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My Caribbean Blue Nissan Cube

I've had my blue Nissan Cube for almost 5 years now, and I absolutely love it. It's been a reliable car that has gone across the country with me, from Oklahoma to Georgia in only 15 hours and from Oklahoma to California in a day and a half. It is easy to maintain and care for and gets great mileage. It is a lot roomier inside the Cube than you might expect when you first look at it. Everyone I know remarks on how much they like my car because of the unique color and shape. I would highly recommend a Cube to anyone looking to purchase a new car.

- Elizabeth C

It is as fun as it looks! Inside and out.

I love my cube! It is quirky and cute, fun to drive, reliable and safe. It is easy to get in and out of, and has large, wide windows that make me feel like I can see well. It may look small on the outside, but it is very roomy on the inside. I have moved tons of stuff in it. Besides the aesthetic appeal, it has been reliable. I have done all the basic maintenance required, and have had no major problems with it. I even worked for umber for a few months, and I got lots of compliments on it. I am very sad that Nissan discontinued it in 2014.

- Carrie R

My little green toaster car.

There have been no problems with the car. The performance to this date has been reliable. It gets good gas mileage around town and on the highway. It has a fairly comfortable ride and comfortable seating. I like the hatchback feature instead of a trunk so there is more room for storage when shopping or traveling. It also came equipped with cruise control which saves fuel when you are driving the highways. I have enjoyed using the hands-free phone system. It works better than to be hooked up to some Bluetooth headphone.

- Jan M

Smaller on the outside, large and roomy on the inside. Great car!

My cube is great. It is more roomier on the inside than it looks on the outside. It is very light and open. With the large windows, you can see and are aware of everything that is around you. The seats are very comfortable, but are fabric, so cleaning them takes more care. The only major issue I have had are having to get my muffler fixed because of corrosion and I have had issues with my locks and horn not working sporadically. My car is a 2011 and other than the issues above is performing great.

- Daniel N

The Nissan cube: compact and cute.

My car is really unique. As the name suggests, it is cube-shaped which I really like. It is pretty small on the outside, but once you get inside it is really roomy. The inside is really soft black fabric. It holds lint and dog hair sometimes, but nothing a lint brush does not take care of. The black color goes with whatever accent color I choose to use. It is really good on gas and the dashboard tells you the amount of miles you can go with the amount of gas in the tank.

- Katie O

Great gas mileage with an added surprise of space on the inside!

I love my Nissan Cube! It is super spacious on the inside, with tall ceilings and amazing leg space in the back, as well as the front! The seats all easily adjust and are very comfortable. I love the amazing gas mileage that my vehicle gets! It's almost like an SUV but without the bad gas mileage. It's super cute, and just an overall great car. I feel very safe when I'm driving my car and enjoy the great visibility that I get with its window designs.

- Hannah P

I love my Nissan Cube. I have been able to haul everything in my car.

The only problem I have had was a wheel bearing went out. The Cube has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It has a lot of legroom and open space inside. I don't feel closed in. It is very open and easy to see all angles. I have base model and have been very happy with it. This is the best car I have every one and when I need another one I will look for another Cube.

- Lorraine S

What is it like driving a Nissan Cube?

The car is a very comfortable car in which can occupy 5 people. Parking the car is very easy due to the car being a natural square shape. Currently has the check engine light one but will be fixed soon. The horn of the car is not working but will be fixed soon. The trunk is very small but is not so big in which makes it difficult to park backwards.

- Barbara G

Glory, the grey cube with 4 doors plus the back door opens like a fridge!

I named my car glory! I brought her new with 27 miles on her! She came from japan near the nuke meltdown! I love the Bose sound system! I love the fact I can change the radio stations from the steering wheel! I can adjust the volume too! Plus the Bluetooth works too on the steering wheel! Love the gas mileage I get! Car looks cute & different.

- Christina C

Easy runabout but can handle long trips too.

Gets laughed at; stable but not powerful; lower to the ground so riding in snow can be rough. Very large side mirrors can obstruct the drivers view sometimes. Easy to enter. Handles well, we have nicknamed the car “Mr. zippy”. Easy on gas; easy to maintain. Lots of head room. Extremely comfortable in front seats. A lot of glass holders.

- Mary J

My car is Fun, Cute and Perfect

I have never had problem with my vehicle. I maintain the maintenance at no hassle, I love it. It's small car that fits anywhere, it has so much space inside, I can fit up to 7 people in the car if I really need to, it has many cup holders with I love you can never go wrong. And it's great on gas. Travels very well on long trips.

- Courtney Z

I love that it has interior lighting especially for the floors.

It has a lot of hesitation despite being well taken care of and while the electronics are outdated they still work well. The seats are easy to clean and it comes with a ton of cup holders. It would be great if the back seats came out but the do fold down. However they only fold halfway so there isn't much room inside the car.

- Kayla S

It has 4 cup holders one by the driver side which is great.

The Nissan 2011 is a great small spacious vehicle and most of all gas saver and great for new moms and not only that it fits almost anywhere it does not take to much of parking space I just love my Nissan cube best car ever and not only that it's very smooth to drive and has a cup holder on the driver side.

