate, small bumps will almost jerk the wheel out of your hand. I do not like to drive it because of this. I didn't notice this when I test drove it, I wouldn't had bought it if I had. Its gets good gas mileage, easy to park.

- Julie W

Something for everyone in the family.

I love the outlander. Comfortable riding experience and plenty of storage space. Has three row seating and does fold down for when I make large purchases. Great gas mileage! It comes standard with roadside assistance so I never have to worry when traveling.

- Shanna A

There is nothing interesting.

It has nice gas mileage and runs pretty smoothly. The vehicle has enough space for plenty of children. The radio works well. The seats in the car are very comfortable. The seats are adjustable and you can fold the back ones in. There are two power outlets.

- Madeline N

It's great on gas and roomy for a family of 4.

I love that there is a lot of trunk space or a 3rd row if needed. Its great on gas, especially with the eco mode. It drives very smooth. The driver seat has different features to make you more comfortable while driving. I love the sound system in the car.

- Holly N

Caution icon and icy road warning on display.

Attractive to look at. Comfortable driving. 3rd row easy to use. Fast, and easy to collapse back seat. Good mileage. Nice sound system. Display easy to read for gas and mileage. Lots of storage space. Convenient phone charging even for 3rd row seating.

- Patricia K

It's a great car perfect size easy to navigate and park. Very fuel efficient SUV.

No satellite radio, but it has a DVD player which is obsolete. To many functions on the lights and wipers. Should be separately buttons. Also the its a 4 cylinder which lacks so get up and go for a larger vehicle. Other than that I do enjoy driving it.

- Wendy L

great gas mileage and very spacious. also rides very smoothly.

I love the gas mileage! I also love how spacious it is. The back seats are not very comfortable, so I have been told. I don't ride in it so I'm not 100% sure. The drive is very smooth and quiet. I also love the fact that the cruise control stays on.

- kristin m

Reliable and dependable and safe.

I love that my vehicle has a 3rd row but is still smaller in size. I love how great the gas mileage is and that it is equipped with apple carplay. I dislike the material of the seats, and that it does not have vents in the back for the kids.

- Erica K

It is very safe. And has a lot of room without being too large.

I love that my vehicle is safe. My main complaint is I don't like the shape of it from a side view. Minor complaints are I wish the rearview mirror had my garage door opener on it and I wish it had seat coolers as well as the seat warmers.

- Moria B

That it is very nice but very underpowered.

I love the size, color and the 3 isles of sitting. I feel very safe in my car and I also love the way it has the hands free Bluetooth connection for phone and radio. I cannot think of anything of why I do not like it, because I love it.

- Debra O

It is very reliable and gas efficient.

I love my Outlander. It is bigger than a car but doesn't feel huge when you drive it. The biggest plus is that it is absolutely wonderful on gas. The only drawback is that there isn't much room between the front and back seats.

- Betsy B

It's a lot of car for not a lot of money.

I love the color. The limited edition package I got included some interesting trim items, heated seat, and on demand all wheel drive, which I love. I wish I could have had Sirius XM, but it's not really a big deal.

- Melissa N

Lots of space. Good to get a seat protector if you have a car seat

I absolutely love my vehicle I have plenty of room for storage or for extra people. I love the heated seats and the gas mileage is good for an SUV my only complaint is that will changes are expensive for this vehicle

- Ashley H

It's safe and reliable. I don't worry about my or my child's safety in it.

I love the height and comfort of my SUV. I have an infant and it's very easy to lift his carseat into the vehicle. There's plenty of room for his stroller and groceries. It's very comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Erin H

Mitsubishi Outlander is the best value for a seven seater on the market!!

I love my Outlanders size and I love the Apple Play system. I wish it was more comfortable, however. I also like the look of the Outlander Sport...wish they would make it a trim option for the standard Outlander.

- Eva B

It has 4WD which is good in the snow.

I love that it is 4WD and is higher than a car. It gets good gas mileage co soldering I drive a lot. It has the cvt transmission so you do not feel the car shifting. It is reliable unlike my other car.

- Jennifer M

This car has a ton of space.

My car doesn't have a CD player, so you are limited to the radio or Bluetooth connection. It also doesn't have built in navigation, you have to have your phone plugged in and use the gps on there.

- Brittany S

That I feel safe driving in this car.

I love that it has heated seats, tinted windows, and a working radio. I also like that the inside looks fancy, but that the car did not cost as much as most others. Also this car is very reliable.

- Ashley P

Great on gas. Pretty reliable.

The car is good on gas. I do not like that there are not any air vents in the back. It seems like the air comes from under the seats when you are in the back. Not very comfortable for passengers.

