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Stylish and sleek, requires care.

I love my Nissan Altima. I think it is sleek and stylish however, it has had a lot of wear and a lot of repairs. In the past 2 years I have had to replace the transmission, radiator, driver's seat assembly and steering column. Maintenance has been ongoing since I do drive it quite a distance for work so it's been wearing on the bank in that aspect. Other than that, I love how it drives. It is spacious enough to comfortably fit two booster seats and an infant carrier in the back (I have three kids). The Bose sound system is amazing. Overall, I feel that it is a great vehicle, I just wish I didn't have to maintain it so often and hopefully nothing else will need to be replaced.

- Princess M

Sr is super sharp. I coasted into the dealership as my van broke down.

This is our fifth Nissan Altima.. Obviously we are very pleased with the car! After retirement, we switched from the more expensive Maxima to the Altima as our family car. Compared to other vehicles similarly equipped, from other manufacturers, the Altima was the best priced. I know from 10+ years of driving these Altima's that they are reliable (I haven't had any mechanical issues with any of them!), get above-average gas mileage, and offer a very enjoyable driving/riding experience! I will definitely continue to buy Nissan vehicles, specifically the Altima!

- Pele A

Great car for newly licensed drivers.

The only aspects about the car that I dislike is that it is not an all wheel drive car and there are no seat warmers. The car has a great sound system and the AUX cord makes this a car I would recommend for newly licensed drivers because not only is it safe car and driving the car is smooth and feels like luxury. I am a fast driver and I am satisfied with the car's torque aka "get up and go". When I am driving at high speeds I notice that my steering wheel starts to shake, not sure if that is because it is an older car but overall it is a great car.

- Erin S

It seems to have a lot of fuel injector issues and leaks oil.

I have had many issues but currently it has been sputtering when accelerating. It also leaks oil and brake fluid. I have had numerous issues with my tires. I love the interior and look of the car but it has been falling apart slowly for the past year. It gets horrible gas mileage. I bought the car used but it has given me nothing but problems this entire time. No matter how well I take care of the car and have it serviced, something is always going wrong. I have spent a couple thousand just this year alone keeping the car running.

- Mary M

My Altima's durability has proved it is reliability.

My Nissan Altima has been by far the most reliable car I have had. I have had problems and still do, due to my lack of consistency with routine maintenance. My Altima was running with torn strut mounts for 2 years (thank god I am still alive), the water pump needs to be replaced from what I was told by the dealership 4 years ago, and the transmission as well. With all that being said, just know my car is still running, it is performance is beyond what I expected(CVT transmission allows car drive automatic and stick-shift).

- Jessica A

Nissan Altima, fashionable and reliable.

I own a Nissan Altima that I love. The quick performance is most appreciated. Gas mileage is very reasonable. The leather interior is extremely comfortable on a trip. While the Altima rides a bit low to the grown it is a relatively smooth ride. Although when parking one must pay close attention to pulling up to a curb as the bumper sits lower than most curbs and can become lodged or worse damaged. I would recommend a Nissan to anyone, as I have discovered this brand is fashionable and quite reliable.

- Linda S

Very good service team supporting it.

Its very reliable, and has decent styling. Nothing too fancy, but it has good features like good stereo and tire pressure monitors. I did have an, issue with those. My car now has over 130, 000 miles on it. I get routine maintenance done religiously, and the folks at the dealer who service it are really good. I often spend more money there than I anticipate, but I get coupons all the time, and I would rather have a reliable car than get stuck somewhere.

- Esther G

Overall reliable older car.

As a used vehicle it seems to be reliable. I have had an issue with a sort of a slow oil leak but seems to be fine as long as I keep a close eye on it and put oil in it when need be. For a 10+ year old car all of the bells, whistles and lights work very well except for the tire pressure light stays on even though I've taken it to the tire shop and everything seems to be fine with the tires and pressure. Overall it has been a safe and reliable car.

- Katie M

The Nissan Altima is really reliable and economic.

The car is great runs smooth I do not have any mechanical issues I really like the interior the sound system could use some improvements. I think it is an economic car saves gas and gets me place where I need to go my car is really reliable. I really do not know how to use the other part of drive which is like stick shift so they should probably tell us a little on how that works but everything in my car is great I recommend getting a Nissan Altima.

- Maria G

Happy Nissan owner Our family has given our Nissan: "ol' girl".

Our Nissan Altima has been a very dependable car. It 198, 000 miles and it has not given us any major problems. I believe the main reason for getting so much mileage from it is regular maintenance. I use synthetic blend oil every 3 to 5 months. It is so dependable that I am considering passing the to my daughter as she travels to and from college and her job. When it is time to purchase another vehicle Nissan will be high on my list.

- Daniel V

Driving my 11 year old Nissan Altima- some appearance problems as it gets older.

It is getting old, so it has some issues. But the paint faded super quickly, I do not know if it is just the climate I live in but the paint is worn down. Overall the car is very reliable, the warning lights go off at weird times, so I never know if they are real or not. The lights on the dashboard and stereo go off if it gets too hot, and it almost looks like they are not on, but eventually they come back. I love the push start.

- Amanda G

My reliable everyday car, my Nissan Altima that I love so much.

My vehicle has been so good to me. It has 188 thousand miles on it and still runs well. The shocks are a little worn out because they are old and the car pulls to the right slightly. I had trouble with the tires a few months ago, but the tires I bought and had put on were not put on correctly so the tread ran down and I ended up with 3 flat tires over the course of four months. Other than that, my Altima has been excellent.

- Kayla C

2007 Nissan Sentra. Silver. 3k miles.

I have a 2007 Nissan Altima I have had the car for about 8 months now and everything has been great I haven't had any problems or no bad conditions with the car everything runs smooth the color is silver which is a nice color also my car has great tires on it great mileage I am very pleased with my car it is also a gas saver so if anyone is interested in buying a car like mine I would highly recommended.

