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Amazing car for the price! Great fuel economy and enhanced safety features make this car one of a kind!

I absolutely love my Altima! It's spacious, comfortable, and drives extremely smoothly and quietly. The backup camera is extremely useful for anytime I have to reverse my car. It makes pulling out of my driveway or a parking spot THAT much easier and I can ALWAYS see what is behind me and how much room I have. The backup sensors/ camera also make parallel parking a breeze! One of my favorite features is the lane change lights on both side-view mirrors. When I am changing lanes, they will light up if I am not clear to go(for example if I have a car in my blind spot), though as soon as it is clear the light goes out and I know it's safe for me to merge lanes safely. The look of the car is beautiful and sporty, yet elegant and sophisticated. I am proud to drive my car and have others see me in it. It has all the bells and whistles! You can move the driver's seat into the perfect position and be completely comfortable even for an 8 hour trip like the one I took this past summer. I get incredible gas mileage and love that I can look at the dash and see exactly how many miles of gas I have left. Also, the tire pressures are displayed on the dash so if for any reason I ran over a nail and had a slow leak, I would immediately be alerted to the loss in tire pressure, allowing me to get somewhere safe before it ever went flat. It is Bluetooth compatible and I can make and answer calls using the buttons on my steering wheel when my phone is connected. The last thing I will say is that I love to be able to just press the "start" button instead of having to use a physical key. As long as I have the key fob in my purse/pocket, I can get right in and press START!

Jessica P

2018 Altima SV- It’s a Dud

Pretty disappointed In this car considering it was recommended by several people. Picked up off the lot new and now have 14,000 on it. To be fair the car is a company provided vehicle and there very few upgrades although it’s an SV. Problems have been many, car smells hot every time you park it, cruise control did not work ( only partially now), emergency braking / collision avoidance system turns itself off continuously ( especially in traffic or when driving in left lane by a partition), weather stripping came out on a section of the inside of the windshield, for a while leaked oil and finally lits extremely gutless when going up a hill or mountain pass. Not particularly comfortable on long drive even with zero gravity seat. The technology that came with this car is dated and lacks any appeal even over the most basic cars. The only redeeming qualities of the car are the milage and roominess.


Very Reliable, Very Comfortable, Great Incentives, and VERY Affordable!

I did have a 2016 Nissan Altima, but got rear ended and my car was totaled. Everything about the Nissan Altima saved my life so I got another one. I got the Midnight Edition sport in black on black. I love it! I love the leather interior with the sport blue trim. I love the touch screen display and I know I'm going to love the heated seats when it gets cold outside. I do miss the dual climate control and the sunroof, but it was less expensive to do with out. The seats are the zero gravity seats and they are so comfortable you don't mind driving for long periods. This is my 6th Nissan I've owned. They are completely reliable vehicles and this winter I will be purchasing a Pathfinder as well.

Brenda M

Highway mileage is excellent.

I really love my car. Its reliable, comfortable, and is excellent on gas. At first I was not into cars I am more of an SUV type of person but I had to be reasonable wallet wise. The only thing I can say about the car is its pick up when you fully don't break. It will feel like the car is struggling to get back to the speed it suppose to, but it doesn't stay like that. All in all it's a very good car. Nice sound system, Bluetooth audio and phone, with paddle shifter for the sr model in which I have. If your going to go with Nissan it's a very good choice they work with you and there service centers are excellent.

Andrea W

It is roomy enough for a growing family.

We have only had our Altima for two months but during that time we have come to love it. My husband is 6’2” and we have two children in car seats. One child is in a rear facing seat, my husband is able to have the rear facing seat behind the driver's seat and have the seat in a comfortable position for him. The car is roomy enough that a small adult is able to sit in between the two car seats! One feature we are very pleased with is the way the car handles; it is smooth, quiet and picks up speed nicely. The trunk is also very roomy, it is great for a family that needs to take lots of things with them!

Ashley L

We love our new Altima! It is comfortable, roomy, and the price was right.

Our new updated Altima is just right for us. It is comfortable and easy to drive. There is a lot of legroom front and back and it has a good sized trunk. I love the back up camera and Bluetooth . We are getting 40 miles to the gallon on the highway and almost that with city driving. The sun visors slide on a rod when using them on side windows. The headlights afford a lot of visibility at night. We have another older Altima (with 175, 000 miles!) That still runs great and when we purchased the new car you could just get in and drive it without looking everything up.

