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It is a small car that feels big.

I prefer a larger vehicle, having said that, the cube has a surprising amount of room for a small car. The square shape affords much more space for passengers and there are a ton of cup holders. It truly feels much larger than it is. It gets great gas mileage, the tires are inexpensive to replace, and I haven't had any mechanical issues. I do a lot of carpentry and I am always amazed how many sticks of lumber I can get in there! The down sides is, I cannot put any large furniture items in or sheet lumber. It is definitely not made for high winds and does not handle well on ice/snow. It sits pretty low to the ground so if flooding is a normal in your area it may not be the best choice. Overall, I am satisfied with my cube and have recommend them to many friends.

- Heather S

Nissan cube is a fun, spacious, quiet car to drive.

The cube is very spacious on the inside for people, pets, grocery bags! Cute car that gets great gas mileage on the roads and major highways. I bought mine at the end of 2013. So far, I have only had to replace the battery and the tires and it is 2018! Quiet ride and one of the features I like most is the “check tire pressure” light comes on whenever your pressure is too low or sometimes after a cold temperature subsides. Makes it a lot easier to find a nail is in your tire and to look for possible tire issues. This saved me from a major blow out on the interstate.

- Christine L

Maintenance is very important especially for the transmission.

It gets great gas mileage. It is easy to drive and park. It is small enough to get around town, yet has a lot of interior room. For a small car it rides well on city streets. It also drives well on the highway. Maintenance is very important especially for the transmission. It requires special oil and needs to be changed every 50, 000 miles. For.

- Duane B

I love the performance and shape.

Great fuel economy, lots of pep, great headroom. Have had regular oil changes filter changes. This vehicle responds well. It also has more than adequate room for hauling grocery, plants, direct. My car just made 105, 000 miles. Makes a car I mama proud I hope that Nissan will import it to the USA again.

- Sandra F

The overall functionality of the car is pretty good.

The first thing that went was the transmission, within a month after I purchased the vehicle. It drives ok I haven't had much problem since. It is not a great looking car, but it gets the job done. I have it over a year and I have not gotten it serviced as yet, and it is holding up pretty good so far.

- A A

A one of a kind vehicle that is for sure.

It is unique. It is spacious. It is astonishing. It is beautiful. It is cool. It is dynamic. It is elegant. It is fantastic. It is great. It is handsome. It is interesting. It is jolly. It is kindred. It is lovable. It is marvelous. It is nice. It is omnipotent.

- Pedro V

Fun details including nine cup holders.

Very roomy for a small car. Most comfortable seats I've ever felt. Great fuel economy. Can get around well in all kinds of weather. Fun details include ipod jack and stretch bands to hold miscellaneous items and don't let me forget the 9 cup holders.

- Anna P

That it is very comfortable.

I like the color. I like how the driver seat can rise up or be lowered. I like how my cell phone can be connected with Bluetooth. I like how the back seat moves to make more room in the back and the back of the seats recline.

- Rebecca W

Make sure you know the terms and conditions,

Our daughter bought this vehicle brand new she put the first mile on it. We took over payments; a few days after the warranty expired it had a major issue and they refused us service.

- Lorraine T

It runs well and I have not run into any repairs/ maintenance issues.

The car does not seem to have a lot of guts and/or power. Other than that (and the color), I love it. It is exactly what I was looking for when car shopping.

- Danielle M

This car has more power than it looks and it usually first out of the line up from a light..

Like everything about the vehicle except the giant windshield that catches all the bugs and bird doo. Like the way it rides and the capacity of the inside.

- SuEllen W

My cube has extremely good headlights.

Decent gas mileage but not enough insulation . sounds like you are in a barrel when it rains. Sun visors are to long hard to see when lowered.

- David G

LOVE my Bali Blue Nissan Cube

LOVE my Nissan Cube, it's the easiest car to spot in the lot every time. A large amount of headroom and interior space for such a small car.

- Lulu H

Nissan Cube 2013 spacious car

The Nissan Cube 2013 is absolutely AMAZING! the back seats can be pulled back to relax. it's a very spacious car.

- Temara H

It's roomy and it gets great gas mileage

I like that it's bigger on the inside and it's nice and roomy I don't like that it doesn't have all wheel drive

- Elizabeth u

Looks like a Christmas present on wheels very boxy

Comfortable roomy enough for three adults in back seat spacious trunk room very reliable good on gas

- Diane B

It has good gas mileage and legroom

Love the gas mileage Love the space Dislike the noise from windows

- Debbie w