- A A

It is a hybrid car so it is very quiet.

The only issue I have had with my is the break switch went out. I was left at inconvenient places such as the grocery store or the shopping mall when my wouldn't start. It took about an extra 20 minutes before it was start again. The car would start on its own, meaning I didn't need to jump it. Took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with it. Now that I have it fixed. No issues at all.

- Abbey K

Altima's are comfy and reliable cars.

The Nissan Altima is a great car. It runs quietly and smoothly. The interior is comfortable and roomy. Even my six-four son-in-law can rise in the back without being too cramped. The car gets good gas mileage even though it is over 10 years old. My only issue with my Altima is that I had some problems with the air conditioner system. It took the dealership several tries to get it fixed.

- Rebecca L

It does great on gas, I mainly use my car to drive for lift and get to school.

I like the handling on the vehicle very much, but the size is a little small. The vehicle has great a/c for the front two seats but it gets a little warm in the backseat. The interior looks great matches the outside paint very well, but the material in the dash started to come apart because of the Texas sun so I had to purchase a dash mat to cover up what was wrong with the dash.

- Nick F

Nissan Altima: a reliable, excellent car.

The Nissan Altima is a smooth riding car. The performance of the car is excellent and within 4 years of having an Nissan Altima, there has not been one problem. This is a very reliable car. Not only is it reliable, but the inside of the car is extremely comfortable. The interior of the Nissan Altima is not overdone or underdone and the inside controls are easy to cooperate with.

- Gabby D

Great first car, nice gas mileage.

My vehicle is a black Nissan Altima. I bought it used earlier this march, and since then I have put probably 5, 000 miles or so on it. I commute to college and this summer I drove from Missouri to Florida and back again. The only real complaint I have is its damaged headlights from a hailstorm. I need to get them repaired. Otherwise I love my car; it is a great first vehicle.

- Liana D

2007 Nissan Altima 3. 5. Reliable car!

Nissan Altima 3. 5. It is very peppy. Great interior. The Bose sound system is great. Cold air heat works great. Very reliable vehicle. Paint is great. Gas mileage is ok not great. This car handles very well on the height and the city as well. Repair costs are high since some parts are hard to find. Overall a very good solid vehicle. Great sporty car for family or new driver.

- Doug B

Just having a lot of problems right now with my car.

I am have some problems with my car right now. . My air went out. . I have done put 2 transmission in. But I am just going to leave with just that. I always have my shocks is going out. But really truly and honestly if I had all these problems fixed I really would like my car it is a nice car. That is why want to get the stuff fixed on it because I do enjoy my car!

- Jessica T

It takes a little while to take off but that is only because it is an old car.

My car has a catalyst problem. When I first bought it I had to get a new battery, new motor mount and the inside was half melted from it being in the sun without driving for too long. Then found out that it had more mileage through Carfax. The actual mileage was 251, 000 and instead it said it was at 50, 000. The inside is a bit comfortable because it is spacious.

- Evelyn C

Even after 260, 000 miles, it still runs like it has 50, 000 miles.

I bought my 2007 Altima in 2011. I have not had to do any major car repairs, just your typical maintenance. Although, I did have to replace part of the muffler but I think it had a lot to do with age/rust. It currently has 260, 000 miles and still runs like a dream. It has been my most reliable car and I plan on purchasing another Altima in the next few months!

- Erin M

The power steering pump has a leak so within these next couple of days,

I have a '07 Nissan Altima, that is my vehicle that I own. It is does have a leak in the power steering pump. The car keeps jerking back as I drive, the breaks need to be checked, there is no piece of plastic on the oven. The vehicle has only one door handle. The tires are starting to get low, and power steering fluid cost $5. 89/a bottle I do not have $5. 89.

- Aysha A

All around great car in every facet.

It is reliable, stylish and comfortable. Basic features are all there with some fancy stuff but not too much that would tend to go bad. I put lots of miles on it and service it routinely at the dealership. They are great there and keep me taken care of. The price was reasonable, but I do spend more than I would like on service, but it is really worth it.

- Ester G

Gray 2007 Nissan Altima is amazing.

Very reliable car. Have had it for about ten years. Great family car. I love the model and make. I feel like Nissan in general is a really reliable company and come out with great family cars. I am actually in the market for a new car and will definitely be looking into Nissan and will ultimately probably go ahead and purchase from them.

- Madison P

I will never buy another Nissan

I will never buy another Nissan as I have had nothing but problems from the one that I own. The seats are uncomfortable and the interior is low quality. There are a lot of cracks in the dashboard, vents, and other plastic pieces. There have also been a number of mechanical issues, I feel like I am constantly fixing something.

- Jennifer S

My amazing car and its amazing abilities.

The reliability of my car is amazing. I love the car and everything that came with it. I bought it used but it was in good condition. The stereo is nice as well as the leather seats. The space of the car is also good. The cars performance is amazing and runs really smoothly. The trunk space is exactly what my family needs.

- Jessica S

The Bose stock stereo system is a great and pleasurable delight when traveling l.

The Nissan Altima hybrid is an excellent vehicle. It is the standard of the industry. Never any performance problems and it also gets great gas mileage. The maintenance is easy and never too expensive if done regularly and carefully. The leather trim is comfortable and the seats are accommodating to many body shapes.

- Adrian Q

It is very reliable and has a lot of miles per gallon.

My car has a lot of great extra features that makes driving easier and comfortable. I like the cruise control option and how easy it is to turn the wheel. The seats are comfortable and the ac and heat works well. I also like that the gas lid has to be opened from the inside. This allows people to not take your gas.

- Sarah H

My vehicle is good on gas and economical to drive. Roomy and comfortable.

