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Easy to drive. Great car. If more space, I'd keep it longer.

As far as performance goes on my Nissan Altima, I have never had a problem with it running or anything of that nature. The only real issues I have with this vehicle, is its not very family friendly. I have a 1 year old that requires a car seat. I would prefer her car seat to be placed in the middle seat in the back seat, but the middle seat in my 2002 Nissan Altima is slightly higher than the left and the right back seat seats, meaning I have to put her on the opposite side of the driver's seat so I am able to see her. If my family and I are on a road trip, I am usually sitting in the passenger seat, and there is not much room for leaning my seat back or for me to stretch my legs. We have 2 dogs, my toddler and my husband and I, and if the vehicle was just a tad bit extended, I feel like we would feel so smooshed in. I also wish I had an aux. Cord plug in built in.

- Savannah E

2002 Altima se faster than it looks.

The se is fully loaded, power everything, sunroof, heated seats, v6 engine and is a lot quicker than one might think. Granted mine is a 2002 and is rusty but still runs strong with regular maintenance and doing my own repairs, it is normal for a car this age to start having problems. Main issues with this engine is the valve covers warping and/or cracking, allowing oil to get into the spark plug wells and fouling them out, causing misfires, only option is to replace the valve covers and get new spark plugs. The cam and crankshaft sensors are also known to fail prematurely but it is an easy and inexpensive replacement. Car does not have the best wet traction, then again it might just be time for new tires. Overall good car, older models just be ready to replace a few parts.

- Felipe B

My Nissan Altima the stereo system is what I like the best.

I have a 2002 Nissan Altima. It originally belonged to my grandmother before she passed away. She left it to my father who eventually gave it to me. . Its gold in color. 4 doors. All black interior. Plenty of legroom in front and back. Power windows and locks. Driver and passenger airbags. Huge trunk space. It has a Bose stereo system. CD player with am, FM radio. The speakers are loud. It has volume control also. Automatic drive. Security system works great. The driver seat can seat can adjust for s very tall person or even for the shortest of us. They adjust up, down, and even has heated seats for those cold winter days. Rear defrost is a plus also when it's freezing cold. Heating and air conditioning work great also. I love my Nissan Altima.

- Amy B

It is not anything special.

It is an older car, but decently reliable. It has almost 200, 000 miles and is still going. I do not like the body style all that much compared to my previous cars but it gets me to and from where I need to go. It seems to go through brakes fairly quickly and the tires are hard to find due to the odd size that they are. All in all I would buy a newer model of this car in the future. It is very comfortable inside and I like the automatic features. I am having an issue with the doors always thinking they are open and the automatic windows are a little wonky.

- Abbey K

2002 Nissan Altima very reliable car.

I like that it can get up to high speeds quickly and has a smooth ride. It is been really reliable I purchased it used around 100, 000 miles I had it for over a year now and it never has broken down on me. It's not a luxury car but is comfortable my only issue is that I keep breaking my wheel stems but that was because I put on 20 inch aftermarket rims. Overall I am satisfied for how old the car is it still looks and rides like a newer low mileage car.

- Anthony B

This car has the 3. 5Z engine in it so it has plenty of pickup and zoom to it.

I have put some money into this car for coils and plugs, fuel pump, battery, window motor, wiper blades the usual wear parts, however it really runs great, get good mileage, is reliable too. There are some minor parts I still need to get but the sensors are all good too. Aesthetically it looks good, and has a lot of creature comforts as well although I rarely use the sunroof. I love Nissan's anyway they have a good resale value.

- Richard J

Nissan is a very reliable car!

Nissan overall is a great make of car to have! They are very reliable if maintained throughout the course of having the vehicle! It is a 2002 and we are currently in 2018 so it has it major issues like transmission slipping, power steering issues, battery always dying, and issues that I am not sure exactly what it is wrong! But it does get from point A to point B!

- Sabrina H

Nissan Altima I advise anyone to buy one very reliable you will not regret it.

I love my Nissan Altima 2002 to great vehicle and runs very well not had any problems with it it is great on gas it is lasted forever I have kept it and maintain but not have to have any work done on it I would advise anyone to get a Nissan they are wonderful and reliable vehicles I love my car because I have never had any problems and I feel safe driving it.

- Michael B

Great car with exceptional features.

