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My drive with a 2001 Nissan Altima.

There is enough space between the gas and brake pedal. It is automatic so it is easy to drive. Mine has issues with the wheels making noise when completing a revolutions. That is expected to see in a car that old. It gets great gas mileage. It is also a little small. You should be able to maneuver a little bit easier. It has lots of trunk space and a working glove compartment. The interior is grey and soft. The brakes work very well. The brake pads are new. Wheels still have meat on them. The seats are in good condition. They slide forward and backward with no problem. This is big enough to lie down in provided you sit in the front seats. The headlight work just fine. The windshield wipers work great. No streaks. The windshield is great. No cracks or anything. The rear window does not have any cracks at all. So they both lasted a long time. The fuel tank holds almost 16 gallons. I get about nineteen miles to a gallon. It has a time chain. That means the engine does not need to touched for maintenance. The car heats up very fast. It has front wheel drive that does not miss.

- Jared T

She may be old, but she is deceptively more than great!

I love the price of the car (absolutely free, given to me from wonderful family friends who knew that I needed a newer vehicle than the one I had.) my car has never had any major problems and if you divide out how many miles are on it currently by year, it only divides out to about 10,000/year, which is pretty good. I keep up with the oil changes and they check everything at that time. Everyone at the oil change place has always told me that my car has a good solid engine and transmission. Just little things here and there that need to be replaced- like the battery, one of the tires- but no major problems at all that would cause great expense. She runs well, so overall I'm happy!

- Anna S

2001 Nissan Altima - Defies It's Years With Quality

Overall I find my Nissan Altima to be a consistently trouble-free ride. It's low maintenance and remains comfortable and quiet at over 120,000 miles. The ride is smooth and wheel responsive. The brakes can tend to be a bit spongy. The transmission never slips. The paint and interior have weathered very well for a 2001 model; there is very little sign of wear and tear. You have a standard round energy port (AKA, cigarette lighter port) no USB. It comes with CD/radio with very decent speakers. The trunk space is immense and I've never run out of room. The mileage is also quite good in the city and on the highway.

- Michael J

2001 Nissan Altima Black Sedan

It's a decent vehicle with the normal wear and tear for a vehicle that old. The paint is fading but cosmetically it still looks good. Interior has a few marks where it used to be owned by a smoker. The air is cold and the heat is hot. The windshield wipers work well as does the electrical in the vehicle. Brakes work well and it has been a very reliable car. It's comfortable although long distances are tedious since it doesn't have cruise control. Other than that, it's a great vehicle.

- Julia W

Wood trim interior, has a built in ashtray, and it has electric windows.

My car only had two prior owners, and it was still in good shape. The car is great when going both short and far distances. Only downside is every time I get in the car I have to manually click the overdrive off button. Some days I forget, and my car slightly hesitates when I'm going from 10 mph - 40 mph, and hold it there. But besides that the car is a pretty great first car. I don't have to spend too much on gas.

- Jade H

2001 Nissan Altima; the Nokia of vehicles

For a car as old as she us with as many miles as I put into her this little Nissan gets the job done every day. Her gas mileage is wonderful; on a full tank, commuting to work and driving around the city is no problem for the week. The engine purrs, and the transmission is still good! A Nissan is a great car to have I'd you plan on wanting a car that will last twice as long as anyone expects.

- Serena M

2001 Nissan Altima- how it�s held up over the years

My car is an older model so I'm sure the newer models are much nicer but there's not a lot of trunk space, fairly spacious on the inside, sometimes I feel like if I press on the gas pedal while I'm driving the car will break down because I'm going too fast, handles pretty good in the winter, very low to the ground, pretty good gas mileage, A/C works good still.

- Elizabeth W

That it's very reliable. It currently has 140000 miles and runs like a top

My Nissan runs great. It has been very reliable only needing general maintenance such as breaks and oil changes. The only issue I have now is a tail pipe needs to be replaced. It drives well and is very good on gas. It is not real comfortable or flashy in any way but gets me from point A to B without issue. I would recommend Nissan to anyone who asked.