I have only had my Altima for 2 years, but so far, no problems. Just routine maintenance. It gets really good gas mileage. It is comfortable and has a roomy trunk for hauling luggage or whatever. The back seat has plenty of room for my 12 year old son who is tall. Plenty of cup holders and storage areas in car.

- Lisa W

Four door comfortable car.

I do not have a tire pressure gauge anymore but other than that it runs fine. Have replaced brakes recently and they are holding up well. The seats are comfortable - the back seat goes down with ease. If you need to put something long in the trunk the back seat is easy to put down to make everything fit.

- Kristina O

The was it drive and good on gas.

My car is good on gas. I drive smooth. It is an older cars so it is now needing minor maintenance. Parts are cheaper than the luxury cars. I wouldn't recommend an Altima to a large family. I have two kids and we have outgrown the cars. It is not a lot of room. It was the perfect size before having kids.

- Alicia G

Nissan Altima brakes are not perfect.

There is nothing really wrong with the car it just has a lot of ware and tare. One thing I can say about my car that is truly bad is that the brakes are not as tight as I would like them. I know that is just how that model was made, I just feel like Nissan could have done a better job with their brakes.

- Jamey S

Four door silver Nissan Altima.

I love my car. Beautiful leather interior. Has a sunroof. All the radio and AUX cord attachments. Four charging stations within the vehicle. The steering is smooth and the ride itself feels like you are not even driving. I have had this car for about a year and I have no complaints about it. I love it.

- Ashley A

Pros and cons of my Nissan Altima.

Love the push start, seats are comfortable and roomy, there has been a recall on the airbag sensors for the passenger seat, manufacturer skipped clear coat paint job so the paint is fading from the front bumper all the way over the top and down to the truck lid, trunk is very spacious and holds a lot.

- Angela C

Reliable, durable, comfortable are easily the most prominent.

We have no complaints about our car at all. It has been reliable and very low maintenance. We have had some repairs, but those are expected. Shocks and brakes, hoses, etc. With the condition of Tucson's road, and the extreme heat we endure here no surprise. Planning on buying another Nissan next year.

- Cheryl T

It is an extremely reliable vehicle, and it's great for people who don't have time or aren't able to fix cars.

It's so reliable. I'm almost at 200,000 miles and the only money I've put into it is for basic repairs and maintenance. It's a great car for someone who's not a car person. My only complaint is that it idles loudly. Other than that, it's fantastic. This is actually the second Nissan Altima I've owned.

- Kathleen H

Ins and outs of Nissan Altima.

My 2007 Nissan Altima has lots of legroom in the back and front. The cloth seats are comfy and do not get too hot during the summer. This model and make has had transmission problems and needed a new transmission. It also has had a/c issues. Overall this car drives smoothly and is a great first car!

- Taylor H

An interesting detail about my car is the Bose surround system in my car.

Heated leather seats, very reliable vehicle. Awesome sound system. Power seats, power steering, abs system, drives comfortable, easy to maintain, decent horsepower for the make of the car, had to replace my transmission. Power windows, I can change volume and answer phone calls from steering wheel.

- Theodore H

My great and wonderful Altima that will not fail on you!

My nissan Altima is a very roomy and comfortable car to drive in. The features are a CD radio player with aux port. Power windows. A bunch of other neat stuff. . Quite a few performance issues. I've replaced the alternator. The battery also provides a few issues as well. The reliability is great!

- Benjamin H

My vehicle is burgundy but its sits low. With tint on all four windows.

It functions, as in it runs quite well. I haven't had any major problems with the car besides the gas hand being broken and my front lining being sort of crooked. But that can be fixed. The comfort of the car is "ok", not the best. But it gets me where I have to go whether its point A to point B.

- Brittany A

Enjoying my Nissan Altima.

Car sits too low and different size cup holders. The car gas nice mileage, holds value over the years. Cost of upkeep has been very low. I take this car on long distance trips and never had a breakdown. I enjoy having XM radio that allows me to listen to a variety of channels and genre of music.

- Kevin J

Good energy efficient affordable vehicle.

I love my Nissan Altima as it rides very smooth and hugs the road especially on the highway. It is very reliable and energy efficient and I would purchase another one when mine dies. I also feel safe riding in it every day and would also encourage other people to purchase one with no regrets!

- Susan A

Smooth ride. Great on gas and a 4 cylinder.

Great on gas rides very smooth. Because it rides so smooth you have to slow down cause you will get tickets. I have air bags all around the car front and sides. The speaker are amazing. Little maintenance needed. It doesn't take spark plugs and wire. It take spark plugs but not the wires.

- Danielle S

You rarely have problems with Nissan's and this car is no exception.

The car is a pleasure to drive. The comfort of riding in it and the handling is great. Compared to my previous car it gets better mileage in City and highway driving. The only issue is this model year does not have automatic door locks when you shift from park like model newer than it.

- Vernon T

The engine life is amazing.

The engine life is amazing on Nissan Altima's. They have been know to get you to 300, 000 miles on it. The gas mileage is pretty nice too. I get 17. 9 gallons of gas. If you take care of your car and you get your normal maintenance these cars will show you the strength that they have.

- Crystal F

My vehicle is not the most reliable but it has not gave up on me.

The transmission in my car is not very reliable and will probably need to be replaced soon. I have many friends with the same problem who own Altimas. Other than that it gets me from point a to point b and it is a good car. It is very comfortable and a great car for college students.

- Haley M

It is no longer in production.

My vehicle is a Pontiac g5, 2007, and I have never had any problem whatsoever with this car other than change the oil and change the tires. It has been the best car I have ever owned. I have always owned Pontiacs in the past as well and I hate the fact that they are no longer built.

- Cynthia E

Altima has been a great car. It is the perfect size.

I don't really have any problems with Altima. It has done well throughout the course of my time with it, and while it has had some normal issues such as battery life and tires, there has been nothing too large that we couldn't fix ourselves or easy get fixed by someone else.