Trish K

Love the cup holders in the front seat.

I love the way it drives, and how large the cabin space is. I also love how it does not sit so low to the ground, it does not feel like your trying to crawl off the floor like some cars. I also love the location of the cup holders in the front, I know that may seem weird but some cars your having to bend your arm or hand all weird just to get your drink, not in the Nissan Altima, its right there. There's also plenty of legroom in the back seat, as being a bigger people family, we need something that is going to fit us, this sedan does it!!

Jessica K

I am so loving driving again!

I just recently bought this car two weeks ago I love the way it drives it has a smooth ride the suspension is great it is low to the ground easy to get in and out of. It has a large front window so you can see all around. It also comes with standard features it has the automatic stop when you get too close to a car it has an old alarm letting you know you've left your lights on it has easy access to open the doors as well as the trunk.

Jean P

it's roomy for the money, so it's a good value. cabin is loud.

I have the top model which only comes in leather- in AZ no one wants leather- should be optional cloth , even in a top model. I am also disappointed because if you are going to offer options, make sure they work for the long term - I have front radar detection which help notify you if there is a vehicle close in front of you, after 2000 miles it stopped working, now it only beeps constantly to let me know it's not working.

krista s

I take great pride in my car, She has a name that I gave to her when she became a part of my family and I take greater pride in knowing that it is among the highest rated vehicles for safety in its class.

My new 2018 Nissan Altima is an upgrade from my last Altima, a 2013 two door, sports coupe. I love that it has dual transmission and that it is larger than my last vehicle. If there is anything to dislike is that it is not as fast or sporty in exterior appearance as the two door coupe which matches my middle age personality and is a characteristic of my previous vehicle that I do truly miss.

Tammie H

Nissan will nickel and dime you to death, AFTER they make you spend more money on the vehicle than it is worth.

Like it at first, not so much now. I think that I overpaid for it, drastically. Pickup is not good, not even close to getting the gas mileage as it was rated for, and I really hate how I am expected to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to leverage a lot of the special functions that the car is capable of doing. I paid enough for this car, too much in fact, and I am NOT paying any more.

John T

The safety features are very comprehensive. Included are front and side object sensors, airbags, and a rear backup camera.

Initially the AM radio had no reception, and it was quickly fixed under warranty. A loaner car was provided an no charge. Other than this the quality has been excellent. It has some nice features like collision sensors on the front and sides, that warn you if there is a car near you. The tire pressure values are available on the display and the car gets about 36 mpg highway.

Vance B

I would like to highlight the touch screen radio/Bluetooth/calling system.

Well I love my car. It is great on miles, it rides smooth & the inside interior is so dope! The outside is nice too but the inside, has it beat by one thousand. It is great on gas, it does not really take a lot to fill it up. Since I have had it I haven't had any problems out of it & it is going on the 7th month! All I can say is Nissan out did themselves this time.

Tia W

Nice and roomy 2018 Altima.

I love my 2018 Nissan Altima. It is smooth to drive and accelerates nicely. I love the convenience of the back up camera. The cabin is roomy and feels comfortable to sit in. The trunk has generous storage space. I like the digital interface on the dashboard where I can check tire pressure, view radio station and adjust headlight brightness. Highly recommend buying.

Elizabeth C

The Altima is an awesome car.

I love my Altima. It handles very well. The steering is great. I also love that it has sensors to tell you when you're getting too close to another car or if they are getting too close to you. I also love the keyless entry. You can start your car from inside wherever you are, so you can cool to off or heat it up before you get in. Good price and very reliable.

Kim B

Great car, great on gas and mileage.

I have had my Altima for a few months now and have no complaints about how the car runs and functions. I got mine at the beginning of the summer and let me tell that ac really works! Great on gas. I was only having to fill up once a week and was driving at least 150 miles. I do wish that mine had a touch screen for the entertainment center though!

Andrea T

Safe and Convenient: Nissan Altima

My vehicle has a 5-Star safety rating, which gives me peace of mind. This includes sensors that allow me to know if I am too close to an object both when backing up and going forward, as well as a backup camera. My car is reliable, and performs well. It also updates me if there is any problem, as well as constantly monitoring the air in my tires.

