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Custom rims and tinted windows dressed her up!

Overall I'm happy with my car, however there has been a few issues. The CVT transmission had to be replaced which I didn't know was an issue with a range of years on the Altima. The dealership was able to replace it with a new one from Nissan since I bought the service plan, otherwise I would have been out of luck. Next is the sticky injectors. If I don't run injector cleaner in every other tank of gas I lose significant horsepower and it will stutter like it might die...still trying to get to the bottom of that issue. So now for the good! This car offers a smooth ride, and great stock sound system. I like the design and with adding custom rims and tint to the windows it looks a little more sporty even though it's only a 4cyl. Overall, you've got to do your maintenance and parts are not cheap like some other vehicle brands, so plan ahead and you'll have a great car for years to come.

- Chelsea B

Quiet, comfortable, economic

For the most part I really like the car. It's a fairly quiet, comfortable ride, and the fuel economy is pretty good as long as you keep your foot off the pedal. My only complaint so far is the CVT transmission sometimes acts like it's slipping and begins to make a whining sound, especially when going up a hill. There are nearly 150,000 miles on the car and it hasn't needed any major mechanical repairs, so I really can't complain. Also, it seats 4 large adults comfortably with plenty of legroom in the back. The trunk is also quite large. As far as driving, it handles well and has plenty of power when you need it. While the CVT transmission has been an issue for some, it does make for a comfortable driving experience, with no hard shifts or anything of that nature. Overall, I would recommend this car to anybody, it would be a great first car or even a family commuter. 9/10

- Kyle H

A Nissan will last forever.

I like a lot about my Nissan. As far as aesthetics. I like the overall shape. I love the style of factory tail lights. Headlights are fogged up which I don't like. I like that there is plenty of room inside the car & trunk. I bought my Nissan used so there were quite a lot of miles already on it. However Nissan engines are built very well & are known to last a long time. As long as you keep up regular maintenance. When I bought my car there was absolutely no oil in it! So needless to say there was quite a lot of initial upkeep that needed to be done. As of now every part that I've had to buy & have replaced has been fairly cheap compared to my other car. I love the Nissan brand in general and would never hesitate to recommend someone to get one themselves.

- Amanda J

Spacious, soft, but loud if you let it.

The brakes are good but very touchy sometimes and can leave you lurching if you are not careful. There is currently a problem with the exhaust or muffler where it is EXTREMELY loud when starting and acceleration. The inside is spacious and extremely comfortable with a light brown interior that hides dirt well. Super spacious trunk great for long car trips. One of my favorite features is the volume control on the steering wheel. The other audio controls don't really help me that much because I use the aux cord for my music instead of the radio. However, the radio is very cool in the fact that you can have up to 15 different stations saved, which is very nice when my phone isn't available for music at the time.

- Mary L

The Nissan Altima is a perfect car for college aged students.

This vehicle has given me little to no issues. I purchased it used about two years ago and have loved it ever since. It rives perfect and gets great gas mileage. One of my favorite things about the Altima is that it has a lot of extra space both inside the vehicle and in the trunk. It is perfect for a college aged student like myself. The only issue that I have had with it so far is that my catalytic converter needs replaced so my car now burns oil when it runs. I think that this is a common issue with my year of Altima, but I have not yet gotten it fixed. I have been experiencing this issue for the past six months but have just been checking and adding oil more than would normally be necessary.

- Kiley T

Beautiful 2009 Nissan Altima.

After having my Altima for 9 years I never really had problems with it until recently. 4 months ago I got my oil changed but it lead to needing more work done. I just replaced all 4 tire rotors. My power of steering hose has a leak in it but it will be replaced by this weekend. The motor mounts were burnt out on both sides and I already got them replaced. My spark plugs and wires have been changed. Once my power of steering is replaced I will buy new tires and replace my brakes. I really haven't been keeping it up so that is why everything had to be replaced all once. But now I will get it checked frequently because it is a great car and has never let me down in 9 years.

- Kay W

Tire sensor isn't working, my right window doesn't work but it runs great

I really love my Altima now. I did have transmission problems but the warranty fixed it. When driving & the transmission would get hot the car would just stall. The gas pedal wouldn't work. I had to pull my car over, turn it off & let it sit for about 20 minutes & then it would drive ok. I also got stuck one time with the steering wheel completely locking on me. I had to get it towed to Nissan. I had to pay about $700 but I did call Corporate to see if they would help with me & they paid me half. Years later a recall was sent out for that problem & I got reimbursed entirely. Other than those two major problems my Nissan is a good car.

- Kathy S

Incredibly pleased with incredible price.

My vehicle drives smoothly. The maintenance is never that expansive, and I have never had any major problems or repairs that were necessary aside from the usual maintenance, such as tires, rotations, and oil changes. I find this vehicle comfortable to drive for long vacations. The backseat and trunk are roomy. The sound system sounds great in the car, it is loud but has no rattling in the speakers ever. There are lots of great little gadgets that help me to save gas and keep track of how I am doing on mileage and reminds me when my car needs maintenance. It is a great car that I plan to drive until it just about falls apart.

- Kate B

Miss Nissan - leather seats/sunroof.

I love my Nissan! I have had it since I believe 2014. In the next 2-3 months I will own it! Finally! It is truly reliable and has taken me all over the world. What I love the most is the interior, black leather seats, sunroof and the space! Bluetooth capability for phone calls, I wish it was Bluetooth cable for music but it is not. I use the AUX input. Let’s me know when my car needs maintenance. Recently I had to get a new transmission the one I had was going bad:( but we are back rolling! Exterior is just fine minus a few scratches! I have custom rims as well. I love my car!

- L J

Amazing long lasting car for a great ride.

This car has been pretty reliable with two exceptions: first, at about 100,000 miles a hole melted in my exhaust manifold causing the car to make a lot of racket. I ignored it until exhaust burned through an o2 sensor too (According to the dealership) and both had to be replaced. Second, and most importantly, the transmission tends to overheat after an hour or so of driving at highway speed, and when that happens the car goes into a fail-safe mode where it will no longer accelerate quickly or drive above about 50 mph regardless of how fast the engine is running.

- Sammy A

An excellent vehicle with comfort, reliability, safety, and style.

My Nissan Altima is 10 years old now and it has served me well. I have not had any major issues with it over these past years. There are some issues now- I believe it may be transmission fluid or oil. It makes weird noises occasionally. I also noticed some liquid that comes out from below the car. However, this car has been great on gas and mileage. Excellent for long trips. It is comfortable and roomy. The trunk is very spacious as well. I like the features and storage spaces. Although I am ready for a new car now, this Altima has been an excellent car for me.

- Elizabeth M

Durable and reliable car that is great as a family vehicle.

Overall ride of the vehicle drives nicely. The vehicle is great in gas, especially highway mileage. Problems with vehicle started when the car hit the 100,000 mileage mark. Needed coil pack replaced, needed new engine mounts, and also needed the gasket replaced as well. Needed a new transmission at 90,000 but was covered under warranty due to a recall on the transmission. Also the steering console went out at about 40,000 but that was due to a recall as well. Car drives comfortable and the interior has held up very well. Comfortably seats 5 including driver.

- Caitlin C

Large trunk and roomy for a small car!

Our car used to randomly not start. It is a push start and it was not reliable for about a year, but we figured out the problem and since it has been good. It gets good mileage and we drive far to see family so that is important. It is roomy, with a big trunk for a small car, which is important since we've got a kid and need big strollers and stuff to fit in the trunk. It is also comfortable for adults to sit in the back seat and is fully loaded so I love the leather seats! The air conditioning has also been great and is powerful and cools the car down fast.

- Hannah H

The interesting detail is that it is an old car with little maintenance.

The problems is the breaks. The breaks go out too fast. I also think the older the model gets the harder for the car to accelerate. The performance is not the best because of these issues. The reliability is awesome. For a car that is almost ten years old it is still working with low maintenance. I need a car with as little as possible. It is very comfortable, I am a college student and I do not need a big car. The features can be better, like the radio, and the maintenance lights. These are hard to reset and easy to mess up.

- Chelsea C

I've been sure to maintain all maintenance checks and services to prevent serious vehicles problems.

My issue is mostly with the Nissan Corporation. There were a couple manufacturing defects with my car, the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and the electronic steering wheel column lock (ESCL). Both had extended warranties issued, but Nissan never notified anyone. I was just outside the warranties of each problem when my vehicle needed repairs. I paid almost $900 for the ESCL and was later reimbursed due to a recall, but I paid over $3500 for a remanufactured transmission from Nissan. I will NEVER buy another Nissan.

- Deidre H

My car gets very good gas mileage and has several exceptional safety features for both driver and passengers, front and back.

My vehicle, specifically, has had a few problems since I purchased it used. For instance, it seems to have an oil leak or to be burning oil from somewhere or for some reason. It also was getting rain water inside of the door that I had to drain out manually, but has since went away. As for the manufacturing part of it, the only problem I have had is that the steering column had a recall and it completely locked my car down from starting. That left me stranded waiting for a tow truck, but Nissan fixed it free of charge.

- Dustin D

The overall sound look and performance makes the Nissan Altima a great choice.

The only problem that I have with the Nissan Altima is their transmission being seal. I work on cars and it makes it difficult to measure how oil there is to put in when it becomes low on fluid. The performance is really good on speed handling braking and a great sound system too match. The stylish sound system with Bose electronics and a sunroof with a picture perfect view to watch the stars at night and let your music be heard clear and loudly. The leather seats are a plus too firm but comfortable.

- Ronald A

The keyless entry fob allows easy access without needing my keys in hand.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage, which is wonderful considering I drive about 400 miles per week. My vehicle has really useful features including power windows, and seat as well as a moonroof. My favorite parts about my Nissan Altima are the keyless entry and push to start features. This is very convenient for me and ensures that I never lock my keys in my car. The car is a very spacious sedan which is perfect for long trips with friends. Overall I am very happy with my purchase of this vehicle.

- April M

Nissan 2009 Altima. Over 150,000 miles and absolutely no complaints!

2009 Nissan. I drive it every day to & from work - approx 40 miles roundtrip plus driving for personal (errands, trips, etc.) It has and is still running like a champ! No issues at all. I do ensure regular maintenance such as oil changes. I have not had to take it in for any repairs or issues with transmission, engine, faulty AC or heater. After 150,000 miles, I did take it in for an overall tune-up. All electronics including push-start working... everything runs smooth, no weird noises.

