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White Nissan Altima with great gas mileage

When I bought my Nissan Altima it was used and had 112000 miles on it. The car has good gas mileage and a gallon lasts me a while. I really like this car because it's not difficult to get used to. It's just a classic vehicle that anyone could enjoy. The only problem with the car was that it used to be used up north, so the bottom has completely corroded and I needed to get a new muffler. Very expensive but it is worth it because I need to get to and from school.

- Austin S

I thought that Nissan was a good made car?!?! Turns out that I found a lemon!

I have had nothing but problems with this car. I bought it used but it was pre certified. It turns out after paying 8k for the car I had to start putting money into it within the first 7 days. First tires and brakes. While changing the brakes everything begin to fall apart and break. From there it seems like I have to spend at least a grand a month on it to keep it going. So just don't know about the Altima.

- Jonathan B

Altimas are great long lasting family cars.

I bought my car used from family member so I am the second owner, but I love my car it fits my family great! My kids are comfortable and it is good on gas. My Altima has great acceleration and shifts smoothly. I have installed car seats in it multiple times and is a lot more difficult to install in this vehicle than many other cars I have dealt with; overall it is a car I would absolutely buy again!

- Nikki B

2004 Nissan Altima 90,000 miles.

I love my car. It drives great and is pretty fast even though it is older. It has about 93,000 miles on it and things are starting to break which is the only thing I do not like about it. If it didn't have things break down as often as they did I would like it much more but this happens with older cars. I highly recommend this car especially if it has had a lot of recent repairs done on it.

- Kiki C

Not having to do any expense care for the car. Getting good mileage .

I have had this car for 15 years and I have had NO problem with it. The only maintain I have had done on my car is Oil Change once every six months. I have had to get one set of brakes for the front.. There have been no problem with the back. The car is excellent on gas. Since I have had the car I have always used regular gas. To fill up the car cost around $55.00.

- Burma T

The 2004 Nissan Altima is a great car to buy!

My 2004 Nissan Altima is a great car and has not given me too much grief in terms of needing a mechanic. The most I've done is get oil changes, brakes and spark plugs. The car is not too big or small with 1 child. We look good in the car. We've had the car for 5 or so years. Highway driving is like flow on air. I love my car and would recommend this car as a best buy.

- cali S

I drive a black manual transmission Nissan Altima.

I had no issues with my vehicle for a long time. I have had it since I was sixteen. It is an manual transmission so it is really fun to drive. As of recently I have had problems with the battery and have had the alternator replaced. It sometimes dies while I am idling but starts back up immediately. I will see if this problem continues or if it can work itself out.

- Austin W

Very reliable for lots of travel. Great car.

As long as I take the car in for its regularly scheduled maintenance at the time it is needed the car performs perfectly and runs smooth just as any other vehicle. My job requires a lot of driving so it has to be able to handle a reasonable amount of wear and tear; also some pretty frequent oil change/ tire rotations something of which I generally do once a month.

- Jacob B

It has been a very good car for the past 14 years. We are not afraid to take it on trips to anywhere. It's extremely reliable and we will continue to buy a Nissan product.

I have had the car since 2004 and have only minor issues with it. It has been just as comfortable now as when I bought it. It has 150000 miles on it and it still drives and rides like a new car. It gets great gas mileage and if very inexpensive to operate and maintain. We have been well satisfied with the quality of this automobile. Have bought another one since.

- Larry B

As a review overall, the car is a good year,

Make sure oil changes, it is very important, the whole car consists electronic we had problems, concerning the radio, , we thought maybe a cleaning, but, we couldn't afford it, but had to put a full fledge radio, system. Good on gas, the trunk it is on a little small, but deep, it was given to us, by our church, the man, did not tell us the car was in a wreck.

- Cynthia C

Not too big, not too small, perfect size.

The vehicle drives smoothly, it's small, but very convenient when you want passengers. The A/C works great! Gas mileage isn't too bad. It lasts me the whole week. The comfort is great. There isn't too many 'woah' features, it's an older car compare to the ones that exist now. The problems I've dealt with were more on the tires, but it happens.