Lauren L

Altima's are great except for the transmissions.

The only thing that worries me about the Altima is the longevity of the vehicle. It is known to have transmission problems after 50,000 miles. Other than that, I love my Altima. Great on gas, comfortable for long rides and has plenty of features. I love the leather seats, heated seats, Bluetooth, backup camera, and the blind spot sensors.

John R

Best feature tells how much gas you have left and how many miles you have left.

I love my car, it is really new so I haven't had any issues yet. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the beeping sensor that is supposed to go off when another car gets to close; sometimes it seems random or delayed. But I love the Bluetooth radio, smart start and the keyless entry because sometimes my keys are hard to get to.

Amber S

All the safety features are incredible and it alarms me if a car stops short

It's my very first lease and I'm in love with my car! It's not the typical Altima either. It's the "midnight limited edition" and has a manual and automatic shifter and can be shifted into sports mode for fast acceleration. I dislike how complicated the technology is, but it's only because I haven't fully learned all it's features.

Amanda L

Driver assist feature keeping me safe.

Roomy and efficient. Trunk space large making it easy to transport all of my equipment. Rear seat cup holders fold out and offer comfort for the passengers. Enjoy driver assist features especially the stop assist. Large side mirrors giving large view and the blind spot alerts work well and makes the car safer to drive. I love it.

Chriss F

Nissan Altima "midnight" edition, a very sporty looking vehicle.

The Altima is very reliable and has good mpg. It is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth , back-up camera & cruise control. Driver seat is power adjustable and trunk is very roomy. I also like the sporty look of this car and the smooth ride. Only "con" I have is that the passenger seat is manual. I wish that would have the power also.

Sharon S

2018 Nissan Altima great car.

I have Bluetooth and an AUX outlet, I have a smart windshield, and my car beeps if someone gets too close to me and vice versa. Great gas mileage, I get about 600 miles every time I fill up. I like the silver color and its impossible to lock your keys in the car because the car will beep and wont lock if the keys are inside.

Erika B

I love the size of my car, the gas mileage, and the Bluetooth features.

No set remote start settings, no lane assist, no GPS on the speedometer screen. That's about it otherwise I love the zero gravity seats, the accessories that come with the midnight edition, and the Bluetooth feature. I like the tinted windows and the remove start. I need the GPS for my job so this is a plus as well.

Brandon W

I love the camera in the rear.

I love how smooth it drives. I love how it will let you know when it needs work don't on the screen. I also love the camera that it has for the rear end because it makes life easier and it's always hard for me to look behind me to see if someone or something is in the way. Plus I am very short so the car fits me.

Kimberly C

The 2018 Altima has so much style to the body and the sporty wheels.

I have owned 4 Altimas and have loved all 4 of them; the style and comfort and reliability are incomparable to many others. Also the creature comforts are yours to choose; the safety rating is right up with the cars that are higher priced. The backseat is also comfortable for 3 and the trunk has plenty of room.

Loa B

It's a very good mid-sized sedan for a price that is very reasonable.

I like the styling and color of the car. The interior is quiet when traveling and easy to hold a conversation in. The interior mostly gives a premium feel as well. Dislikes would be that it has a petal for an emergency brake rather than the lever that you can pull. I also wish Apple CarPlay work wirelessly.

Ricky W

Solid built car that has great gas mileage.

Very sturdy vehicle, not the smooth vehicle flotation which is great for me as I get car sick very easily. The leather is great and so soft. Well built and good gas mileage. The GPS and Sirius radio is a great added bonus. I have a pearl white color and I love the Nissan interactive app as well.

Marcia W

I have the sporty midnight model. Love the look and feel of the Nissan Altima.

The Nissan Altima has a smooth ride and is very comfortable. It is equipped with Bluetooth, GPS & back up camera. Also has power driver's seat and cruise control. Has good mpg also. I just wish it had power passenger seat also. The trunk space is roomy and the legroom in front and rear is good.

Sharon A

It's new and has a rear view mirror along with being able to start the car before you're in it is nice.

The car has a lot of minor problems I have to take it back to the dealer for. The car is roomy, but a little to big for my taste. The color is great and so is the rear view camera. I'm not too happy with the miles per gallons im getting on the vehicle and the engine power is pretty weak.