- Teresa P

Having a Nissan Altima hybrid.

The 2009 Nissan Altima hybrid overall is a wonderful vehicle! I work far from home, it is 25+ miles one way. It being such a fuel efficient car I am not having to fill the tank up twice a week, but limits it to about once a week. It is a very quiet car, which is nice. It drives well, fairly quick acceleration. Some problems are the steering lock key is annoyingly needed to change the tires. The car will continue to run once turned one, even without the key fob - learned that the hard way.

- Elizabeth G

2009 Nissan Altima. It is white with beige leather interior. 145,000 miles.

My car is 10 years old and I've never had to make any major repairs. The only issue I've had is with the key fob. The car has 145,000 miles and runs great. Best car I've owned. My Altima has leather interior and a power moonroof and is a really enjoyable comfortable ride. I purchased the Altima in Jan of 2013 as a 3-year lease return with around 40,000 miles so I have now put over 100,000 miles on the car in 6 1/2 years. I'm thinking strongly about getting another Altima as my next car.

- Michael L

My 2009 Nissan Altima is a good economical car.

This vehicle has been very dependable and trustworthy. I have had no major issues at all. The gas mileage is good as well. You can drive for days locally and not have to stop for gas. The inside has held up very well and takes little effort to keep it clean. The reminders and alerts for maintenance have kept me on target in keeping up with oil changes. It also has alerts for other important items such as tire pressure as well. The paint has not faded or chipped and still looks like new.

- Erica K

Most reliable vehicle I've had

My Altima has been a great car. The only problem I have had involved a recall, and that was taken care of. It has been very reliable for me, as I have traveled over 100 miles a day for work. This has been a quite comfortable car, as well. I rarely have a problem with having enough passenger room. Having a tall person sit behind another tall person is really the only downside. I love having the push button start, locks, and trunk. I don't have to spend time looking for my keys!!

- Sara G

Luxurious, smooth, great stock stereo, amazing heater/air conditioning.

My Nissan Altima has had my back through being a mom, working road construction, and even just traveling for pleasure. It's a very good reliable car for all my needs as long as the upkeep is well kept on it. (Oil changes, washing and waxing, cleaning inside regularly, etc. I have driven many vehicles in search of something bigger and it's hard to buy something cheaper than my car because my car is amazing. I love the luxuries in life and I definitely love my Nissan Altima.

- Stephanie B

MOM friendly spacious vehicle

When it is really hot, due to the systems to cool the engine it doesn't cool off very well... your engine will overheat and struggle to work properly not shifting properly and reducing the RpmS and limiting it to just 3000 not letting it go over. Other than that it is very reliable, the car is good on gas consumption, this year is and model is a 6 cylinder. It has a lot of get up and go. The car is fun to drive and has loads of space for a mom on the go.

- Elise M

My vehicle is small but gets me from point a to point b with no issues.

My car is a decent car however it is an older car roughly eleven years old. I like that it looks small but feels large on the inside and that it drives smoothly for its age. I do not like that since it is an older male and model car it does not have an aid chord it only has radio and the radio goes in and out and switches on its own depending on where I am driving. I also dislike that it does not have an alarm system unless I have one installed.

- Raven W

Luxury Nissan Altima, black leather.

I've had a few problems where my car will leak oil with no visible source but that stopped after a couple weeks. The interior is beautiful in the 2009 Nissan Altima, it has black leather seats and black plastic interior along with a sunroof which is amazing. There's plenty of space in the back seat and the trunk, so if you lug around lots of stuff it'll almost certainly fit. It's more of a luxury car but its very nice and fairly good to drive.

- Rylee G

It is a very safe car and makes sure you feel safe.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle so far, I love my Nissan Altima. I love the brand Nissan, it's a nice safe smooth running car. Mine has a back up camera which is very helpful, also roomy car but small at the same time. Trunk is quite big too. Can go fast when needed and it gives me updates when I need to get my oil changed or just things looked at. It also tells me my tire pressure and when things are not doing good.

- Tana D

Hardy vehicle with minimal inconsistencies

Craftsmanship behind Nissan has always been a great plus for me. The usual wear and tear of commutes generally doesn't affect my vehicle. It consistently performs at a level of function that makes it hard to argue that it is not a great vehicle. Exceptional with turns and great for going higher speeds on the major highways. Not at all a vehicle in which you'll constantly be worrying whether or not it will fail on you.

- David R

A few issues, but definitely holding up well after a decade of decent use

I initially had an issue with the push-button start going out, and after several years, the tire pressure monitoring sensor is rather off, and the front passenger window leaks and collects water, however, it has been easy to keep the car regularly maintained at mechanics shops. It's roomy without being too big to handle, and I would definitely purchase another same make/model, just a newer year in the future

- Kati K

100,000 miles no problems

This car has been extremely reliable. It's now 10 years old with almost 100,000 miles on it. I'm starting to have small issues, but nothing that would be abnormal for an older car. All small fixable things. It doesn't have any souped up features because it is an older car, but I love the size and style overall. I expect this car to be around for many more years. I would also definitely buy a Nissan again.

- Kara W

I love how it is a keyless car.

Love my car. It is spacious comfortable. Great on long trips. Good on gas. Stylish updated. Smooth riding quiet. Heats up fast in winter and cools off fast in summer. Heated seats for those cold days. Great family car. Very good size trunk. Amazing on highways and back roads. Little to low for speed bumps could be a little higher so the car do not bottom out and ruin the bumper or the belly of the car.

- Sydney K

Nissan Altima is the perfect balance of sporty and practical.

I really enjoy my Nissan! I got it when my mother bought a new car two years ago, and have had very few problems with it. The specific year of my car had a recall on the power-steering lock in 2011, which was fixed instantly by the Nissan dealership. This car is a good mixture of sporty and practical with spacious seating and an amazing sunroof. I would recommend this car to my friends in the future.

- Allison C

Great, Reliable Car! Little to no problems at all!

The only problem I have ever really had with this vehicle is the push start function. For a little while it stopped working. Other than that, this vehicle has been completely reliable and gives me no real problems other than the one I mentioned previously. It drives very smoothly and the seats are very comfortable to sit in. I've owned it for about 5+ years and see me having it a while longer

- Brittany T

Decent car for commuting to and from work when it is a long distance.

This car has good mileage and is a car that is useful when you have a lot of driving to do for work or if you do a lot of driving for your personal use. The trunk has a good amount of space for the size of the car. You need to make sure you keep up on every day maintenance and the car will last. Things on the outside of the car do not hold up well, I had to tape the side of the back bumper.

- J M

It is a push start and keyless entry.

Unfortunately my car's year has had a recall with the steering column which prevents the car from driving and you cannot move it. Another con to this model and year is that the dashboard literally melts and becomes a sticky gross mess-this is not currently a recall. Aside from those issues, it is a wonderful family car and has plenty of space inside the vehicle as well as within the trunk.

- Laura W

Reviewing my 2009 Nissan Altima

With my Nissan Altima, I have and had quite a few issues. First of all, to fill up my tank it costs me roughly 40 to 50 dollars. I did not expect to pay that much for gas when I bought my car. My suspension or shocks are not the best right now, it makes my ride pretty bumpy. I do like how fast my car is. Compared to regular sedans I would say mine accelerates much faster than other sedans.

- Nicole W

Has sunroof, heat warmers, heat/air work very well, aux cord.

Tires terrible in snow. Engine runs smoothly, people thoroughly enjoy Nissans. Has seat warmers, sun roof, aux cord, plenty of cup holders. It's a 4 cylinder, can run it long time on miles wise. Windows sometimes freeze making it hard to roll down in winter. Low to the ground if that's something that concerns you. Leather seats can burn legs in summer but I prefer leather (that's just me).

- Linda T

2009 Nissan Altima somewhat reliable but looks great.

I love it is features such as seat warmers and max ac. It is beautiful and I use it practically every day. However when I first got it there were a few issues I had. First was with the ac, it was not letting out any cold air even though I put Freon in. It took a while to realize there was a leak. Also it once it reaches a little past 75 miles per hour it gets a bit harder to control.

- Yvonne G

The 2009 Nissan Altima is a comfortable and reliable car.

This vehicle has been great in the time that we have had it. With regular maintenance, we have experienced no problems and have found it extremely reliable. The cvt transmission provides a smooth ride, and the car is spacious and comfortable for anybody in it. A few of my favorite features would include the auto lock doors, sunroof, Bluetooth connection to my phone, and seat warmers.

- Kayla A

Keep it well maintained and it will do you well.

It has been a really reliable car and I have had few troubles with it. Although it is old, I don't want to have to buy another car because I do not want to have the payments. I did get it painted a few years ago and over its 9 year run I have put less than 3000 dollars in repairs. I maintain the car and get lube and oil changes, tires and get it washed and waxed on a regular basis.

- Judy K

Sunroof is a plus. It is not a new luxury car, but it is pretty much like one.

This car is reliable. Spacious inside, leather seats and a sunroof. The trunk is very big, has lots of room. It takes about $40-45 to fill up the gas tank. The dashboard of the car also tell you how far you have until you run out of gas. It also has settings and one of its settings lets you set a reminder for when your next oil change is and when that time is close it alerts you.

- Chavez S

2009 Nissan Altima 2. 5 s. The cool kid less guys car.

My 2009 Nissan Altima 2. 5 s coupe has been a pretty reliable car, once it gets up on miles though you may experience some serious transmission issues and slips. But it has decent gas mileage, sporty look, drives very smooth, and has manual option as well. I would recommend buying it with as little miles as possible though, that would be my only regret about purchasing my car!

- Brooke M

Has lasted a long time, durable.

Got my car from my father when I got my license so it was already about 5 years old and it is still running great another 3 years later. I have had very few visits to the mechanic for anything other than maintenance and when I have had issues they have no occurred more than once. Very good durability and very has a very open feel so you can see everything when you are driving.

- Alec V

Nissan Altima: the best car around to drive that keeps on giving!

Excellent fuel economy and comfy seats. Still, it ranks near the back of the midsize car class due to its weak base engine, subpar cabin materials, and aging technology. Ultimately, though, the Altima is not a standout car in this fiercely competitive class. Its lackluster acceleration, drab interior, and merely average predicted reliability rating leave room for improvement.

