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Nissan Armada SV 2011 Review

I've had this vehicle for 7 years. Overall, it has been a very reliable truck, no major mechanical issues, only real trouble was with the vents making a clicking noise off and on, turned out to be the actuator that needed to be repaired which required the dash to be taken apart, lots of labor involved for that. This vehicle is Big, but I love it, very comfortable riding, I feel safe in it when I drive with our kids. We have 160,000 miles on it and still going strong. Air conditioner could stand to blow a little colder than what it does. Overall, have been very happy with the truck

- Darlene G

Great vehicle for functionality and style.

I love my Nissan armada! It is stylish yet functional. I have the platinum edition so it is fully loaded. It includes leather seats, heated seats, power seat controls, an entertainment center with Bose speakers and TV screens. It has 3 rows of seats with room for 8 adults. The 3rd row folds flat if you need more trunk space. There's a huge cargo rack on top as well. It also has chrome wheels.

- L M

2011 Nissan Armada - Great towing and family vehicle

Handles very well on ice and snow. Has towed everything from campers to boats without a problem. Has plenty of room for all of the kids! Is super comfortable on long trips! Handles like a truck with the space of a minivan. The only complaint I have is the seat adjustment motor only works some of the time. Making it difficult to adjust for multiple drivers.

- Stephanie W

More than anything I like the reverse camera and sensors.

I really like my vehicle, the reverse camera!Is great and really helps me park when I want to do reverse parking, the sunroof is a great luxury when the weather feels nice, and the sensors help me make sure I do not hit anyone or anything. However the only thing I do not like is that it is supposed to be Bluetooth and it never connects to my phone.

- Natalie G

It's a great family vehicle

I love this vehicle! We have the platinum edition and have no complaints. The middle seat in the second row is by itself, so you can remove it to make bucket seats. The seats are comfortable for long drives. We use it to haul a 40 foot camper and it has no difficulties hauling it. The back is really roomy even with the back row up.

- Tessa C

My Armada is black with chrome accents.

I get lights, like check for service, often when there is nothing wrong. I purchased the car used and there is a missing cable for the emergency break so I do not know when the break is set. This has caused me to drive with the break on. Other than that, I like the spacious room, leather seats, DVD players, and other features!

- Sara P

Greatest car I have ever owned.

It is very reliable, comfortable and safe. It fits 8 passengers very comfortably. You can control the radio from the steering wheel. It has a DVD player for the kids in the back. The seats are nice and wide for larger people like my in laws. The heat and ac are great. The radio has a CD player that holds 6 CDs at a time.

- Joyce E

Nissan Armada practical for all families.

I really have no complaints about my car. Maybe I wish it got better gas mileage but other than that this is the best vehicle I've ever owned. I have driven across the country and back. The comfort that the car provides makes it easy to do so. Roomy with a 3rd row. Perfect for all types of driving.

- Matt K

I love the optional 3rd row seating.

My family and I decided to purchase this vehicle because we have 3 kids and go on many mini vacations where they sometimes bring friends along. It is a great choice where room is concerned. It was difficult getting used to driving something so big however. It is also extremely expensive on fuel.

- Joshua M


Great SUV. Very spacious and roomy, has DVD players so it's great for kids and long trips. Runs and drives very smoothly. Rear controlled air and heat. Dual climate control up front, so you could have the driver side at 60 degrees and the passenger side at 80 degrees if you like.

- Tiffany M

Spacious comfortable riding

Very reliable, plenty of space, gas mileage is pretty good for a SUV , plenty of cup holders. Turn radius is amazing. All the seats on the back row fold down to make a large area for transporting large awkward items. Engine has plenty of power and corners like a small car.

- Micah H

My Armada has plenty of leg room and an excellent tow package. It's also 4WD

I really like the size of my armada. I can for 7 people comfortably, including my 6'4' teenage boys. They have plenty of legroom. I like that we can tow a trailer or boat with no problems. We also have 4WD, which is good in winter weather when the roads are slick.

- Bonnie A

Very nice when you go for long distances.

Ac problem every year. Ac line licks. Will probably have to change all the time. Fuel crazy. 15 ph. I like it though, it is comfy and stable on road. Good for big family and animals. Good for a long trips if we going for a vacation. Only bad is that eats to much.

