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Limited edition truly does have its limits

In the two months we have owned our 2018 limited edition Mitsubishi Outlander we have fallen in love with several features and been let down by others. On the love list is that it has an eco mode along with 4 wheel drive. It makes for a well rounded suv with great gas mileage (averaging about 30 mpg). We also love the touch screen and apple play. A few downfalls are lacking the power seats, which isn't a big deal if one person drives regularly. While the vehicle legally fits 7, realistically it will only fit 4 adults comfortably. The 3rd row is extremely cramped for leg room. As a 5'5.5" adult while sitting in the 3rd row my knees are up at chest level. Another downfall is the lack of air vents in the back. Overall, this vehicle is great as a work option for someone that travels with a bit of stuff, but for a growing family of more than 4 it is unrealistic.

- Elizabeth W

Easy to maneuver and fun to drive.

The Mitsubishi is a very nice car, it gets great gas mileage close to 30 miles to the gallon, it is comfortable to drive, the control buttons and switches are conveniently placed for easy reach, not bad on having blind spots out the back, it does have a backup camera, has good speed pick up on takeoff, back seat is decently spacious for leg room, it does get a little wind blown when it is windy but not too bad, so far it has been very reliable with no performance problems, it is the basic model without the bells and whistles, easy to maneuver on the road and front wheel drive.

- Margaret U

My new Mitsubishi outlander solid car with a classy look inside and out.

I like the roominess, the fact I have a third seat option. You can see ok out of windows okay that was important so many SUVs have smaller windows, don't understand that. The seats seem a bit too firm. I was driving a 4cyl. Car but the shifting in this 4cyl. Vehicle sounds so much more labored than my car. We chose this over sport because bigger engine but I think the weakness in accelerating and shifting is what I dislike most about vehicle. Looks good nice color choices. Love their warranty. Hoping that means its built well, time will tell!

- Jill S

Great car, affordable price!

This car is a great road trip vehicle! Great on gas and the big touchscreen display makes using the GPS through apple car play a breeze. The leather seats are easy to wipe clean and fold down for those bigger shopping trips. The rails on top of the car are universal so pretty much any generic took rack will work. The height of the vehicle makes it easy to put a kayak up on top with no help. Everyone once in a while the touchscreen system will glitch and restart randomly, but this is only on rare occasions.

- Ashley P

My Outlander gets gas for weeks!!

I absolutely love my vehicle! It has been the best one I have ever owned so far. It has great gas mileage and the only fault, is that you sacrifice trunk space if you need the 3rd row seating. Without it though it is both fuel efficient and has plenty of storage. I did not buy the roof rack with it. Looking back that was the one major add on I should of done, as I do a lot of traveling and that would take care of the space issue.

- Chris F

Mitsubishi montero sport, great car!

The 2018 Mitsubishi montero sport is a very comfortable day-to-day commuter car. I drive approximately 10 miles each way to and from work and I enjoy driving this car very much. Its roomy and has great mpg (mid-20s depending how its driven). The radio system is easy to maneuver and understand. It has Bluetooth which connects your car to your phone making it very easy to listen to your own music and take phone calls while driving.

- Kristina V

Loving my new outlander phev

I have the phev so it is gas and electric. I have solar and use just electric to go back and forth to work. Very smooth ride and eco friendly. It maneuvers very well on curves and flat ground. Needs a little help yo go up hills. Very spacious and roomy. The front seat is very comfortable. The back seat could be a little more comfortable. I don't like that all doors must be closed so you can lock the car. Overall I love my car.

- Donna C

Safety features on the Mitsubishi outlander.

The safety features on this vehicle were the major reasons we selected this car. The problem has been that they tend to go out (side view alerts, etc.) And we have had it worked on at least twice and now have to have it fixed again. We also like the fact that there is a 3rd row of seats if we want to fit our grandchildren complete with cupholders, USB plugs, etc.

- Beverly O

Pros and cons of a Mitsubishi Outlander.