- Mo F

It gets me from point A to point B! 😊.

Overall it is a pretty decent car. For some reason. I love the idea of having a push to start car lol. It is excellent on gas. The tire pressure lights I have noticed never goes off even after getting brand new tires. Also I know several other people including myself whose tire light never goes off and also needed to replace the catalytic converter and their air compressor.

- Kawana H

Nissan Altima 2009 review.

The Nissan Altima 2009 is a reliable car if you take care of it by keeping up with servicing it. Haven't had critical issues with it, but after a while when you turn the car on it does make a noise. They said it is normal but I do not believe any car should be making any kinds of odd noises. Also since having the car for a long time now, the radio display comes and goes.

- L G

Push button Start is where it is at.

It sits too low to the ground. It does not drive well on bad roads with potholes and snow. I love everything else. My favorite parts are the push button Start and heated seats. It rides very smooth, even though it sits so low to the ground. I have had it for three years and my sister bought it new. It has never given me trouble, and very few things have needed replaced.

- Allison T

Smooth 2009 Nissan Altima.

Overall, I like the way it drives. It took a long time to get used to because it has sensitive breaks and the accelerator is a bit touchy but now it is so easy to drive. I wish it had sunroof, fog lights, automatic a/c, and a mirror on the passenger visor but besides the sunroof and fog lights I can live without those features because I really like the way it handles.

- Alexa F

Cozy car. I have fabric seats and never had an issue with it being too hot/cold.

This was my first car and I've had it for about ten years. Very reliable. Only really had an issue with the coil once. Otherwise it runs just fine. There have been reviews and personal experience of the dashboard melting in the sunlight. So it becomes sticky and hard and expensive to replace, but otherwise I love this car and would definitely recommend it to others.

- Sam V

I'd say it's really a good little car. There are a few problems that seem to come with having an Altima such as the gas tank- not reading properly,the muffler system and a few other little things that come with having a used car. I would recommend buying if the mileage is fairly low the price is right and those few problems are taken care of. There's also a major problem with the floorboards literally deteriorating under your feet. So hopefully that has been rectified before buying the car.

I got a great deal on my Altima I have to say for a used car that had about 93,000miles on it at the time I purchased it. It really is a great car to get you back and forth. Aside from the normal wear and tear parts I've really not had any major issues. It does seem to be expensive on gas but that could also be how high the prices are that could be up for debate.

- Michelle C

Nissan Altima: great family car

It is very reliable and comfortable. It performs very well. The only problem I have ever had with it is the steering lock module, which was recalled and had to be replaced by the Nissan Kiefer Service. My car suddenly stopped turning on one day and it was because of this steering lock module. However, since I got it replaced, I have had no problems ever since.

- Minnie S

It's a great little car! Drives amazing with so many miles on it.

Breaks going out. Love my sunroof! Like the style of my car but a little cramped for a family of 5. Very comfortable to sit in and smooth to drive. Rides well even after 150000 miles. Wish I would have added more options and features like leather seats, better stereo etc. All and all my Altima has been a great vehicle for me and my family for almost 10 years!

- Katie R

My vehicle is a 2009 Nissan Altima. It is a nice vehicle once you get use to.

My vehicle is reliable besides a few instances of the brakes and belt needing to be fixed. I have had some other issues, but now that most parts are new, I haven't had any troubles. It is comfortable for the most part. However, the dashboard seems to be melting whenever the car sits out in the sun. It ends up reflecting on the windshield and leaving a glare.

- Bob S

Mazda 3 smooth running and great on gas.

I purchased my Mazda 3 about 4 months ago and it rides extremely smooth, runs well on gas. It only takes $30 to fill up and I get my money's worth. A full tank will last me a week and three days based on the distance that I travel. The only thing that I would prefer is for it to be a bit more spacious. I just prefer a roomy car. Otherwise, it's a decent car!

- Diamond B

Nissan prove a great reliable car.

This is my first Nissan which I bought from an authorized pre owned dealer. The vehicle was only 2 years old, fully inspected, low mileage, reliable, with many great features, such as keyless entry and start, moonroof, auto front windows, heated front seats, decent performance for a 4 cylinder engine, no major problems, easy to drive and full size trunk.

- Paul A

It is a comfortable ride. The seats are comfortable, and the ride is quiet, and the handling is good

I bought it used recently, and like that although it is a 2009, the body is in very good condition in spite of the winters here in the Midwest. It has had better than average gas mileage so far. The seats are comfortable, and I like the cloth seats instead of leather as they don't get as hot in the sun. Trunk is large, fits a lot of groceries in it.

- Scott C

I really like the way the leather doesn't retain odor. My car always smells new.

This vehicle is super reliable. There haven't been anything to worry about, honestly I drive it anywhere I have to go and it's quiet for the most part. It doesn't hesitate to turn or jerk when I drive. The only maintenance I have had to do is replace the battery but that was to be expected. Other than it smells new it holds its value it looks great.

- Stephanie G

My vehicle is a very clean and reliable comfort roomy clean and maintain car.

It drives smooth its reliable its very clean its a 4 cylinder which means it s good on gas the air conditioning it's very cool the brake are in good standing my vehicle never have problem every 4 month I get it service at the Altima dealership I think buyers should choose a car that is good on gas and something that is affordable on there pockets.

- Krystal D

Very great commuter car !

I really like my car it's great on gas ! Has some cool features like sun roof, automatic doors, front driver seat, and windows. It's a push to start so I don't have to worry about putting the key in the ignition. I will say because it's a later model it does not have a backup camera but car works perfect and perfect for my long commute to work.

- Brittany W

Good not great. Seems to have lots of quirks.

It has had problems with the push start button constantly for years. The windows also have given me problems for years. The engine makes weird noises. I have not been the best about upkeep, and overall it's been a reliable car. But the windows and the push start have been constant issues and there has also been several Recalls on the car.

- Lyndsey P

My Nissan Altima 5 year drive with minor adjustments

I love my car but wish I would have brought a V6 instead because it pulls slow when driving uphill. I have had to replace a few things on it like the transmission, push start button, the drivers belt and the alternator. I think whoever had owned this car before me did not really take care of it. Everything else is just basic maintenance.

- Ashley D

The most reliable car that I have had. Will definitely keep it as long as I can.

My 2009 Nissan Altima 2. 5 is the most reliable car I have had. Although there are only 93000 miles on it we have had little to no problems. One of my favorite features is the sound system. It is a great sound system with lots of bass. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a practical, reliable, and all around great vehicle.

- Daniel S

The Perfect First Car for You

The vehicle run smoothly and has no issues. It gets decent mile to the gallon. The speaker system is nice, with a good bass. The heated seats in the front driver and passenger seats are a big selling point for me because it helps warm me up quickly. The AC and the heat work really well and cool down/warm up the car in a timely manner.

- Nikki B

My car has a sunroof that I love also its all black.

My car is an older Nissan Altima. I like how it rides smooth and the engine is quiet being that it is almost 10 years old. It is a very reliable and dependable car. I fell in love with my car because its all black on the inside and the outside. It only needs minor repairs done like a front end alignment, tune-up and a oil change.

- Jessica K

My 2009 silver Nissan Altima.

I love my Nissan Altima! It gets great mileage and has plenty of room inside. The only repair I have had to deal with is the air conditioning. I bought it new in 2009 and plan on driving it many more years. I see numerous Nissan Altima's on the road. I see more silver ones than any other color. Mine is also silver, which I love.

- Joanne S

Decent reliable transportation.

Problem with the car is the tight space in the engine compartment. There's no room to diy work on the car engine parts.Such as camshaft work rod work. As for comfort,size and reliability its a good car. Gas efficient car with also great steering and handling, spacious luxurious interior. Great car for daily basis light errands.

- Mark R

The get up and go Nissan Altima, hybrid.

I have always liked the Altima and then we bought a hybrid Altima. I love it!! If you need to get up and go, our car will definitely do that. drives smooth, and no major issues. There is a leak in the exhaust but we believe it was due to the previous owners. All in all, we love our car and would definitely buy another Altima.

- Danielle K

2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid. Comfortable and economical.

I couldn't be more satisfied with my 09' Nissan Altima Hybrid. It came with Push start, All leather interior with navigation, Bluetooth, Bose Surround sound, keyless entry and heated seats. Also I get an incredible average of 32 mpg. It is quiet comfortable and has remained very reliable since the day I made the purchase.

- Adam F

2009 Nissan Altima 3. 5 se coupe.

The 2009 Nissan Altima is a very comfortable vehicle. This vehicle has a moon roof that opens up all the way, heated leather seats, has adjustable temperatures for both the driver and passenger, has plenty of trunk space, and has very good gas mileage. My husband and I have not had any complications with this vehicle.

- Cheyenne M

My vehicle is the best used Nissan Altima in the United States

My vehicle is very dependable it has minor problems such a front struts needs news tires has Nissan factory wheels its fast is in overall good condition it has a 24 month warranty also it has just been recently tuned up with oil change and needs air condition charged and a good detail. But it's very reliable overall

- Charles Washington W

Drives smooth with great fuel economy!

It is a hybrid, so it is really great on gas, which I appreciate because I commute back and forth to work. It also drives very smoothly and quietly when it is in electric mode. The steering is very fluid and smooth as well. I feel like I have great control of the car and that I can maneuver the vehicle with ease.

- Danielle B

Spacious and quiet, love this car.

This car is a very smooth and quiet ride. It rarely requires maintenance, gets good mileage, and is comfortable to sit in. The owner's manual is clear and concise. The trunk is surprisingly spacious. It has enough room for the spare tire and all required tools and enough room to fit groceries for a large family.

- Angela G

Comfortable, drives amazing.

My Nissan Altima drives easy. The only issue I have ever had with this car is the radio not working. It was never played CDs, and eventually stopped allowing me to change the volume or channel after the car was in motion. Even after replacing the radio with the same exact model has not allowed me to play my CDs.

- Sydney B

Nissan cars are good cars

the ride is smooth. The car is a nice size and nice for road trips. It can go fast if you want it to. It is good on gas. It has enough space for moving or having people in the car. Nissan are great cars. The sound system is nice and can jam your life way in this car. Take care of the car is inexpensive and easy

- Paris D

A great affordable car with plenty of comfort and high performance.

