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Even though the armada is big it rides so smooth and has so many luxuries!

Love my Nissan armada. It has plenty of room since it has the third seat. Even though my Nissan has 3 seats it still has plenty of legroom. I love how easy the seats fold down weather I am hauling my grand kids or hauling stuff for our farm it is so convenient to have. My husband would not dare let me trade my armada he loves the smooth ride and the power it has. We have taken it on lots of business trips and everyone that rides with us cannot get over the comfort in it. The only drawback to the Nissan armada is it really loves gas, but everything else about it is great! This is the second Nissan armada I have owned and if it weren't for Nissan changing the body style than I would buy another one. Otherwise I'll have to keep my 2015!

- Sonia B

Love that all 5 kids fit perfectly!

I love my armada. I have 5 children and there is plenty of room for them all, and a friend. It drives great. It have 4 wheel drive so I am able to get around the snowy hills in my neighborhood. I have had no major issues and keep up with regular maintenance. The only think I have had to do was my struts. Also, the only thing I don't like about it is the gas mileage. It does great for trips on the freeway, but when all I do is drive back and forth to schools all day, it seems to guzzle gas fast.

- Kim R

The comfortable Nissan armada.

Our brakes are constantly deteriorating, the performance is great though, it seems reliable enough as I have seen older armadas with 100’s of thousands of miles on it. It is a super comfortable truck, the seats are not too soft to not have support but soft enough with enough support to make it comfortable. I love that the radio shows the name of the artists and the song playing. I also love how loud the radio can go and it does not sound staticy.

- Kylie B

Plenty of room for a large family.

Nissan armada has been super reliable in all sorts of conditions. Comfortable seating for up to 7 with plenty of towing capacity. Always nice to have 4wd available in adverse conditions. The only thing we've had to do since we've bought the vehicle is oil changes and buy new tires. All seating is very comfortable including the back seat, especially for tall people. Plenty of cargo space especially when not using the third row of seats.

- Richard L

Heated drivers steering wheel.

Smooth drive. The main reason we purchased this vehicle was due to the four wheel drive setting. The biggest con about this car is that the DVD players from the middle row cannot be controlled by the driver. I can't turn on/off the movie or change the movie. The heated steering wheel is a really good feature when we didn't have a garage to park the car in the winter.

- Anita M

Great vehicle! Comfortable space with a smooth ride.

Love everything about it except the navigation system as it is not user friendly. We have not experienced any technical issues either. This drives like a dream and the room is perfect for our growing family of 5 and our boxer. The performance and reliability have been great and I would definitely buy another armada in the future.

- A D

Quality luxury vehicle that is compatible to families of any size.

Smooth ride. High off the ground. Heat warming leather seats. Bose sound system. Navigation. Does not get great gas mileage. No problems so far with the vehicle. Expensive vehicle but high quality. I would recommend this vehicle to my family and friends. I would also purchase another one of these vehicles in the future.

- Steven D

My vehicle has a lot of room, its is nice and clean inside.

My vehicle is a very good vehicle. I have not had any problems with it so far. It is a very reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable and nice inside. I like the rest door that opens and it is very roomy and has room very everyone. There is one thing I do not like, every so often there is a blind spot I cannot see from.

- Kim G

Armada, the right vehicle for me and my family.

I really love my vehicle because it is very easy to drive. It has plenty of legroom, and luggage room for the family, it has an adequate amount of cup holders, charging areas and the DVD player comes in handy for long trips. It has great gas mileage on the highway, but not so great gas mileage in the city.

- Antigone A

A family vehicle that's great for all occasions.

The truck is definitely a family vehicle it spacious and reliable. The only thing is it is a gas guzzler and has a big tank which makes it pricey at times. Other than that we never really second guess yourself when we drive it out of town because we know that it will get us from point A to point B.

- Ana B

The single most important thing to consider is that the gas mileage is not great.

I like the exterior style and look. Inside it is spacious. I like that the hatch can be opened by the key and that it is push button to close. Also all the seats go down making it easier to haul large items. It is not great on gas but I feel as though the other features are a good year off.

- Maranda H

The summary of 2015 armada.

I have found that the biggest issue with the 2015 armada is that the air controls freeze up sometimes making it difficult to change temperature. Usually freezes for a minute or so and then it changes. Otherwise everything is great, easy to maneuver, comfortable and a good ride.

- Chris T

The best car I have ever had.

Runs well, great gas mileage. Takes me to work and back home. Always reliable everyday. I have never had a problem with the car exactly. I love it and do not regret buying it at all. The car is great and can fit my friends perfectly. And the seats are nice.

- Jonathan W

It is a very reliable vehicle that I never have to worry about breaking down or not starting.

I haven't had ANY problems with it since I've owned it. It drives very smoothly and has tons of room for my family. I love that it's rated very highly in safety features. The only complaint that I have is it doesn't play music through bluetooth.

- Jennifer S

Others should know that it does not have good gas mileage, which stinks, but it is still a great car!

I really like that my vehicle is a fairly large vehicle and has enough room for our family. I like that our vehicle is long lasting and has been a great vehicle for us. I also like that it has the latch system for our children's car seats

- Kirstie n

It was an awesome find. Very comfortable. Reliable and versatile.