- Chelsea C

2007 Nissan Altima 2. 5 sedan.

Had too many problems under the hood. Radiator keeps breaking and breaks go bad and burns through tires quick. Very bad on gas and the headlights are sure dim. Parts are not very expensive though so that is a plus. Has a good sound system in it. Drives smooth and nice.

- Dylan P

Reliable safe comfortable car.

My vehicle has had no mechanical problems. It is spacious and comfortable. When driving you do not have any large blind spots so that makes it safer. It has standard features such has ac, CD player, automatic windows. It also has decent miles per gallon for a larger sedan.

- Ashton K

Great car! Would recommend to a lot of people!!

Very comfy. Very reliable and great with gas mileage. Has lots of room. No problems so far. Great for a daily driver, family, or travel. Great speakers too so if you love music it is great. I love my car. Everyone loves my car too. Features like the turbo and the speakers.

- Ashley C

Comfort and style: Nissan Altima.

It is spacious, reliable, speedy. I have had problems with the motor in the automatic windows. My passenger side window will get stuck if it goes all the way down sometimes. I have a moonroof and I love it! Haven't had any problems with leakage from it so that is great!

- Gina S

Nice enough but not what I really wanted.

I do not like the size. I would be happier with an SUV. The dash is cracking and sticky. I think this should have been a recall thing. Had to replace the belt that runs the whole car. I think that was an engineering fail also. One belt shouldn't stop the whole car.

- Gayle J

The Nissan provides a very smooth drive, but the acceleration is just as smooth.

I really love this car because it has been so reliable for many years. The radio system is great and easy to use controls. This car is leveled closer to the ground so it is very easy to get in and out. The Nissan also drives very smooth and has good acceleration.

- Emilie D

Nissan Altima: my favorite car yet.

It drives very smooth. I like the look of the vehicle. The headlights are neat, and provide great visibility. The alert system is helpful, but does not provide low tire pressure warnings. Auxiliary plug in is available. No performance issues to date. Deep trunk.

- Joy F

My dependable and stylish Altima.

My Altima is dependable, reliable and aa quality product. It is stylish, sporty with an attractive and comfortable interior. It provides peppy performance while delivering good gas mileage. It is a great car and it is my second Altima, and I would buy one again.

- Ray D

2007 Nissan Altima, a really reliable car.

The Nissan Altima I own is very comfortable & runs smoothly, the performance is rather impeccable and no problems yet. I highly recommend getting a Nissan Altima. It is features include a rear camera and smooth driving technology. The reliability is pretty good.

- Nicky N

Reliable and still looks new!

Great car in its class. Very reliable. Hate to jinx it but have not yet had any major mechanical problem. I like the fact that the vehicle look does not change greatly from year to year. This car is over ten years old and still looks similar to the latest model.

- Norm L

extensions on the sun visors are an awesome accessory!

Good mileage, comfortable, very reliable, has the features I need, good sound system, My only complaint is that it is already 11 years old and eventually it will die. I feel very safe in this car. I hope it is at least 5 more years before I have to replace it

- Claire w

Its reliable and comfortable.

My car has been reliable since the day we bought it. There hasn't been any major problems. Seats are comfortable It's very easy to drive and handles great. I love it. It's also an attractive sporty looking car for being a four door. The trunk has lots of room.

- Jennifer K

Reliable and haven't had issues!

Very small compact car great for a first starter car! I haven't had any problems with it yet. Had it for three years now. The trunk has a lot of space. Definitely a reliable car. I live in Minnesota which gets cold and has a lot of snow and does great in snow.

- Lupe Z

My Nissan Altima is very reliable.

My Altima has been very reliable and has held up for long drives and harsh weather, even though it is over 10 years old. I have never worried about my car breaking down on my long 500+ mile drives. My car also has a smooth drive and has a great turn-radius.

- Michaela B

Altima is reliable but it is not much to look at.

The engine is kind of loud and I feel like it is falling apart sometimes. It is pretty reliable and easy to drive. I like the size. It fits my family. The paint is fading rapidly and I am not sure why. It is not much to look at but it gets the job done.

- Sara A

Great family car for everyone.

Love vehicle, great family car. Really safe and super reliable love vehicle, great family car. Really safe and super reliable love vehicle, great family car. Really safe and super reliable love vehicle, great family car. Really safe and super reliable.

- Madison N

The fast, reliable Nissan.

This car is very reliable due to its small size. While it does appear small, there I a lot of room, able to seat five people in the vehicle. Every drive feels smooth and effortless with this car. It is very affordable and does not have many problems.

- Tatiana A

A very useful and essential feature

Overall it is a very nice car. My car a lot of really neat features that many of the new cars have. For example it has keyless entry and push to start. So as long as the key is in your pocket you do not have to take it out to operate the vehicle

- Kelvin G

Altima: a great ride with great gas mileage.

The Altima is a great, reliable car. It is comfortable to drive and to ride in. It is somewhat low, so if you have mobility issues, it might be hard to get in and out of. It rubs really smoothly and quietly and gets good gas mileage for a sedan.

- Rebecca L

Reliable comfortable spacious car.

I have bought my car pre owned 2 years ago. I have had zero problems with it. Runs great. It is quiet and smooth. It is spacious and the seats are comfortable. The features are standard with most vehicles radio, CD player, and automatic windows.

- Ashton K

All around smooth, comfortable car with great features and reliability

I just recently got my 2007 Nissan Altima & I love it. It drives very smooth, it has great gas mileage, has all the bells & whistles, overall very comfortable and good looking car. I will definitely purchase another Nissan in the future

- Michelle T

It drives great and lasts a long time. The hybrid functionality really results in fine mileage of mid thirties.

Love that it is a hybrid and gets great mileage. Love the Bluetooth and Sirius satellite radio. It has lasted many years (knock wood) and I hope to keep it for several more. Th err service provided by nissan has been superb.