- Brittany P

The lights on it works amazing.

I use my car on a daily basis. It's great for long drives and bumpy roads, drives nice, and the ac is ice cold. I drive about 7 miles to and from work everyday, it's great on gas, and I haven't had any real problems with it. Parts are cheap so that's a plus! I love it! If your a student, just trying to get to and from work it's great!

- Kayla H

precious ruby: Enjoyed opening the sunroof and riding along the beautiful countryside.

the car performs very well,all I did was kept schedule matintance up car was roomy very comfortable brakes been changed about four times had all the latest features for that time.Paint has held up very well for it not to be stored in a garage and subjected to the elements year round. Engine very quiet sometimes forgot it was running.

- vanessa T

Car is Ok but needs improvement

Issues with intake manifold. Also very large for a sedan. Consumes a lot of gas. Car is somewhat comfy but plush seats can be painful. Car also feels very stiff. Has a tendency to have check engine light on and off. Interior is poorly made and needs to be cleaned frequently. Interior has a tendency to smell like smog or gas vapor.

- Art V

Comfortable seats easy to maneuver good gas mileage.

My vehicle is reliable and cost effective. It gets good mileage to the gallon. It rusts but it is a cosmetic issue. It gets regular tune ups and oil changes and it has never needed major work done I am. Very happy my vehicle. I would recommend it to a friend. There isn't a lot of legroom but it accommodates most people.

- Julia C

My car is pretty standard there�s nothing in particular that makes it stand out.

My car for its age and mileage treats me very well! It is a very reliable car when driving an hour away to visit my parents and it is great with gas. The inside is incredibly spacious. I once was able to carry a desk in the backseat and it fit perfectly! This car has and continues to be the best car I have ever had.

- Maria G

My all around great car goes all over MT

I enjoy driving my Altima it is a-pretty quick, light little car, standard transmission, and does everything from getting family around to statewide trips from west to east. It is a smooth and comfy ride for all and it is relatively good on gas. I have made a couple upgrades on the car, the exhaust and wheels.

- Drew S

Reliability of a Nissan Altima

My vehicle has never had any major problems. We have had to do minor maintenance on it such as, new battery, alternator, and changing oil, but the battery and alternator were only changed due to time. I would recommend this model of a vehicle to anyone!! I have never had any trouble and always reliable.

- Melissa W

Pretty good running vehicle

When I first purchased my car 3 years ago it was very reliable. Everything worked perfect. Now 3 years later the check engine light will not go off it revs on its own. Even with the revving uncontrollably it still runs and goes pretty well. As long as you keep up like you would need to on any other vehicle.

- Adrian L

My 2004 Nissan Altima and how it's performing

My vehicle performs fairly well. At times it can have a weird noise or something pop up. The alignment is thrown off right now as well. I have over 140,000 miles on it but still runs pretty good. I drive it a lot and the Miles per Gallon is pretty good. I got it used for cheap and I don't regret it so far.

- Benjamin M

Very good car overall. . . Decent value.

Very comfortable. . . Roomy trunk. . . Reliability has been pretty good. . . Have only 80, 000 miles so that may have improved reliability. . . Maybe have spent 2000 in total for repairs and maintenance. Gets pretty good mileage. . . Around 23 mpg in city. . . Like the color and overall look of the car.

- Michael M

Very reliable and comfortable.

It is a very reliable car. It rarely need any work done. The engine still runs great. Out if every car that I have owned which is many its the most reliable and resourceful. Its body is large enough to hold a lot of people and things comfortably. I would definitely purchase another one in the future.

- Debra T

Nissan Altima 2.5s with 160,000 miles on it still working well.

My car is older but it has gotten me from point a to point b countless times with hardly any issues. It has approximately 160,000 miles on it and I am hoping that it can get to at least 250,000. I have about a 50 mile commute to work every day so my Altima has done a great job of getting me to work.

- grace L

Spacious for a car. Love the build of it.