We had one issue where the right rear door actuator froze closed and we could not open the door. We were able to have it fixed under warranty, but it took 2 weeks as they had to remove the entire interior door panel and cut the actuator.

- Renee I

How durable and reliable it is and it's great in the snow

It's sturdy and rugged and great in the snow. Has every option under the sun in it. Plenty of room for a family of 5 with being 3 kids who are teenagers. What I dislike about the truck is that it does not get good gas mileage

- Tammy M

The size and power of the vehicle. This is if I let someone borrow the vehicle.

I like the fact that the Armada has enough room to carry my big teenagers. I, also like the color of the vehicle. The only dislike is the inability to find a nice parking space.

- david t

It is very reliable and comfortable. It is easy to drive.

It has a bad blind spot on the left. I love the heaviness and strength of the vehicle. It is comfortable. I love the backup camera. I wish it had a sunroof and leather seats.

- Colline H

2015 Nissan Armada is a great vehicle.

This car has been great so far. I've owned it for a year and half. Haven't had any maintenance problems but did have to get repairs done because of a hail storm back in May.

- Leah B

Not the best gas mileage, but it runs so smoothly.

We just purchased this new to us vehicle and I love it. It is roomy but yet it doesn't feel too big. It will haul a huge camper that we plan to buy in the future.

- kathleen F

If you have lots of kids and need the carseat in the middle seat, it does NOT have a safety anchor. This was the first year they did away with that feature.

I love how it holds all of our family and luggage. It has all the bells and whistles. I do not like that the middle seat does not have the anchor for a car seat.

- Memory D

It is a pretty nice car. Gas is expensive because it is so big. But that is expect.

No problems. Just ready for something else. Want something smaller. Love everything about this car. Mine however does not have 4WD. That is the only complaint.

- Tal C

I feel safe when driving it.

I love my Nissan Armada. It is great for traveling. We purchased it to accommodate trips that include 7 people. I dislike the fact it is not fuel efficient.

- Beverly Q

Great for everyday and travel

The Armada is great for family, travel and daily use. Its comfortable and easy to drive. There rear compartment is great for daily use as well as travel.

- margaret C

It's amazing leg room in the back seats.

My Armada is the best vehicle because it is roomier than a Suburban. We are y'all and love the leg rooms there is nothing that I do not like about it.

- Nancy A

Its reliable and contains lots of space for a family trip.

The car is spacious. The only thing I dislike is its gas guzzler. Heavy duty as well regardless of the weather its gets me from point a to b.

- Brittany H

There is lots of room. Even an adult could sit in the third row comfortably.

I love that the 3rd row has so much room. I like the backup camera. I wish the middle seat in the middle row would fold down on it's own.

- Robyn B

If you drive a lot do not get this vehicle.

I like the space, the sound system and how it runs. I dislike how much gas it needs constantly with only getting 10 miles to the gallon.

- Kylie H


I dislike the tires, they are too small for the big wight that I sometimes pick up on there. Just that, also I loved the GPS on board.

- Woy C

Space of the car.Kids can relax not squeezed.

I love the space inside of the vehicle.Foldable seat in the back for more storage and haul. Lots of room and family friendly SUV.

- michelle s

The luxury level is excellent. It has a great technology package.

I like being able to look over other vehicles. It is very comfortable riding and or driving. For it's class it has great mpg.

- Pate M

It rides real smooth. Extremely safe.

I wish I would've bought the one with leather interior. My wife/kids wanted a DVD player. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Lee S

love the tvs in the headrests

Terrible gas mileage highway and city, air conditioning doesn't stay cool, we have had a lot of maintenance done

- Carissa B

It handles very well in the snow and it's great for families.

I love the separate video consoles for the kids and I can't think of anything that I specifically dislike.

- Kelly R

The gas mileage is less than average and is terrible in traffic

Very roomy and a great size with third row seating. Heated seats , second row rear control air conditioner

- Danielle B

Smooth ride, great power, lots of room.

My vehicle is really spacious. It drives smoothly and makes me feel safe when I have my children with me.

- A T

Everything else is good and car is beautiful for kids

Strong, safe, reliable, comfortable. It has a good features such as a tv in the back and nice seats also

- Amar A

Smoke free. Children ride in my truck and no smoking is allowed ever.

I would love if seats were leather & cooled & heated seats. Other than that it is loaded and very nice.

- Stacie K

It has more power than some trucks and can pull a good size load.

Comfortable and spacious interior. Lots of power. Smooth ride. Limited cargo room with all seats up.

- MaryAnn S

I miss the heated seats we had in the Honda. However I do enjoy the automatic gate lift, the lumbar support in the front seats, the pedal adjustment feature, and I love the trough on either side of the center console that catches dropped items. I wish it had Bluetooth for the stereo and a disc changer or cd library like our Honda did. Very spacious.

It has plenty of room for our growing family and a motor big enough to haul whatever we need it to.

- Heather G

That it's a nice car if you want to take a road trip

I like that it's enough space to fit my family. I dislike that it's heavy on the gas. No complaints

- Zaire H

The Armada is a great vehicle. It's reliable and roomy. It has a smooth ride. It's a very comfortable vehicle to ride in.

The Nissan Armada is an awesome vehicle that suits many different needs!

- Becky P