- Diane Y

It's a safe car. I feel comfortable driving the car knowing what such a great car it is. Mitsubishi is my favorite brand of car.

I love my Mitsubishi Outlander. It's such a beautiful car and I love the Bluetooth and backup camera. It also has heated seats which i haven't used yet. I can also play dvd's in the car as well.

- Whitney D




It can go 7500 miles before needing an oil change

I love my car. It works very well and I have had no problems with it. It looks nice and you can go 7500 miles before an oil change is needed. The gas mileage is good for it being a small suv.

- Rachel M

I love my outlander and you will too.

My outlander is the best car I have owned to date. It handles great in the snow and my gas mileage is fantastic. It is comfortable and the 3rd row is a great feature for friends and family.

- Lisa D

Optional 4 wheel drive on demand.

This is my second outlander sport, the first a 2013 was an ok vehicle, the new one still has four wheel drive but it has a bigger engine so it has more pick up speed and it handles better.

- Lee S

Overall it's a great vehicle, good gas mileage, sporty, luxurious and comfy.

This is my second Mitsubishi, this one doesn't have nearly the AC the other one did. The pickup and go and shifting of transmission could be a little smoother, otherwise, great vehicle.

- Michelle L

It's a Nice, inexpensive car that is pretty good on gas.

Good on gas. The technology does not always work for the android auto connection and it does some annoying things that make it not very user friendly. But overall I like this vehicle.

- Janet w

The vehicle does not retain its value very well.

I dislike the price. The vehicle was expensive for the fact that it had no navigation, sunroof or add ons. You essentially had to choose between having 4-wheel drive or a touch screen.

- Mak E

It is a good family car. It's can hold up to 7 passengers and it also has fold down seats for plenty of groceries.

I really like the third row seating. It's comfortable, even with the basic features. It also has hands-free phone and radio system. It meets all my needs and was reasonably priced.

- Valerie J

The Outlander is a great deal and value for the money.

I like the amount of cargo room. It has excellent gas mileage. The third row seats are a nice idea, but they are too small to be practical. It drives great and looks nice as well.

- Jessica B

Great Family Car! Sports? Pets? everything fits! Looks great too.

I love size of the vehicle (3rd row seating), leather seats. The only thing I wish it did was lock the doors when I am driving. My saturn had that, but the Mitsubishi's do not.

- Amber V

MILEAGE on the highway and in city . You can expect 30 MPG on highway

Too light has not many standard options.Drive is unstable. Looks a bit unstable on posted highway speed. . Gives good mileage in city and highways and helps me to get to work.

- uma r

That it's a good family car for smaller families...

I enjoy it being AWD. Especially in the winter. I enjoy the extra seats that fold down in the back. I enjoy the quiet ride it offers. I wish it had teetering straps in the back

- Jess P

Great on gas and gives me everything I need in a vehicle.

I love this vehicle. Actually it is my 2nd one. It is great on gas and comes with a lot of features. There is lots of room both inside the vehicle and in the tailgate area.

- Nancy F

Easy To Drive On Daily basis and great on gas miles.

mitsubishi outlander sport 2017 SEL this SUV drives very well it's easy when handling. You can fit decent size of people inside the seats are comfortable and great on gas.

- Angelina R

It is very affordable, if it was a honda, I'd never be able to afford all the features I have in this car.

I love my car. At first I thought it was going to be to big, but It's worked out perfectly with my 2 dogs. I only wish it was blind spot indicators on the side mirrors.

- pam g

Great value for the cost paid. Plus Mitsubishi has been so great about our service and maintenance.

A perfect sized small SUV that is great for our family. It's not luxury but it's excellent for in and out and traveling around to different events. Reliable and clean.

- Trevor O

Great family Vehicle ,affordable and comfortable

Comfortable, smooth riding. Spacious. extra features or basic, reasonably priced. Fuel efficient. Ample cargo room, back seats able to fold to give extra room

- Patricia H

the price of the car is well worth what you get. Good price for the size of the vehicle.

The only complaint I have is the gas mileage. Otherwise I really like the car - like the room inside and enjoys driving it. The price was right as well

- Sandra W

It's so far has been very dependable with 5/60 warranty, for the price it's a great suv

I really love the ride of the car smooth and powerful for mid size SUV. This one comes a third row seat but you cant fit 2 grown adults at most 1 kid.

- Dom B

SUV with good gas mileage.

I like the handling of it and the engine output. It also has pretty good gas mileage for a SUV. The interior and exterior is pretty attractive too.