Eve G

My Altima. I do not regret buying it.

My vehicle is easy on gas and rides smoothly. It is a beautiful machine and I get lots of compliments. Tomorrow I will drive to indianapolis which is 180 miles and will have 3 passengers and I will find out how comfortable it is with passengers. No problems so far, performance is great.

David D

The Nissan Altima is so safe!

I absolutely love my Nissan Altima!! When I went to buy I want sure exactly what I want but then the salesman told me all about the safety was of this vehicle and I was sold! Knowing that my two young children would be safe if I was ever in an accident is worth all of my time and money!

Nicole S

I like the Nissan Altima because it does not look like a box on wheels.

I have leased a Nissan for the last 8 years. It is affordable, nice looking, gas efficient, comfy and roomy interior. I have been able to get a payment that is right for my budget. The Nissan dealerships employees are very helpful in making sure that I get the right vehicle for myself.

Charlotte E

It is very dependable car and it not that expensive.

Drives great and has a backup camera, does text to voice, hands free phone, beautiful interior. Great body shape. Electric seats and the steering wheel will move up, down, and in and out. The back seats pull down so that you can place long items in it and a lot of foot and head room.

Michelle F

Great performing car, low on gas, low cost maintenance.

I love the 2018 Nissan Altima. I recently and the 2017 Altima but it was totaled in a car crash so when choosing another vehicle I decided I wanted to stick with what I knew. Only part I hate about the car is the fact that the 2018 does not have remote start like my 2017 did.


A great car to drive, park and easy on the gas.

So far I have never had problems, the car is very reliable. I love the backup camera that is standard on this model. However I wish all safety things like, lane drift, front automatic braking, were also standard. The car is easy to park, very comfortable for a mid-size car.

Violet M

I love my Nissan and the seats are comfortable for a long drive.

I love that it runs well. I do not like the new technology like the GPS because I will not use it much and when I do it takes me the wrong way at times. The seats are very comfortable and I like the old fashioned stuff they kept like that you have to roll down the windows.

Lisa R

Nissan Altima a retirees dream: enjoying traveling after retirement.

The gas mileage was the most important thing when purchasing a new car. The Nissan Altima gets 30 to 35 miles per gallon. The car has a roomy interior and roomy trunk. It drives and runs like a sports car. It hugs curves and has power when passing other vehicles.

Jackie D

It is a champagne car on a wine budget - not expensive for everything you get.

I love that it is a roomy sedan with a sporty feel. It is extremely comfortable, has all of the bells and whistles that I need including the best, remote start. I just switched back to a sedan from a small SUV and I'm so much happier being in something sportier.

MaryEllen S

My car is plain but effective.

I have not had any problems with my car to this point the performance is okay but could be better far as reliability is great very comfortable and it features it has not that many most of them are standard but it is definitely worth the money I have put into it.

Charles D

Automobile computers distracting drivers.

Computers in automobiles are not a good thing. Only time they are useful is when persons do not know all the instructions to drive before they get their license and begin to drive and computers can cause more accidents because of not paying attention to driving!

Linda M

Nissan Altima - a great buy.

This Altima is very reliable and gets great mpg. Comfortable seating and love that the driver's seat is fully automatic adjustable. Only disappointed that the passenger seat is not power adjustable. Back-up camera, GPS, and Bluetooth equipped and all work great.

Sharon S

All safety precautions while driving

I truly love my Altima. There's absolutely nothing I don't love about my car. It offers so many safety features: Backup, parking, alarms, automatic key start, heated seats, large trunk, Backup camera, side car alarms, driving to close alarms and so much more.

Bobbie V

Greatest car I have leased!

The ride is very smooth and quiet especially on longer road trips. The main complaint I have is technical. Sometimes my phone willing disconnect from the car mid song or phone call. I am not sure if this happens in all cars or if just the Altima.

Gregory G

A modern take on a beautiful vehicle.

My vehicle is comfortable to drive. It is quiet and travels smoothly. It has good performance. The interior is beautiful and modern. It comes with GPS and satellite radio. Also, the leather seats have seat warmers for those cold nights.

Maria E

The new you the 2018 Nissan Altima sporty but homie

This is an amazing car it drives really good and it does incredible on gas. The 2018 Nissan Altima has great body features it gives off a nice sporty look and has great new features such as the new automatic emergency brake system.