I like my car, but it makes a rattling noise when I first start it up. There is plenty of space in the car and I do not feel squished or claustrophobic. The gas mileage is great. But it also has a hard time starting up in the cold weather. I love this car and totally recommend Nissans to people.

- Autumn B

Comfort, reliability and confidence in my Altima.

My Nissan Altima is a great car. It had incredible gas mileage. The drive is so smooth and next to mention is a nice looking car. I find my Altima to be very dependable in all types of weather. The seats are comfortable for driving and relaxing as passenger and spacious back seat and trunk.

- Jennifer W

Great starter or beginner car! Super reliable and great controls overall.

I love the car! It has great gas mileage, control, and steering. I like how it's also a good beginner car and is very reliable with few issues or maintenance. I also find the design of the car appealing and comforting. It has served many good years of service and continues to run perfect.

- Samantha G

It is a spacious vehicle with good comfort.

The car in appearance is nice. It has good features and is very spacious. Yet, overall my rating is low because of the many problems that the car comes with. It is unreliable in the sense that it shakes a lot and I face uncertainty that it can shut down at any moment on me while driving.

- Diana A

A very reliable and overall good car

My car works very well for me, it never fails on me and has all the features I need. I have never had any problems with it and have never had to take it in to the shop for anything serious. Overall I am very satisfied with my current car and do not need to buy a new one nor do I want to.

- Joe S

2004 Nissan Altima, the car that's right for me

the fuel pump is out, but other than that it rides great, perfect fit for me, it does jerk a little when it shift gears. The trunk is very spacious, the whole car is a great vehicle it's just time for an upgrade on it, the main headlights are out so I have to use my high beams at night

- brittany R

It�s not really anything interesting about it cause it�s a older model.

It's a very good car. This car went down the family we have it 15 years. I will never leave Nissan. Of course like all cars it has its problem but as far as the car goes it last a very long time. And they are good on gas which is a big plus. I really think people should get this car.

- Kayla C

Great family friendly car.

My 2004 Nissan Altima is the perfect car for anyone! It is great on gas and super comfy! Love that it is a smaller vehicle but not super small where you feel like you cannot move or breathe. I am in love with my car and think its a great starter car and family friendly!

- Megan M

The car is in good condition for the miles it holds and the year we're in now

The car is very reliable. It has over 100k miles and I've been driving it for 3 years. It was used before me and Is it still good condition. It's spacious and all the internal body work is still in good placement. The gas cost isn't as expensive as other vehicles.

- Angel C

2004 Nissan Altima: bought used

I have owned my car for about 3 years and I haven't had many issues with the car. We did had fix the air but according to the mechanic it had never been fix before. Other than that it pretty much have only been routine work: oil change, spark plugs, battery, etc.

- Monica M

I would definitely be buying another Nissan.

I love my car! I got the 3. 5 version. It is the fastest and most upgraded one. The smaller engine is fine, but my classification is better. We have had some mechanical issues since I bought it, however, nothing major. Normal oil changes and upkeep go a long way!

- Elizabeth D

Beautiful family vacation car.

Excellent space and an easy drive. Perfect for the family vacation. I love the way it drives, easy to maintain. Has seats that come down for larger hauling space. Have driven it in city and highway and it is an easy transition to both. And excellent gas mileage.

- Allie M

Love the seat warmers they hear the front seats as well as the back.

Drives very smoothly only problems I have had have been normal wear and tare. Easy to find parts when need. Love the heated seat option and sunroof/moonroof. The child air and heat as always worked great. Very roomy backseat. Spacious trunk. Nice leather seats.

- Tessa C

Reliable 4 door car for small family

Performs and runs well. Super reliable. Greg family car. No problems if maintenance is kept up with. Power windows. Cold AC. Tinted windows. Good gas mileage. Touch screen radio. Tan interior. White exterior. Automatic transmission. V6 engine. 4 doors

- Kayla L

Amazing family sedan to enjoy

Great car I own a 3.5l v6 engine version which is powerful you can pass with ease and gets great mpg for a 260 hp car. Reliability is great so far just regular wear and tear such as battery and tires break etc great car you'll be very happy with it

- Adrijano M

Great car with just minor issues.