- Khalilah B

the safety features are great. auto braking, lane departure warning, birds eye camera.

We bought the top of the line model with all the bells and whistles. it is very safe, comfortable and convenient. the fuel economy is great also

- Joe M

Good gas mileage and very roomy interior.

Love my vehicle. only complaint I have is you have to push door shut hard or it doesn't close completely and auto unlock at handle doesn't work.

- Amy L

The size seems compact bit I can pack a lot 8nto this car and the gas mileage has been very good

Easy to handle, like the useable space for need to haul things the seats fold down to allow extra length, get acceptable gas mileage, reliable,

- Katherine v

Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the nicest cars on the road.

The ride on my car is really smooth. I love the room I have in it and also the seat warmers. The company is a wonderful company to work with.

- Tammy H

Great first car for someone just getting a license.

The car has a smooth ride to it, it is just not as roomy as I had expected it to be. Also, the standard seats are not the most comfortable.

- Justin N

It is the ideal cross between a car and a sports utility vehicle.

I wish it had better gas mileage and a slightly better stereo system. I do love the gps function and all of the easily accessible controls.

- Kristen M

That it is comfortable and is eco friendly.

I like the fact that it is easy to drive and that it gets good gas mileage. The only thing that I do not like to much is the small trunk.

- Christine L

Reliable family car, that actually looks great

Great on gas, great in the snow/ice with 4wd. Roomy enough for our family of 4. Great trunk space. Reliable, never had any issues with it.

- Danielle C

Great value for the money! Good in the snow and great for hauling around kids and stuff!

Great gas mileage, lots of storage in the back. Needs a little more leg room for really tall people and seats could be a bit comfier.

- Jillian R

It has a good safety rating.

I like the gas mileage and the size. It handles really nice. I really like the room inside and the color. I do not have any dislikes.

- Deb B

It is reliable it lets you know when other vehicles get too close to you and you can also view the monitor when backing up.

I really love that I can fit in 6 passengers. I only which there was more cargo space when I do have 6 passengers in the car with me.

- Isela H

For a SUV, it gets good fuel mileage which makes me very happy.

It is 4- wheel drive so sets high enough to get in my driveway. There is plenty of room for hauling. I enjoy the backup camera.

- Linda S

It has great gas mileage and is very reliable. I enjoy the navigation system and smoothness of my travels.

I like the newness of my vehicle. I like that it has three rows and the gas mileage. I dislike the narrowness of the three rows.

- Sarah Q

It is great on gas if you are on the road a lot.

Very comfortable. Great on gas when taking road trips. Nice sound system, reliable, great in the winter and roomy for families.

- Stephanie G

In summary, it is a very reliable vehicle great speakers CD player.

Very reliable SUV with tons of leg room. Rear window has a wiper that is very handy in the rain. Headlights could be brighter.

- Michelle Y

The most important thing know about my car is it is 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Love that it has 4WD and is higher than a car. Provides me with a bit more room than a sedan. Priced well and is good on gas.

- Jennifer M

Volvo is one of the safest cars on the road.

I like the 360 camera. I dislike the navigation. I like the lane departure warning. I like the sound system. I like the TVs.

- Shelly R

I was able to receive 0% interest when financing. Good features are the Apple carplay and the Rockford Fosgate stereo system.

I love the fact that they offer a ten year or 100,000 mile warranty. I was also able to revive 0% interest when I financed.

- Lauren F

It is reliable and great on gas.

I love my car it gets great gas mileage. It drives nicely. It is reliable. I can switch between AWD and front wheel drive.

- Emily S

It has 3rd row seat. It is a great mommy/ family car

It is great for parents with more than 2 kids. It has a 3rd row seat and it is great on gas. Best car I have yet to date.

- Stephanie G

Wonderful long trip gas mileage vehicle.

I absolutely love my new Mitsubishi outlander sport 2017 it rides smooth it is wonderful on gas mileage I just love it.

- Tracy D

The car is dependable smooth to drive dry and wet land.

I love to drive my vehicle as is it. I like the facts when I parked it does not take too much space to fit in lot.

- Mp P

Can't find a button to open hatch really annoys me. Have to use key fob .

Gets good gas mileage. I love the cloth heated seats . I have base model with sports package like the black rims .

- Amy C

gets good miles on gas and it's very dependable brakes are also very reliable

I love the height of the vehicle it's the right size and color also has a navigation system and awesome radio .

- theresa s

All wheel drive is the best thing that this car has in it.

All wheel drive is great. I love the seats are very clean and suitable for sitting. The headlights are awesome.