Taylor M

This car provides a smooth riding experience while offering a sleek appearance.

I like the sleekness of the Nissan Altima as well as the affordable gas prices and maintenance. I dislike that only seat warmers are available. Due to the leather seats in the car, a cooling option should also be installed.

Ashley H

It is built with safety in mind. Maneuvering is smooth. The engine runs quietly. As a first car, it is a great car to consider.

It is a great car. It runs smoothly and highly reliable. One thing that I wish, is that there was a navigation system in the car so as to not need to use my phone. Other than that the Nissan Altima is a lovely car.

Altina B

I LOVE the stereo system and the Bose speakers. I love that I can talk on my cell phone hands free and keep everyone on the road safe! And, the best part is I don't miss an important call.

Love the gas mileage and the heated seats, as well as the moonroof and heated steering wheel! Great room in the trunk for things! I especially love the color of the car, they called it java which is what I call her!

Tamara H

Handles turns and curves the best out of any car I have ever driven.

I absolutely love my Nissan Altima! It not only is the most comfortable car I have ever driven, but it rides super smooth. The price was right within my budget limitations and I got way more than I expected.

Nicki H

The 2018 Nissan Altima 2.5s is a great family car that you can rely on!

I feel a problem would be that when on the highway it can sound like your windows or door are slightly open. It definitely has good performance for a 4 cylinder and it is for sure comfortable and reliable.

James B

My car is perfect for me.

My car is a great color. It has great safety features that I love including the automatic stop when a car is too close. It is roomy enough for my 2 kids but still small enough to where it's not too big.

Sanganyika G

It is great in gas, with a lot of safety features.

There is nothing bad to say about this car. It is great on gas and has a lot of safety features. For entertainment it has apple carplay and Sirius radio. . It is very roomy inside with a large trunk.

Kelly R

Great for road trips and saving on gas.

What I really enjoy about my Altima is the smooth ride and how great it is on gas. There is also a lot of room and it did great on our recent road trip with two kids in the back so I can't complain.

Jamie C

The altima is a roomy and smooth riding vehicle. Keeps the noise from outside, outside.

The only thing I would say is a con on the Altima is that it does not have good pick up. The acceleration is slow especially when the car is in need of an oil change. All else is great on this car.

Maria J

It's the best car in the category. Awesome design and best car entertainment

I love the fact that it is very spacious.The leg space is great for rear seats. The armrest for the driver serves as a dual level storage. The only dislike is air conditioning being too intense.

Aparna V

Very good car but for gas mileage.

It is a new cars very reliable I am not had any problems with it at this point, there are some things I would like to improve like the sound system the wheels if you are the minor details.

Charles D

It is Very roomy and has great features automatically

I just got the car, I love the interior size. It has a back up camera and many other features I like. My only dislike would be the gas mileage, but that's only because it's a bigger car.

Donna M

Smooth ride, well made and highly reliable.

This is our second Nissan Altima and the first one was very reliable, with no major problems for the 8 years. It was still in great condition and body shape but it was time for a new car.

Nancy L

My brand new Nissan Altima.

I love it very roomy drives smooth love the features easy on gas love the color interior and the color outside interior has collision breaks in the front to prevent a rear end accident.

Monica S

The only negative thing about the Nissan Altima so far is that replacement parts are expensive and drives insurance prices up. If I had known that before leasing, I would have selected a different vehicle.

Altima is fun to drive. It is a vehicle that has a tight turning radius and a quick pick up. When you reach your desired speed the car is very responsive and speed is easy to maintain.

Janie M

Although gas is expensive I can usually go 2 weeks on one fill up.

I love that my car has push to start and great on gas.The backup camera is also a great feature..... I wish I had access to sirius radio and detectors when cars are in my blind spot..

Ash B




Business car with travelers.

Large enough to get 5 people seated with comfort. Luggage space in trunk is great for our needs. Gas consumption related to highway driving at speed limit is economical.

Chris F

You can't go wrong with this vehicle!

Super reliable and dependable vehicle. My last car was an Altima and I had to get another one because they are just that good. Mileage, handling, style. Full package.

Abel M

Gas mileage is good and large tank.

No complaints, I like everything about it, the looks, the engine, the interior, etc. Gas mileage is good and the tank is big enough for long trips without filling up.