- Barry L

It been very reliable. I have not had any major issues to have to get fixed. The normal wear and tear has been the only things I have had to get fixed/replaced. I bought the car brand new and it been worth the money.

I like that it has a smooth ride and great gas mileage. It comfortable and fit my family well. Since it is a older model the only thing I don't like it doesn't come with a built on GPS and backup camera for my husband.

- Stacey M

When it comes to the winter time, I love the fact that my seats heat up.

Well, it is a great car. Except when it comes to do it yourself repairs. it is quite hard, due to the fact that everything is compressed to the passenger side of the vehicle. Other then that, I'd say it is a great car.

- Mo F

Cute car but do your research as some have transmission issues.

We have had a lot of transmission problems. After doing some research we found that the '07-'08's are notorious for transmission issues. Disappointing. I don't want to have to be a detective when I purchase a vehicle.

- Jodi C

The safety rating of the vehicle in crash test ratings

I like the drive of the vehicle it is nice and smooth, the steering is great and the seats are comfortable. I dislike that my vehicle is older and doesn't have some of the options in it if newer vehicles like gps etc

- Nicole L

Reliable vehicle that alerts you when there is an issue that needs attention.

I have owned Nissan previously and will buy Nissan in the future if needed. Gas mileage is good, performance, and reliability are also satisfactory. With normal maintenance and care Nissan has given me good service.

- Cathy H

The car is really easy to keep up with, and does not take much to maintain.

This car is very updated even though it was made a long time ago. It seems like a newer car despite being older. It has over 100, 000 miles on it and I still haven't had any major issues, it is a very reliable car.

- Madeline G

It runs great, has a tank that can hold over 14 gallons and i usually get 500 miles from that

It has over 150k miles, runs very good, has some engine issues where if i get to 1500 RPM it makes this weird noise, and the audio adaptor for a phone doesn't work, also the radio doesn't always turn on, but plays

- Krystian T

The car has been very reliable in the past 4 years of owning it. We even bought it used and it has served its purpose very well.

I love the round look of the car. I love the push button start and unlocking that way I don't have to fish my keys out of my bag every time to open it/start it. I also love how spacious it is for a small car.

- Elena R

The mid sized dependable car for the money. Great mileage, Seats at least 5,

Great value, good mileage. Generally dependable. Problems with electrical systems, various warning lights come on when there are no problems. Also, new brakes needed when mileage doesn't seem to warrant it.

- Sh L

Easy to maintain and affordable.

It have pound sound and air conditioning problem. Either it gets too hot or too cold. The speaker quality is also bad. I like that these cars are affordable and easy to maintain if something goes bad.

- Sonia A

Well built, dependable handles well and it is an attractive car.

I like the dependability in performance, the size, the features, the look of it. I like the low cost maintenance and the way it handles on the road. The way it accelerates when you need extra speed.

- Patrice L

It has a BOSE stereo system set up, and an aux cord plug so you can play your music whenever

My upgrade to my Altima had 100000 miles less than my previous car. It also has better gas mileage. Although it's not the greatest in the winter with its front wheel drive, I still like my Altima.

- Sawyer L

Fuel efficient Very reliable

I absolutely loved it at first. It was sporty Looking, enough room, fast, and Got great gas mileage.The only part I did not like was it is super low to the ground. So I am always bottoming out.

- Heidi C

It is comfortable to drive and gets good gas mileage.

It's reliable and it gets good gas mileage. It can fit all 3 of my adult sized children in the backseat. I sometimes have a hard time getting out of the car because it is lower to the ground.

- Maureen V

Do research before you buy.

I love how easy and smooth it is to drive. It's great for all the driving I currently need to do. I have had some complications with getting tires and other parts replaced, but I still love it.

- Mia S

It lasts for a long time with no problems.

I love how smooth it drives and it has great gas mileage. I have never had any problems ugh it breaking down or things going wrong. The brakes are a little bit touchy, but they work well!

- Anna A

It is a push to start vehicle.

This vehicle is one of the best. It is a push to start car. It has a very nice drive and is really good on gas. It is kind of big on the inside but it is very spacious for more guest.

- Kennedy D

The heated seats help my back I have failed back syndrome.

I really love my car. It rides good and love the heated seats especially the lumbar I have a lot of back problems and it helps I haven't had any problems with it since I have had it.

- Tina H

It's extremely dependable. No major repairs in 10 years.

Car has great styling. Comfortable driving position. Extremely dependable. No major repairs in 10 years. I would have liked to have a more powerful engine and a better sound system

- Raymond D

It has lasted me for over 10 years. I would buy another one.

It is a basic car, but it has been durable with decent gas mileage. The only thing I don't like is Nissan brakes. They start squealing very quickly and need to be repaired often.

- Monti M

It has a lot of get up and go When I press the gas I don't have to worry about any delays

I actually like everything about the car. My only dislikes come from its age and wear and tear. It runs good. Has really cold AC. I get pretty good gas mileage and it very roomy.

- Christine B

Very comfortable and easy to drive

Very good car. Has a lot of space i love this car because its really smooth to drive. Having this car is a really good idea because it's the perfect size and it can fit anywhere

- Isabel L

It is a good quality car that will last for miles with regular maintenance.

It's been a great car lasting me 11 years now and hasn't had any problems with it mechanically. There are a few cosmetic things I wish were fixed but again it's 11 years old.

- Stephanie G

It is difficult to park because of it is length.

My vehicle runs great and is very good on gas. It is very comfortable a really smooth ride. Things I dislike of my vehicle is the leather seats I wish they weren't leather.

- Rafael A

My car is silver with fogged headlights.

I have not had to change anything on my car for the past two years except the ac compressor. I have to have front brakes, new tires, ac leak, and I need a new engine mount.