It is been a great and reliable experience. I enjoy going on long rides and this vehicle is a perfect and trustworthy with a great sound system and plenty of comfort. The trunk storage space will surprise you and as a musician, I can appreciate being able to fit all of my gear in there with no effort or issues.

- Steve L

Love my Altima 2 door coupe

I purchased my Altima used from a private owner. It's black with black interior, 2 door which you don't see too many of. It's great on gas, has a big gas tank so I only fill up about once every 2 weeks. Has a smooth ride, accelerates quickly in traffic. Overall I love my Altima, would definitely recommend.

- Brenda W

Stylish, affordable, practical.

The brakes are touchy and so is the gas. The gas mileage is good though. The car is lightweight and travels easily. The Bose sound system is a good feature. Although there are many miles, there is still a lot of life left in the car. The black leather interior is stylish and so is the look of the car itself.

- Iva B

Its my car because it has a Bucky hanger on the rear view mirror.

Good car with decent transmission that gets the job done and takes you to your destination albeit slow. Tires need a bit of change but still gets good mileage for longer drives t areas. Comfort interior that needs work but still adequate for riding with many passengers with a/c better suit the entire car.

- Adam H

Great starter car for college or for a family.

Good car to cruise around in. Good mileage. My 6'4' husband fits in it. Wish I had upgraded and gotten a sunroof and more extra options. I have only had to replace a brake light switch as far as repairs go. I get the oil changed regularly and stay up to date on the manufacturer's maintenance suggestions.

- Whitney P

I like the that I can't lock my keys in my car, the car alerts you.

My vehicle is excellent on gas, great performance on the roads and highway. I only thing I wish to improve is the 0-60 speed, the acceleration is nice. Long drives become a little discomforting but doable. Maintenance on my car has been great, I haven't had to make any repairs or upgrades to my vehicle.

- Jamal B

The smooth ride and the lower gas mileage increases my joy of driving.

I enjoy driving a Nissan Altima because of the smooth ride, it is like driving on clouds. Other benefits are the gas mileage it goes a long way however I am not a fan of the various sensors on the vehicle. These sensors can be a pain at times but as long as you have them checked out your safety is fine.

- Tara B

Nissan Altima 2009 review

My car runs smoothly. Very little issues. All known recalls have been fixed. Last year, my Air Conditioning unit in my car blew out, so we took it to the shop for fixing. Recently did a brake job on the front, waiting to do the back. Tire rotation done within the last month. Around $30 for gas bi-weekly

- Geno L

Great running car to travel for a large family.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. Runs great and parts are cheap. It is a very good gas saver and it also has very little mileage it has very big seats as well. It also has a very big trunk. Can store all most anything. I haven't had fix any parts and I have had this car for a couple years.

- Jim B

I love my car it's perfect

The only problem I've had is the wheel bearing but insure that because if the roads here in Memphis. I love the performance it picks up and goes and even with bad brakes it stops on a dime. I guess it's reliable because I have no worries about it breaking down. Very comfortable and love the stereo.

- Tabby M

Best car ever! Black, and when it is clean and buffed it really stands out.

So far the only problem is that my air conditioner is not working and to resolve that issue cost more than I want to pay right now but it is autumn who needs cold air? The performance of my vehicle is really great, rides like I am floating on air, it is very comfortable and I get great gas mileage.

- Wali R

Comfortable and Reliable Family Sedan

Very comfortable ride. Body style is sleek. Adequate legroom for rear seats. Accomodation for five riders. Excellent gas mileage of 28 miles per gallon of gas. Radio controls are included on the steering wheel which allows for adjustment without taking your eyes off the road.Trunk is very room.

- Kristine V

Driving it Till I Can't Anymore!

I love this car. It drives very smooth and is very spacious for its size. The seats are very comfortable, which makes driving really easy and the trunk is of sufficient size. However, the features are a little older (not touch screens or Bluetooth) which is understandable considering its year.

- Alyssa D

My car gets great gas mileage.

My vehicle is a two-door push start, it has a sunroof and Bose speakers, automatic seat adjustment. Originally had cloth seats however they were changed to leather. My only issue with the car is that it is very small there is not a lot of room for things or people. However it is great on gas.

- Cheyenne A

My vehicle runs very smoothly, she has never dysfunctional while driving.

My vehicle that I drive regularly is great. She has only had a few problems with one of the tire light sensors being always on, even after I put air in all of my tires and after getting new ones. She runs very smoothly and drives good, not sensitive toward gas or break just the perfect touch.

- Aubrey S

Basic but comfortable at a great price.

Very reliable car. No major problems outside of the usual maintenance. The 2.5 model is powered ok but an upgrade in the engine would really increase the performance. Live in Chicago and the ac and heater work great. Seats are comfortable.. Roomy interior and a huge trunk for all your stuff.

- Scott G

I love the push to start and sunroof.

My Nissan is very reliable. I mostly have suspension problems like sway bar links and struts. Its pretty good in the snow as long as you don't have bald tires. I love the sunroof and leather. Overall I like my car for the most part. Stick with chinese made cars. They are a lot more reliable.

- Holly A

Great for the price and tougher than I thought it would be.

So far I haven't had no major problems with this vehicle other than regular maintenance. It runs great considering the amount of miles on it. O would upgrade but the newer models reviews are terrible. The 09 batch must of been lucky I am really impressed with how well it is been holding out.

- Lorraine B

She rides greats and I love it.

It rides very well but the hood stay down just do not look like it. The ac and heat works well. They need new tires. It is gold and I love and very grateful for my car. I had minor problems with the car. I had to change the spark plugs. I get an oil change when needed. The car drives great.

- Ashley W

The car drives AMAZING since I got it

My car drives pretty good the only thing is that it should've been a recall on it for the steering wheel lock box but other than that it's cool. I only have minor problems which are brakes and oil change problem which is wear a tear on the car. The car drives amazing aits pretty low though

- Mira W

This vehicle is built for a person that is looking for a dependable car.

Well the problems I do have are minor like driver side window sometimes do not go up and front tire has a rattle. But other than that it is a good car and very comfortable to drive the performance is good. I love that you have to push a button to start the engine and it has keyless entry.

- Ralph T

My vehicle is a white Nissan Altima with black leather interior.

The vehicle is very reliable even over 100k miles. The only problem I have is the brakes are starting to go bad at 130k miles. Gas is not bad. It gets about 27 miles on the highway and 24 miles in the city. I change the oil between every 5k and 7k and seems to be the right about of miles.

- Johnny L

they put very little effort into making it

love the interior of the car, but the dashboard is too shiny. Then the transmission is the worst thing ever created. The CVT transmission has went out on it twice in three years. The engine is very well built. Has very good handling. If it wasn't for the transmission it be a good car

- John H

Wow, the highlight of this car is the gas. It works great with gas.

I have a red four door car, it is has great speed on it, can go to about 160 I believe. Great miles since I bought it. The car is great on gas, I will fill it up and it would last a week. It does not cost a lot to get it fix or repaired. So overall I have zero no complaints about it yet.

- Tiny D

Terrible Nissan Altima 09.

Electric issues, bad shocks, bad breaks, bad engine, heater does not work, ac does not work, barely accelerates. When you push to start sometimes it stalls. The push to start does not work sometimes. Bad battery. Lots of bumps and dings and does not look nice on the inside and outside.

- Morgan V

It drives very smoothly and handles wonderfully.

Performance of the car is great, it is wonderful and snow, I have never skid in it. I have had very few mechanical issues with it although I am very disappointed that the paint is delaminating and coming off. If it wasn't for the paint issue, I do not have any complaints about the car.

- Donna C

Nissan altimas require very little maintenance and are a great reliable car for first time drivers or people with fairly long commutes. My gas door did get stuck at one point but it was an easy fix.

I like my car because it's very reliable and has required very little maintenance. It's a decent size as well and is good on gas. The only thing is that I live in a place where it snows pretty often so I would prefer something better in the snow. My next car will most likely be an SUV.

- Edimil R

Would recommend Nissan Altima.

I love my car. It is very roomy and comfortable. I have taken a few long distance trips and it was very comfortable. I have not had any mechanical problems and my car runs great. It is also really good on gas. I would definitely recommend Nissan Altima to someone looking for a new car.

- Lisa H

Nissan Altima 2009- A Comfortable Sedan

The car in my experience has been reliable and safe. It is large for a sedan, so there is plenty of room. I have only had one issue with the car in my 9 years of ownership, which was an electronic piece of the car that became faulty but at most caused one of the tail lights to go out.

- Simone R

Affordable and convenient.

This car is reliable, no big problems, efficient. Good on gas and the comfort is great. This is a great car for a teenager or college student. I highly recommend this car. This car is affordable and good on the road. The only issue I have with car, is getting it fix can be expensive.

- Sw H

2009 Nissan Altima.. A lot of Nissan vehicles on the road.

Runs like a brand new car! I bought it used 2 months ago and had the mandatory maintenance done ( oil change, spark plugs, fuel injectors, brakes, etc.). The motor mount on the top passenger side needs to be replaced but it runs and drives like a brand new car. I'm not disappointed.

- Pamela W

Great family car! A pleasure to take on long road trips.

Very dependable nice looking good gas mileage and very comfortable so far I have had no problems and only have had routine maintenance once on it very nice car to drive and would recommend to any of my friends or family I would definitely purchase another Nissan Altima in the future.

- Allison P

Strong engine, attractive style both inside and out. Sunroof for summer drives.

Well designed vehicle, long lasting, great gas mileage. Keyless entry and push to start. Sunroof Is perfect for open roads and summer time drives. Paint starts to peel over time. Cabin parts rattle overtime. Overall it's still an outstanding car that gets me going when needed.

- Jah G

The gas mileage is really good.

I like the gas mileage. I like that it is reliable. I like that I got a good deal on it. I do not like that it is white and looks like too many other cars. I also do not think it will last as long as I would like as some things have already messed up like the tire pressure sensor.

- Sara M

My Nissan has the cutest rear end and that is exactly why I chose it!

I love my Altima because it is great on gas and it is easy to get around in I just wish it sat up a little higher so I could see what's going on way up in front of me cause you never know what kind of a traffic jam will be ahead of you and that is my only complaint about my car!!

- Marty N

Comfortable, reliable Nissan Altima.

