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This is the greatest looking, most comfortable 2 seater sports car there is!

This car is beautiful, has many great features, and can go fast when needed;). It is gorgeous on the inside and out. I have a 2008 hr. It came with heated leather seats, which I love in the winter time! The car is 10 years old now and still runs just as great as ever (with maintenance, of course!). It does not have the most wonderful gas mileage, but it is not too bad. There are about 6 cup holders placed throughout this 2-seater car (quite a few too many lol), 3 different charging ports, and a 6 CD changer with a Bose speaker. The only downside is that if you live somewhere where winters are bad with snow and ice, you will not be wanting to drive this around (actually you won't be able to!). Overall this is the best car I have ever owned!

- Heather L

Very fun car that is comfortable enough to daily drive.

It is very sporty, so it has more of a stiff ride. But most people do not get this car for comfort. It is very quick and has very snappy handling. Compared to other vehicles within the same price range, it has a lot to offer. Over 300 horsepower, a little over 5 second 0-60 mph, and is very glued to the ground. Although the main focus of the car is not comfort, it is actually very easy to drive for long periods of time. The seats bolster you fairly snuggly, but not to the point of discomfort. The seats are very comfortable and the suspension has enough give to bumps on the road, that a cruise on uneven roads can still be enjoyable.

- Bruce T

Sporty, high performance and comfortable fun ride!

I absolutely LOVE my car. I purchased it one year used with 16K miles and have owned it for 10 years now. It is a convertible which is so much fun to drive! It is a sporty, fast and exciting car to drive. The seats are the most comfortable to sit in out of any car I have owned! I have not had any major engine problems over the years I have owned it. The only true expense is having to replace the tires are they are performance tires and cannot be rotated. The tire sizes are different from front to back. It is a 2-seater with plenty of leg room. The trunk is not huge but big enough to fit an ice hockey bag.

- Heidi D

The most important thing a buyer should know about this car is that it made to the comfort of highway driving.

The Nissan 350z reflects characteristics of a GT vehicle. The suspension is sporty, firm, and has good balance. If you're daily driving your vehicle on the highway this is a great six speed transmission to get the job done. One of the main issues with this model is that it weighs more than most would prefer. After installing some aftermarket performance suspension components the 350z handles much more precise.

- tremain c

Cool and fun temporary car.

The car is very nice. It looks and is cool and fun. It runs great and is pretty good on gas. The only downfalls are that it is not very comfortable getting in and out of it and if you plan to have children one day this is not the car for you. It is just a temporary car.

- Lynn M

This sports car has plenty of power to spare. If you like speed get one.

My 350z is very nice, it handles really great and holds the road. It also have plenty of power for get up and go, good gas miles to the gallon. It just a great little car to drive. I would definitely recommend this small sports car. This is a classes little sports car.

- Herman W

Nissan 350z is my best car.

It is had no problems and I like to take around and I like to cruise around with it. I courage you into try it out because not that bad of a car honestly. It is only 2 seater but trust me you will like the way it goes and it is pretty smooth for ride with it.

- Antonio S

Oem replacement parts are expensive.

The 350z is a reliable sports car to say the least. Boasting a 300hp V6 engine delivers enough punch to give you a thrill, yet does not break the bank in terms of mpg compared to the V8 and bigger sports cars.

- Will A

It is still a fast car and is almost 11 years old.

I like that it is sporty and the design looks good. I dislike that it is more uncomfortable than other sport cars and that the trunk is so small.

- James C

It's fun and exciting to drive.

Fun and excitement of a convertible sports car. Although at times I miss the extra room and the fact that I am sitting so low to the ground.

- Larry R

That it has a great brake pedal, not to loose, not too stiff, just right. Very comfortable and easy to use.

I love the inside its so flush and sleek. The driving is nice and smooth, haven't had any problems with the engine. Perfect car.

- Steven H

It is only two seats, so I can only fit one passenger.

I like how my car is very reliable, very fun, pretty fast, only complaint I have is it guzzles gas and the exhaust rattles.

- Joshua P

It is powerful and can get you in trouble really quick especially on wet roads.

I love the excitement of driving a convertible sports car. At times I dislike not having additional room in the car.

- Larry R

It has an Infiniti engine in it. It looks nice and it is fun to drive.

It's sporty, and accelerates quickly. I like driving it. It's good on gas and has a strong engine.

- Mary E