- Alicia Z

Third row seat and great hauling power

My car is above 160000 miles and is working great. No problems whatsoever. Only had to do routine maintenance. Super comfortable, lots of room for taking kids everywhere. Lots of room for luggage and people on long road trips.I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Megan T

Armada great for large family.

I have had no problems with my Armada. I absolutely love the space inside. My edition has backup cameras which I find very helpful. Other than regular maintenance my truck has not been in the shop. The third row offers enough space for adults as well as children.

- Sharon S

It is a great family car with plenty of room for everyone.

I've only owned the vehicle for a few months now. I love it. It handles very well in regular driving conditions and in the rain. I like the back up camera. It is very roomy for my family. I like that the 3rd row folds down and you don't have to remove the seats.

- Heather L

Platinum happiness, tough luxury is what I call it!

Although I had to replace the brake sensor shortly after buying my Armada, I absolutely love it! Smooth ride, easy handling, great on gas for the size of the vehicle. And oh the bells & whistles! Just wish it had a multi-disc CD player instead of single!

- Mary F

It can hold a large family without being a minivan.

I like that the vehicle is large. I have three children and the vehicle is large enough to hold all of us and all of the stuff that goes with us. The vehicle is also 4 wheel drive, which makes me feel safer when the weather is bad.

- Karen B

Great vehicle. Would buy again

I really like my truck. I have never had any serious problems with it. I feel that some of the features have not aged well. The built in GPS nav system is terrible though. I do love Nissan and would again purchase a Nissan

- Marie F

the car has lots of room and great legroom. It can carry many passengers without seeming cramped. It is also large enough to make me feel safe

the armada is very roomy - lots of legroom. the ride is smooth and has a great turning radius. the only bad characteristic is that the battery drains too quickly (does not seem big enough for the vehicle)

- sandy c

It is a gas hog! Around town I get about 12 miles to the gallon and on highway about 19 miles to the gallon.

I love that it is big and I am able to drive just about anywhere without having to worry about road conditions. My only complaint is the gas mileage. It uses a lot of gas.

- Natalie R

It is a very comfortable ride and it makes me feel safe driving it.

I love the space and size. It would be great if it were a flex and used electricity and gas. It would have been great to have had better gas mileage.


It lasts very long and the kids and other guests have space to relax on the ride.

It's a large truck that transports the family well. It has built in navigation and is comfy on long rides. It's a truck that's highly dependable.

- Brittany S

Reliable SUV. Will buy another one next.

Very good vehicle. I haven't had a single mechanical problem in the past 7 years and 70,000 miles. When I replace it I will buy another Armada.

- Brian T

It has lots of room to store stuff. Largest SUV on the road.

I like the room it provides but the gas mileage is terrible. The 3rd row seat is nice to separate the kids. DVD player is a must.

- Bridget F

There is a lot of room for large families.

It is very room for a family of 5. The front seats are extremely comfortable. Love the ability to lay seats down if needed.

- Erin R

That you can fit 8 people inside it.

I like the size that you can fit 8 people. As well, I like the backup camera. Any complaints It's pretty big to drive.

- Rhonda s

That the tire pressure is always low on the tires.

In the 5 years that I have had the car I have had to buy new tires 3 times and the tire pressure is almost always off.

- Lois R

its is big enough for my family of 5. I only dislike that it is hard to get in and out of

I would say the most important thing others should know about our car is that it is a tank and very durable

- Christen C

Good car for traveling. Roomy enough for 7. Gas mileage is ok.

I like everything about my SUV. Like the size room and overall look. Wish fuel economy was a little better.

- Tyrone K

Style, comfort, movement, performance.

My car is very comfortable, drives very well, perform excellent on the highway. I would buy another one.

- Bert V

Have had trouble with air, if repairs need to be done it is more of an expense because of difficulties getting to area needing repair.

Can't get the clock set properly, even the dealer was unable to accomplish this.

- Natalynn L

It's safe to ride in,and it is very energy efficient

I like the roominess,I like the make,I like the model I dislike nothing

- Jeanine W

The most important thing about my truck is that I feel safe in it!

I love that it is big and sits high, I love my heated steering wheel!

- Maria S

Nissans are very comfortable rides & long-lasting vehicles.

Rides smoothly, drives good, plenty of room. Really like nissans

- Kris Y