My car jolts a lot and it is loud like a lawn mower, it gets great gas mileage however it is very small and does not handle curves well. The tire traction is horrible and it is delayed on take off. The speakers are well installed however the dashboard and radio screen have way to high of brightness and it is distracting when your driving at night.

- Amber K

My vehicle is mom hip! I can be stylish and/or pack it up for football.

I do not like that it does not give me the number of miles until empty on fuel. I love the 3 row seats and it is spacious without being huge. The SUV does eat gas though. I like the seat warmers, the display and Bluetooth settings. It is also convenient for travel to put down 3rd row to pack in some stuff. This truck was a lifesaver when moving!

- Erica S

It has good wheels too and everything is electric.

I don't have any problem with my car, is perfect fit to my family, is new then I don't have any problem with the motor yet, the sits can warm or cold, it have an eco mode and helps me to save gas, it have sensors in the mirrors, its very spacious, it's beautiful, it have a touch screen and I can connect with my cellphone, it have hands free.

- Mark J

My favorite part about the car is how spacious it is!

I have never had any problems with my car thus far! Heated seats are great for the winter, and the touch screen radio system is an awesome addition! The outlander is also pretty good on gas and feels like a safe smooth ride. The seat are very comfortable and the additional two seats in the trunk have come in handy on multiple occasions.

- Danielle C

Mediocre performance, comfortable seating.

The Mitsubishi outlander sport performs very well. It gets you where you need to go, it gives you a comfortable ride, but it does not include many features. There are no electronic seats, there are no built-in televisions. Other than that, if you are looking for a good affordable car, I would recommend the Mitsubishi outlander sport.

- George H

The Mitsubishi outlander is an excellent choice for young families.

We have the base model, but the outlander was very affordable and comfortable. We were able to get an SUV at a sedan price. I highly recommend it for younger families as it is very Versatile. Also, it is the right price for younger age groups. It also appeals to those who can afford more, as the upgraded model is very nice.

- Jennifer M

You get a lot of bang for the buck. It is well worth taking a look at if you are in the market for a more compact SUV.

The body style is so sporty looking. I have the sport version which comes with blacked out rims to give it an even sportier look. The interior is very nice. Lots of extras, like heated seats...and with the extras, the price was perfect compared to others in the same class. I have no complaints at all about this vehicle.

- Alberto F

The auto Bluetooth response, "I am driving will get back you later".

My vehicle is reliable, and comfortable. I love the silver color and the black rims that came with the car. I enjoy the seat warmers which allow me to warm myself without turning on the heat making my husband uncomfortable. I also like the fact that I can connect to the Bluetooth for a hands free use of my phone.

- Pamela B

My Mitsubishi review - good little SUV.

So far it has been a great ride. It is great on gas and has plenty of room for stuff. It handles well, braking is awesome. I have a moonroof and working all wheel drive. The color is great, paint is shiny. Wheels still look new. You can not beat the price for a new all wheel drive car. It's better than a Subaru.

- Darlene K

We love the room in the vehicle. It fits our family perfectly.

My Mitsubishi has been great so far. It runs very smooth. Has all the features that we were looking for. The technology in the vehicle is exceptional. Seating for eight that can easily be moved to seating for 5 to make more room in the front. So far it has been very reliable for us and great to travel in.

- Leticia S

You get a lot for the money!

It's sporty, economical, with ample room. Has lots of added features such as heated seats, blacked out rims, backup camera, power windows and locks, Cruise control...you get a lot for the money. At the dealership that we bought ours, they offer free oil changes for life, as well as tire rotation.

- Tammy C

It is sturdy and is great quality . It is very spacious for large families. The ride is very smooth and comfortable for long distance driving or vacations

I just got it in august 2018 i love the way to feels when i drive if its very comfortable I like the functions on the car they are basic but they are all I need I love the style and the color of my car I had a AA Mitsubishi years ago and I totaled it when we had Icy weather but it saved my life

- Miriam W

I can get really great gas mileage since the gas mostly isn't used unless the battery is depleted.

My Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is great. It is a plug in hybrid. I wish it had a longer range off the battery or that the battery could be recharged by the engine. I have a satellite radio package but I wish it also had a CD player. The doors don't lock unless they're all shut which is annoying.

- Shannon F

Great looking, and clean lines.

Our Mitsubishi outlander is extremely comfortable and roomy. The convenience features are fantastic. The all wheel drive will be great this winter. It is a beautiful looking car with clean lines. It is has convenient 3rd row seating if needed. Rides very smoothly and handles well.

- Mark R

Awesome outlander from Ohio.

I love my outlander, just bought this new 2018. Really good ride and handling is awesome. Very roomy inside. It has all the power you need I pull a 16 foot trailer with it and all lawn mowing equipment. A lot of hills around never bogs down or anything it is really a great buy.

- Frank M

Has a backup camera and digital stereo.

Not happy with multiple issues with the vehicle. The first is the radio that constantly goes in and out. Secondly, the back of the SUV cannot hold groceries securely or anything without things moving around. Lastly, the interior and the exterior are not aesthetically pleasing.

- Tracy T

It is an Outlander. It is a small SUV and has more room than you would think.

It is great! I needed something that I could depend on to get me back and forth to work especially in the winter time when it snows. So far I have had no issues and it is great on gas mileage since it takes me a while to get to work and back everyday. I recommend it to anyone!

- Meghan C

Great vehicle no storage!

So far I have no problems! It's a nice car I just wish it was bigger. I bought it because I can fit you to 7 people in my SUV but when the back seat is folded up I can't put anything in the back there is no room. I love the vehicle just does not exactly fit all of my needs.

- Kristen W

Big SUV size in a small SUV.

My outlander is great on gas as it has eco friendly mode to help save on fuel. It has a third row seat so everyone in the family, and if I need more hauling space can fold the third row down. Also I have the option to fold down the second row seating down too if necessary.

- April B

Must have, easy to drive, SUV.

I love how easy it is to drive. Parking is easy as it is not too big. It gives me all the room I need for errands and hauling supplies. Gas mileage is the best part as I only have to fuel my car twice a month! My insurance actually went down with a 3 year newer car!

- Dana W

Could bet better but it is a good vehicle.

The wipers are not the best, the windshield is very sensitive it broke just with a small rock, the air vents are just in the front not the 2nd or 3rd road seats. It is spacious has 3 seats fits like 7 people comfortable black inside. The headlights are bright.

- Karin A

Built in navigation and backup camera. Roomy and safe drive.

I love my outlander. It is a smooth drive and makes me feel safe when I drive it. The back up camera is really helpful and it has plenty of room for my children. The touch screen and built in navigation is amazing and all the controls are very accessible.

- Stephanie B

It saves on gas and has a lot of room.

This vehicle has eco mode which really helps save on gas. It's a 7 seater which is good for travel. This SUV rides very smoothly. You can make the trunk wider. You can make the seats longer. This Mitsubishi has easy cleaning seats. I love this outlander.

- Alexis B

Smooth ride of a outlander.

I love it because it rides very smooth. It even has a third room which is great for small kids. With the third row down you have great trunk space. Love the touch screen on dash. The only downfall is that the acceleration is slow. Does great on gas.

- Brooklyn R

Sport SE is worth the extra money.

It's not considered a luxury car but it's wonderful. I have the Sport SE model and it rides like a dream, gets great gas mileage, I have CarPlay so I don't have to fight with Bluetooth connections. My warranty and service plan is fantastic.

- Bethany G

It has 3rd row seating and can seat 7 people with those seats.

It has 3rd row seating and can seat up to 7 people. I like that it has so many seats, but I would prefer captain's seats in the 2nd row instead of a bench seat. I also wish the trunk had more space without folding the back seats down.

- Kerry B

The beauty , I love it. Just look a the car of my dream make me super happy.

You have to love it and never give up, remember to continue with the motivation of your live and do everything you can do, so that the way you can go today to the future, even in the past don't give up. So you.