Chris S

Very smooth riding/comfortable and good gas mileage.

I have no complaints about my vehicle except that is comes in limited colors and the wheels are not my style but have grown on me. Other than that, I love my Nissan.

Katrina L

Good on gas mileage. The gas is a little less now and I can fill up my tank for cheap

just got it no problems loving it. loving I can start it and it will be cool or hot when I get in. Love the feature that let me see when I am parking a wonderful car


Great to drive on long distance trip. Safety features help with driving.

I like the style, color, and comfort driving the new Altima. The navigation is very helpful with Apple play. Great gas mileage. Could use a cargo net for the trunk.

Vanessa L

It rides very smooth and able to get in and out easily

Rides very smooth. Heated seats Great room Perfect fit for us Great for travel it great on gas

Kim F

It is a great car if you want a large SUV. Mileage is ok but not great.

The car is roomy and handles well. The engine has decent horsepower and I love the color. I like the review camera and easy to use features on the steering wheel.

Christine K

My Altima is awesome! It is an amazing vehicle.

My Altima is awesome! It rides like a dream. It's great on gas mileage. It's roomy. My Altima is the best car I've owned. It has all of the bells and whistles.

Shannon M

It has plenty of room for our family of 5.

We have no problems with our car. We absolutely love it and it was the best car for us. It really accommodates our family, and we get good gas mileage on it.

April M

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable car the Altima is perfect.

The Altima is a great car. It has good gas mileage, it is sizeable, it is a good looking car, and it gets you from point A to point B. I have no complaints.

Lucas R

its has safety features that work perfectly for new drivers. it's also very spacious.

I just purchased my new car and i love it very much. It's perfect for me that i am a new driver. i love the safety features makes me feel safer on the road.

yesica e

Safe car Nissan Altima 2018 fun to drive.

The Altima is the most fun and comfortable car to drive. It is made really well and I feel it would protect me and my family in the event of an accident.

Casey C

Great value for the price. I bought mine outside of the county I live in and it was worth it.

I love it, smooth ride, bluetooth, paddle shifters, the price was great brand new. I love the design and both the interior and exterior of the SR model.

Sara D

Great car for everyone who needs a new car

Contained all the features that was important during our car buying process. They price was exactly what we wanted to spend. Driving is so much fun.

Angi R

it feels easy to handle, a lot of helpful gadgets, safety devices.

So far no problems, i have it for 3 months, i really like it, sporty, comfortable on streets and highways, good mileage, user/driver friendly (lol)

Joh c

It is economical and a sports car.

I like the make of the car, the engine, the brand and the style. It is very easy to use. It is an economical car so it helps me save money for gas.

Chai M

It is awesome! It gets amazing gas mileage for the size of car.

I love the leather seats, the back up camera and just about everything. The only thing I dislike is the alternative shifting on the steering wheel.

Jeanne K

It does not have the backup beeper, just the camera.

I like it though I do not drive it much. My family drives it more. I wish they had all the features that are safety related in one package though.

Jacob S

My car has a great sport look, but had a rough ride.

Love the car. Great look. Sporty model. Remote start, spoiler. Because it's a sport model, I feel the bumps in the road due to a tight suspension

Harvey T

It's really easy to speed in the car. you have to watch your speed.

I dislike it did not come with Sirius radio or an option to have it. I love how it drives, the back up camera, it's great on gas, and the color.

Lori M

You will love the gas mileage and how good it handles the road.

Drives smooth and gets high gas mileage. I love the new look of the 2018 models. This is my 3rd lease. I lease a new one every three years.

Mary S

Great simple car to travel around

It's a great car that is very comfortable to travel, and reliable. It has a nice space. The only problem is that it kind of wastes a lot of gas.

Maciel A

Smooth Ride, But Needs to improve Technology

It is comfortable to drive, and provides a pretty smooth ride. The only downside is Android Connect - it keeps on disconnecting from our phones

Andrew G

Brand new car very comfortable

My car is is brand new so I don't have any problems work it so far. But I love it does good on gas when driving long distance and drives smooth

Ashlee L

It makes you very safe and very comfortable when traveling.

I love my car! It is very roomy and very comfortable! It is amazing on gas to!! It rides so smoothly on the road. Nissan is an amazing company.