- Nathan H

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

It's good in snow and rain. Has very good gas mileage. Not too big and not too small. Has a 7 air bag system.

- Marie A

That it is a great on gas mileage, roomy and affordable.

I love everything about it. I love the color and the room, I especially like that you can listen to podcasts.

- cindy k

It has great gas mileage.

I like it because it is small but terrible on gas. No power to really pass on the highway. Rides kinda rough.

- Mondo R

Great Value...a lot of car for not much money. Better than the raters give it.

I own an Outlander Sport. Great car, no problems, very comfortable, easy to use, very reliable, good value.

- Linden F

Back up camera, touch screen, GPS

Love everything about the car! Runs smooth, haven't had any issues! Works great, spacious! Good family car!

- Daniela R

It runs fine and there are no mechanical issues as far as I know.

Have had a problem with the exterior and the sun. Overall the car is fine but I would prefer another model.

- April T

It is nice. I like it. It is good.

Good it. I love my car. It always help me. It is nice design. I like it. I all time use my car. It is nice.

- Ward W

It seats 7 people without any problems

I love the room inside and the way it handles. It easily hauls my bike in the cargo area with one seat down

- Patt J

Room for kids in rear seating.

Electronics like GPS and other stuff needs smartphone to be plugged in, but no convenient place to put it.

- John F

Great gas mileage, smooth ride, comfortable seating.

Am pleased with this vehicle as it gets good gas mileage, automatic rear door lift nice color smooth ride.


Great all purpose suv for family and work

Perfect design Although missing storage and split gate from older models. Very reliable and comfortable

- Tim R

It is a pretty good, smooth drive.

It is not big enough for our family. Not a lot of storage. It would be a great car if it were bigger.

- Shannon M

The steering wheel is sensitive to turning.

I love the size and how comfortable it is. It is easy to handle. I am not happy with the gas mileage.

- Jessica B

great gas saver an a small family suv. comfortable

great gas mileage easy maintenance spacious great options comfortable engine is great running great.

- brian s

A lot of car at a reasonable price

$21k. Full size vehicle. Nice ride. I could wish for a little more luxury, but I really like my car.

- mike F

very safe and affordable for the brand name

like car not enough horsepower has great interior and like color don't like all the new technology,

- eileen A

Handles very well when driving. Also the option to use all wheel drive or two wheel

It has lots of seating room and very comfortable to sit in while driving. Love the radio panel

- kara c

Easy to drive, comfortable, good mileage per gallon

I love it is a crossover and the color I love. It has good MPH per gallon. It is comfortable

- Nora K

It's a great vehicle and great mileage.

Love that there can be there does if you need it. Lots of room. Good drive. Dislike nothing.

- Julie B

It feels safe when driving my grandchild

It handles well in snow and ice. It has lots of interior room. Love the heated seats.

- Roni S

It is reliable and good on gas. The price is right for this small SUV

Easy driving and higher seats. Large Cargo space. Easy to park. Go pickup when needed

- Martina M

A four cylinder engine and gets good gas mileage on the highway.

It has good gas mileage. There is a bad paint job. It has been dependable so far.

- Larry D

the most important thing others should know is Safety features

like the height, ease of entry, safety features, gas mileage, customer service

- crissy d

It's an incredibly smooth ride.

I love the interior color and finishes. I wish it had built in navigation.

- Melissa B

Economical for families looking for larger vehicle for less money

Large size Extra passenger space Feel safe Doesn't do well in winter

- Lyndie Q

Great gas mileage and handles so well. Fantastic SUV

Handles great. Gets great gas mileage. Feels awesome. Good looking.

- Heather F

Its has a loud start. Its roomy. Cools down quickly

It drives well in snow. Love the 4x4. It's comfortable to be in

- Justine T

It's a Great family car. Can for the whole family comfortably

No automatic locks. Drives great. Doesn't have automatic lights.

- Amber B

It has great traction in the snow and on wet roads.

Great traction in the snow, feel safe having my child drive it.

- Joe N

I feel like the car is worth the price. There is a third row, but it's very small. When those seats are down ,it makes for a big trunk.

I like the size of it. It runs very smoothly. Good on gas.

- Katrina R

Low cost. Great warranty. Friendly business. Rear view camera.

Best warranty in the business was the main draw for us.

- Tom S

Car is very safe and reliable

Safety features such as additional air bags. Bluetooth

- Sarah S

Great on gas, drives great in the snow! I love having the 3rd row option for my kids. I can fit 2 kayaks on top too!

It drives great in the snow, and does well on gas!

- Patricia L

Outlander sport is a great car. Very please I bought it.

- All M