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The Nissan Altima comes with top notch standard features.

The Nissan Altima comes with some great standard features on the base model. Remote start, a backup camera, and a decent size touchscreen are some of my favorites. Initially, the remote start was not working consistently. Nissan figured out that the problem and now my remote start works correctly every time. The touch screen in the car is slightly smaller than my iPad mini. It works with both Apple Play and Android. I love having my phone connected by Bluetooth. Hands free calls work well. The Altima is great for both town and highway driving. The trunk is huge. I have traveled with two large and two small suitcases with room left for additional bags. The cruise control is easy to use and has controls on the steering wheel. There is a screen on the control panel that uses buttons on the steering wheel to scroll through such items as tire pressure, gas mileage, and more. There is a digital speedometer and a regular style speedometer. There is a mileage countdown to show how many miles the car can go before the gas tank is empty. So far, I love the car! One reason that I purchased an Altima is that my sister has had one for almost six years and loves hers. I have had other friends who have also had good experiences with Altima ownership.

- Elaine H

Push to start Headlights Smart car

The leather seats are comfortable. The touch screen stands out and is very simple to use. The display screen where it has the information on the car is really useful. The oil change warning light is helpful. The car beeps if there is another vehicle in your blind spot and the side view mirrors have lights that come on when a car is to close. If the front of the car is too close to another object it beeps very loud. The car rides real smooth and has a clear speaker and the colors are very descriptive. If you want to start your from your home to get the temperature right you can with the key fob. Also if you want to lock your car without the key you can press on the door handle.

- Jonathan L

The reasons that I love this car.

My Nissan Altima is all black on black. I love that it has apple connect so that I can use my phone as GPS on the car screen. My car has some really nice rims and it also has a sunroof. When it gets really cold I get to turn on the seat warmers and steering wheel warmer and I don't have to deal with the cold anymore. My favorite thing about this car is that it has safety all around. It breaks on its own if I'm about to hit and object and it lets me know when I'm driving outside the lane. I couldn't ask for anything better. I would recommend this car to everyone because it's beautiful.

- Raquel L

Best Car We've Owned, Despite a Negative Experience at the Dealership

So far the only negative about this car was the price. We had an awful experience at the Nissan dealership, which initially caused some frustration with owning this car; however, after 3 weeks of driving it, this is by far the best car we've owned. It's comfortable, attractive on the inside and outside, and I really love the LED light feature at the bottom of the car. It helps me to get in it a lot easier when it's dark. The speaker system is top notch, the AC is very comfortable, and the feeling of driving this car compared to others is very enjoyable.

- Kara B

The best car I have ever had - I feel safe driving it and it looks great too!

I love the lock feature. Now I do not have to go rooting around in my purse to unlock my car. As long as I have my keys on my person I can just go up to the door and press the small button and it'll open. The push button start is also convenient. My car has a very sporty look with the tires and the stitching inside the vehicle on the leather. The radio touch screen and buttons on the steering wheel are so cool. I have never loved a car... Until now! I love my car and love driving it.

- Kelley K

Nissan, Altima 2019 - best yet. The acceleration is epic.

The drive of my car is so smooth, I love the top line sound system which is boose, omg it is so spacious, the trunk space to me is spectacular. My deep sea fishing rods fit perfectly. The back row seats fold downward once. The driver seat moves in all sorts of directions for the best comfort. It is Bluetooth compatible, Wi-Fi compatible, USB port, audio port, charging port front and back seats. Saves great on gas and so much.

- Tabi B

Smooth, beautiful and a comfortable ride

I think the car drives incredibly smooth. I do not have to place much pressure on the gas and brake pedal. The interior feels very spacious. 5 people could comfortably sit in the Altima. The only problem I have with the car is the monitor. I do not personally enjoy that it is not embedded into the car. I think also it would be nice to have the passenger be able to control the temperature on their side.

- Nina Z

Nissan Altima�s new design

I love my new Nissan Altima because it's very sporty And has a fun new design. I have the red with black interior and the seats are very comfortable although they are a bit difficult to get in and out of. I'm an average-sized person but I feel like the seats sit really low making it difficult to exit the car. Other than that the car drives great and hugs the road.

- Nancy B

The new and safe Nissan Altima sv.. pro pilot assist is the new wave

The nissan Altima is a very comfortable stylish & sleek vehicle. The features/ options are pretty modernized with pro pilot assist that allows the car to automatically break if the driver is not paying attention ang a vehicle breaks ahead of you.. It also has lane safety measures put in place to allow the driver to be as safe and comfortable as possible

- Joseph G

The best thing about the car is the radio it is digital dash radio and is fun.

My car is brand new and does not have any features or mechanics that are broken, the car runs great and has great gas mileage. I have had the car for 6 months. So there is really not much I can say because for 6 months the car has not given me any trouble or problems at least right now I just changed the oil in the car recently.

- Frazier A

Great buy for a 2019 sedan with all wheel drive.

This is a great sedan with lots of options for a base model that also come with all wheel drive. Rides great and has great fuel economy with plenty of electronic extras. Fit and finish is good inside and outside and the price point is awesome. Highly recommended to anyone with budget in mind but still looking for a nice sedan.