- Christina I

That this car is fully loaded and it sales for a great price.

It is a standard and I love it. It is fully loaded and it has a sunroof. The only thing I do not like about it is that the color is grey but for the price it was worth it.

- Sandy W

It has relatively high mileage. There are some cracks in dash caused by heat.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is economical to drive because of gas mileage. Never had anything go wrong. The only thing we have replaced are tires and battery.

- Robert B

My car has 8 airbags, and is incredibly fuel efficient.

I love how fuel efficient my car is. I also love the amount of air bags that my car has. So not only will it protect the front riders, but the back riders as well.

- Sarah S

2007 Nissan Altima Thoughts

It's a very good first car. Dependable, great mileage, nice size but still compact. It's had some trouble, but more from operator malfunction than the car itself.


Nissan Altima 2007 - great family car with years of road experiences ahead!

Great family sedan with roomy interior and spacious trunk space. Great on mileage. Shocks wear down after many years of reliable use that body lowers noticeably.

- May S

have had 10+ years of ownership

getting up there in age, with about 150000 miles on it. has been very reliable up till this time. only had a few minor repairs completed and still running well.

- mark l

it has a Haitian flag on it to differentiate it from other cars that are similar.

I like the outside color of my car since it is black. The tinted windows allow for privacy. The seats are comfortable and it is spacious enough for 5-6 people.

- Ines C

it has a start button to press for it to turn on or off

I don't have any problems with my car it takes me where I need to go from A to B the only problem I would say is the tires that probably need to be replaced

- Nashaly L

Others should know that my car is very reliable.

I love that my vehicle hasn't failed me. The car has lasted more than it should have. I love the make and would purchase a newer model from the same brand.

- melissa M

Everything I could every ask for in a car.

This car is wonderful! It has everything I could ask for in a car including leather seats, seat warmers, sunroof, a modern radio, and even a backup camera.

- Malory H

That it is very dependable car.

Good riding vehicle, great gas mileage, stylist looking too, good priced & has a high resale value too. Parts are very reasonable to buy for maintenance.

- Jamie C

The one thing that people should know about my car is that it is very safe.

I like the way the car drives and it has a great stereo system. It is very good on gas. The only thing I honestly do not like about the car is the color!

- Gina F

My car is reliable and sturdy.

I love the nice features, such as back up camera, leather seats, seat warmer, satellite radio, I don't like the Dents and damage that I have done to it.

- Alyssa L

That It's an older car 2007, have had it since 2011 and rain wonderful.

Runs well, comfortable ride, some problems with drive shaft, had it replaced. Also gear shift went out but had that fixed and now it runs wonderfully.

- Vanessa B

The 2096 2. 5 Nissan Altima is good on gas. .

Over all good car but I had an accident and the front door will not open and people have to sit in that is why I hate it also the ac does not work. .

- Carrie F

Nissans are very reliable cars

My Nissan is a perfect size. Whether you're driving to work or going on a road trip. It's really good on mileage. Parts for it are also easy to find.

- Jeniffer R

It's reliable and trustworthy. Have had it for many years and it's still holding up well.

It's reliable but not big enough for my needs. Mileage isn't very good. I'm sure there have been a lot of upgrades in vehicles since I purchased it.

- Clarice G

It's the second time I've owned a Nissan and I would buy another.

This is the second Nissan I have owned. I love this brand. I find it to be reliable, stylish, and responsive. I really don't have any complaints.

- Amy M

Its reliable, drives smoothly after 10 years and great on gas mileage.

I had my car over 10 years plus I keep up with up keep. And honestly never give me problems. I love Nissan and will continue buy Nissan vehicles.

- Melinda T

Very fit to my family. . Easy to handle or to drive.

This car is medium type of car and standard. It performance so smooth love driving and very easy to have the maintenance check regularly as well.

- Rs R

The Altima is a very safe car and is very reliable.

Very comfortable. Great engine. Easy to drive. Steering is very smooth and it has a push to start which is nice. The air conditioning is amazing.

- Sabrina J

It is a big enough car for a family.

I like this car because it save to drive. It is big enough for my family. The only thing I dislike is the frame is easy to damage in a accident.

- Jackie J

Its reliability over the years.

It is a fully loaded vehicle with all the bells and whistles. It has never given me a problem and has always been very reliable. I love my car.

- Mary B

I like to keep it as clean as possible.

I like that my car is keyless entry and push to start. It is also pretty good on gas. I do not like it is high mileage which leads to problems.

- Zachary S

To always maintain the car.

What I like about my car is the performance. I dislike the interior which is the carpet color. I can't complain the car has been working fine.

- Susan M

How it has held up through the years.

I like the style and how it handles. The car has also held up well through the years. I wish I didn't sit so low compared to other vehicles.

- Sean M

it is a great car and has done a lot of great things. But i just wish it didn't have the big maintenance things

I like the car. But it seems to have a lot of maintenance. The windshield seems to have a fog that I can not get rid of no matter what I do.

- Connie W

The 2007 Nissan Altima, love it.

My engine did need to be replaced in 2017, however I am not the easiest driver on it. I love the transmission and the sleekness of the ride.

- Trevor S

Good car must test drive and you will feel the same way

I love my car bought it used had to put transmission gas not had any trouble with it so far this is a great car will tell any to buy

- Anthony J

To me it is one of a kind but do not get a v6.

Mpg in town my gas mileage is only = 20 mpg.. On highways I get around about 30mpg... Braking. I lose traction front wheels on damp roads..

- Hawk C

The rear window visibility is awful. Tinted and is angled badly.

Good reliable car. Average on gas. Biggest negatives are that it sits really low to the ground and the rear window visibility is terrible.

- Patrick P

The efficient make of the car.

I like the look of the Altima. It runs very smooth. I do not like that with it being silver you can see every scratch and mark on the car.