- Josue R

Fell more a part of the driving experience!

No 1, it's a standard, which I believe most people don't care for but which I appreciate. It's an SUV, which gives me plenty of cargo space, handles well and is good on gas. I'm happy with it!

- James C

It is great on gas and it drives extremely well. You can also push it to the max to open up the engine.

It is a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. The color of my car is white. I like that it has 4 wheel drive. The heat system is amazing. I like the fact that it has apple and android car play in it

- Shiretta G

The gallons per mile on this SUV are great for a commuting car.

I love that it can hold my family as well as my parts for work. I dislike the android auto. I would like to use navigation without having to use my phone to do so. It is great on gas.

- Jamie D

The 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

I like what I got for the price, it has leather seats, sunroof, awc, heated seats and a 3rd row. I do not like the size, it's a lot smaller than most SUVs but it has a great warranty..

- Edward Q

blindspot warning. 3 row SUV.

The best part about the outlander is that it is a 3 row small SUV but does not consume gas as a regular SUV (because of its size) it also comer with apple play and blindspot help.

- mariela f

Easy to drive comes in different models and all wheel drive.

I love the style and the compact size of a sports SUV. It drives smooth and is good on gas. Best part is there is plenty of room yet still has a spacious truck for a compact SUV.

- Dee K

just because it's considered a SUV its not roomy at all

The car does not have a lot of space. The back seat space is very small when i have my car seat in the passenger seat has to be moved up that people are sitting uncomfortable.

- Nicole V

It is a family car sits everyone comfortable.

The windshield is very fragile damaged easily. The seats are black comfortable the color is blue also does not have ac in the back 2 rows so air does not really get back there.

- Karin C

The one most important thing about my car is that it is reliable.

I dislike how my car has an outlet inside the arm rest and not out by the radio. I dislike how narrow the space is in the third row. Overall, I love it because it's reliable.

- Megan B

It may look small on the outside but it sure does not feel small.

It is super comfortable while being both spacious yet compact. It is good on gas for being an SUV and has a very good on-board computer that helps with vehicle maintenance.

- Sarah M

The features like the reverse camera and the collision warning are really good.

I like the rear view camera for reversing, the number of cup holders and the sub outlets for my phone charger. I dislike that there is nowhere to put my phone.

- Emma E

How great the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is!!

The car over all is great, but the back seat if you are traveling it gets uncomfortable after so many hours. It is a great car though and a total gas saver!

- Brenda M

It is very dependable and durable. My previous car was also a Mitsubishi Outlander (2007) and I still have it as a second car and it drives great with over 200,000 miles on it.

It is very roomy for a small SUV. It is very economical in gas. It drives great on the road in town in traffic and on the road for long trips.

- Laura D

It is a limited edition of the model.

I love the way it grips the road. Also the speed and acceleration. And I love the sound system and touchscreen device that comes with it.

- Daivion G

In the 20 years that I have owned a Mitsubishi I have never had any problems with any car I have owned. The dealer keeps up with my regular maintenance.

I have the sport outlander and love it. It's smaller than the regular outlander. Love the size and new apple play. I have no complaints.

- cindy d

It's roomy and affordable for a vehicle with a third row seat.

I like the size and the third row seating. I wish it had automatic headlights and auto lock doors. I like the color and it drives well.

- Shelley S

The Mitsubishi Outlander plug in hybrid is an energy efficient sport utility vehicle.

I have the Outlander plug in hybrid and I love it. It is energy efficient and yet large enough to carry my family and everything else.

- Kelly S

Recommend anyone to drive a Mitsubishi outlander.

No complaints at all. Love everything about my vehicle. Drive smooth. Beautiful features. Good on gasoline. Wonderful on the highway.

- Vicki G

Should have purchased another Hyundai instead of Mitsubishi.

Outlander has few options in our price range. Vehicle feels cheaply made. No built in GPS. Third row seats only for small children.

- Craig S

That it is all wheel drive.

