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Nissan. The best truck I have ever owned. Very reliable since 2005 for me.

My truck has been the best truck that I have ever owned. Not many problems. Battery a couple of times and tune ups. Oil changes, windshield wipers don't last long. But all in all it goes every time I want to go somewhere. The seats are comfortable and just enough room for two people and enough space to carry a load in the bed of the truck. Heater and cooler works great. It does not have a lot of power to get it up long hill. But it gets u there with some down shifting. Works pretty good in snow. But forget hills. I love my truck and I recommend it to everyone.

- Debra C

Visibility is good from drivers seat mirrors are good.

It has been extremely reliable. Its comfortable economical, and durable. Easy on tires, and other components lasted for a long time, extremely easy to drive, maneuverable hauls a good load and features in the bed make it easy to tie down loads securely, and a feature of the tailgate prevents it from being stole it has. Key lock so tailgate cannot be opened.

- Robert B

Dependable and powerful durable.

Great gas saver. Runs great. A lot of power. Comfortable seats. Not too big and not too small. Easy to find parking. The only problem I have had is the catalytic converters. Ac works great. Do not like that a kid's car seat cannot be strapped properly. Engine when maintained stays clean and does not breakdown. Windows are electric.

- Victor R

Love our Nissan Frontier, it is perfect!

I love my Nissan, Frontier. We drive it everywhere we go. We bought it because we wanted a truck, but also needed extra space for the family, so it has worked out perfectly for our family. It uses a minimum amount of gas so we drive it on long trips as well as the short ones. It is very comfortable for our family of 4.

- Cheryl C

250, 000 miles and still running.

I have driven this truck for 14 years with 248, 000 miles. It has been a great vehicle! We have had just the regular maintenance and wear and tear. It is still a good looking truck. I have replaced the transmission and there is an oil leak issue with the o rings. We have had all that fixed and it still runs great.

- Kay L

Never broken down of given any trouble!

My Nissan Frontier is extremely reliable. I believe it will last me my lifetime and will be the only vehicle I will ever won. It rides very smoothly, comfortably, and drives very easily. The Air Conditioner cools in seconds and keeps the cabin like and ice box. It is a great truck and tough too!

- Pamela R

All around solid dependable truck.

Its a crew cab, plenty of room, has a six cylinder six speed manual transmission, gets great gas mileage for a truck, not the greatest in the winter snow, but it is a very dependable truck, I will have another someday when this needs replaced. I am up to 205000 miles and still running strong.

- James T

Pretty reliable, 200, 000 miles and still going strong.

This model had a couple of recalls. Nissan took care of them and reimbursed the cost. Lost the transmission because of a bad radiator. That was serious. It was an inconvenience, but eventually I got my money back. It has otherwise been a very good vehicle. Almost 200, 000 miles so far.

- Mark H

After high mileage still runs good.

Performs great, reliable, its a 2005 pick up truck, a Nismo so it has a great engine, CD player, air conditioner, has a cab in the back, space for groceries and passengers in the back. Problems are minor, never a major fix job which is good, considering its old and high mileage.

- Sandra D

Great pick-up, nice family vehicle, comfortable, good gas mileage, and overall great buy

We have been pleasantly surprised at how much we love our Nissan Frontier. We are a family of four and we all fit in it nicely. We have taken it on a long trip and the gas mileage was good. The trip was comfortable for all of us.

- Melissa M

It is very durable and gives me next to no problems.

Other than a censor for the gas gage, I really haven't had any problems. The truck has great pickup, gas mileage and handling. There are almost no blind spots making it easy to park. In short, I love my truck.

- Cindy R

It is a decent, inexpensive, and reliable vehicle.

The body style of the frontier has barely changed in the past 15 years. As far as performance is concerned, it has been reliable since I have owned it given regular maintenance and normal wear and tear.

- Laura S

My nissan frontier has a very rugged tough look and handles greatly

My 2005 frontier is very comfortable to drive and has a great deal of power and torque. It is a very reliable and fun truck to drive, especially when I go off road using my four wheel drive setting

- Robert J

The truck runs but is easily damaged.

I've had to replace the transmission, the tailgate, the radiator, I've had to fix oil leaks. I also have very high mileage on my truck so that could also be cause for all the damage.

- Haley S

It will run forever if maintained as it should be, it has over 245k miles on it.

It is a very reliable vehicle. For a little while, it just sat and wouldn't start. We started maintaining it a little better, and it has ran great ever since.

- Kay N

Roomy, comfortable riding truck with enough cargo space to carry items

I like the cargo space in the bed and the seats are roomy enough for passengers. i like that it is paid off! I also like the off road ability the truck has

- steve b

Loyalty, reliability, awesome.

My Honda has been great. Maintain it and it will last for years. It ha 160k mileage. Very reliable. Perfect family car. Maintain and she will be loyal.

- Sara B

They are a little squirrely when you hit dips or bumps.

Reliable and gets decent gas mileage. It is great for hauling small loads. It has a!Lot of room inside cab. I have had a problem with small oil leaks.

- Mark W

Very dependable, and am always being asked if I wood like to sell it.

Good performance, very reliable, comfortable for my usage, not that many issues pertaining to problems, leaks every now or than.

- Vic F

It's a truck. Mostly dependable and affordable. Good gas mileage.

Some sensors go bad on this vehicle. My fuel sensor, oil sensor are bad. I have not gotten it fixed as it is too expensive.

- Robyn M

Red not a lot of room has everything you need

It's very good just very big. Great for practicing driving. Everything works fine a pretty good truck at it's finest.

- Kelly B

reliable truck...........

no key entry on passenger side; windshield washers always clog up; rough idle sometimes

- Michael S

Its dependable and has decent gas mileage. Not too big like most trucks.

It has held up well over the years. I like that it is dependable.

- David R

I like the size of my truck. I like everything about it.

the most important thing about my truck is that its a nissan

- Brian C

It's a nice truck and it drives very nice.

I like the size of the truck. It is very roomy.

- brian C

cheap to keep up, low mileage

Nissan would be a reliable truck great mileage

- carlos B