- Garrett K

2001 Nissan Altima very reliable car and very roomy for families.

The only major problem seems to be the pin that holds the wheel on tends to go bad. Performance is very good. Seats are uncomfortable. Its an older car but has air condition, cruise, 2 cigarette lighters to charge accessories. It has a power driver seat that will adjust the back part of the seat as well as the part you sit on. Very reliable family car.

- Lori R

Very dependable and reliable car.

I have owned this car for 10 years get 25 miles per gallon of gas I have intermittent windshield wipers for doors power windows and door locks am FM cassette radio my car is very reliable front wheel drive it will go in the snow unless it is too deep it has everything that I made and want I love it even though it is an 01 model.

- A F

Great looks, holding up ok.

I like the interior and the body has held up. Other than that it is been a typical older car and I am just trying to do my best to keep it road worthy so I can get where I want to go. I think it is having a normal number of problems for a car that is starting to get older so that is not a unique issue for Nissan.

- Brooks W

Older and could use new some work.

175k miles. Needs new tires. Has new front brakes and new radiator. Left back window doesn't work. Ac and heat work well. Automatic drive seat. Radio works. Recent oil filter and change. Bought it with an off balance tires so it'll jiggle at high speed but if you stay about a constant 80mph it rides smoothly.

- Charles S

one time my key broke off in the starter

My car is older, it didn't drive for a while so it's a little shaky whenever I drive it. Sometimes it doesn't start due to the starter being bad. I've also been told that I need a new belt. But I have no idea what that means. Its works for me getting back on forth to places. It's not reliable but it's okay.

- Asia C

It's not sporty but it's also not a boring family vehicle, so it fits me well

I really enjoy the push button start and the factory standard radio and speakers. It drives smoothly while handling tight corners and turns with ease. It also came with tinted windows, which I appreciate during the hot summer months. The best part would have to be the fact that it's very fuel efficient.

- Jerry B

Drives great and wonderful storage!

I initially purchased this car for it is storage capability. This SUV drives like a car with providing all the lovely SUV qualities. The Bluetooth connection to my cell phone provides me to not be distracted while driving, also giving me the option to play music from my phone as opposed to the radio.

- Amber R

The car has traits and drives the same as a newer car would.

I like that the windows are automatic therefore, I do not have to roll down the windows. I like the fact that accelerating and breaking is a smooth transition. I do not like the cloth of the seats of the car. I also do not like the fact that the windows in the back seats do not go fully down.

- Luz C

I love the sunroof and leather seats! Very comfortable.

My car is very nice on the inside, pretty leather interior, drives smooth, and is very reliable. All my friends, and myself, love my car, and we love taking trips in it because it is so comfortable to be in. I definitely recommend getting a Nissan Altima from the same year; or newer.

- Gabby G

Reliable but uncomfortable.

I bought my vehicle at 180000+ miles. It was well taken care of so it runs great, despite high mileage. While running great, it is far from a comfortable ride - every little bump in the road feels like a canyon! It idles hard and is louder than one would expect a car this size to be.

- Alexa C

Strong engine. The interior is durable. The seats are comfy. The trunk is big

My car is old, but everything works fine. I bought it second hand. It is like 18 years old and it is still drivable, so Nissan Altima could be a really good choice for anyone who is looking for a long durable car. The design is ok, not really modern. I don't like the interior.

- Hung T

Great car and nothing is wrong with the car.

Nothing wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car. Nothing is wrong with the car.

- Michele B

It burns thru oil very quickly. You'll have to replace the oil often.

My vehicle goes thru oil very quickly so I have to put more oil in every couple weeks. My car had a manual transmission, which was great to learn, but now had become annoying. I like that my car is a sedan, 4 door with a roomy trunk and back seat for transporting things.

- Sarah Z

It has been dependable over the many years we have had it

I like my vehicle because it has lasted for many years with minimal problems. I also like it because it is the right size for my family. The problem i have with my vehicle is that it is old and there seems to be more problems, which is expected with the age of the car.