Hannah M

It's the most comfortable car you will ever drive!

I love how quiet it drives. It feels like a luxury vehicle.It was priced well and it's great on gas. There isn't anything I don't like about it

cj G

The mileage is the best part. The design is good and the interior is modern.

I have had zero problems with this car. Runs great, gets great mileage. I have owned Nissans for the last 8 years and will keep on buying them.

Zachariah G

It accelerates very slowly due to it not having very much horsepower.

I love the inside of my vehicle. It is the sport model so it has a blue stripe down all of the black leather seats. It has a nice touchscreen.

Quinn W

I just love my new Altima

My husband and I recently purchased our Nissan Altima and we are in love. No problems have occurred and we really feel secure when driving

Unique G

My Altima saves me so much money on gas and is the smoothest driving car!

I love the cost it saves me on gas. The ride is so smooth. It's perfect for our family and plenty of space for the 4 of us to take a trip.

Tiffany A

Comfortable, smooth riding.

No problems; very comfortable riding and also have had comments from people riding in the back how comfortable and smooth riding it is.

Anita P

I love the setup on the inside.

It does not have a sunroof. The passenger side window should be automatic. I love the touch screen. I love the detail of the stitching.

Brandy S

Smoothest drive and lots of features!

I have only had the vehicle for a week but I love it! It is the smoothest driving vehicle I test drove and the features are unmatched.

Isaac H

The Nissan Altima is a great all around car!

My Altima is a great car for my hour long commute. Also it's a great car for my small family of three. It also gets pretty good gas!

Elisabeth B

I love the stereo in my car as it sounds great

I love this vehicle as it is gas efficient and it looks great. It has a great sound system and is great as driving thru busy roads.

Robert V

It is very safe. It has extra airbags for better protection.

I like the look & the feel of it when I drive it. I got a lot of car for the money. I have been fortunate with my previous Nissan.

Lisa D

The gas mileage is great!.

I love the gas mileage. I like the sporty look of the sr. Took some getting used to from my truck. The vehicle rides very smooth.

William G

Work horse of the Altima family.

Problem: front sensor is unavailable about 95% of the time. Comfort: it fits my family comfortably, no complaints. Dependable!!

Lindsey S

It is sporty but yet it is somewhat luxury

I love all the features and I owned this car before and that's why it's purchased another. Great mileage,roomy,navigation etc

Marie V

I love the smooth drive as well as the sound system.

I love the great gas mileage, I needed something that was more economical to drive to work. The buying process was seamless.

Tania D

It is fuel efficient and white.

It is reliable and comfortable. Not the flashiest car, but it definitely gets the job done. Rearview camera is a nice touch.

Pam K

Nothing that they should know about my car.

Like the gas mileage and the look of the car. The car is spacious and comfortable drives very smooth. Great safety features.

Jennifer L

I can turn my Car on from my remote and it will sense if it's hot or cold outside and will turn on the air or heater to cool and heat up

I love the fact that it has an alert system if you are too close to a car In front of you it will beep telling you to break

Briana D

The most important thing about my car is the quality of it and the ride.

I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. I like my vehicle cause it gets real good gas mileage and is a smooth ride.

Kenneth H

It has lots of space for a great price.

Love the color. I love the way it drives. It is spacious. I love how you can drive it in sport to go faster on the freeway.

Natalie D

It is working well and has been for almost a year.

It is pretty great, it just does not have seat warmers and it is the basic model of the Altima. Nissan is reliable.

Amber J

Performance, appearance and cost. .

Have only had 2 weeks, comfort & features are good. Seems reliable, no problems. to early to give accurate details.

Rosa C

I love the color, and the fact it's Nissan.

Its new great car. No problems. Great comfort. Very lovely blue colored. My children love the size for our family.

Sarah W

It gets me from point A to point B

The radio blanks out in certain areas it makes a grinding noise when you put your foot on the gas pedal no antenna

Dvb D

That it has good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage of the Altima. I like the spacious interior. I think the 2008 rode smoother than the 2018.

Mandy L

The car is economical to purchase.

Like the way it drives. Like how it is good on gas. Like how it is compact. The car is easy to get into and out.

Mary O

Good acceleration, comfortable seats.

Sporty, a lot of features, user friendly. Get foggy inside when is humid outside with all the defogging blower.