Very reliable very spacious interior with sleek lines. Makes you feel like your driving a luxury vehicle. Great sound system and amazing power. Only problem I've had is there are two thermostats so if it goes out you'll have to replace both. Amazing gas mileage both city and highway. Perfect vehicle for a small family or someone who travels for work.

- Lauren E

Just the right amount of speed, love my interior as well as exterior.

This vehicle drives very well I feel very safe which is very important due to the fact I have children. With regular maintenance I have had no problems and I am very interested in upgrading this vehicle same make possibly different model. The maintenance has been very easy to maintain and I am also able to stay in my budget.

- Chanel C

Very good vehicle, not disappointed!!

Small enough for short people, comfy, cloth seats, beautiful exterior design. The perfect size for a small family. Runs good. Very good on gas can put $20 and can last me all week from work and back. The trunk is huge, I can fit my daughter's stroller in the back along with a bunch of groceries and anything else needed.

- Danielle D

The truth about my Nissan.

The handles all broken off except the driver door which is common for this model. It drives well as long as maintained. The paint strips and of course it is an older car. All in all not a bad vehicle I believe at this point I may be experiencing some transmission issues which is also a common issue with Nissans period.

- Krystal A

Nissan's are reliable, and depending upon the motor extremely fast. .

Nissans are very reliable cars, this car has plenty of power, it runs good and has plenty of pep. It is relatively old so I have put some money into it but only what is expected from any car owner. Fuel pump, spark plugs, alternator, air filter, belts etc. It gets good fuel mileage however I will be selling it soon.

- Richard S

Nissan Altima is peppy and has lots of legroom!

I love this vehicle. It is comfortable. Plenty of legroom. It handles the road very well. It is easy to turn and back up. It is very peppy. The trunk on my car is very large. It is larger than a lot of bigger cars that I have had. Will gold standard wheelchair. It is easy to get kids in and out of.

- Bonnie W

Enjoy this comfortable family ride.

My Altima is roomy enough for 2 adults and 2 rather large car seats. The kids can easily climb in and out by themselves. The trunk is large and holds stroller and other necessities with no issues. Heat and air work great, 24 mpg average, and comfortable seating. This car is a great value.

- Angela R

Sleek looking Nissan with a beautiful ride!

I believe my Nissan Altima is the best car on the market. It is very comfortable to drive and very reliable. These things make a big difference while driving. I have up to date safety features as well. Lighting is great. Test drive an Altima, and you too will see what I mean.

- Teresa L

Nissan Altima, it is very sturdy and even though it is a smaller car it is spacious.

I got the car used. It looks worn down but it still runs great. Easy to clean and change oils. The only problem I have with it is that the car gets really hot when left out in the sun and on cold nights the glass on the front and back will cloud up and be hard to get rid of.

- Carlos D

It's a small nice car. It is a gas saver too.

I love my car is very reliable and the best thing about is that is a gas saver. Is small and compact perfect for a small family. It is very spacious I like that is very nice small car. The only thing I do not like is the radio it does not have an auxiliary or CD player.

- Maria S

That it is reliable & miles do not matter Nissan runs forever if taken care of.

Nothing. I absolutely love my car. It fits my style and needs very spacious. I can fit multiple car seats which helps when me and my son have other kids with us. Very reliable car. I have had it for almost 3 years and I've only had to do tune ups. No expensive fixes.

- Emma V

People should know this is a very reliable car.

I have had this car since 2015 and have never had any issues other than needing a new spark plug. Very reliable, pretty good on gas, especially on the interstate. Since mine is an older model, it doesn't have any fancy features, but it gets me where I need to go.

- Peyton D

Used Altima to replace a car I totaled.

Overall it is a good quality car that I enjoy driving. It is comfortable and has some great features. I do currently have a recurring engine light that is being an issue. Other than a few small problems, it has done well for me over the last year I have owned it.

- Missy C

A decent car, needs to be kept up with but overall is not a bad car.

I have had to take it in the shop twice the past two months. It is an older car so it makes sense but the alternator went out which sucked. I also had issues with the air conditioning unit and had to take it in for that. It has around 159 thousand miles on it.

- Allison J

Reliable car for a long time.

Our Nissan has been a reliable car for many years. It has given us few problems, other than regular maintenance. The interior is holding up as well. There has been some peeling on the paint job. The gas mileage has remained consistent through the years.

- Debbie L

Nice compact car minimal issues!