- S p

Good vehicle. Very dependable. Love the car.

This car has been a very dependable car with so far no problems besides your normal wear and tear such as brake pads needed changed and that is about it. I bought it used from a individual about a year ago and that is all I have done to the car since I have purchased it.

- Susan M

2001 nissan Altima, reliable car. Good condition, run great. Color sliver.

I have a nissan altima, it is a 2001, it is a good car but some areas customers must keep in mind like the frame it can get holes, also the rocker bar, and it as lso pulls to the side, I have made lots of. Alignment. But this car is reliable, this is why I love my car.

- Maria H

My review of a 2001 Nissan Altima.

Performance is great. Reliability is very good. The seats are very uncomfortable. It has power driver seat, power locks, power windows, cruise and air condition. I have a few problems the flan that hold the tire on broke and the back passenger door is harder to shut.

- Lori R

The 2001 Nissan Altima is a very well made car. It drives smooth and comfortable.

My vehicle runs very well. It is very comfortable to drive while being pretty tall. The seats are very soft and comfy. It drives really smooth on the road. It is very reliable. I barely have to bring it into the shop. There really are no major problems with this car.

- Danielle C

2001 Nissan Altima sedan customer review.

It a decent car but when things break down it expensive to repair, parts must be factory or they do not fit and everything is hard to get to, other then this it is comfortable, performs well, has decent gas mileage, reasonable legroom for passengers and the driver.

- Constance V

Amazing car that works good with everything.

My car is a good car. Transportation is good. Seats are comfortable. Tires are good condition. Love the color. Great with gas mileage. Travel in it all the time. Barely needs work done to it. Had it for couple years. Person owned it before me took good care of it.

- Brittany A

Used but in great shape, and I intend on keeping it that way.

I bought my vehicle used in February of this year. It is a 2001 Model but the seller had just replaced the plugs and wires. I recently had Jiffy Lube check it out and change the oil and everything seems fine. I love that the air works! I am happy with my purchase.

- Miranda I

Very functional and comfortable car.

My car tends to make a lot of noise. The car itself performs well, although it sometimes feels like it pulls itself. It has good features, I am very short, so I like the fact that I can move the seat as far up as I need it to be. The car is also very comfortable.

- Gladys C

Silver Nissan, smooth ride, reliable source of transportation.

When it breaks down it cost money but the r is reliable, , it drives smooth, and I love that security locks you can lock it on far away, every six months I have the car examined, to make sure it runs good. I have travel to other states without any problems.

- Maria H

My car is safe. I didn't go to repair shop since I purchased it. I am driving with confidence in winter storms, rainy weather or at night. I can drive very fast too, salon looks cosy.

My car is very reliable. It is easily manipulated on a highway, local roads and at parking lots. Mechanics is good, mileage id considerably low, it doesn't require too much gas on daily basis. I feel safe and comfortable when i drive with my little sister.

- Katsiaryna K

My car is the best car in the world.

Great vehicle considering the age and miles. Still needs work but is great on gas and general maintenance. Kind of small not enough room for someone 6'0 feet +. I'm happy with this vehicle despite the age and its minor fails. Some parts are hard to find.

- Angel C

I can get repairs done in more places than the BMW.

This is a secondhand vehicle, therefore it does come with a lot of wear and tear. I had to change some spark plugs, the brakes and the rear brake lights. It has cost quite a bit of money in repairs. It is reliable though and for that I am grateful.

- Michelle O

I have had this car for quite some time. I have over 286,000 miles on it and the motor still runs like a champ.

I dislike the floating gas gauge. The only complaint is when the car is aging the back doors seem to be harder and heavier to shut. Other than that I love my car. Very easy on gas. I like the electric driver seat and ease of adjusting the seat.

- lori r

An oldie but a goodie partner

As my car is a little on the older side it's starting to give me some problem. Have to keep the oil changes on par getting new tire, a new starter and fixing various electrical part. But thank goodness nothing to big like the engine.

- Sandra E

Others should know that it has been a very dependable car.