I love my Nissan Altima se. It had previously been a rental before I purchased it. Love the heated leather seats, sunroof, Bose sound system, power windows. It has been a great vehicle. I am going to drive it as long as I can. There have been no issues in my 6 yrs. of owning it!

- Briggs T

2009 Altima, 170, 000 miles.

Car needed a new transmission at 130, 000 miles, otherwise has only needed regular maintenance. Comfortable leather seats. All features (heated seats, sunroof etc.) continue to work. Car has 170, 000 miles and continues to be reliable. Exterior paint still looks great, no chips.

- Rachel H

Altima, the ultimate family car

The car runs great, however the paint they used for this particular year of car doesn't hold up to the sun well and starts to fade and chip quickly. The gas mileage is average to cars of similar design. The trunk is large, the back seat is spacious and good for a family of four

- Joshua B

Common transmission issues,

I loved this vehicle when I first bought it. Now I wished I would have gotten something different. The power windows are starting to go out, and the transmission is messing up. Seems to be a common problem with these cars, and I regret not doing more research before buying it.

- Brittany W

Great Vehicle, smooth ride!

Not any major problems. Typical maintenance with age of car. The transmission is smooth and seems to drive extremely well. My car has 172000 and haven't had any major issues. Coil packs are needing to be changed out. Great gas mileage. Comfortable and spacious for a car.

- Katie T

My vehicle is hot and uncomfortable.

The car itself is very unreliable. It breaks down every once in a while and the car seats are very uncomfortable. The stereo messes up on a regular basis and is very inconsistent in its ability to work. The comfort of the car is very minimal and can be misleading at sometimes.

- Austin R

2009 Nissan Altima is okay.

Used car. Driver side door, back driver side door and behind passenger door have a leak. When ac is on it smells like mold every now and then. Rubber side on back passenger door is coming off. Other than all that works good. Gas mileage is good. Leather seats are comfortable.

- Amanda A

The car has been in the family for a while and is a trooper, it still functions

High mileage, engine problems, rattling noises, overheating. A/C works but makes the acceleration harder to push. Has AUX and charger port, and the car is push to start. There is a dent in the front left of the vehicle, rusted. Hubcaps are missing from two of the back tires.

- Aja M

Nissan Altima coupe review.

It is a good car to use for about 10 years but after 10 years the car starts to fall apart. But overall I believe it is a great car to have if you are single and do not want a large car payment. It also is great on gas so you won't have to put so much money in your gas tank.

- Joshua A

It is very reliable and fun.

I like that it goes fast and is smooth on the road. It is very reliable and safe. I think it is comfortable as well. It has cameras that let you see traffic outside as well as an alarm system to let you know when you have crossed too far over on the other side of the road.

- Brian M

Reliable, comfortable and quality car.

My vehicle has been very reliable over the years. Maintenance cost has been relatively low. My car has always handled over the road well. Very comfortable ride. My car has always performed when I have asked it to. Car has always handled well in bad weather especially snow.

- Jerry F

My vehicle is a 2009 Nissan Altima. I especially like the keyless start.

Very reliable vehicle, comfortable, not enough space for my family of four, not enough features as in newer vehicles. I have had no major problems with the vehicle, runs great. It handles great in wet conditions. Runs smoothly on long road trips. Interior holds up nicely.

- Melissa L

Love the color and body of my car.

Love the color of my car. Candy apple red. Drives so good. I bought it in perfect condition and keep it that way. The body of my car is beautiful and rims are so nice. It had low mileage on it when I bought it. It's been doing great since I have bought it three years ago.

- Virginia M

Keyless entry is the absolute feature I cannot live without!

The Nissan Altima is a comfortable driving car, enjoy the keyless feature and truly like the reliability. To date, I have approximately 180k on the vehicle and it has upheld nicely, absolutely a positive experience on purchasing a Nissan and may do so again in the future.

- Kay D

Awesome Altima hybrids miles per gallon.

Excellent vehicle. Great mileage. Awesome power. Trouble free. Very less maintenance coast. Drives smooth. Can't stop loving it after eight years. No sound. No vibrations. Excellent breaks. Comfortable seating. Awesome feel when driving. 30 milepost gallon on city rides.

- Jenson G

It is much larger inside than most sedans I have come across.

I enjoy the reliability of my car so far. I rarely have had an issue and it drives like it does when I first got it. The seats are also comfortable and the car is spacious. Only complaint is how low to the ground it is, for older people have trouble getting into the car.

- James A

It looks very good and sporty for it is age.

It runs smooth and is comfortable. It has great gas mileage which is 32 miles per gallon on the highway. I had to replace the front axles, 2 engine mounts, brakes, 1 wheel bearing on the front. It is 9 1/2 yrs. Old and the paint still looks great. I have tinted windows.

- Carson H

I love that this car is a 2009 yet it has great features such as push button start, sunroof, and an aux port.

My altima was a fantastic buy.I previously owned a Nissan Maxima so I already was aware of the quality of cars that Nissan makes. My altima is a reliable car and I am assured that it will last for many years. It is also a very stylish car and luxurious feeling vehicle .

- Jasmine H

Benefits of the Nissan Altima.

The Nissan Altima is very good on gas. The wheel makes it fairly easy to steer. I feel safe in this car. Little to no issues. The size is perfect, not too small. Only problem I have is with the headlights can sometimes be too dull at night. I very much rely on this car.

- Ashley R

Safety features do not always work as planned.

The interlock system for starting the Altima failed. It took the dealer about two weeks to find the cause and fix it. The cause of the problem became subject of a recall. All other features of the car are caused no problem. Other than that it's been an outstanding car.

- Russ M

I love the ample room in the cabin and cargo areas.

I like the push button start feature and the button on the door handle that unlocks the door in case your key fob battery is low. I love the abundant trunk space for groceries, shopping bags, baby stroller. There is ample leg room, which is a plus, because I am tall.

- Willie R

Superior sporty car with easy new technologies and comfort, has much more space.

Nissan is a very high quality car, its performance is great, its interior is trendy and classy, it is built with comfort and space, it is gas economy, it has control panels that are easy to use, the newest model and year is so innovated and classy and superb to drive.

- Marie M

The key fob is great, you do not have to worry about digging for your keys.

Runs great, heated seats are a must, skylight I use daily. The car runs smooth and is great on gas. It is comfortable to drive on long distance trips. This is a reliable car. I have the navigation system which has come in very handy for traveling to unfamiliar places.

- Tammy M

Good condition Nissan Altima.

I bought this used and for the most part the car is pretty dependable but I had to take it in for service because it was making a funny noise that no one seemed to be able to find out what it was. I am still driving it but will be researching for a newer vehicle soon.

- Diane B

This car probably is not real good for a large or tall person since the interior room is limited (but it is just right for me)!!

This vehicle is the one for me. I love the design, the color and the comfort. The car looks and rides like a much more expensive car. It has gave me great service for nine years. My only dislike is how easily the horn blows if you barely touch the button on the key.

- Brenda W

It is reliable. Has not had any problems since I have owned it.

The Altima is so comfortable and big, even though it is a small car. It runs great even though it has 106, 000 miles on it. I trust it and it is a very reliable car. I have also had a Nissan rogue in the past, and it was amazing I loved it! Nissan is a great brand.

- Jennifer B

Great, reliable car and maintenance is easy to keep up with and affordable.

A lot of recalls on my model since I have had it. Transmission recall, steering lock recall. All from the manufacturer and were taken care of. Also the glue came apart from a piece of my door handle on passenger side and is impossible to find replacement parts for.

- Christine W

The gas mileage, truck space is great. I also enjoy the smooth ride.

I enjoy the smooth ride and feel safe driving it along with my family. It provides enough room for passengers and the trunk space is great. I am not a fan of the sensors aligned with the vehicle. However it has great gas mileage and overall it is a good family car.

- Tara B

The Nissan Altima has a sleek design. It provides a comfortable ride.

Comfortable interior, plenty of room, great gas mileage. The Nissan Altima has been a comfortable ride and handles well in winter conditions. It provides enough space for my family of 4 even on longer road trips. I like the sleek design. Provides ample trunk space.

- Melissa L

All black ride feels like your riding on air.

My car is not having any problems right now. I love that it is a reliable car parts are not very expensive. Also if you overfill your gas tank it comes from the bottom of the car instead of where the spout is. Transmission fluid can only be checked from under car.

- J B

Great car with some issues but worth it

I absolutely love my car, interior is beautiful black leather, stock stereo is amazing, card drives so smooth, gets great gas mileage, unfortunately the computer is out right now and it is becoming a pretty difficult problem, hard to figure out what exactly to do

- Erica D

Overall my Nissan Altima is a great reliable vehicle. I own 2 of them.

At 120 thousand miles, engine runs well. I haven't had any major problems other than maintenance. With the exception of rust over the rear wheels. I do enjoy keyless entry and start. The car makes it almost impossible to lock your keys inside. Lots of trunk room.

- Ryan M

Just make sure you do all the maintaining that is required.

The car is good reliable car. If you take care of it meaning doing oil change on time and take care of it like making sure there are fluids in the components. There are some issues with it like recalls on the steering wheel and airbag and tire pressure sensor.

- John R

I have a 2009 Nissan Altima and I couldn't be happier.

Other than how beautiful my car is, it is always reliable. The inside and outside look so modern and nice and I never really have problems with it. I notice that it is a bit easier to hydroplane when its raining really hard but I love everything else about it.

- Elizabeth A

My experience with my car I love it is great.

Well I have a Nissan Altima coupe, it is a 2 door small good for someone with no kids. Fits 4 passengers I love it, for myself gets me where I have to go, no problems with it. Great system / sound system. Drives wonderful and very fast so do not get confused.

- Julia M

Around 140,000 miles, sell it!

It has been a good car until problems began. Problems that began are problems like the locks not working and not being able to see the numbers of the clock. These problems are not typical problems for cars, which is why I rated it a lower score of 2 stars.

- Ryan Z

2009 Nissan Altima 2.5S LEMON

CVT Transmission started having issues about 110000 miles and has had to have the fluid changed in it several times. Motor mount broke, struts needed to be replaced. Now the CVT has actually completely failed at 198681 miles, a $3500-$4000 repair. JUNK!!

- Brandon B

I love the space and comfort the Altima provides for me and my family.

