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My car is it fills up fast with only a small amount of gas.

My vehicle is 18 years old. The ac is nonfunctional and the windows have to be rolled down. It takes a couple tries to get it to start. I cannot travel very far because my car overheats and tends to shut down. Only two of the doors actually open. You have to climb in from the front to get into the back sweats. Out of those two doors, only one opens by itself. The other has to be opened from the inside.

- Andrea H

I can depend on it to get me where I need to go. And that is a lot of places.

I have very little problems with my car. It is very reliable and repairs are not major. The engine seems to last longer than the car itself. Repairs are also affordable. My family has a running joke that my Nissan gets me to my door before breaking down and it is actually true. I have never been stranded. I will only buy Nissan! It is comfortable and smooth with plenty of room for my family of five.

- Lynn H

There are these plastic things that slide out of my sun visors.

At this point in time my car sitting out front with a broken alternator I am getting that fixed on Saturday I have a silver Nissan Altima sedan bucket seats in the front I still have to fix the window and the radio and then my car will be running well and doing well being on disability you do not have a lot of choices but I feel like this cars and the last me for a few years.

- Mary E

It's easy to speed in my car. Not hard to go too fast while driving.

I love my little car. It's not without its problems because it is so old. Its starting to rust out on the bottom and air conditioner has had to be replaced. It misfires at times too. It's been a good little car and I have had some great times in it. It's not too terrible on gas mileage. It's usually pretty comfortable too.

- Emma A

My car sucks I want a new car that I can afford.

It is a old car the body paint I do not like this is the second time it overheated I got a bad muffler problem when it rains water leaks in the car I am ready for new car something reliable I want a Honda Nissan is pretty good but the year of the car is not the paint job sucks it is rusty and it is slow I like a fast car.

- Asia C

The inside is very nice and durable.

The alternator went out and the Cadillac converter. Other then that it is a great car that has run alright. It looks sleek and nice. The sounds system is great and the CD player holds 6 disks at a time. The seats are nice and seem to hold up really well. Rides low to the ground and handles corners really well.

- Grace S

My reliable 2000 Nissan Altima gxe.

Very reliable, dependable in cold snowy weather. As long as I have a reliable battery, I can depend on it starting in the winter. If were to purchase another car it would definitely be another Nissan. I keep up with the maintenance changing oil, antifreeze and other necessities.

- Gayle W

I wouldn't take anything for my vehicle.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is the best one I have ever owned. It is very reliable. It has excellent comfort. It is fully loaded. It is a great vehicle. I have two children that have to go everywhere and I don't have to worry about making it wherever we have to go.

- Wendy M

A Nissan vehicle is very reliable. Between my friends who own Nissans and myself, we find this make to be a good vehicle to own for the long haul. Other vehicles start to fall apart at certain mileage, but not a Nissan.

Although it is a great vehicle for the most part and gets good gas mileage, I would like a vehicle that gets better gas mileage. The reason is that the cost of gas per gallon is very high right now and efficiency is important to me. Other than that, my vehicle suits my needs.

- Gigi K

Good I love my Nissan run good.

Car is comfort run good save on gas get me from point A to B looks goods small car for me love the color big but small I take care of it so running good it clear smell good all my friend love it nice smooth ride its suit me silver in color old car I have to put money in it.

- Brenda B

I have a scratch that looks like a face.

It's always been a dependable vehicle. I bought it for 4000 from friend. The seats are really worn and made of leather. The steering wheel has quite a bit of play but otherwise its ok. The factory speakers didn't work eventually I bought Bose speakers best I've had.

- Robbie S

Great gas mileage and very dependable.

Getting older, but been a reliable car with minimal major mechanical issues. Love the gas mileage it gets in the city and on the highway. Smaller car makes it easy to get in and out of traffic and when parking, but spacious enough to carry passengers or cargo.

- Kevin M

My car has been running good, had it for 19 years.

We've had that car since 2000 and has not caused me too many problems other than the basic maintenance work. It runs good, has not left me stranded. The size and space is good, fits my stroller, plenty of arm space. Car seat fits good. The features are good.

- Jennie P

It's a wonderful, reliable car.

It's very dependable, despite It's high mileage. The paint job is starting to peel, but I still love my car. The biggest drawback is that the AC takes a lot of engine power, so I can't really run the AC when I'm trying to go fast or go up a hill.

- Cindy W

She has no AC so it's hell on earth driving around in florida rn

She's a good starter car, I've enjoyed her to the fullest. Shes easy to maintain since I bought her in cash and only need to check her oil every now and again. Nissans are very sturdy I appreciate the brand and how cheap parts are to attain

- Canelius B

It is safe, reliable, and affordable- perfect for anyone looking for something simple and convenient.