Comfortable and very nice looking! Although the o2 sensors go out frequently. We have had to replace the entire front end suspension. Now the floor boards are rusting right out. Lost a piece while driving down the highway. It is a snappy cute car.

- Laurie M

It has a high gas mileage.

Like- runs very good, only minor repairs, interior is leather & in perfect condition. Used to be my husbands car before he passed away, so it is very sentimental!.. Dislike- it is a 2002, so I am anticipating major repair bills, in the future!.

- Christine H

It is okay for a 2002 Nissan Altima.

My car is alright. I got it from my grandpa so it was already used so I couldn't tell you how it ran from the start but I got it back in 2016. It has ran smooth since I had it but has ran into a few problems like with the engine.

- Rodney S

It rides good, and it take 93 gas.

You have to put your foot on the gas when starting, It's kind of old, the pant is chipping off on the back bumper, the air conditioner don't work. The radio works but it does not have Bluetooth or nowhere for a AUX cord.

- Natasha S

That it is my car and I only drive my car.

I like how simple my car is. There is not a ton of switches like how newer vehicles have which is super nice. The only dislike I have is that it does not have a sunroof. Other than that, I love my car.

- Christina B

Its one if the best vehicles Nissan ever made.

Very nice reliable comfortable car lived it ever since I bought it good in gas and has big space very spacey all the features I side radio air conditioner very satisfied customer wouldn't change it.

- Martha T

My favorite thing about my car is the leather seats because I have kids it's easier to clean the car out.

I love my car. It's perfect for a small family. It has a big trunk. The only problem I have had is when my car skipped time. It's cheaper to just buy another car then to buy the parts to fix it.

- Brittany K

It accurately represents what me and my husband are able to afford right now.

I like that it is reliable. I love that there is a sunroof, a working key pad and a sunglasses holder. I love it mostly because we paid cash for it and didn't have to get in debt because of it.

- TiRinei S

It shakes when driven, and a lot of the electric features don't work.

Check engine light is always on, my trunk can only open with a key, gas tank door has to be pried open, antifreeze leaks, car shakes when I put on brakes. My car can break down a any moment.

- Kiah J

It is very reliable a requires minimal maintenance.

I love my vehicle because it is four door. I also have the opportunity to pick up my great-grandson and take him places. I love my car because it is roomy enough and the trunk is huge.

- Kimberly M

It is a very dependable car.

The Altima is a very reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. I have only had a few problems with alternator and radiator. It's a good family car. Parts for the car are not expensive.

- Sara J

Altimas are good reliable vehicles, good quality for price.

My car needs some work on it but all in all it's been a good car. It is the right size for my family. High performance, good quality, durability, reliable and comfortable.

- Myra H



- Joe J

She's aquamarine and I call her Calypso (Callie for short).

It drives great, no issues so far even for it's age. Had to replace the rear bearings but since then no issues. I drive long distances a lot and the mileage is amazing.

- Kyrie R

The Nissan Altima has such a smooth ride, it makes you feel you are floating on clouds.

The car handles beautifully. It gives an incredibly smooth ride. The gas mileage is pretty good. If it sat up high like a SUV, it would be my dream vehicle.

- Peggy B

It is been very well taken care of. It is worth much more than the book value.

Reliable, still looks like new, old enough to reduce insurance costs, gets me where I need to go. Nice body style. Operates well. Good gas mileage. Cold air.

- Bonnie F

My car is teal blue and beautiful

It's a great car but it needs a little tlc I haven't had any issues out of it other than some things that need to be fixed such as tires and an oil change

- Brandi A

Burgundy, 4 doors, leather seats, ac/heat, great gas mileage for the age of the car

The car itself is great, it's older so there has been a need for maintenance. I have had this car for about a year and I love it, it has been a great car.

- Chyna W

What I love about my car is that how the inside looks the color is amazing.

It's a really good car just have to use it everyday or else it'll stop working properly. Overall it's a really good car for traveling and going to store.

- Mark D

It drives smoothly. It also has a sunroof which is nice for sunny days.

I have only recently been driving this car it used to be my grandparents but I like it. I have had a few problems, the alternator needed to be replaced.

- Allison J

Fun to drive and handles well.

It was only $900 from a church friend... He also put on a great Audio system.. And for a new new-ish automatic or gets great gas mileage..

- Stephen B

The fact that it had so much truck space had me hooked along with the body style.

Love the car body dislike the transmission, the constant changing of "header/manifold" the car is reliable just has some shortcoming.