John C

This is a very safe and efficient vehicle.

I like the backup camera. I like the Bluetooth. I like the color. I like the break assist. I like the interior.

Charmel L

It is a good quality and dependable vehicle.

I love the smooth ride and Bluetooth abilities. I like the driving and gear features and roominess of the car.

Michelle K

I have a backup camera that I love and the Bluetooth feature.

I like the low fuel consumption. I also like the color. I dislike not having a blind spot mirror and moonroof.

Wanda D

It has great gas mileage.

I love absolutely everything about the car I have. I have no dislikes or complaints about it. It's wonderful.

Miranda R

It has really good mileage.

I like the size and the drive performance. I do not like that there is no sunroof. The gas mileage is good.

Kathleen M

Love my new Nissan Altima!

Love the turn radius. Love the phone shut off option. It's 4 cylinder which saves gas. Good safety ratings.

Denise H

Has good safety features. I get good deals when I return an Altima and lease another.

This is my 10th Altima lease. I like the gas mileage, the big trunk, the pickup when you get on a highway.

Leanne S

It is gray, has a backup camera, remote start from up to two miles away, and motion sensors. I really like the remote start because it's really hot where I live and getting to start my car from further away really cools it down by the time I get in. I also appreciate the motion sensors that go off when I'm accelerating too much while being too close to another car.

That is has remote start from 2 miles away, which is very useful for when you live in extreme climates.

Deanna T

It drives very well, and is comfortable.

Its very easy and fun to drive, and its extremely comfortable. I also feel very safe driving this car.

Ashlyn W

It is automatic && kind of manual.

The color is not my favorite but I like the interior. It has a ton of speed and motion camera alerts.

Kate D

This is my second Nissan Altima and I would buy another in a heartbeat.

Very reliable. It's large enough to feel like a classy vehicle but small enough to drive in town.

Patricia L




It is very economical on gasoline, it has a fairly smooth ride and is wired.

it's modern and has plenty of features including built in Navigation. Excellent gas mileage.

Mike S

great vehicle and the price is just right for a new 2018.

Reliable, great on gas, rides very smoothly and quiet.. No complaints on this make or model.

Nancy v

Very smooth drive. I love to drive it and it gets great gas mileage

Passenger seat is not high enough. That is the only thing that I do not like about it.

Pam A

It is a family car but still gets good speed and has a large trunk

I like the color. I like the gas mileage. I like the style and I like the interior.

Anna K

I like the size of it. I like the features. I wish I had heated seats.

the fact that it get great gas mileage, I got 36 miles per gallon on a recent trip.

karen d

It has great mileages. You can go far on a full tank

I like the reverse camera. I like the shape and color. I like there are sensory

Siana H

Good gas mileage. Comfortable seats. Plenty of room.

I like the gas mileage. I like how smooth it drives. The seats are comfortable.

Mandy N

good gas mileage the car beeps when you get close to another car

good gas mileage the color the car beeps when you get too close to a car

nan p

I've not had any problems with my vehicle seeing as I just bought it recently. I'm happy the features though I wouldn't mind a sunroof. I think it's a good reliable vehicle.

That I'm happy with it. I also think I got a good deal when buying it.

Robert L

Very affordable and very fun safe and smooth to drive

I love that it's very easy to maintain and very smooth to drive

Keith F

My car has great gas mileage. It runs very smooth also.

I love my sunroof I love how it drives I love the push start

Jodi G

That I take good care of it.I have regular scheduled maintenance. I do not abuse it.

Comfortable fast,good gas mileage good looking.priced right

Paul T

good engine, cool car, great brand, amazing features

Great engine, cool car, amazing features, good gas mileage

Kaaushik P

The car has good gas mileage.

It drives smooth and fairly fast it has good gas mileage

Riley p

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Newer features than our older Nissan like back up camera, bluetooth, ports for phone chargers.great gas mileage.

Easy to drive, lots of leg and trunk room, comfortable

Patricia K

great brand, love the features, powerful engine, easily affordable

Great engine, good mileage, affordable, reliable brand

Anjana P

It's not really part of my identity

It's fine for getting around, but nothing special.

erica P

Excellent 4dr sedan for the price

great size, decent gas mileage, good performance


good brand, reliable engine

great engine, good tires, awesome features

Kaushik M