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The armada is a spacious dependable car.

It has plenty of room, my family takes vacation and all 6 of us fit plus all the suitcases and things. It is very dependable and sturdy. The only thing that has been a problem is the ac gonna our twice but other than that it has been fine for the past 11 years. It easy to keep clean on the inside and there’s tons of room for storage since the all the back seats fold down if you need something big to be moved. It has multiple small storage places that come in handy for small items like sunglasses and the vents go all through the car so on hot days everyone is kept cool.

- Jacqueline A

2007 Nissan armada - a roomy ride fit for a family and their friends.

Its extremely roomy. Having kids and their friends go places with us we def have plenty of room. I have never had any problems with the engine - its very reliable. One downfall is the engine size - meaning that it can be costly with gas if there is a long commute involved. I like that I sit up higher on the road. There are a couple of blind spots that I had to get accustomed too. I feel very safe in the vehicle especially if there is rain or sleet/snow. I have always been able to get home in a storm. Of all the vehicles I have owned this is by far my favorite.

- Donna P

The vehicle is great for comfort and sits many!

The performance of this vehicle is absolutely amazing. If you have music on, it gets louder on its own and lowers when you accelerate and slow down so you do not hear outside noises. It has great mileage and it drives smoothly. Sits 8 people (or 7), we hardly have our back seats up since husband is in military and fits all his bags! Very roomy and is absolutely comfortable!

- Mak P

Comfort and dependability in a larger SUV.

It is reliable and roomy for 4 adults and 2 smaller children. I have driven it for 9 years and had great dependability. It rides and drives well. We have driven it across country a few times in it. There is plenty of room for everyday hauling. For longer vacations we had to get a top luggage container. The DVD player has come in handy when my children were smaller.

- Karen F

The best thing about it the vehicle is the system is great, it drives wonderful.

The only thing wrong with it is that the main bearings need to be changed and maybe also so motor and engine stuff. The performance is great I love it I wouldn't change it. Its really reliable and its comfortable we could use some heating seats. The features are great too I wouldn't change anything.

- Joyce L

It is the perfect size to take trips and rides it. It is wonderful for air conditioning and it is perfect with miles.

The vehicle is wonderful for trips and it is big enough for the whole family! We enjoy sitting in the vehicle as it has so much room to sit it and relax. Our vehicle is sound proof from the outside so it helps when you sleep in the car and avoiding the loudness of the outside.

- Makaela P

Big. Family. Comfortable.

I love how big and spacious is the car. It has 3 lines of seats. It is very comfortable. It does run high on gas. But economical on highway miles. It is perfect for family road trips. It is doesn't have my updated features. But it is very good for a simple type of person.

- Rose M

It is very spacious and roomy. It is an overall dependable vehicle and I feel safe driving my family and friends in it.

I like my vehicle for the space it provides. I am able to transport my family and friends with ease. My vehicle is a little older and requires more and more repairs. I am shopping around for a potential new vehicle now.

- Kanika I

I have five children and we all fit very comfortable in the vehicle. It is a great family vehicle.

I love the roominess of my vehicle. It is however bad on gas when driving in town. One of the windows does not roll down anymore and the trunk suspension has stopped working. It is an older model (2007).

- Crystal M

It's dependable, safe and comfortable . As long as you take care of it, it will take care of you

I like my vehicle because it is an SUV. It has lots of room, drives smooth, has a sunroof, great heated seats and an awesome sound system . It is a dependable car but it definitely is a gas guzzler.

- Caryn G

This Nissan Armada has been a very reliable vehicle.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. We have only had to do regular maintenance on this vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle and will purchase a Nissan armada in my future.

- Sheri C

That it will go anywhere no matter what the weather.

I love the space it provides especially with a family of five. I do not like the poor mileage that it gets. But that is something that you have to sacrifice for the size.

- Donna P

That the Nissan Armada is an awesome SUV both with luxury and safety and comfortable to drive long distances with family

Love my Armada because it has so much room and the drive is smooth and love to be able to see ahead in a high SUV --- dislike filling the gas tank since It's so big

- Maribel L

It reliable and has serious horsepower.

It has a handling issue the shocks have to be extremely tight and sway bar stiff to enjoy the ride. It is roomy and great as a workhorse or just a family vehicle.

- Chanel K

I like the fact that the vehicle is big enough to carry our whole family in. But because it is big, sometimes it is hard to drive in small spaces. It also does not get very good gas mileage. Overall, it has been a good vehicle for our family.

The Armada is spacious inside and can hold up to 8 people. The trunk area is small, but the seats fold down if you need more storage space than people.

- Elizabeth L

Very dependable with few issues over the last 10 years.

I like the size and seating of my Armada. I wish it had navigation. The only complaint I have is that it eats batteries like candy.

- Heahter h

Perfect Family Vacation Vehicle

Bought it to take family vacations. Seats eight people. Gas mileage is not that great, 17 to 20 miles per gallon.

- Rick G

It a good SUV for a family.

It a good SUV. It drives nice. It paint is all most gone. My ac doesn't working good I had my truck for 3 year.

- Ana M

This vehicle has plenty of leg room for a tall family

I love that it is roomy. Travels comfortably on the highway. I have a tall family and everyone fits well.

- Melissa F

It is reliable and drives like a small vehicle.

I love the size. Lots of room. Easy to park. It's very reliable. I do not like that the hatch is manual.

- Melissa H

The truck makes a great vehicle

I love the fact that the truck is really spacious and comfortable for long trips it's safe and reliable

- Trina V

That it's the most dependable auto I've ever owned.

The SUV has power, The SUV is very safe. The SUV has plenty of room.

- Douglas E

That it is a Reliable vehicle.and i am able to get where I need to be.

Plenty of room for kids and drives nice. Wish got better mpg

- Emily S

If someone is looking for a nice size vehicle that is affordable go with a Nissan Armada

I like the size. The engine has just enough power.

- Samuel B