- John M

It's reliable and it's easy to use. It meets our needs.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it fits my family. I don't like that it's old. I don't like that it needs some repairs.

- Sara A

It's a great car for getting around town and going on the road.

It gets good gas mileage, but is large enough for what I need. I also like the CVT. And the sound system is good. It's easy to handle.

- Rod K

The sound system is the best no need for added sound systems.

My Nissan Altima I've had it for almost 2 years now and no mechanical problems until recently but no big deal just maintenance needed.

- J L

It is. Push to start.. U cannot lock your keys inside.. Gas saver.

Stylish, easy to handle, light maintenance. Very popular car yet not named in the top 3. Reliable. Can get a lot of miles out of it.

- Michelle A

The stock stereo system is Bose Audio system.

The leather bucket seats are great fit to the shape of the body and provides great comfort. The vehicle also gets great gas mileage.

- Adrian Q

It's a solid car that's still in pretty good shape for being 11 years old. Very realizable.

It's still in nice condition but getting old. Several things have had to be replaced multiple times along with normal wear and tear.

- Abby H

A quality car with gas mileage that saves time and money.

The best thing about my car is the gas mileage, which is about 28/31 mpg. I only really have to get gas once every couple of months.

- Alison F

A/C is not working properly.

The car runs well. Does not leak oil or any other fluids. Right now the A/C is giving problems, but other than that, no complaints.

- Barbara C

The air conditioning is not so great.

I do not like they it is a four door and looks like a boring car. I like that it is reliable. I also like the color which is black.

- Natalie B

2007 Nissan Altima Gray Sedan

Although it is an older model car when I received my vehicle, it has been quite reliable once I had all routine maintenance on it.

- Tommy H

It's a small vehicle but has a lot of room inside. It does not feel small when driving, it is very comfortable

Just recently purchased this vehicle. It is great so far. includes features such as keyless entry and sunroof. Great economy car!

- tara o

My car is ok not great it is no Lamborghini.

Black has a exhaust leak new tires heated seat leather interior of rims has over one hundred miles on it bought it two years ago.

- Travis N

It is durable. I have had it for a long time.

The car is comfortable and fun to drive. The seats are leather and the car is fast. The car has nice sleek lines and is sporty.

- Dan B

It's reliable with good gas mileage.

I love the fuel economy with this vehicle. It's the perfect size for my family and I have never had mechanical issues with it.

- Vicki K

Nissan Altima 2007 good family car.

The Nissan Altima is a great car, with a lot of room and is fast for a luxury car. It handles very well in the rain and snow.

- Joe S

My Nissan Altima is amazing.

This car is reliable. It is good on gas. It has plenty of room and is very comfortable. I w9uld highly recommend to anyone.

- Brittany H

The cloth material of the seat is particularly comfortable.

I am particularly please with how well my car does in terms of the fact it runs smoothly because of the cut transmission.

- Allie F

It's very dependable car. .

Good gas mileage and smooth ride. I don't have any complaints. I'm very pleased with the overall performance of the car.

- Thomas P

2007 Nissan Altima with 100, 000 miles.

I love my car, it runs great, regardless of the 100, 00 miles it has its great, have had minor issues but overall great!

- Diana T

It seems to handle very well. Have a very quick response time.

It has no real major problems. I does seem to be a little tight.It could also have a better design for the cup holders.

- Basil L

The brakes are terrible and there may be spiders living in the car also.

I love the car because it is fully loaded and beautiful. I do not like it because it has a couple things wrong with it.

- Alison P

Nissan Altima transmission problems

For the most part it's an amazing car there's a lot of transmission problems and the car doesn't want to get up and go

- Jalyssa R

That it is a common car, so most mechanics should know what’s wrong.

I like the way it drives. And I also like that it is ok on gas. I do not like how it has problems often with sensors.

- Leticia C

It is very easy to handle also very safe.

I love Nissan cars. I love the body style. I love the quality. My car is great on gas I dislike the smallness of car.

- Candace P

Its beautiful to drive even in bad weather conditions.

Was not my purchase, got car after grandmother upgraded. It is a little too long for me. It is just not my favorite.

- Sarah M

It is very safe and comfortable for new drivers.

Love the safety and speed, very comfortable. I have had no issues so far and the interior and exterior is beautiful.

- Gary H

Always gets compliments. Car has lasted me a long time.

Headlights go out a lot, great gas mileage. Nice interior and exterior. Lots of space in the trunk. Nice handling.

- Alexandra S

It is a good color and i like the color

Car is fine gets me where i need to go and it helps me get back and forth to class but eats gas a little too fast

- Michael C

It is very sleek and snappy.

I love my Nissan, it is worked great for the 3 years that I have had it. Never had any super huge issues with it.

- Nicole M

The car I have has been on the road a lot and result it is high mileage.

I like that it is still running even though it is high mileage. It has great ac and radio. It is too low though.

- Ashley R

It's dependable. We have had it for 6 years and it is still running well

I like the size of it because I feel safe. I dislike the gas mileage because it's a little low for a hwy vehicle

- Nick D

Great for the city amazing vehicle for an amazing price.

Amazing. Easy to drive. Mileage is amazing. Good in the city. Easy to drive in the snow. Super easy to maintain.

- Shri C

I love that it is push to start.

It runs great and has decent acceleration. It is super comfortable to drive and I love that it is push to start.

- Braylin R

It is very reliable. Good on gas and in miles.

I have no problems with my car. I like my car. My car is comfortable to drive. I do not have any extra features.

- Caitlin M

my is great to travel and good on gas

great car very reliable source good on gas no problem so far it great of traveling I travel so much in this car

- Destiny P

My Nissan Altima is amazing.

I love my car, it's a smooth ride. My nose speakers are amazing. I clean it very regularly, I'm OCD about that.

