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2002 Nissan Frontiers - tough and reliable.

My vehicle is a 2002 Nissan Frontier. It is four-wheel drive with an extra cab. I like it because it has been highly dependable and reliable. There were no issues with it at all. I have had it for 16 years and over 250, 000 miles before I finally had to replace the engine. I like the sturdy construction, because I sometimes go on dirt roads. I have also been happy with its ability to safely navigate icy road. The bed is deeper than Toyotas used to be at the time, which is good for storage and stowing and even better if you want to put a cabover camper on it. I find the bucket seats really comfortable. The ride is a bit stiff, but I want a tough truck, not a city slicker, since I live in the sierra.

- Laurie F

My truck keeps on going after 230, 00 miles.

My truck has 239, 000 miles but still runs well. Over the years I have owned my truck I have had to get the seal on the trans replaced and 2 tune ups. So no major work but the oil leak. The motor still runs good but the next fix will be the a/c because I keep hearing a clicking noise when I have it on. Also there a thing with the starter when you turn the engine, it will not start unless you put it in neutral.

- Floyd A

My Nissan Frontier is a great little truck.

This truck is very good for running errands and on the farm. It is even good on the highway. There is no cruise, but it is a steady reliable vehicle and people always ask me if I want to sell it. It holds its value. It is not real big but is just the right size for me. I am a senior that is active and I go lots of places in this truck.

- Betsy O

Smooth riding cruise control truck.

The only problem that I have had is with the air compressor to the ac and the back passenger door not opening. The four doors is very convenient and has child locks on back door. The v6 has plenty power to pull my small travel trailer and is much cheaper on gas than a v8. . Cruise control is easy to use and rides and drives excellent.

- Jacqueline W

Frontier: a family pickup truck.

I love my car! It is reliable and fits 5 people comfortably and with seat belts, the bed is great for traveling and long drives as well as transporting furniture. I have not had many problems with this car, it has decent gas mileage and I drive it almost every day. I have had it since ‘01 and it is still in good working condition.

- Rachel F

Was ok at first but never was a comfortable ride.

This vehicle is a gas hog. It has less than 20 miles to the gallon. It is also nosy and bumpy ride. It is not comfortable for a long trip. Of course it is 18 years old. We had gas tank issues when it was just pass the warranty. Brakes have had to be replaced frequently.

- Dee D

Nissan Frontier: Great vehicle for the long haul.

This vehicle has delivered great performance over many years of use. Although there have been issues with the check engine light malfunctioning the rest of the vehicle has remained in great working condition.

- Reilan L

That the belt does squeak because belt conditioner was applied when not needed.

I love that it is great on gas mileage. I drive back and forth to college in it and it is very dependable. The truck feels very nice when I drive it and has not given me any problems.

- Chandler D

The Nissan Frontier is a fairly good truck at a good price.

It's a very basic pickup truck. I like that it's reliable and has lasted this long. I dislike the gas mileage and that it doesn't have a very powerful engine.

- Leonard N

That is is a very reliable and heavy duty midsize truck.

I think it runs very well. The windows are tinted which gives a nice look to the vehicle. It runs well, with little bumpiness and a quiet engine for a truck.

- Jon A

It is easy to drive, but has low miles per gallon.

I like that it is turbo charged and easy to park. I don't like that it didn't come with a tow hitch and the mpg is pretty bad. I wish it had heated seats.

- Teresa H

Reliable pick up that just keeps on going

This has been an extremely reliable pickup truck. I have the crew cab which works out well when you need another seat for a reasonably small person.

- mary r

nissan makes good reliable vehicles. i will be buying one when i am ready for a new truck.

it is a awesome little truck a lot of power with a v6 engine. never had any major problems out of it, very reliable will buy another some day.

- william p

It doesn't get great gas mileage.

Comfortable to drive. Handles well. Drive well in the snow. Looks cool. Has a great stereo. Does not have all the gadgets of newer cars.

- Allison N

Has a lot of bed space for a small truck it's size.

My truck saves on gas. Never had a major issue since I bought it. AC Is nice and cold for the summer heat.

- Rennie C

It is very expensive to replace and repair parts. Also, not great gas mileage.

Like the size. Not too large, not too small. HOWEVER, when a part fails it is VERY expensive to repair.

- Cynthia N

It looks great and It is always faithful,needs hardly any maintanence..

Like the way it handles and looks. Wish it had more comfortable seats and better gas mileage

- doris b

others don't need to know about my vehicle because it will not be for sale or trade in the near future.

very clean for its age. four wheel drive works well. wide tires use too much gas.

- mike g

dependable truck to get the job done and get good gas mileage

great truck that gets good gas mileage nobreak downs since I have owned it

- carl b

Dependable! It will last forever with minimum maintenance

It's been incredibly reliable and has held up very well over 16 years

- John B

The truck is extended bed. 4x4 turbo drive.fully automatic.

I love my nissan truck. Truck is 4x. easily seats five people.

- Yogesh S

It's junk & I hate it. I can't wait to get rid of it.

It's a piece of crap. There's always something wrong with it.

- Michael S