- William B

Nissan Altima is a very reliable and comfortable car.

Great technology. Good gas mileage. Big screen with car apple play. Handles really well. Very roomy for driver and all passengers. Hd quality backup camera. Have not had any issues mechanically. Transmission shifts very smoothly. The sv model comes with a lot of luxuries like driver side electric seats and sunroof.

- Miguel D

The most amazing vehicle.

I love my vehicle. I have no issues with it, the performance is great! The model is beautiful. Such a smooth drive every time! I truly enjoy going out and driving plus it has great gas mileage. Especially since I'm constantly in the road. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone! Gorgeous interior also!

- Vanessa L

Nissan Altima - AWESOME. A MUST have

This is my 6th Nissan Altima (2010 - 2019). Every year there are great improvements. The handling is awesome. The seats are comfortable. The ride is awesome. I can go 600 miles on a tank of gas - leaving from northern Pennsylvania to Charlotte, North Carolina. Will not buy anything but a Nissan.

- Kimberly W

review of my new Altima sr

I do not currently have any problems with my vehicle as I just bought it. I wish it had more power but did not expect it given I knew what I was buying. It is very comfortable I enjoy the touch screen and comfort of the seats and how it drives. It looks sporty and I got the color I wanted.

- Brian W

Take a look at the new Altima

It is a very smooth ride. This car also has great mileage. I love the sporty look and the new sleek Mercedes Benz like dash. Nissan has really stepped up. Totally surprised. This care is a great starter car and great for a long time drive that wants a great car without an expensive tag

- Tanya B

Drives smoothly due to AWD.

I have the sr and it does not have navigation but apps are used via USB to display on screen. Other than that I would also prefer full leather seats but it is a mix of pu and cloth. The car drives smoothly and it is comfortable. I have only driven ford do this is my first Nissan.

- Dawn H

The car is very useful and smooth and comfortable

It is very comfortable and drives smooth, I drive a little crazy so I like going fast and it can handle it. it's great for people in the back because its is very comfortable and the leather is nice and smooth. The car takes very nice turns as well. I would give the car a 10/10

- John D

The audio system, halfway leather seats, power driver seat.

Need leather seats and lane assist. The car is ok but should of bought the upgraded version because it seems more reliable. I test drive the newer model but went with the cheaper one instead. The current mode has a sunroof but their really is not a need for one to my liking.

- Justin G

My Altima my black beauty

I just got the car a few months ago. Only issue I've had was, it was sitting in the sun for too long and the screen blacked out completely. Great gas mileage, roomy, seats are comfortable, trunk is a good size. It doesn't have oil change notifications, which is a bummer.

- Rachel G

One of a kind sedan, great for families.

I just wish it was bigger. Not that that's the cars fault. I just miss an SUV. But it drives nice, has decent room in the back for my 2 kids as well as the trunk space. It's also neat that it has the lane assist feature. I wish it was larger and had more get up and go.

- Ashley A

Elegant, smooth and stylish all combined into one.

Great performance & reliability - I have only had it for about 6 months but so far it has been a great ride. The sr trim is sporty, looks good, and drives amazing. However, the seats can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable since it is a sportier model. Overall 9/10.

- Rushan K

Spots about to cars ahead to help prevent collisions and has all weather tires

The AC burns more gas than other cars. But seating in comfortable and durable. When bought the rims come with a nasty sticky layer of something on them so you will need Good way to clean them. The radio screen will black out if too cold outside or if too hot outside.

- Destined A

Thank god for my Nissan Altima!

My Nissan Altima is my favorite car I have owned so far! The ride is smooth, the inside is spacious, and the exterior is beautiful! My previous car was a Nissan rogue and I am very happy with my transition into the Altima. I would definitely recommend this car.

- Darryl P

Great car choice! You can't go wrong with this one!

Great car!! Drives smooth and I've never had an issue with it!! Good car for a family; nice size. It's also a great starter vehicle! It has the gradually increase in speed which is great for people like me who have a heavy foot!! Very safe and reliable vehicle.

- Jamie A

Looks clean on the outside and sporty. Comfortable upgraded inside

Brand new, car play, rear camera, blind spot lights, leather seats, automatic stop if texting, tinted, automatic seats, Bluetooth, USB plugs, touch screen, sm radio, sport model, glossy coat, only 14,000 miles, easy to drive, good on gas mileage, push to start

- Cassidy G

Feels like a sports car!!

Roomy, good gas mileage, nice on trips, all weather, floating dash, Bluetooth wireless power, sliding visors, lane assist, backup view, roomy trunk, spacious back seats, legroom, quiet running, definitely compares to my Q50! Love the midnight blue exterior!

- Helena J


My new Altima is extremely comfortable and roomy. Lots of legroom and trunk space. It has good gas mileage and I like the backup camera

- Patty K

that's also affordable.

I find the Nissan Altima to be a comfortable and stylish sedan

- Mikaela S

2019 Nissan Altima sr - metallic grey.

- Jonah A

2019 Nissan Altima sr - affordable but so sporty!

- Laura L