Very good on gas, a lot of truck space, very spacious car with lots of legroom, the sound system is amazing. Very good driving traction. Nice and reliable car, front wheel drive. I really enjoy the push to start feature. Very easy on upkeep and maintenance.

- Edgar F

The vehicle is reliable it gets us everywhere we go and it lets us know how much.

It is a great car reliable and fast for a hybrid. I have no complaints about it has a big truck as well. Only one thing I have a issue with is that it is not to big in the back seating area. It would be nice if they made them in leather not material fabric.

- Brandy J

Old and needs some work, but it�s very reliable

Too many miles, but still ticking. My it has gone out a stopped working and repair is expensive but that orange happen often. It's an old car but very reliable and very good with gas. I also like that it is a push start car which is very convenient for me

- Sinclair S

Cute and functional but not pet friendly.

It really is a wonderful car but it is just old at this point. I also do not care for the cloth seats with my dogs. Pet hair is very hard to clean out of it and it is difficult with a coupe. A true sedan would be better for loading them up in my opinion.

- Peyton S

The Nissan Altima is the perfect car for anyone who wants simple and smooth.

My Nissan Altima is a super smooth car, but the gas mileage is terrible. It has overheated twice, but since we fixed leak in the antifreeze it hasn't since. Has gotten me through many road trips, to college and back (4 hours round trip), and I love that!

- Carrie N

Nissan Altima 2009 SE Hit or miss

Ignition coils steadily misfire. Leakage in window. Tire issues. 120k miles. Gas mileage okay. Paint job questionable (Rust easy) on most models with Nissan. Back up camera. Leather interior. Sunroof. Aux but no music Bluetooth. Seat warmers. Push start.

- Jae H

My vehicle is dependable and reliable.

I love my car. I get great gas mileage and have had very few maintenance problems. I will probably but a newer model soon. In atypical year the only maintenance I need is an oil change. I have told friends and family members how happy I am with Nissan.

- Sheryl S

Had tinted windows, TV installed in the dashboard, and surround sound speakers

Smooth driving, wide body so you feel like you secure if you get into an accident. Only problem is a shaking noise I am experiencing in the hood. Besides that, car has been doing well for the last 4-5 years I've drove a little under 100,000 miles in it

- Dalton W

Very reliable and fun vehicle.

Very reliable gas saver I've had no problems with my Nissan Altima and I would recommend that vehicle to anyone because of its reliability and how much gas it saves. Tires are very inexpensive and easy to replace and oil changes are fairly inexpensive.

- Rudy P

It is a hybrid! This is a gas saver-great for all of you who use your car daily.

I love my vehicle. It is a hybrid, so it saves a lot of gas. When the car is stopped, the battery allows the car to save energy/gas. Also, I have yet to have any mechanical issues with the car. This is a huge benefit because it is an older car (2009).

- Dana M

Box shaped with a nice size truck. Easy to put gas in,

Love the size and body shape. High off the ground, drives decently smooth. Gas mileage could be better. Love the gas cap! Has done me well and has only needed maintenance up until this point. I do not like the newer body styles so I chose 2009 model.

- Kristen G

My car is dependable and I love that!

Nissan Altima's are a must buy this is our 3rd after trading in our 2005, 2001 and the Nissan Altima has never let us down giving us the space, reliability, and dependability in a vehicle. It feels great to get up and just go and know it will!!

- Rebecca T

The Nissan Altima is a Great Value

My Nissan Altima drives smooth and runs great. I can count on this vehicle to last for at least 200,000 miles. The leather, sunroof, and heated seats are great. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable car.

- Kourtney D

The car is reliable. You can trust it to get you where you need to go safely.

The Altima has a lot of power for about the first 6 years, then, like any vehicle, it lessens somewhat. I like the way that the car feels and handles. I like that it is fairly small on the outside while seeming fairly roomy inside.

- Rhonda A

It gets very good gas mileage on freeway and through the city.

We have vehicle for almost a year through lease to own and have had very minor issues. We get oil changed every 3,000 miles, so the motor runs smoothly. The only major issue we've had is front passenger ball joint needing replacement.

- Brandy B

Doesn't come equipped with touch screen or any high tech really

I didn't buy from the Nissan dealer so of course it came with minor problems. Yes I've needed all 4 new tires and a few more parts mainly having to do with my wheels or something close. I suggest getting it inspected just to be safe.

- Ashley R

The Altima is safe and reliable.

The interior is incredibly comfortable and it drives very well. Even with considerable miles on the car there are no issues. However it is a bit more compact than I like, and I would enjoy it more if there was an auxiliary cord jack.

- Meagan L

It is mine and nobody else's can have it.

I like the power it had, but as it is getting older it is losing some of that power. I like the constantly hot hook up in the console, where I can plug in my phone etcetera. I like it that it is always hot even when the car is off.

- RHonda A

Decent valued, smaller midsize sedan with a few perks

It's a decent valued smaller mid-sized car with some options like satellite radio, fog lights, moonroof and is a comfortable ride with good fuel mileage. Although, it can feel a bit cramped at times when traveling with passengers.

- Teresa P

The Nissan is very reliable.

I love my Nissan. So much that my husband bought the same exact year and model! I do want to update soon only because I want a bigger vehicle for a growing family! The car is very reliable and I have had very few problems with it.

- Jenna W

It is reliable in every weather condition.

My car drives really well in the snow and has always been reliable in our crazy winters. The press-to-start and sunroof are my favorite features. I haven't had any problems with this car and I have owned it for about two years.

- Angela M

It's front wheel drive and it's push to start

It's drives good and it's also very comfortable. It seats 5 passenger , it's front wheel drive but the on problem we been having is that the AC hasn't been working but antifreeze should do the job to get it back up and running

- Blaine R

It messes up a lot. And the tire sensors are broken.

I like that my car is small and easy to use for transportation, but sometimes my car does not want to start and it is something that most Nissans have a problem with. If I had the choice to get a different make car, I would.

- Jessica L

It's great on gas and it's always clean. I never leave trash in my car. I try to keep it clean as much as possible.

I love my vehicle. It will probably be around for a long time. The only thing I'm not to keen on is the tire monitoring system. The light on the dashboard always comes on. I take it to get fixed and it keeps coming back on.

- Kat D

Transmission had issues under 100,000 miles.

One thing that I like about my Altima is the gas efficiency. I only have to fill up once every 2-2 1/2 weeks. One thing I do not really like about it is I feel like it has had several problems over the years I have had it.

- Norman N

Really great on gas and the performance is awesome.

So far I've had no problems with my vehicle, I bought it used with less than 115 thousand miles. It's really a beautiful car when it's clean, it drives really well but I'm kind of shaky about taking it too far out of town.

- Wali B

My Nissan Altima is very great on gas!

I have loved my Nissan Altima since the day I got it! She is just starting to get old she's an 09' and also been in a crash and I was told it was a total lost. Nope, I got her fixed and she still drives smooth as can be.

- Janice L

They should know that is older but reliable.

My car is getting older. It's starting to make noises. It's no longer on trend. I really want something new. I do like that it is reliable and it is good on gas. I also like that the parts aren't very expensive.

- Jamita G

The most important thing is that the Nissan Altima is very good on gas..

I like the fact that my car has a very good acceleration at the start. It is really fast to me coming for a 1988 Ford Ranger. I like my car all around and I really don't have anything bad to say about the car..

- Andrew K

It fits four adult people inside very comfortably. Great when traveling a long distance because it is roomy.

Love the car. It gets good gas mileage. Has enough room to fit 4 comfortably. The only problem I have had is with the automatic windows. The left side quit working. Got it fixed once and then it happened again.

- Lori T

The highlight of my vehicle is that it is still functioning and a decent level.

My car is ten years old and is pretty much reliable. I have my occasional let downs. I have to get oil changes and replace parts. I do not like that but it happens when it happens but no car can run forever.

- Summer P

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that it has enough room to fit 4 people comfortably. It gets good gas mileage. I do not like that twice I have had problems with the automatic windows not working. Had to get them fixed both times.

- Lori T

Love my 2009 Nissan Altima 4 door sedan.

Great car. Roomy, very comfortable heated leather seats. Slap shift gear is great for switching from automatic to manual drive for certain conditions. Has been great on long road trips and very reliable.

- Melissa G

I always have room in my car, it is good for road trips.

I like how smooth the vehicle drives. I enjoy the seating in the vehicle as well, it is extremely spacious for a four seat car. I do not have many complaints regarding my vehicle besides how long it is.

- Erika P

It's a great all around car that can accomplish many tasks in many different environmental and weather conditions.

I like the engine size because of the power, but I also am not trading gas mileage for the bigger engine. I wish I had more space in the car. I love the BOSE sound system that came stock with the car.

- Evan T

The dashboard has "melted" in spots, mainly due to the Texas sun and heat.

I like having the room for passengers. It allows me to drive for Uber. The trunk space is pretty good. The mileage is still pretty good, although, the fuel tank is large, and is costly at the station

- Richard M

09 Altima Coupe pros and cons

Smooth ride, Decent gas mileage, quality stereo system good bass. Interior has not held up well. Above head courtesy lamps plastic crumbled. Driver power seat quit working and no it wasn't a fuse

- Aaron S

Best gas mileage I've ever had in a vehicle

My Nissan Altima Hybrid is working great for me. I haven't had any major problems. It is stylish inside and out. The best feature is the very low fuel usage. It can go 500 miles on a tank of gas.

- Lillie R

Overall best make and model.

I am so impressed with the gas mph and the overall maintenance which is oil and tire changes and regular fluid top off. I love this car and if it ever fails I would hope to afford a newer model.

- Dory R

If you treat it like new, it will be like new.

Great gas mileage, reliable, and I have had it for years. I bought it new and I own it. I have had problems once in a while when it wouldn't start, but for the most part it rides like a dream.

- John C

It was my mother's pride and joy, and she took excellent care of it.

It was my mother's car, so it has sentimental value. I don't like that it's old, because it will require expensive repairs. I don't like the leather seats because they're hot in the summer.

- Alana N

Fun to drive 2-door Nissan coupe.

It is a coupe and it is two door so not really a lot of room for transporting people. It eats a lot of gas at once but gets pretty good mileage. Not a lot of mechanical issues. Quiet engine.

- Whitney T

My car is about ten years old, but works very well and is reliable to drive.

