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2 wheel drive with spacious room for the whole family

I like the amount of space that it gives you. It has heated seats and power windows with a backup camera 2 allow the driver to see behind him on a screen rather than turning around. It has 3 row seating and the third row folds down allowing for plenty of space for groceries or other purchased goods. The suspension is very good in the vehicle and allows for a smooth drive while on highway. The miles per gallon is fairly ok with about 17mpg. It also sits high so you don't feel too close to the ground and it also has anti slip technology to assist the driver during wet or inclement weather.

- Rene L

I love the space and how reliable this vehicle is.

I love this truck. It is perfect for the amount of equipment that we have due to our daughters special needs. The only issue is that it is a gas guzzler. We have put a lot of mileage on it and it has been very dependable and the only issue that we have had is the battery dying but all of the other parts have been very good and have held up.

- Carrell L

Great family care with plenty of room

Seems to pull to the right which I'm sure is just maintenance. Plenty of room for a softball mom with two catchers. Gas mileage is about 15 MPG but we do better on the highway. This is a great family car. Did have a flat tire last week and the spare was a bit difficult to remove

- Kelly H

The best for teens that are just trying to get by.

The gas goes super fast, but it does have very good features, comfort, etc. Also the look is very modern of this car. I recommend this cars to young adults or maybe moms of younger ones. I have found it very easy to clean also, my old cars have been hard to clean in the past.

- Elizabeth A

Amazing vehicle for a large family

I enjoy my Nissan Armada it's very spacious and comes with two TV's. It rides perfect, we have taking it on many family trips and it doesn't waste to much gas. The only bad thing is that it has a small cargo space I wish it was a bit larger. Other than that I love it

- Cynthia V

Good vehicle. Great for bigger families.

Reliable vehicle. Great for hauling kids. Good gas mileage. Great on snowy/icy roads. Just the base package. Would be better with DVD player or Bluetooth. Push button lift gate nice. 3rd row seat comfortable enough to seat adults. Lots of storage space inside.

- Kim P

Love the Armada. Great space and great car.

We have not had any major problems. We love the space and the liftgate. My husband is very tall and he can fit comfortably in the car. It rides very well. It is hard to put adults in the 3rd row. We have plenty of room to take whatever we need when we travel.

- Sara W

Great family vehicle with large towing capacity.

This is a great family car that can fit multiple car seats and extra guests, in addition to still having trunk space. We used this car to tow a travel trailer and it is wonderful. It has the towing capacity of a large truck but the inside of a luxury SUV.

- Alison M

It is spacious inside with plenty of room for the entire family. It is also very safe and durable!!

I have no complaints. I love the size and room available for my kids. The only thing, specifically, I wish I could change of given the opportunity is that I would have a bench seat in the back versus bucket seats for the kids.

- Paige F

Very affordable and dependable.

Great size vehicle. Very stable and comfortable. Love the captain's chairs and fold down 3rd row. Heated seats and steering wheel are wonderful in the winter. I also love the space even when the 3rd row seat is up.

- Allison A

It is easy to drive and to learn the features.

I love how much room it offers since I have a child with special needs and specialty equipment that I have to travel with. The only thing that I do not like is that it costs a lot in gas.

- Carrell C

It's got all the room you could ever need for a big family. And It's cooler than a van.

The only dislike I have is the fuel economy. But the pros of comfort, space, dvd options, and bluetooth make it wonderful. It's big and comfy for the whole family.

- Reed O

No storage space in the back.

I like the size and height of our Armada. I also like the room that we have for people. I dislike the lack of storage space in the back for luggage

- Katrina K

Don't fall for it. It has been a money pit.

It is always breaking. The windows are now leaking. The steering fluid is leaking. The paint started shipping. The handles on the rear doors broke.

- Meesh S

The one important thing about my car is that it is reliable.

If I had to complain about anything about my vehicle it would be the way the car is designed it has a blind spot when trying to turn at a corner.

- Margo G

It is amazing. My Armada is spacious, great on long road trips. Absolutely adore it

It has a lot of room a great family vehicle. Great gas mileage for a big car

- Amber W

The Nissan Armada is a luxurious ride for an affordable price.It has everything you could want in a SUV.

I love the size,handling,cameras,stereo system, and luxurious interior.

- Shanna H