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my vehicle is a pickup truck, colored like a savanna red and it very useful

honestly, I like my vehicle. For it being pretty old, I think it stills functions pretty well. The only problems I have is that when my family gets in the back it becomes very crowded due to the lack of space between the back seat and the front seats. Also it sometimes makes these weird noise, and I had someone check it out but they said it wasn't nothing major just have to make a few changes, I can't remember what I had to change but all I know is that the noise stopped ever since and this was some time last year.

- nancy R

Reliability is the best aspect, it's not very fancy and not much room for family but a good to and from work truck

When I first bought it 4 years ago it had low mileage approximately 50000. Which was my main reason for purchasing this vehicle. Very reliable, the only issues I have had with this vehicle are belts squeaking extremely loud and the resistors went out for air conditioning control, so it only worked at full blast or not at all. Both easy and cheap fixes.

- Ben B

My little Mexican looking Nissan frontier.

Problems are very limited when it comes to this vehicle, although could be if you decide to not keep up on maintenance. Gas mileage is decent. Coolant stereo engine motor transmission everything runs smoothly and couldn't be more reliable. For a Nissan I am surprised they made a truck that performs so well and is reliable without a doubt.

- Sarah M

Great little truck that does the work of a big one.

Great on gas, runs and drives perfect.Great vehicle. Meets all my needs. Drives great. Wonderful gas mileage. Comfortable. Easy to maneuver. Easy to park. Does everything I need it to do. Back seats are a bit uncomfortable. Needs a little more room for backseat passengers.


This is the best truck I have ever owned.

This vehicle is 14 years, and I have not had any problems with it. Regular maintenance has kept this vehicle in proper working condition. I would strongly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is in the market for a pick up truck.

- David H

It is still going strong at 14 years old and lasts through wear and tear.

I like that it is a truck that I can use to haul things around. It isn't too big to park. It hasn't given much trouble over the years. It has lasted through abuse. It was purchased new at a really good price.

- Brandon B

it's a great, convenient, super awesome pick up truck.

it's great gets me to and from work. fits the kiddos in. its 4 wheel drive which is awesome, it can carry a lot in the bed and also can pull some heavy stuff.

- kirsty j

Very reliable vehicle that is very good on gas.

High mileage. Had to replace several starters. Good on gas. Great engine. Still running good. I travel about 200 miles most weekend back and forth to work.

- Ford D

Poor mileage. Estimated 15-20 miles to gallon

My truck is a used vehicle with 120k miles. It is a manual and uses a lot of gas, the downside. It drives very well in all types of weather or conditions.

- Nicole S

It's in it for the long haul; I plan on driving it another 100,000 miles

It's only a 4x2 so it gets pretty good mileage in the city and the highway; allows me transport stuff all over the place.Has almost 230,000 miles on it!

- Kevin L

It is versatile and has been very reliable

This has been a very reliable vehicle. The first, but not the last, pickup that I have owned. Although old, I plan to keep it for a few more years.

- charles K

Longevity and very few issues still has good momentum going up hill

Has lasted a long time for my vehicle track record and still runs almost like new. Neutral tan color and king can can hold 2 adults of slim build.

- Susan C

This car will last a long time if you keep up maintenance.

The truck is fast and easy to handle. It has enough power to drive in the mountains. It gets go gas mileage. The electrical system is quirky.

- Annette W

It can get a little sideways on dirt if going to fast in 2 wheel drive.

I like that it's 4 wheel drive. It is a 4 door truck. Gets good gas mileage. Is comfortable to drive. I dislike that it is a pain to repair.

- Michael D

it has a ladder rack on the back tat I installed so it should be obvious to most people that it is my work vehicle.

I like my vehicle for Its versatility. it is four wheel drive and it has four doors.i only dislike it because it has a lot of miles on it.

- linnie j

Lot of vehicle for little money!

I really love my Nissan. If I was looking for a new vehicle I would definitely take a look at the Frontiers. Drives great, fuel efficient.

- Jackie R

It is reliable it looks good, have a good engine, good air.

My truck is great, it runs, drive good, very dependable vehicle. It a silver, it has less than 100, 000 miles, it in good shape, clean.

- Johnny P

It has been durable and reliable throughout the years.

I like how it has lasted this long. Other than minor maintenance it has been a very good vehicle and has not had any major problems.

- Sam V

It is very dependable. Great gas mileage.

Never had one problem with car. Very good gas mileage. Very dependable. Cab to small. Can't move a lot of weight in this truck.

- Richard Zakarian L

My car is well taken care of and I take great pride in the appearance and performance.

I like the mid size pickup. I enjoy having the perfect size of bed to pack stuff in. I dislike that it's not four wheel drive.

- Demi F

I think the most important thing to know is that this is not an SUV! It is a good car but I can't fit you and your entire family comfortably.

I like that it has lasted a long time, however I think that I dislike the fact that it has had a few minor problems

- Fred N

Delorean or Nissan, you decide?

Starts to eat up tires on a regular basis when driving 88 mph. Can fit 2 yards of mulch in the bed which is nice.

- Aaron D

That it has lasted a long time.

I don't like that it feels small on the inside. I don't like that it is old. I am fine with everything else

- Jennifer J

It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive and very sturdy.

I like the size of it. I like that it has four wheel drive. I like that it gets me where I need to go.

- Josh W

I think I would have to say how comfortable it is.

I like that it comfortable. It has a strong engine. But also has too many breakdowns over the years.

- Kevin B

Very dependable and reliable. No issues with it at all

Happy with my truck. I haul all kinds of things. am able to go where I want when I want

- Becky M

to beware of all of the problems with this vehicle

that is has so many mechanical issues that I am having to get fixed

- Danny K

truck drinks gas and does not get good gas mileage

it is a door truck..i like my truck. it uses lots of gas

- lori m