- Anthony H

Parts are not to expensive when in need of a repair.

The car is great for being 16 years old. Has obvious wear and tear but runs good. Goes a long way for having it for almost a decade.

- Daisy M

It's not really reliable it's pretty old but I can repair it

My car is pretty good for how old it is. I do need a few repairs to make it run even better. It would be a lot better for me too

- Isaac L

It gets great gas mileage and does really well on the interstate.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. It is very reliable. I understand how to do maintenance and it is easy to maintain the car.

- Alex B

It is very comfortable to drive.

I like how it is reliable and can get me from point a to point b. Also how the car runs and how it feels when I'm driving it.

- Angel J

It last a long time so it very much worth the money to invest.

My car is very reliable. It is in great condition given it is very old. Every feature still works. I have no issues with it.

- Elishani S

It seems to be too crowded. Band needs front wheel drive.

Dependable, safe, large trunk capacity and reasonable gas mileage, somewhat noisy, back door handles broke this past winter.

- Suzanne H

Nissan Altima the smoothest ride

It's a great smith driving car with good gas mileage and great stereo system. Runs smoothly and is great on the interstate

- Jennifer A

It's for a big family,4 doors and it great for travel

It's gray, black interior run good and have a great new set of tires, there nothing wrong with it but need a new paint job

- Terry M

The belt breaks on it and it overheat a lot it is not very dependable.

Gives me to many problems have put so much money into it. The pulley is messed up so I am replacing the belt a lot on it.

- Tessa S

Has very different colors available. I choose black this time.

It's a 2.5 engine on a 2002 nissan Altima. Has 150 hp i believe or so. It has a good gas mileage. It's a full size car.

- Alvaro P

It is a good car, but it is not really anything special.

It is small which is good. But it rusts a lot, even though I keep it clean. It has nice steering. The interior is nice.

- Jessica P

The car has been very reliable. I bought the car brand new in 2002 and i have had just typical minor repairs. I am very happy with it.

I like the fuel economy. I like the durability. Only dislike weak door handles. They all have broke and been replaced.

- Aaron B

That it's old but still very dependable. I would recommend nissan.

Nissan is a very reliable car. I get very good gas mileage still to this day even though the car is 17 years old.

- Matthew V

Very reliable car!!!!!!!!!!

It's a very reliable car I use it to commute to work everyday. I've had it for a while now and I have no issues.

- Jonathan L

It is reliable and I have had it for 5 years.

Just had a bunch of work on it but still runs a little rough. Think it needs a tune up. Body on it looks rusted.

- Sophia P

It's a reliable vehicle and its cute.

Its reliable.. It's easy on gas... It drives well.. It's getting older.. It requires a little more maintenance..

- Christina R

The vehicle has very comfortable seats.

The vehicle that I currently own is a reliable vehicle that has helped me get back and forth for a few years.

- Log D

Well maintained and garaged.

I have been very pleased with my Altima. It has given me very few problems, looks like new and runs like new.

- Bonnie F

My Nissan is a great car.

Great car. Handles wonderfully. So glad i have the car, really enjoy it. Even as an older car it is great.

- Mary H

It is well kept has low mileage and runs well. Could not ask for more with a 2002 model.

Low mileage since my drive is a short distance. It's the perfect size. Large trunk space. Very reliable.

- Lynn C

I love my radio, and the placement of my ac vents

My car is great! I haven't had any problems with my car so far, although i wish it had more room in it.

- Kerstin B

It is very good on gas. Has just the right space for my family.

I like the way I feel when driving. I like the color and makes me feel comfortable.

- Natesha W

It is a small sedan and pretty color. But has many problems.

Too small for the daily. It is constantly breaking down. Too expensive to maintain.

- Dixie C

It still runs good. Does have a lot of miles

It's a good car, just older and has a lot of miles now. Overall it's a good car

- Amanda M

very reliable for an older vehicle and drives great

love the amount of room and take off for a 4 cylinder. Wish I had a v 6

- Tara K

If the gas at the gas pump is bad my car let's me know.

I have a comfortable ride. It needs a tune-up,but I can't afford it.

- Kathy P

It has never been through winter

The car is great on gas. Very reliable with no issues

- Cory H

Very dependable and long lasting car. Nissa. Is a reliable and trusted brand. Have had only minor issues.

It is very reliable and dependable car that will last

- Donna A