I like that my car has good brakes and steering, so I feel safe when I drive. I like that it has cloth seats and not leather. I wish my car had heated seats or steering wheel for the winter.

- Jess M

It' is paid off :) It is grey in color and has heated seats which I love in the winter

It's a nice car, I would like something a little more less noisy on the highway. It was the first car I purchased and I purchased it used a few years ago, over all it has been a good car.

- Tucker C

It is spacious, and gets decent gas mileage on the highway.

It is very long, so it is not a great city car. I do like the space for longer road trips, and it is convenient to have. It was inexpensive, but I have put a lot of money into it as well.

- Sean S

My Nissan Altima is an AWESOME car.

My vehicle has been a reliable one. It is comfortable to drive, gets very good gas mileage, and has plenty of room for my needs. I have enjoyed it very much since the day I first got it.

- Michele C

I really enjoy driving my car.

I have no problems with my car. It is very reliable and comfortable. My car performs very well and I have not had any issues. I enjoy the features in my car. I love my 2009 Nissan Altima!

- Lisa T

I like the heated seats and keyless

I had transmission problem with my vehicle last year. The manufacture was completely aware of the issues but failed to notify customers. I paid almost $3000 out of pocket to fix the car.

- Alberta T

It is reliable if you take care of it.

Very reliable easy to drive and very pretty. Safe, handles very good. Inside is very roomy.. Comfortable and very good on gas mileage. Good for long trips as well as an everyday driver..

- Allison K

It drives smoothly and has good gas mileage, by far my favorite..

What I like about my car is how fast it accelerates. It is also really nice looking, the shape of it. What I dislike is how it is a coupe and only has two doors, I would prefer a 4 door.

- Ruby V

Easy car to drive, no problems with the engine and is very reliable.

It runs great and has never had an engine problem. However the paint has not held up to time and is losing its gloss and looking matte. It is a great car but I'm ready for something new.

- Emma G

The Altima runs great and is good on gas. A reliable vehicle.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. It gets me to and from work every day. I wish it had more features. It would be more convenient if it had at least all wheel drive for the winter.

- Michelle H

It drives smooth and good on gas. It looks good as well. My car is dark blue which I love the color.

I love that it is a 4 cylinder car because it is great on gas. I love the way the car looks and drives. It is just a little banged up so I would like to get those things repaired.

- ashley b

I love my car because it has some luxuries that help make car rides more enjoyable

It's a hybrid which helps with gas efficiency. I found one with a sunroof which I love because it lets more light shine in the cabin. I don't like that it's white but that's okay.

- Nicole R

It's a used car but it performs like a brand new one.

My vehicle is a mid size car, I like it because is is very good on gas, gets great mileage is fully loaded has a backup view camera and a sunroof, also has a great sound system.

- Margaret C

That it is extremely safe to drive

Our Altima is a very reliable car and has good gas mileage,it has a nice design plenty of room and somewhat stylish.It also performs as good as more expensive models of auto's.

- Kevin H

It comfortably carries a family of 5 along with luggage and other stowed items.

Love the push button start. Also, the car is a good size and very comfy to drive. It has enough power. Like the white exterior with the plush gray interior. Have no complaints.

- Car T

The headlights are not as bright as I would like them to be.

Its very easy to drive. The brake and steering are on point. I love the size. It runs very well on gas. I have had little to no problems with this car. Very well manufactured.

- Amy R

The car you buy: How to search the information about your car before buying it.

My car is a 4 cylinder which is slow up hill and have had a transmission replaced and other small maintenance done to it but over a good car. I have had it 4 almost 5 years

- Ashley A

It is an incredibly safe and wonderful car all around. I have three nephews and I feel comfortable driving them around in it.

I love the way it drives when it is serviced, but I've had some issues with it recently. It delays when I push the gas pedal, which has caused problems with me driving it.

- Emily W

Nissan is very low in maintenance services or repairs.

My car is 2009 and has only 63,000 miles on it. So I probably will use for another 3 years. No payments on it. One disadvantage is that it does not look pretty anymore.

- Karla C

That it is cost effective, easy to drive and is meant for a family or single

Oh like that it is compact and drives easily. The inside is big enough for my family but still small and saves on gas. I don't like that it doesn't have the get up and go

- Jayde F

It's a workhorse. I drive a lot in my car.

I bought it 2 yrs. old. Had quite a few miles on it. Replaced all 4 tires, battery, catalytic converter, battery & gas line. It is running great. I have had it since 2011.

- Rosemary B

Cheap on gas and VERY VERY Dependable.

I really love how dependable it is, but if you have a large family it's just not practical. Its cheap on gas but there is not enough room for 5 people to sit comfortably.

- Hannah D

The Gas mileage is around 35 miles to the gallon. Good work car.

Has good gas mileage. No gps system. Tires lose air all the time. Radio does not work and the lighter ports are in inconvenient places so it is hard to charge your phone.

- Roy R

To summarize my vehicles highlight it's the best reliable car I've had in a longtime

My vehicle is in great space. I just hate how my check engine light STAYS on because of my gas tank. When I don't shut the gas thing correctly it messes up the sensors

- Jenna T

That the performance is spot on.

I love my Altima! It has leather interior, cruise control, sunroof, heated seats, multiple cup holders. I like that it is cheap on gas and the highway mileage is good.

- Sherry P

That the Nissan Altima is a very reliable car to drive.

My car is very dependable and runs good.As far as gas it gets very good gas mileage.It has low miles for It's age but it is getting to be time to look for a new car.

- Kim K

It is smooth in its drive. It has what I need in a car.

The vehicle is a good car for the age. It is reliable getting me where I need to go. It is a good ride and it suits me just fine. I like this car and once I didn't.

- Ralph M

The car can hold a lot of people with a lot of things along with them.

I love how roomy it is inside. I am also impressed with the gas mileage for long travel. The tank is large, so for road trips I spend little time looking for fuel.

- James O

It is safe and holds up maintenance very well. I haven't needed to put a lot of money into it over the years.

It is a great car! It's just an older model thus why I rated it so low. It has been very reliable and has held up so amazing. I would definitely buy another one.

- Mali R

It has a lot of suspension problems.

I have a lot of mechanical issues. The car is very comfortable. I love the sunroof and the heated seats. It drives smooth when I am not having problems with it.

- Holly A

Car has some minor things that need to be fixed other than that it is good car.

I like that it is a good car, I haven't had really any problems with it since I got it. . The only thing I dislike is that it is getting older and the mileage.

- Victoria V

2009 Nissan Altima 4 door sedan amazing gas mileage.

I have had this care for 6 years now and I love it! I have amazing gas mileage about 35 miles to the gallon on average. I have not had any issues with this car

- Mary L

i love the leather interior and heated seats! having a sunroof is also a major plus!

i find city gas mileage is not very good but it is a comfortable and reliable car! Has not given any major problems over the many years that i have owned it.

- heather b

It is good on gas and is reliable, low on maintenance costs and rides very well

I like the look of the car and how it rides. It's fuel consumptions is decent but could use a bit more acceleration. It is a very reliable vehicle all round.

- Al V

Great fuel economy in a luxury like car

I like that my car is very fuel efficient, has black leather interior, heated seats, and has a reputation for being durable. I really don't dislike anything.

- Shawn K

It is great on gas. I put 20.00 in every two weeks and it is also very easy driving.

I love my new vehicle. It is one of the nicest cars I have ever owned. I love the radio features and how you can connect your phone or device to play music.

- Janie N

Nissan makes a strong reliable performance vehicle

Overall performance is great. The radio's lcd display doesn't work and I can only turn the volume up or down in the winter and I can't change the station.

- Sandra A

Easily can be totaled if you get in an accident.

I like the radio. I do not like the width of the car. The wheel also has a nice glide and doesn't get stuck too often. I also like the push button start.

- Noelle C

Good gas mileage for a SUV.

I love that it is a push start... I love the interior.. I am in love with the car in general.. Something I do not like is not enough storage in the car..

- Amanda A

The Altima is a very dependable vehicle.

Its dependable, speedy and comfortable. Over 100k miles and still runs well. It also has a fabulous sound system. I like the leather interior as well.

- Ginger P

It is comfortable and easy to drive. I like the feeling of. Roominess.

Sometimes it is hard to park between to larger vehicles. The larger size is more comfortable when driving on. Freeway and/or taking out-of-town trips.

- Angeline H

It's very dependable and so far I've not had any problems with it

I absolutely love my Altima! Never had a problem with it. It's the best vehicle I have owned! I would highly recommend anyone to buy a Nissan vehicle

- Valerie B

I love my Nissan Altima. Great car and on of the best cars that I have ever owned

Very dependable car. I've had no engine issues since I've owned it. The gas mileage is great and I have a lot of faith it will last a long time.

- Neal H

It may not be the most up to date car but it is still the best choice for beginners

I love that my vehicle has up to date technology. My vehicle doesn't give me many problems. I love the color of my car and it's amazing features

- Alexis N

It is a very dependable car.

No complain. Drives great good gas mileage. Good space in trunk. Everywhere we go people stop to look and ask about this particular model coupe.

- Suzanne V

It is a reliable car that gets awesome gas mileage!

It has been pretty much maintenance free. It gets good gas mileage. I don't like that the tire pressure sensors have to be replaced frequently.

- Lynn P

Amazing Nissan Altimas. Must get

Nissan is a reliable make. Altimas have always been an eye catcher for me and my family. The past cars have made it into the 300k mileage club.

- Emmanuel H

Didn't seem to hold up as good as other car brands do for number of miles and age.

Vey good maintenance record, stylish looks, has many accessories, very good gas mileage, roomy interior, spare tire with emergency repair kit.

- Paul L

It is a good car overall, and I would recommend others to purchase

It is a good car, and I was happy with it when I made my purchase in 2013. Since then I have had issues with the car that needed to get fixed.

- Adrienne B

Great gas mileage. Its cheap to fill ghesd days and it last me awhile.

It's great on gas mileage. I only need to fill it once every 3 weeks. It has a roomy trunk. I have a basic model so heated seats would be nice

- Anna C

It's a nice car that looks expensive even though it's not that costly. Few problems.

My car is great, gets good mileage, but maybe has a slight issue slowing down and speeding back up after braking , but in general it's good.