- Justin M

It's a sedan. Good for summer drive. Trips are fine as long as it's short

Its comfortable to drive. Just a bit tricky to ride in snow. Good for regular use, not suitable for long trip

- Sahana U

The most important thing is to know that my car races it's me and my personality

I like that it has a lot of space. I like that it has four doors. I like the gas mileage on it. Like the color

- Chanda G

My vehicle would be great for a family of four

My car is reliable and a comfortable ride I have not had any issues with it other than my regular maintenance

- Rae S

Nissan Altima, first impression.

The interior is comfortable, the fuel capacity is decent, the car is easy to steer and drives very quietly.

- Lexie R

2007 Nissan Altima. Great vehicle!

Only problem I have after several year is the alternator, beside that, drives great and does well on gas!

- Run B

I really like how comfortable it is inside of the car. I dislike that i had to just replace the a/c.

It squeaks a little when you push on the brake so, I wouldn't want anyone to get nervous when driving it.

- Jodie D

It gets great gas mileage.

It has good gas mileage. It has great features. It is inconspicuous. No I do not have any complaints.

- Jake H

Altimas don't age very well

It has aged very ungracefully, the paint on all altimas I've seen seems to chip on every single one.

- Nathan K

My Nissan Altima is eleven years old and still runs like new.

I love my Nissan Altima because it is a very dependable form of transportation and very good on gas!

- Darin A

No Bluetooth: my vehicle that drive but not much else

It is pretty decent but doesn't have bluetooth and the sensors are broken for the tire pressure, etc

- Madeline R

it doesn't last as long as I thought it would

there has been a lot of problems under the hood. so it isn't the best car for a long period of time

- morgan S

It has a great air conditioning drives very smooth wonderful on gas I would tell anyone to drive this car

Smooth ride recommend you to buy great gas mileage love the features such as air radio is awesome

- Branby S

It's very dependable. I haven't had any major issues since I bought it in 2007.

It's reliable and hasn't given me any major problems. I dislike the paint has chipped very bad.

- Letrise W

That it is a very comfortable car. Has a quiet ride and very affordable.

It has a smooth ride, quiet engine. Currently has an oil leak and recall but overall very good

- Gerald H

Good trade in value, and provides a comfortable ride. Has extra safety features.

Nissan is a dependable brand. Gets good gas mileage. Has a comfortable ride. Has nice styling.

- Marvin K

It does not have many maintenance problems. It is reliable.

Good gas mileage. Safety bag features. Nice stereo system. Needs to display tire pressures

- Candace G

I like my Nissan because it has nice style.it is easy to operate and gives a smooth ride. my only complaint is that it lower to ground than I would like.

it hasn't needed any work done to it. as long as it is maintained properly it is a good car.

- kathy h

My vehicle gets great gas mileage and is very dependable. The only thing I would change is to make it a little bigger since I do have a small child.

Dependable & great gas mileage. I have almost 200,000 miles and haven't had a major issue.

- Rachel C

My Nissan Altima drives very smooth and has great turning radius.

I really like the sleek look. I also like how smooth it drives. It gets good gas mileage.

- Jordan Y

reliable automobile inexpensive to operate still stylish

reliable automobile relatively inexpensive to operate Good performance reasonably priced

- jim k

It's a very great looking car both outside and inside. The vehicle is nicely priced and is very reliable. However, it's not very great on gas compared to a hybrid vehicle.

It is very comfortable and nice inside with leather seats, electric windows, cold a/c.

- Matthew R

It's quality made. It is durable and reliable. I love it.

I love Nissan. They are so dependable and reliable. I am going to purchase another.

- Jennifer W

It has good gas mileage. I only fill up once a month.

I like my altima because it drive nice. Gas mileage is good. I would buy another.

- Susan I

Love it is so easy to use. Especially the push start button system.

it is economical. love the leather seats great in gas. wish it was a bit bigger.

- Aymee B

I enjoy my car. It has a spacious trunk and backseat. It's comfortable and a good car.

The car is a very Spacious sedan, people should know its bigger than you'd expect.

- Alison E

It's comfortable, smooth and robust

Like the color and the V6 engine provide strong force. Very smooth for handling

- Jane Y

It's old but still runs ok for the number of miles that it has.

My car has a lot of miles on it. It has not held up as well as I had hoped.

- Edward F

It has backup camera, leather seats, sunroof, navigation System.

I like the back up camera and navigation system. Also, I like the sun roof.

- Jalynn R

It is super reliable and comfortable. I feel very in control while driving. I also like the no key start.

It is reliable. It does decent on gas and I have yet to have any issues.

- Niki E

its paid for completely safe & reliable

reliable stylish fun to drive handles well comfortable no complaints

- chris s

my car gets me from A to Z so i have no complaints.

my car is great.my car gets me from a to z and i have no complaints.

- richard G

Smooth comfortable ride , great acceleration

No complaints at all, the car is 11 years old, but is running great

- John s

It gets great gas mileage both highway and in town

I like the excellent gas mileage but it is very low to the ground

- jackie w

Durable and runs very well. It is very reliable and good on gas.

I love my car. It runs so well and still had so many miles on it

- Hotdog B

I purchased my car used and it had very high mileage already. It needs a lot of work. I would not have purchased it if I knew it would start to fall apart after driving it off the lot.

Don't worry about my car. It's my car and none of your concern.

- Zeonie H

I like my vehicle because it doesn't cost a lot to fill it and it has a very smooth ride. The interior is soft and there's just enough space for me. The only con is that it's 10 years old and it had a lot of problems.

It's over ten years old and the parts are starting to fail.

- Jada D

How nice it looks and how fast it can go. One more than is how it can hold a lot of people

The color of the car is nice and the mileage is good too

- Andy W

Performs well with little maintenance required.

No complaints. Never had any issues or problems.

- Mike P

Has 197,000 miles and has been reliable

Ride is too firm. Too much engine noise.

- Brian S