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2004 350Z, also known as Zelda

Since my car was produced in 2003, I thought by giving it a year for the 'bugs' to be worked out would be long enough but it wasn't. I've had a few recalls on alignments and some small issues. But, it has been a great car. The only other downside is that it's a two seater and it is very low profile. The performance and reliability have been great.

- April L

Perfect beginners enthusiasts car.

The Nissan 350z is a great entry level sports car. It is perfect for an enthusiast looking for something more exciting for everyday driving. But there are some drawback, such as only having two seats, blind spots, and not-so-great fuel economy. Overall the benefits outweigh the negatives.

- Virginia V

Little red convertible that is fast.

My car is a Nissan 350z roadster convertible. It is red and has aftermarket intake and exhaust so it is fast and loud. It is a really fun car to drive. It has a great kicker stereo system so all my favorite tunes sound amazing. Even though it is almost 15 years old my car is awesome.

- Kelley B

My customized three fifty z.

M having trouble with the windows and the driver side door. Otherwise, it is fine. The windows do not always work. It is been customized by the previous owner. It is painted royal blue. The directional blink too fast for inspection in de. I love driving the car though. It runs great.

- Elaine J

Fun experience with lots of "get-up and go"!

I have driven my 350z for the past five years, and I have enjoyed it more often than not. Like many cars, as they near over 150, 000 miles, they tend to start costing more and more for upkeep but engine wise, I have no complaints and I think that it's an all around solid car.

- Harrison H

It is fun to drive and low maintenance.

It is getting on in years and have started replacing things convertible top motors wheel bearings a 160, 000 performance is great does not use oil. Replaced hard leather seats with softer leather.

- John L

It is a quick car, so you have to make sure you keep an eye on the speedometer.

This car has a lot of mechanical problems, such as the driver side window motor went out, front right headlight went out, etc. I do, however, love the convertible top.

- Alex M

The gas can be pretty pricey but it's worth it.

350z is sport car, great features with 2 door coupe, pearl white with 4 wheel drive. They're really comfortable to drive, really fast and it's a luxury car.

- Mario V

It is a classic that performs consistently well.

Like - paid for with low miles and great performance.. Dislike - does not have 4 wheel drive and convertible top sticks if not opened enough..

- Linda A

Very reliable. Easy to work on.

Reliability. Low cost sports car. A true pleasure to drive. Abundance of parts availability. Roadster really relieves stress on a tense day.

- Darrell H

Convertible and fast. Lots of lookers.

No major problems just things that wear out on a fourteen year 160, 000 mile car. Replaced hard leather on seats with a softer leather.

- John L

My Nissan 350z has some blind spots that can be a little uncomforting.

Sports Car, sticks to the ground when driving fast, corners like it's on rails, engine sounds great. More spacious than it looks.

- Yuri K

It is roomier and more comfortable then it looks.

I like that it is a beautiful looking car and relatively fast. Decent gas mileage. I dislike that it only has two seats.

- Basil A

Team Nissan for life son.

My Nissan 350z is a great every day driver. Comes with the drift feature. Love the sound make people look at me.

- Austin T

It is my dream car and I love it very much.

I like that car is small. I like the car is fast. It is my dream car. I wish there was more trunk space.

- Dylan D