I like the vehicle because it has been very dependable over the years. I suppose I dislike it now because it is old and it is becoming very expensive to maintain. I also dislike it because it is really starting to look its age.

- sharon c

The highlights would be its fuel efficient compared to larger cars and it is roomy and comfortable

My nissan altima 2001 is very reliable. I gets me where i need to be with ac and radio. It has some issues every now and then. For the most part it does what it needs and its comfortable with space for seating, not squished.

- Bridget Y

It has over 200,000 miles and the engine is still running strong!

It is a comfortable and reliable vehicle. We bought I used and even with over 200,000 miles, it runs great. It does need a couple small things however. The a.c. needs to be recharged and it needs a tune up.

- Mary N

It seems to be pretty reliable and it runs smoothly.

I like the fact that it has air conditioning. I like the fact that it has an automatic transmission. I like the fact that it gets pretty good gas mileage. I have no complaints about the car.

- Lane F

Drives smooth. Plenty of get up and go. Fwd makes it a breeze to drive in snow or even go off road sometimes.

Really was a great car for a few years after I purchased in 2010. Car has needed a lot of work in the last 2 years. I would highly recommend this car, just hasn't been great for me recently.

- dave w

That it has a nice sound system and the heat had been good with it.

It has some issues now. But I did not own the car when was new 17 years ago so it would be very difficult to come up with anything that would be useful to anyone to say about that vehicle.

- Brooks W

I can take it one road or off road .

It gets me from point a to point B. It is very spanish. There are some problems like that fact that there are some leaks, the motor on one window broke and the ac does not work that well.

- Jessica F

The great gas mileage the car gets on trips.

I like the car because it gets me to and from work and to where I need to be. I dislike the car because of the age of the car and the fact that it does not come with keyless entry.

- Brittany N

It's old but reliable. It doesn't look great but it gets the job done.

I like that it is reliable even though it is an older model. I haven't had to make any major fixes to it so far. However, the AC doesn't work so good, and that's almost necessary.

- Isaac G

This car is a good reliable road car.

I think It's a well made structurally sound car. It has quality interior styling. Also, the gas mileage is good. The paint hasn't, however, fared the test of time very well.

- Brooks L

I love the radio in the car - it is perfect.

It is okay. I don't like to drive much. It was way worse for me probably because I just don't have money for a new one. This one gets me from point A to point B safely so.

- Mckenzie T

It has over 190,000 miles and it still runs great.

I love the size, the fit and gas mileage it used to get. Now it's getting old and needs a few things fixed but still runs great. I want to keep it even if I get a new car.

- Karolyn R

An interesting detail would be the inside has a faux wood feel to it.

My car is comfortable, functional, easy to drive and reliable. One of the things I dislike is the stereo doesn't have an aux port and the speakers do not sound that good.

- Priscila C

Good gas mileage. I do enjoy taking it for road trips when not making noise.

It gets good gas mileage but started making a noise. Sounds like something came loose. Maybe tailpipe. I live alone, am almost 70 and will need help getting it fixed.

- Therese L

It has power locks, alarm, sunroof.

I have a 2001 Nissan Altima. Since I first bought the car, it has not giving me any problems. As long as you do not rag it. Change motor oil every 3, 000 miles.

- Elena P

The Nissan Altima is a very reliable and affordable car.

It has been a very reliable car with very few maintenance issues. Gets good gas mileage. I don't like the fact that it is not the easiest to get in and out of.

- Teri W

Great car for a person who wants a small car with great gas mileage

I bought the cat from my moms friend 2 years ago and have had no major issues at all. Just new tires and new brakes. Other then that. It has been a great car.

- Sean G

It's affordable reliable transportation.

The AC works, it runs reliably. Pulls to the right, fuel economy could be better. Trunk leaks. Makes a lot of rattles, wind noise and other weird sounds.

- ann W

My Altima will most likely reach 300,000 with little work done on it.

This case was a gift from my dad and I couldn't be happier with it! I get great gas mileage, it is fast, powerful, comfortable, reliable and attractive.