I love that it is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I don't need anything fancy and it is a great car for what it cost. Sure, I would like some features like back up camera and a better sound system, but I am very happy with it.

- Emma S

The car is getting really old and it is becoming harder to find parts.

I like the fact that my car is reliable. Taking basic car of the engine makes it an easy car to appreciate. However I wish the gas mileage the gas mileage were better.

- Doug S

It is a hybrid so it's good on gas.

Great on gas, has low mileage, easy to fix and to maintain. Four-door which makes it convenient and seats fold down. You need to paint job sun has worn out.

- Andrea K

A car does not have to be new to be worthwhile. My Nissans always start and get me where I am going.

My Altima has 113,000 plus miles. I had had it for 5 years ,and it is the 5th Nissan I have owned. I like this car and am used to it. No complaints.

- Edith S

It has never left me stranded.

I love that it is still in great condition. It has great gas mileage. I do not like that it is so old and it is a second hand vehicle.

- Kayla C

Good gas mileage. It is dependable. The insurance is also reasonable.

I like my vehicle because it gets you to where you need to go and does not cost a lot for gas. It has low miles and I own it.

- Jill T

It's very dependable when you need to go places or get to work.

I love my vehicle. It's very reliable and I've never had any issues with it. I plan on keeping this vehicle a very long time.

- Ben L

That it has very low mileage.

I just do not because it reminds me of a bad experience. I do not like the color of the outside. I love the inside though. .

- Wife A

My car is comfortable and runs fine. I like it because it does not run as fast.

I am actually grateful for having a car without the car note. I keep it clean and do not have to worry about few scratches.

- Nathalie J

It's drives really nice. It also is really dependable.

I love my vehicle! It's very reliable and it gets me from point a to b. I will always drive Nissan! They last forever.

- Mike M

RELIABLE, has been through a lot of wear and tear and random hit and runs while parked but it still keeps chugging along!

It's very reliable, but at the same time I have had it for a long time so there's always something wrong with it!

- Mel S

one of the most important things to know about my car is that its older and has a lot of miles on it.

I don't like that my car doesnt have an ac. I love my cars sound system. I hate that my car breaks down oftenly.

- melissa s

It's very good on gas. It's a cheap car to keep maintained.

It is very good on gas. The interior is clean and a nice design. I like the radio setup and everything about it.

- Brett W

Outdated and not very appealing to others. Ok on fuel efficiency.

I don't care for the color or the shape of the car. The car does not have a smooth ride. Car radio is outdated

- Anton A

The most important thing is that it is a trustworthy car you can depend on.

The car has very tight steering and is fairly small. Performs well and very reliable have not had any issues.

- Donald A

The dashboard is really small.

I just got this car around 15 days ago and is in pretty good condition. It is a good car and I recommend it.

- Doshi N

The car for many lifetimes

runs great, no problems over the years at all, good gas mileage and leather seats. It's like riding on air.

- Coleen R

That it is very reliable and dependable vehicle for daily driving.

My car is rusting and squeaks a lot. Like the fact that my car is paid off. It's good on gas mileage too.

- Rick L

It has a high safety rating.

I liked it but it is no longer running.It was not as new as I would like. Not enough room. Air didn't work.

- Shannon S

Have serviced it over the years so take care of your car and it should take care of you.

This car has held up in all ways longer than any I have owned in past. Still do good job and good ride.

- Jeanette S

That is is a realizable car, it's just needs to be properly maintained depending on your miles

There has been some problems that needed my attention, but they have been fix and not too bad afterwards

- Roberto G

It is a very dependable car.

It is a good running car. I have had very few minor problems with it. I have no complaints.

- Kim B

For a used car it has really low miles

Just brought it a week ago. Haven't really form a strong like or dislike to it

- Tabitha s

This is a very reliable car if you have children....

It has great gas mileage. It has only needed minor repairs. Very reliable.

- Tricia F

This car is very good on gas

It's a nice size car. It has a lot of nice features It's good on gae

- Jacob K

Had to replace fuel pump around 200,000 miles. But runs great.

Very dependable car for being 18 yrs old and over 200,000 miles.

- Jenny B

It is a very fuel efficient automobile that can last close to a month on one fill up of gas

It is reliable. It is safe. It is good looking. No complaints

- Saurabh C

It is reliable,paid for,and handles well.

rides well. good gas mileage handles well.

- roland s