Does well with mechanics and steering as decent. Only issues I have with the car are it's breaks are not well integrated and has issues stopping. Also battery usually has to be replaced each three months but that's normal.

- Angel G

Is very comfortable & has great engine etc.

Altima is very comfortable. Gets good gas miles. Has had problems with the hard plastic door handles breaking off in frigid winter weather. Three of the four have broken off. It has 85, 000+ miles on it & is 14 years old.

- Maria H

It is super dependable and gets great MPG.

Great running car. I bought it used with 117k miles on it and have put an additional 122k miles on it in 3 years. No major issues. Maintenance is normal and repairs have been less than expected for age of the car.

- Dan C

Nissan Altima Electrical!

I have actually had a lot of problems with my vehicle. For example, I never take passengers in the back because of the seatbelts malfunctions. I also have had electrical problems with the windows and the radio.

- Alex L

It is safe, reliable, and will last for many years and many miles.

My previous car was the same model (different year) and during all the years I have had both cars they were both very reliable. I like it being compact and find it very easy to drive. I have no complaints.

- Michelle K

No regrets on my purchase

My car is my dream car. The entire vehicle is roomie. The trunk is even huge. I bought is used. Previous owner only commuted up the street. Thankfully she took care of her vehicle.

- Elsa G

It's cheap on gas it has a lot of space for your children

My car is great it's cheap on gas it gets me where I need to go it had heated seats which is really nice during the winter and cold air conditioner is awesome during the summer

- Sierra B

The most important thing others should know is that it is not a gas guzzler.

I love that my car is not a gas guzzler. I do not care for the color of my car with it being white. I do not love the fact that it was damaged in a car accident in the back.

- Brittany S

An oldie but a goodie. It was a good deal.

I got my second hand Nissan Altima from an auction and I paid like $2,000 for it. Since I got it last year, I have no issues from it so far. It runs smoothly. I like it.

- Jane N

A fast roomy Nissan Altima

My vehicle is a Gold 2004 Nissan Altima SE 3.5 Liter. It has cold air and great suspension, a very roomy interior and a nice amount of zip when you put the pedal down.

- Darrell C

It is almost 14 years old.

It has been a very reliable car with few problems especially for it's age. It is hard to do u-turns without a very very wide area. Acceleration is adequate; not great.

- Matt W

It is very reliable and upkeep is easy.

It is a very reliable car and gets me to and from work. I wish it got a little bit better gas mileage. The trunk is roomy and it's a good car for a small family.

- B P

It runs into a ton of problems and expensive ones at that around 150/160k miles.

It's really old and oddly short I am tall but average height and my head touches the roof. Also it has a features list that would make amish people proud.

- Tim G

Amazing long lasting car great brand to drive

My car is very dependable and reliable great on gas and its not costly it's easily kept when something needs fixing its not hard to find the right parts

- Jessica H

Very reliable and comfortable for its size.

Great on gas when taking long trips. Handles like a sport car. Comfortable and plenty of passenger room. Replacement parts are pricey for year model.

- David R

04 Nissan Altima has lasted me this long

Nice car. Has lasted a long time. No major problems as long as you take care of the car. The paint is the only thing that didn't make it this long.

- Heather H

The door handles breaking off so easily.

The door handles break off easily. I currently have an issue with the light switch and have to disconnect my battery when I turn the car off.

- Serena M

Bad things about Nissan Altima 2004 s 4 cyl.

I had to change the transmission and water was getting inside the chambers. Also had electrical problems with the radio, and wiper wipers.

- Fernando D

You have to wiggle the key back and forth to start.

Dependable, good gas mileage. One of the windows is off the tracks and cannot be rolled up which makes it difficult to wash or keep safe.

- Cynthia L L

Overall it is a great car with a median price tag.

It's sleek and sporty looking and relatively been low maintenance. The only improvement I would like to see would be better gas mileage.

- Charlene D

One issue I have is cannot listen to the radio and use the rear defrost together.

I bought this car second hand with 150, 000 miles. I have had it for about 3 months and so far no problems, rides smooth, handles great.