- Irene A

it is hard to work on everything is compact and requires factory parts

i dislike the poor paint job done by the manufacture,i hate that everything is so tight it is hard to work on. i like that it is good on gas

- constance W

It is track record just keep in mind that sometime you will have a problem.

No major problems with my car. As long as you keep up with maintenance, the Nissan will provide great transportation for many years to come.

- Mark R

Great gas saver if you make daily commutes.

I like that my vehicle is great on gas. It has minor problems that I am fixing like cylinder misfire. Has great tires. Drives smoothly.

- Alberto F

It has less than 125,000 miles on it so its shelf-life should last for many more years.

It runs pretty well. idles funny sometimes when stopped. There are a few dents in the rear and the cover of the mirror is knocked off.

- Justin T

High quality with a great history.

Great performance. Low maintenance. Sucks gas with more powerful engine. If it had to take theses surveys it would be a lot slower.

- Marty D

Its economical and dependable.

Great vehicle to get around town for errands and economy. It's great on gas and mileage. It also is compact to fit in most spaces.

- Deborah H

If you treat it right it will last for you. Regular maintenance helped this car last

I really don't have any complaints. My car has 446,500 miles on it so now its sluggish and not as powerful but it's been around.

- Matt M

Oldie but dependable auto

I've owned this car for 8 months, it has 214k miles , but it runs well. No problems thus far . Only had to replace brakes and oil

- Phillip K

The car is older, but drives ok. It had about 105, 000 miles.

Older car. Drives ok for the amount of miles and year that it is. Has some rust and scratches in it. Fully loaded for the year.

- Mae S

The car is a stick shift.

Appearance of the car is less than appealing. The car does get me where I need to go. The car is a pretty reliable vehicle.

- Sara H

It's needed a lot of work in the past. I could buy a new car with what I've spent to fix it.

Air conditioning only works sometimes. The radio doesn't always want to connect with my phone when I use an aux cable.

- Katie F

It cannot perform sharp turns.

It is a good little car for the year it was made but it is not a smooth ride. It is very bumpy and has braking issues.

- Thea V

this was a great first time car.

my car is red with grey interior. front wheel drive, very reliability. only rust on the outside and radio issue.

- Rebecca K

It's me. Nothing fancy, but I don't care about fancy.

It's starting to show its age, but it gets me from A to B just fine. It's comfortable and suits my needs.

- Jodi R

It runs better than it looks for sure.

The car runs well enough. Has a lot of small things wrong with it like windows & exterior stuff though

- Haillie J

Reliable and easy to operate. Comfortable and roomy. Reasonably priced.

Reliable engine. Little repair. Window up and down broke, paint lost. Noisy. Overall it is great.

- H H

it gets me where I need to go

It runs but it needs some minor work on it and it need a new paint job and a dent removed

- vikki b

It is great on gas and very comfortable. It has a great sound system.

It is a good car. It is great on gas.It gets me to point a to point b without any issues.

- Brianna M

It's a very reliable little car and I've enjoyed owning it

It's a great little car. It's a workhorse and never gives me trouble. It's fun to drive

- Lisa L

It's a super reliable car

I like that It's reliable. I wish the trunk didn't leak. It's been a great car

- Lisa O

my back seat can be pull out to get in the trunk or to make more room for the trunk

It is 4 door sedan just what I need a mid size car I have no complaints at all

- jackie f

It's a great quality product and I recommend it to anyone

I like how long this car has lasted. I really don't have any major issues.

- Gretchen I

It's not a bad vehicle. The driving and passenger doors don't have handles because the broke off. It has a new starter and battery. And it's not too bad on gas. It's pretty comfortable and it doesn't have a lot of blind spots

You need two people to open up the gas tank since it's broken

- Christine R

For as old as it is, it always starts in cold weather. I dislike that I will have to replace it soon. No complaints from me. I am going to have a hard time giving it up.

My Nissan Altima is a very reliable and practical car!

- Aida L

It's a very reliable car to have it's been on the road for 12 years now

The milage isn't that good has no air conditioning

- Dustin F