- brian e

It does not have Bluetooth.

The Nissan Altima is a great car to drive. I really like it. It is comfortable and I like the keyless feature. I would like a touch screen.

- Kyle D

It's performance excellently and as one would expect from a high performing vehicle

It works as expected. Never had issues with Its performance and it's a vehicle I would buy again. Dealer does a great job of servicing it.

- Will G

Keyless start car : the best feature is the keyless ignition because I don't have to dig in my purse for the keys.

the car is dependable and very smooth to drive. Everything is pretty much electronic. I love the keyless entry and push to start ignition.

- phaedra k

It is great on gas and gets good mileage.

I like my car because it is small, yet roomy. It can fit at least 5 people comfortably. It gets good gas mileage. It is burgundy colored.

- Lori Y

26 MPG, great first car. Would recommend for anyone.

Overall I have truly enjoyed this car. I have had it for over 5 years now. No problems besides a censor going out in the steering wheel.

- Nathan H

All around very nice car, drives very well.

It drives great, it's amazing on gas. Great radio, drives very smoothly. I love how you can adjust the driver seat to fit you perfectly.

- Eula P

It runs really good, and the a/c is ice cold, not to mention again, I have less than 80k miles on the car.

I love my car, it has less than 80k miles on it, the only thing is, I need some new tires. But the inside, and outside is really clean.

- Aqueelah I

If you take car of the car meaning maintaining it and do the oil change on time you will be alright

Good reliable car but there are a few recalls on it. It has steering wheel issues, Are bag, tire pressure sensors and electrical issues

- Alborz R

Durable car that has great mpg and plenty of space.

I like the space, both seating and trunk space. I also like the 25-30 mpg. It also has a pretty decent engine with smooth acceleration.

- John T

The sound and the speed of the car is amazing. Even the way it looks it's one of a kind.

The car is really good as far as fuel efficiency and long rides. We just had the car for so long that it needs lots of work done to it

- Torrie M

My nine year old. Miracle car.

I have virtually had no problems with my car. It is a miracle care and I love it. I still get comments on its' beauty and smooth ride.

- Marguerite B

It's comfortable and has plenty of room inside. No major issues.

I like that it's big in the interior. It has a nice trunk with a lot of space. One of the windows won't roll down or up all the time.

- Maria D

It has over 150000 miles and runs smooth.

I like my car because it has easy maintenance. It is good to travel in, it is roomy in the back seat. The car gets good gas mileage.

- Nicole S

Great on gas! Comfortable. Reliability. Dents very easily.

The color. It is a hybrid. Terrible green color. The emblems keep falling off. Warranty should be longer on engine and hybrid parts.

- Christina C

It is dependable and comfortable to drive. I can count on it always .

My car is dependable and gets good gas mileage. My car has a nice ride to it.I can use my car to haul a lot in the trunk it is big.

- Kim N

Very easy to drive. Sleek look and smooth driving.

I like that its black and sleek. Drives well. Steering wheel shakes. Drives smooth and accelerates fast, breaks are not too touchy.

- Hannah H

Safety features like the back up camera and the airbags.

No visibility, noisy, paint is low quality.... Incredible gas mileage (way higher than car is said to get), seldom needs repaired..

- Gloria S

Great car, lasts a long time if you are willing to do the maintenance.

First year of that model. A lot of problems and complications with various parts. I do like the way it drives and the gas mileage.

- Alexandra B

It's made by a reliable manufacturer and is a great car

Love that it is fully loaded I dislike that it is an older model with lots of miles and would like a roomier vehicle for a family

- Shelia J

it's a good car and convenient for the family give you more miles per gallon than other cars

I really liked because save me a lot of money the car give me 35 miles per gallon and in confortable to trouble with the kids

- linda a

Great car with great gas mileage

Nice car. A few recalls related to the engine. Great on gas!!!! Wish it had Bluetooth capability but it does have an aux space.

- Carletta S

It is okay as far as cars go. Functional.

Smooth drive. The ac stays cold. All the content and components work and gets me around just fine. Never really have problems.

- John A

Great Car, good mileage, fun to drive.

I bought this car new and really love it. It hasn't given me any problems and major problems. It now has 105,500 miles on it.

- Nancy P

It functions like it should, there's no fluff or extras to it.

I like that it has never had any problems. I like that it can stand the Texas heat. I don't like that it's low to the ground.

- Alyson C

It's great car. You should try it. You might like it,

I love everything about the car except for the keyless ignition. I have had some problems with that. That's my only dislike.

- Pam U

The most important thing you should know is that the trunk is not that big but it's workable.

My Nissan is great on gas, super reliable, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. It's also stylish and useful for family trips.

- Daniel H

It gets you where you need to go.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. I don't really like my vehicle because my paint is peeling so it looks really bad.

- Caitlin Q

Nissan makes dependable cars!

The car for the most part has been very dependable. It is pretty good on gas. The only issue that I have found is the tires.

- Heather W

The fuel efficiency was a major factor in my choice for this car.

It has good fuel efficiency, both highway and city. It has affordable parts for repair. The large trunk space is very nice.

- Jordan R

That it is a good first car, for learning how to drive.

It is pretty dependable at 150k miles. The paint chips off very easily but, I like the seats and the entertainment console.

- Meghan O

Great quality car with many features.

It has run well for the time that i've had it. Easy to drive, I like the keyless entry and start. I don't dislike anything.

- Stephanie M

Maintenance is not as expensive as comparable vehicles.

Very comfortable, reliable, good gas mileage. Nice interior, convenient holders, on chain door lock and alarm, chic style.

- Angela K

It is very comfy and reliable.

The built in satellite radio stops working after a few years (not the subscription - the satellite signal/receiver fails).

- Stacie H

It is a very reliable vehicle and runs great. Nissan's are very dependable.

I like that it is a V6 engine. I don't like the gas mileage. If i had a rearview camera and better mpg it would be great.

- Marciano A

It was a lemon and the customer service at coastal Nissan was terrible.

Since the day I purchased it, nothing but problems. . Battery died first week. Needed a new transmission with in a month.

- Julie R

If you can do your own repairs it's a decent car.

It has good gas mileage and a lot of room for a sedan, but has not held up very well over time. Interior is poor quality.

- Christopher B

That it is our car and they should stay out of it. It's a comfortable ride and gets pretty good gas mileage

We had an SUV before and could barely afford the gas. We started looking for something more affordable. This fit the bill

- Tammy H

My Nissan Altima gets very good gas mileage and handles very well while driving.

My Nissan Altima gets great gas mileage and has many great safety features. It also has a lot of options for passengers.

- Dustin D

The car handles well, it has good mileage for highway.

The car has been mostly reliable. The biggest concern is when electronic components go down. It can be expensive to fix

- Phong N

It has a keyless entry. Are you gathering information to have my car stolen?

It's a nice size. Easy to parallel park. Has power steering, power brakes, power windows. Is not too good in the snow.

- Judith G

It's comfortable and it doesn't need a lot of attention

I like it because I can fit inside most of the groceries and small furniture. It's comfortable and I enjoy driving it.

- Katarzyna W

It is been a very reliable car.

Like: it is comfortable, drives well, gets great mileage.. Dislike: some of the warning lights are difficult to reset.

- Alicia R

Perfect balance of regular car and SUV: not too big.

The thing that I like about my car is that it is very fast and I really don't have anything bad to say about the car.

- Andrew K

Great gas mileage. If you keep up with regular tune ups the car will last for awhile.

Great gas mileage. No major issues for a car that has over 150,000 miles. Did have several recalls which is annoying.

- Hope F

Electric problem that is all.

It always has electric problems other then is perfect and sometimes has recalled but I love my car and runs smoothly.

- Hood H

Great gas mileage and very reliable car.

Very reliable and great gas mileage. No engine problems since I have had it. I plan to keep the car for a long time.

- Neal A

Good on gas, and it is good in all kinds of weather.

I really like the car. I have only owned it for a short time, but it is a very comfortable car and very good on gas.

- Todd W

It is a great car, and it handles well.

I like the way it handles and the system that is in the car. I dislike that it is not equipped with a backup camera.

- Virginia W

It is reliable, in 9 years, very few surprises. Regular maintenance issues and as couple of unexpected issues

It is a great car, 9 years old, and few problems. I would buy another one and not hesitate. It is a reliable car.

- Laura J

The dependability and it runs extremely smooth and is great on gas

I love the Nissan and when we buy a newer vehicle it will most likely me a Nissan. My car has been very dependable.

- Marie A

My vehicle is a nissan and

It's a good running vehicle no problems so far and it has 130 000 miles on it I would highly recommend it to anyone

- David C

Nissan Altima gets great gas mileage.

2009 silver Nissan Altima very reliable no major issues. Gets excellent gas mileage and is very comfortable inside.

- Michael P

2009 Nissan Altima is a reliable car for families.

Great car. I have had 6 years and the Only trouble is the transmission went out but it was covered under warranty.

- Amy W

It is very Reliable, no recalls and recommended in Kelly blue book

Very comfortable, especially for taller people, drives smooth, haven't had any problems, great sound system (Bose)

- Alex S

It drives smooth and is very reliable.

I like that I haven't had to do much maintenance. I do not like that it is older, I would like to get a newer SUV.

- Stefanie R

I purchased my first vehicle used, so I expected a few problems. However, the problems seem (to me, an inexperienced car owner) very bizarre. For instance, the interior lights of the vehicle don't work, despite multiple visits to mechanics; and the tire air pressure sensor is oversensitive. Other than this, the car drives well and is useful for impressing friends because it is kept neat and is still considered fairly new among us.

People must know that this car has great resale value, alignment, and, with good maintenance, will last for years.

- Kalilah M

Easy to care for and reliable.

I never had any issues besides regular maintenance. It's an older car so I try to keep up repairs and oil changes.

- Shamir B

It is a great car. Needs an alignment very bad.

It is a great car, can be very fast. Good on gas. Could be better on gas sometimes it eats gas like it is nothing.

- Brittany G

This is not the car you want if you are looking for something to last years

Altimas seem to have a lot of transmission issues. Mine does not accelerate to over 60 once the car gets hot.

- Samantha F

It runs good it is a nice car i like it change the oil on time and it will last a lifetime

I like it, it really runs good and i like it if u keep the oil and maintenance up on it will last a lifetime

- Steven C