- Alejandra A

Why you should consider buy a cube.

I really love my cube! It is so cute for starters super quiet on the road. Tires are fabulous. It is small and compact but also super roomy which is surprising. Runs fantastic it is perfect for my family of four with two car seats it is still roomy. Seats are really comfortable for long road trips.

- Amber S

Owner of a 2011 Nissan cube.

So far no problems with the car. The vehicle has over 150k miles and no issues whatsoever. The gas mileage could be a little bit better. I average just about 30 mpg driving on the interstate and in town. The car is front wheel drive, so if it rains heavy, I do hydroplane every once in a while.

- Evan M

It's very unique. Nota lot of them around in my area. Gas efficient

When I first it in 2017 it wasn't in the best condition. We had some issues with the motor that my warranty covered. Ever since then we haven't had many problems. Very gas efficient, almost 30 to the gallon. Tires for it are really good price. And it's really spacey for such a compact car.

- Ashley A

Besides the ac in the back I love the cube.

I love the cube! It is not huge but you do not feel cramped inside. It is comfortable and I love the overall feel of the ride. I like the ac in the front but there are no vents that go to the back which is a problem during the summer when you live in sc. It has a nice radio system as well.

- Sara S

needs a lot of work but really want to trade it in

muffler broke,engine needs tune up,left rear mirror broke,back window will not go down,seats are stain ,headlights need to be change,need new tires,needs fuel filled,ac needs to be fix,speakers needs to be fix,backlight is broke,a dent on the right side back door

- Melissa Y

It drives like a minivan, but smaller and not as functional.

I like the roomy feeling it gives, at least for the driver. Otherwise, I mostly dislike it. The back seat is not very roomy. I do not like how the back door swing open wide. I would prefer a top lifting back door. I also do not care for the steering wheel.

- Joy C

Great car good for everybody tall or short.

Car is very roomy easy to pack and drive. The only complaint I have is with Nissan my car just turned up 60, 000 miles on it and has just started to stall out for no reason. After checking into it there seems to be a problem with Nissan.

- Dianne P

It has a dashboard rug (i.e. toupee).

It is good car! Has been quite reliable and only had minor problems over the past years. However, me and my family have taken very good care of it, so I am unaware of how it would handle more serious strain.

- Daniel G

My cube is cute and fun to drive! Roomy and comfortable for long trips.

I really love my cube. The cube is easy to enter and exit with a bad back. It is great on gas and very roomy. i don't like that the back door gets stuck and there is no handle to open it on the inside.

- Gladys W

Very roomy vehicle! It doesn't look like it from outside the vehicle because it is a compact car but plenty room for taller people!

Great on gas! More room inside the vehicle than expected! Being a box shaped vehicle driving in wind is noisy, other than that I recommend the Nissan Cube to everyone!!!

- Caysee H

Drives nice and handles well in the snow. Great on gas.

Lots of room, comfy, drives well, great on gas, good sound system, best car I have ever owned with the exception that it's expensive to fix when something goes wrong.

- Tammi P

It handles great and is ideal if you don't want a small car but still want the room of a crossover for passengers and hauling items.

I love the unique shape and design of my car! I think it drives great and fits most things I need. I do wish it had more bells and whistles though.

- Karen K

Again, I was in a car crash in 2012 and the entire engine needed to be replaced.

Easy to drive, great mpg, a lot bigger than it looks, no complaints, if they still made them i'd buy a new one, last year made was 2014 I think.

- Stephen K

It has not had too many issues.

I do not like the current vehicle in my house because it is old. It needs to be updated. The interior and the exterior needs to be renovated.

- Kayla W

Very reliable and nice looking,.

I love the way it looks. I love the way it drives. I love the gas mileage and I love the look of it. I love how people talk about it.

- Linda C

It is not made anymore and is great on gas! Very stylish and economical.

This car is great on gas, looks cool in both the outside and inside, is very roomy, and has had no issues since purchasing it.

- Christopher C

Not to own a cube. It's known for transmission problems.

I do not like the body shape. My transmission is going out after 4 years of owning. It does have good gas mileage.

- Ashley G

It's very spacious and gets great gas mileage. This car is great for families.

I love all the space it has. I also love that it gets good gas mileage. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Kelly M

It has a powerful engine and reliable.

I like the fact that it is comfortable. I like that it is reliable. I like that it is spacious and luxurious.

- Manuel T

There is a lot of windows very few blinds spots.

Very reliable and trustworthy. No real issues. Performance wise it does good for long trips and commuting.

- Erin W

It's a great dependable car. I never had problems with it. And it makes it far on little gas

It's very dependable. It gets many miles to the gallon. It's just a lil small to my liking

- LaSonia R

I like the space and gas mileage and the overall design is a unique one

If you want to drive something unique and has good gas mileage try the Nissan Cube

- Jonathan W

great gas mileage this is getting very annoying and I better not have any more questions like this

Had stupid tires, great vision, great gas mileage, nothing more to say

- me t