The things I like about my vehicle is my turn radius, touch screen, and back camera. I do not like that it has no back ac vents.

- Carolina P

It is a new reliable vehicle that is safe for my family.

My vehicle is a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. It is brand new(2018) and it is red. The inside is black and it is a nice car.

- Tanya F

Very efficient, luxurious car.

I like everything about my vehicle. It is very comfortable, good on gas and very roomy. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Patricia T

Perfect for small family.

Love the size of the outlander. I wish The third row seat was a little more roomer though it is mainly for small children.

- Kimberly J

Love my Mitsubishi outlander sport.

Excellent performance and reliability. Very comfortable and lots of features. Great gas mileage - I love the eco feature.

- Mary P

Excellent family car for an affordable price

Has a lot of features for an affordable price. Third row seating was what I was looking for. Easy to open and fold down.

- Stacy B

Cruise control is amazing.

Smooth ride, very good on gas, amazing features, beautiful anterior and exterior. Highly recommend, great family car.

- Paris W

Again the smooth drive is fantastic and bluetooth works good too

It runs nice and smooth. Decent gas mileage for an SUV. Good handling. Does not have GPS which is kind of a down fall

- Mark P

No room and wouldn't recommend for family.

There's not enough space for others and the trunk is too small. There's no roof rack or hitch. There is no moonroof.

- Christine P

Have only filled up once since July 14, 2018.

No problems. It is a plug in hybrid that I have filled the tank only once since I bought it in July 2018. Love it.

- Sue R

The outlander is fun to drive.

0 problems, love the ride, fuel efficient. Drives well, and getting in and out of it is easy. Visibility is great.

- John M

The gas mileage on the car is probably the best I have had out of my last 2 cars.

Love the carplay for my GPS on my phone. Love the extra space in the back. I don't have any complaints as of now.

- Aimee A

Love my Mitsubishi Outlander

I love not only the safety features but the apple car play. I also really enjoy the size and 3rd row seating.

- Andrea B

The quality of the car is great for first time buyers

I like the space in the inside. The car drive is very smooth. The car color is not what I wanted but it's ok

- Andrea F

Best mommy mobile ever. Cute compact and roomy all at the same time. Sweet ride

Great gas mileage. Comfortable and spacious. Sporty appearance. Quick acceleration. Great family vehicle.

- Jessica E

It is a very reliable and a safe car for my family.

I like the color. It is red and the inside is black. It is smaller than my last vehicle but very nice.

- Dave A

It's like the minivan version if SUV's. Great for sports moms!

Very comfortable. Large. Spacious. Extra room for things. Reliable. Quiet. Fun to drive. Touch screen.

- Kayla G

It has the ability to greatly reduce your gas consumption and save money over time.

Our outlander is a PHEV and we love the ability to drive on electric and also move to gas when needed.

- Jeremy L

Outlander Sport-for the Sporty Family

My car is great for sporty families! It rides smoothly, has great gas mileage, and has backup camera.

- emily w

the CVT---the cross traffic safety feature the lane change safety feature

it is a good looking car gets good gas mileage has good standard equipment has good safety features

- Ralph C

Affordable, good gas mileage, comfortable, nice options such as heated seats and android for auto, sirius radio etc. The interior is attractive. It is stylish looking.

This car handles very well with options for differing conditions, including all wheel drive.

- Lori C

It is great and I love it

The car is great and my wife loves it There is nothing I don't like the ride is smooth

- Jim c

Plug In Hybrid with the room of an SUV is the perfect vehicle.

We like that it is a plug in hybrid and has lots of room. good storage space too.

- rebecca t

Gas mileage is good for an SUV, it gets better in the city than my last car did on the highway.

It's comfortable to ride in. It has lots of cargo room. I feel safe driving it.

- Jan F

How to start it and how to drive in the first place

The car fits me and my wife. It is not gaudy and it gets around great

- Jim D

It is really good on gas.

Gets great gas mileage stylish could improve a few of the options

- TJ O