- Paula R

I call my Altima Bethany. It's been a great car!

I love my Altima. I have had it for years now and it has almost 200k miles now and is still with regular maintenance, a good vehicle.

- Syrina S

My car was always super amazing on gas.

I love it. Super reliable and small for me because I'm a small person so it's perfect size. Easy to fix if anything breaks as well.

- Lexi W

That it's good on gas and can travel far on one tank of gas

I wish I had a newer car. I dislike that it doesn't have door handles and the windshield wipers doesn't work, but it's good on gas

- Chanel W

Gas mileage is great and only have to fill up once a week.

My car is amazing I have not had any major problems with my car. Gas mileage is excellent. I have no complaints with the Nissan.

- Mathis M




Reliable, good quality and fun to drive. Also, the car becomes your home away from home.

Awesome pick-up/acceleration. However, it is currently going on 14 years old and showing it's ware. Time to get a new one!

- Joe H

It has been reliable ... and has held up well

Had this car for 12 years ... it has been very dependable, gets great gas mileage. It has a very roomy trunk and interior

- Mike a

Very spacious and comfortable perfect car For one or two people

I like that the car is good on gas and its great size the seats are really comfy and is it has heated seat warmers

- Mitchell S

It has been a very dependable car.

It is roomy. Large trunk. Rides smooth and has been dependable. Only complaint is that the brakes are a tad soft.

- Michael M

Has been a very good car overall

It is a Great car that gets good gas mileage and has a smooth ride. It also has a good stereo and is comfortable

- Rachel S

I love the gas mileage and relatively cheap auto parts

It's been a great car have had a few minor problems from normal wear and tear but overall has been really great

- Kyle J

The Nissan Altima is a quality vehicle that performs well.

The Altima is a reliable car that is roomy, yet manageable. It is a smooth ride and is fairly gas efficient.


It does not get good gas mileage.

I like the nice size of the car and the amount of storage space, but I do not like the low gas mileage.

- Beverly M

Looks nice love it family car

Needs work tired head gasket oil Chanda headlight bad make noise but Nell's good need wash bass n

- Angel G

I would not recommend buying one. They are not made well.

I like that it has a powerful engine. But, the car is not made well. Door handles fall off, etc.

- John S

It's reliable, and I think it's a good car.

My vehicle is dependable, and it's wonderful to have even though it's older and used.

- Nicole P

This car is kept with maintenance and is very reliable.

It's a nice size car for my family. It is very reliable. I spend less money for gas.

- Charquilla W

Very reliable; doesn't require more than the usual maintenance.

I love how touchy the brakes/gas is. Lots of get up and go for its style. Big Trunk.

- Kris S

It is fairly reliable transportation. It gets me to work and back home.

Door handles are hard to open on the outside because they have partly broken off.

- Karen C

It gets great gas mileage.

I love everything about my car. It gets great mileage, is pretty and comfortable

- Linda a

Old but runs like a champ. Beat up on the outside. Great on gas. Just right for my family

Even though it looks old it runs like a champ. Safe for my family. Money saver.

- Jamie G

It great on gas and good for driving test.

It a nice size car with a lot of legroom. It great on gas, but it is old.

- Danielle m

rides smooth, comfortable, big, roomy, burns lots of gas

big and roomy and rides well. like the engine takeoff. uses lots of gas

- Betty S

Good gas mileage drives far before you need to fill up again

It drives smooth. I love its small and comfortable. I love the color

- Shelley P

It seems like a reliable car. Everyone always asking to buy it

I like everything so far. There's nothing I dislike so far

- Vanessa W

Very nice riding and comfortable both up front and back seat.

It's been a great car. My complaint is that it is old.

- Denise T

Great gas mileage, aside from that even though it dated back to 2004 it's still in great shape

I love it, it's spacious. Drives smooth, it's perfect

- Tatyana A

Engine oil and car tires .

It blue. It's also good to me. It got problems

- Andrew M

Car has low miles and runs great

Great running car with low miles for the age

- Hallie W